"Good god. I think I hate you but I can't." Craig utters.

Jude just stares at us as his cock softens in his hand.

"Fuck. My pants!" Craig looks at his cum splattered on his pants. "Guess these are going into the wash."

Jude is still in silence.

Craig stands up, "Someone say something. For fuck's sake, I can't handle it. Shit. I need a drink." releasing his own soft cock, tucks it into his pants and walks into the kitchen. "Jude, sorry buddy but I need to use this towel."

A light chill ran over my body. Smiling at Terry it was impossible not to kiss him. What inspired him to do what he had just done I didn't know but it was so passionate and sexy and hot I didn't care.

Craig returns from the kitchen with four cocktails. "We all need this. Bottoms up boys!"

"Wow. You two, Terry, that was unbelievable! Wow." Jude was not his usual self; he looked like he was dazed.

He took his drink, Terry and I took ours and Craig sat down again. No one said anything for a few minutes. We drank our cocktails, nothing as professional as the ones Charles made, but they did the trick.

"Sam, when you finish your drink are you going to show Terry your appreciation?" Craig said without a smile or hint of sarcasm.

"He already has Craig. His load was amazing, his orgasm out of this world and his cum tasted like honey. That's all the appreciation I need." Terry smiled at Craig as he squeezed my thigh.

"Come on. Sam, put on a little show. Give Terry a hot slow blowjob. Please!" Craig's eyebrows were raised and he was clearly pleading.

"Craig, you have a load of cum soaked into your pants, what more do you need?" M reply wasn't rude just matter of fact.

"Sam's right Craig. We have dinner to get to." Jude sat up to place his glass on the ottoman.

"Fuck dinner, this is far better. Come on guys, I would love to, I need to see you two making love." Craig sat on the edge of the sofa and finished his drink.

"I need to change." Jude got up and went to his bedroom.

"Wait. If we do have to leave I need to borrow a pair of pants." Craig hurried to catch up with Jude.

"Terry. You continue to amaze me. You do know how lucky I am to have you don't you?" I leaned into his body, his solid body, feeling the warmth. Wonderful.

"I am the one who is lucky. You are incredible. What you see in me I don't know." He leaned back, my body followed.

"What I see...well, for starters, a man who is loving, kind, generous, warm, smart, caring and loves me."

"What about sexy, hot and fuckable?"

"Those are nice extras, I like the entire package regardless. Come on. Let's shower and get dressed."

Standing up and turning around I reached out for Terry's hand and pulled him up. We went into the shower and didn't make out of have any form of sex.

"Can I watch?" Craig stepped into the bathroom.

"No!" We said in unison.


After our shower we dressed and went into the living room. The guys were having another cocktail.

"Ready? Where are we going?" I asked as they stopped talking and looked at us.

"Damn, you two look just as hot dressed as you do naked. Let's go someplace we can be seen. I want guys to be jealous of me." Craig smiled and stood up.

We went to a Japanese place that prepared the food in front of you. It's fun to watch but not much of a place to talk, especially with the chef in front of you. After eating Craig invites us back to his place for a nightcap.

"Guys, get comfortable! Cocktails are on their way as well as a surprise!"

Craig's surprises were usually sex related, what was his plan this time? He returned a few minutes later with drinks. Sitting down he picked up his remote and turned on his flat screen and started a DVD. "Gentlemen. I am proud to present the world premier of a very hot movie. "Jude taking Sam."

"What?" Jude sits up straight. "You have a finished copy already?"

"Yes I do and tonight is the perfect night to present it. I am sure you will all enjoy it as much as I did watching it being filmed. Jude and Sam of course enjoyed that the most but the rest of us poor souls have to be satisfied watching. But you, Terry, you get that joy anytime you want it. Lucky bastard."

Jude pipes up, "Craig, you have not had any trouble tapping Sam so stop the bellyaching."

"Ok, ok, true. But still. Jude you have that ass six feet away from you."

"Just play the movie." Jude stops the chatter.

Terry snuggled up to me; I put my arm around him. Wasn't sure if I was more interested in seeing the video or seeing it with Terry. Either way I was very happy.

The intro was short but well done. The titling was not Jude taking Sam; it was a rather simple "Tapping a Hot Tight Young Ass". I liked it. Keeping our names out of it was good. Considering how much content of me was on the Internet it probably didn't matter but I liked my name not being on the video.

It didn't take long for my dick to respond. Watching Jude as he shed his clothing, watching me as I shed mine, watching us explore each other on video was incredibly sexy. Terry was hard not long after I was and I am sure the other two were as well. The entire video was an hour long and I was impressed with the quality. The music in the background was decent enough. Sometimes porn music is annoying as hell but this worked pretty well.

After it was over I was so horny I couldn't stand it. Nothing was as needed as having sex with Terry. Shit, with any hot cock would suffice at the moment. Craig had kept our cocktails full during the video. It didn't come into thought what he was doing or why.

"Damn that is hot! Better than half the stuff on line. You two could be famous if you got into the biz." Craig smirked and raised his eyebrows.

"Not gonna happen Craig so put that thought out of your mind. This is not going on line." Jude was emphatic.

"Too bad. Well, here is a copy for each of you." Craig handed us each a DVD in a case without a cover.

"And the one in the DVD player is for?" Jude inquired.

"Oh, that one. Yeah, it's...um..." Craig fumbled.

"Craig. I mean it. Do not upload that video." Sternly Jude warned Craig.

"Ok. I won't. Just for personal viewing. I get it. Man I would love to see some hot sex. Make that have hot sex. Right now. I am so horny. My cock is aching."

Terry's hand was on my leg. He was lightly stroking my thigh and driving me insane with lust. Jude and Craig were both looking at us. Smiling. Terry leaned in to whisper in my ear. "Fuck me Sam. Let them watch. I want you inside me while they stroke their cocks wishing it were them. Come on Sam."

It wasn't likely they could hear him but they knew what he was saying. He started kissing my neck. His hand wandered to my chest. It was useless to resist.

On the sofa in Craig's living area Terry and I had sex. He wanted me to top him. Who would say no? Terry was verbal and he had me so turned on I couldn't help but plow him hard. He had begged for it and continued to beg for it, harder, harder, harder Sam, fuck me as hard as you can. Break my hole, split me open. Having a guy beg for a hard pounding is amazing. I gave him what he wanted. After he came, all over his chest I was ready to shoot. Pulling out and removing the condom I let my own juice spray on his chest. Rubbing it in with my cock he smiled. "Thank you Sam. I am so happy."

Leaning in to kiss him, I loved kissing a guy after sex, he asked me to do one more favor for him. I kissed him a yes.

He turned his head towards Jude and Craig. "Guys. Sam needs to be fucked and I want to watch."

I sat up, as much as one can while lying on someone. "What?"

"Please Sam. I want to watch them enjoy you, just like in the video but now."

Craig was already taking off his clothes. It didn't offend me that Terry asked. It did surprise me, completely.

Craig's hand came to rest on my hips and he pulled me up off of Terry. Terry slid out from beneath me and moved over to Craig's vacated chair.

Turning toward Craig he embraced me and gave me a deep deep kiss. It was easy to accept and return it. As I was sucking on Craig's cock Jude walked up to us. He was now naked and hard. His cock touched my cheek. Pulling off of Craig I turned my head and took Jude's cock into my mouth. Remembering the two of them had teamed up in the past I let them take charge.

For the next hour or so the three of us were entangled in each other's bodies as I gave myself to them and they gave me their attention. Embarrassing as it is to admit I didn't think of Terry. Once or twice, in the beginning I did look at him as he smiled, his cock hard. Other than that I was in total rapture of the sex.

Craig came first, unloading on my chest. Jude moved in to fuck me until he too was ready to release. Sweaty, three loads on my chest and content I remained prone on the sofa catching my breath.

My energy level was almost nil. After the morning, the blowjob from Terry, watching the video and then having two very talented and wonderful men fuck me I was spent. My eyes were closed, a smile on my face and my body still on a high I was resting, ready to fall asleep. Hands on my ankles brought me back. Terry was at my feet, lifting my legs. His cock was hard and covered. "Please." That was all I said to him. My legs back, my ass raised and my hole well lubed he slid his cock into me and began to fuck me. It was simple and straightforward. He kept a steady pace until he was ready to cum. The quiet and basic fuck was perfect. No words or position changes were needed. He added his load to my chest and stepped back.

"Time for a shower and a great night's sleep." He said.

Craig led Terry to the shower, his hand on Terry's ass. I laughed. Craig wanted to fuck Terry and I knew it. Pretty sure we all knew it.

Jude and I didn't talk while Terry showered. He mixed us each a new drink and I sat on the sofa, cum all over my torso and drank. The water stopped running and a few moments later Craig came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Terry followed behind him. "Your up Jude." Craig said as if it were nothing more than taking a piss.

Jude got up and I followed. Terry stopped me. He was smiling. "Thanks Sam." A kiss and I felt great.

After I had my turn, last of course, I returned to find them all dressed and waiting for me. Jude and I made sure Terry got to his place all right and then proceeded to ours.

"Craig didn't fuck him. It was just a shower. Of course he did clean Terry up, can you blame him? But nothing more happened."

Looking at Jude I wasn't sure if I was relieved or not. Part of me was happy that Craig hadn't had sex with my boyfriend. The other thought was why was it ok for the three of them to fuck me? I shrugged it off.

That night I slept very well.

Wednesday morning I went to the gym and pushed myself a little harder. I really wanted to build up my muscle and Timothy was there to give me the support and advice. Wade and Ben were there and didn't say or do anything to insinuate they wanted to take me home. That was a nice change.

Leaving the gym my body had that combination of fatigue and exhilaration that comes from a workout where you pushed your body to the limit. That feeling was becoming a bit of a drug for me. After a simple lunch following Timothy's suggestion I was ready to clean Steve's place.

My mind had been thinking about what antics to pull on Steve. Nothing really good came to mind. He was smiling when he opened the door. "Sam. So glad you are here. Come in."

"How's work going?"

"It's work. Nothing as exciting as having you clean my place."

Laughing I walked to the chair and removed my clothing. Steve sat at his desk working, but we both knew it was a ruse. His cam was on and his was either broadcasting or recording me as I cleaned. My cock was nice and plump at the thought.

After I finished I walked in front of his desk knowing he was capturing my cock on the shot. "Anything else today?"

"You forgot to dust in the living room."

"I did?" I did? He was right, I had forgotten.

Seizing the opportunity I walked over to the sofa, placed my hands on the arm and pushed my ass out hoping it was in sight of the camera. "Guess you need to punish me." I smiled at him and lightly slapped my left ass cheek.

Steve looked at his computer, slowly stood up and walked over to me taking his where he was standing. He was filming. "Yes I do."

He gave my ass a simple slap. Then another and another. I moaned and ohhhed and ahhed as him spanked me. Spanking didn't really do much for me. It was hot when a guy was fucking me, a few slaps on my ass, but the act of being spanked didn't really get me hard. It was pleasing Steve.

"There. That ought to be a reminder to dust." He said and walked away. For effect I rubbed my ass and pouted. It hadn't hurt but my ass was nicely red. Standing up I smiled and got dressed. Steve walked me to the door and said thank you. I smiled.



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