Walking back to my bedroom fresh out of the shower and wearing just a towel I grabbed a pair of briefs. The feeling of a nice clean pair of underwear cupping your balls makes me smile; I loved feeling the package I had in my briefs. As I groped myself I saw Michael's business card sitting on my dresser. He was sexy, I was squeezing my balls, why not call him?

Three hours later, a trip to the gym and the grocery store plus some laundry I was knocking on the door to his office. MSS Inc was written on the door. Wondered what the letters stood for, his name maybe?

Opening the door I walked into a simple office, nothing fancy, but clean and neat. At a desk was a guy, mid twenties, close-shaved head (to hide the receding hairline, that must suck at his age) wearing a standard white shirt and tie. He smiled and greeted me. I gave him my name and he asked me to wait while he notified Michael.

As I sat down, he stood up and turned to walk down a hallway. Nice ass in those navy blue dress pants. Moments later he returned and asked me to follow him, not a problem, I was able to check out his ass again. Yep I was always looking.

Michael stood when I entered. Walking past the front desk guy I could smell his cologne. Nice, I wanted to be closer to him. I ignored that impulse and shook Michael's hand, then sat.

We spoke for some time, really he spoke, I listened and answered his questions. He asked how I did in school, what other work I had done, my interests and hobbies. I was honest, but kept the "slut in training" hobby quiet. He explained his business was small but successful, enough so he was looking to add three new employees. My heart jumped thinking this might be a job interview. What he offered was temp talent to businesses that needed someone very short term. Some of the jobs could last a week; most were a day, some half a day. The reasons a company would need such short term help varied. Some had visiting business partners and wanted an assistant or gopher for them. Others were hosting an event and needed someone to take coats and make coffee, that sort of thing. Nothing too detailed, more along the lines of needing a body to fill in.

He excused himself and called Terry, which must be the front desk stud's name, and asked for beverages to be brought in. Terry came in with a tray and a couple of glasses, some ice and a decanter of sorts. As he set the tray on the desk I couldn't help but notice his arms, they filled in the shirtsleeves perfectly, not too tight to be unprofessional but tight enough to make a gay horn dog want to rip it off.

Michael served up the beverages. He said it was a specialty drink of his, sort of a signature. He wouldn't reveal the ingredients but said suggested I taste it. It was delicious. I couldn't taste any alcohol and it had no fizz, almost a fruit aide of sorts. He said that his company also offered some catering services along the lines of cocktail party food and beverages.

After a little history of his business and background he asked if I was open to some more questions of a personal nature. Of course it was all right. After all we had been at dinner with mutual friends, he had seen my non-professional side.

"Do you mind having guys look at you and think of you as an object?"

A little odd I thought. "No."

"How about nudity?"

"I enjoy being naked, don't care who sees me, I am lucky to have this body and proud of it, so why by shy."

He nodded and I saw all the muscles in his face smile, except he didn't, he wanted to but he didn't. He did ask Terry to bring in another glass. While waiting for Terry he asked about my interest in a totally odd schedule, no standard hours and evening work. As I answered Terry came in with a new tray that had a single glass on it. He looked so hot in his dress clothes.

"Terry has been with me for four years now, haven't you Terry?"

"Yes Michael. It was four years last month." His voice was masculine, yet respectful, and I was melting.

"I guess I owe you a little bonus on your forth year! Next check Terry."

"Thank you." Terry looked down and smiled.

"Terry would you mind taking off your shirt and pants."

I nearly fell out of my chair! Thank you Michael, I can't wait to see him undressed.

Terry smiled and began to take off his tie. He unbuttoned the dress shirt and revealed a beautiful smooth torso, even his pits. His nipples were large and came to a nice point, beautiful arms and a flat stomach. He carefully hung the shirt on the other chair and began to remove his shoes. I wasn't into feet but it was sexy to watch. He moved slowly, deliberately, smoothly; his muscles moved showing his near flawless skin, I was captivated. He then removed his pants and folded them neatly. He was wearing a pair of snug boxer briefs that covered his perfect bubble ass. Yum. The entire event, well for me it was an event, he acted like he was doing nothing more than picking up after a meeting.

"Please refresh the drinks and join us."

Terry smiled, added ice and refilled our glasses, pouring one for himself. Watching him move so professionally and comfortably was something I could do for hours.

"Sam, what do you think? Of Terry?"

I didn't know what to say. Yum. Woof. Fuck me please. "Wow, I don't know how to answer. He works out." I felt on the spot and stupid.

"Yes he does. Sam, would you mind undressing?"

Instinctively I stood up and removed my tee shirt and jeans. Thankfully I had on my briefs, which fit oh so well.

"Terry, what do you think of Sam?"

"Michael, I would love to have sex with him, work with him. Tight."

My cock of course reacts. I feel stupid. I say he works out. He says he wants to fuck. Great.

"Sam, please take a seat. Terry, how many times a week do you have sex?"

"Depends. Some weeks five or six, other weeks twice as often."

"Do you have a boyfriend or lover?"

"No. I have sex with different men, some regularly, others only once. It really varies."

I was getting turned on.

"What's your favorite part about your sex life Terry?"

"The moment I see a guy's cock fully erect for the first time."

Mine was soon there.

"Sam, how about you?"

"Ahh, seeing the look on the guy's face when he knows I am going to have sex with him."

"Good, but I meant how times a week do you have sex."

"Oh, seven or eight. I haven't been active very long."

"Really, how long ago were you a virgin?"

"Two months."

"So you are still in the beginning stage. Good. And are you comfortable right now?"

"Yeah, I am. A little nervous but sure." That was the most honest thing I had said all day.

"Good, relax, there is no pressure here, no right or wrong answer. Would you mind standing up Terry?"

Terry stood, fuck he looked great, the white of his briefs complimented his light tan.

"Sam, would you mind taking Terry's cock and balls out?"

I nearly spit out my drink, hell yeah I would be willing! Leaning forward I reached for his package. Sliding a finger inside the waistband I pulled it forward and slid my left hand in to lift out that heavenly cock and balls. I positioned them over the fabric and sat back and smiled. It was beautiful.

"Terry, how does it feel?"

"Michael, I love showing off my stuff, you know that. It feels great. Thanks Sam."

Hearing this sexy guy not much older than me thanking me for hoisting his stuff out of his briefs, damn I was so horny.

"Sam, we specialize in providing attractive men to assist with those temporary tasks. Most of our clients appreciate a young man who takes care of their body and doesn't mind showing it off. Terry tell him about some of your more typical assignments. Please."

"Often we will be working for a special event or open house. Say the client is hosting a thank you event for its customers. They have music of some sort, give little speeches and we serve drinks and snacks, greet at the door, and take coats. Often wearing something like underwear or shirtless. Other times they have someone visiting from out of town so we help them with transportation and paperwork, what ever their secretaries or assistants would do so they can get the work done without paying for the airfare. Business lunches, we will pick up the food and serve. Or take clients out for dinner, a show. Whatever it is the client needs to seal the deal."

"Thank you Terry." Michael smiled at us and continued, "Sam, I learned a long time ago that whatever you are selling, sex helps seal the deal. Be it having an attractive assistant or a nearly naked young man or flirting. Doesn't matter, it all helps. So we provide that to our clients. We are not an escort business. We do not provide guys for sex. But we provide sexy, attractive fit men who don't mind that their looks and bodies are being used to seal the deal. Would you be comfortable working at a job where your looks and body are being sexualized? Used to seal the deal?"

I was even more turned on then I was when feeling Terry's cock and balls in my hand. "Yes." Was all I could manage.

Michael nods, smiles.

Terry smiles too, "We do whatever we can to make sure the client is happy and that includes more than getting naked. While we are never instructed to provide any service that would be sex, I will do whatever I need to. I don't think I have ever had an assignment where I didn't at least suck a guy off."

Michael doesn't react to Terry's confession. He acts as if nothing was being said at all. Terry is beaming as he speaks. I am having trouble keeping my cock from leaking, as if I could control it!

Terry kept speaking, "Sam, I love sex, and if you want to work here, even thought we don't offer sex, I have sex in some form with every assignment. I love it. Do you like showing off? Putting on a show?"

I looked at Terry and saw his cock was nearly erect. I looked up at him and smiled, "Yeah, I do."

"Great" Michael chimed in, "Why don't you too put on a show for me."

Terry stood up. I followed his lead. "I am going to enjoy fucking you Sam." And he leaned in to kiss me.

And kiss he did. We ignored Michael and just enjoyed making out, sucking cock and eventually Terry finished by fucking me while I was on my back on the table. Michael thanked Terry and suggested he get ready for his evening assignment. He gathered his clothing and left, as if he was leaving a standard weekly update meeting.

"Sam, consider yourself hired. I want to be able to give first hand opinions about you if you don't mind." Michael waved his hand to call me toward him.

I walked over to him and stood willingly. He caressed my chest and moved his hand up my arm over my shoulder resting it on my neck. I sunk to my knees, looked up at him, smiled. Reaching for his zipper I opened his pants and took out his cock.

Michael was tall, big, not too muscular really and no fat on him. One of those guys who are thin but not weak, with light body hair and oozing experience. He shot his cum on my chest. After licking it up and sticking his cum loaded tongue into my mouth we got dressed. "Sam. I think this will work out. As Terry said, I do not provide sex. We use sex to bring the clients back. If this is ok with you, consider this an offer."

"Yes. I am perfectly fine with it." And I was.

"Great. I have your number and will call you tomorrow, there is some paperwork and training to be done, you could likely have your first assignment by the end of the week."

I got dressed and left. It had been a long afternoon but I had a job. Finally.

When Jude returned home I was eager to share the news. He smiled as if he already knew. I asked him and he admitted he knew Michael was going to offer me a job. He said that Michael's business was well respected. His guys were professional and smart. I asked if he knew anyone who had used MSS. "Yes, I know a number of people, businesses who use MSS and they all love it."

"Really? I didn't know there was this type of temp work available, I thought it was all lame stuff like stuffing envelopes or making phone calls."

"Michael doesn't take those jobs, it isn't his market. One thing I do know is Michael's clients know they will have a hot stud showing up and if you are invited to any business affair and know MSS is staffing it, you can count on seeing some flesh and likely getting your hands on it."

"Really. How about getting your hands on it without the affair?"

After a nice fuck we made dinner. We stayed naked the entire evening, eating, watching a movie and then retired with a good night blowjob.



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