• A Decade Between Blowjobs

    Last time Jeff sucked cock was his first year in college when a senior made him suck his cock a couple of times a week. After Jeff's girlfriend went to bed he showed me that he hasn't lost any of those skills.

  • My friend's bisexuality

    Knowing very well, he has fucked it up big time and watching his friend Troy infuriated cause he fucked his girlfriend last night, Larry suddenly thinks of an eye for an eyes and offers his ass to his friend.

  • My friend's bisexuality: Chapter 2

    Troy and Virginia persuade Larry to be the whole day and night with them having sex and finally each of them loves the other two. Troy will always be top and Larry bottom, but they are three forever.

  • In love with my Bi-Sexual friend.

    I had this friend that was really hot. He had a nice body but also an amazing personality. It consisted of a whole lotta blowjobs.

  • A Bets a Bet

    As Paige watched, that was the moment that she knew, could see Calvin's attitude start to melt when Andy lightly danced his fingertips over Calvin's nipples. And when Andy started licking Calvin's nipples Calvin's head rolled back and he let out a sigh.

  • A Dark parking lot

    I connected with a guy named Trevor on craigslist and we met one evening at a nearby parking lot at a nearby strip mall. I got there first and park in a dark area away from the stores. When Trevor pulled up beside me, I got out and joined him and settled into the passenger's seat of his car.

  • A hot muggy Saturday

    I can vividly remember the first time that I sucked a dick and let a guy cum in my mouth. It was exactly ten days before my nineteenth birthday. We were about two-weeks into our summer vacation and the town that I live in was very small. And when I say small I mean small.

  • A Lesson In Revenge

    A young guy in a mundane relationship seeks out secret fun, but it comes at a price. A price he is going to have to pay.

  • A Mistake

    evils of swinging with your wife

  • A new Bookstore

    For years I'd frequented adult bookstores. I would look around the shop a little pretending to be interested in buying something from the store. After what I felt was a sufficient amount of time browsing I would get tokens from the clerk, always hesitating to look directly at him so as not ...

  • A New Life

    A married bisexual man with a family finally gets a chance to fulfil his desires with an older man.

  • A New Life: Chapter 10

    A shock visitor forces the need for legal help which leads to a romantic encounter with a newly found friend.

  • A New Life: Chapter 11

    On the journey up to Manchester Ewan recounts some of his past experiences to Don.

  • A New Life: Chapter 2

    A training course in Norway offers an opportunity for fulfilment .

  • A New Life: Chapter 3

    Frederick introduces me to the Association and Laura gets the first inkling of what might be an alternative life style for us.

  • A New Life: Chapter 4

    On his return from the training trip Ewan notices that there have been changes in his household but Laura refuses to give anything away.

  • A New Life: Chapter 5

    Laura and Christina get Frederick's help to arrange a dinner party to bring David into the fold.

  • A New Life: Chapter 6

    The party continues well into the night as the excitement grows.

  • A New Life: Chapter 7

    Ewan discovers his sexuality.

  • A New Life: Chapter 8

    A first visit to a Private Members Gay Club leads to an invitation to a party.

  • A New Life: Chapter 9

    A Dinner party with Don and Sandra Suffolk

  • A Plumber's First Encounter: Chapter 2

    The continuing story about Al The Plumber's true life encounters

  • A Plumber's First Encounter

    As Al was heading to a plumbing job he never realized that this was going to be a job to remember

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 12

    Another day of my weekend break in Barcelona. Tonight its Pride's closing Party and I am going with webcam model Enzo and his friends. Both Enzo and me had loads of fun that night. 69studyhard.blogspot.com

  • A Scary Biker

    I rubbed my hands up and down his legs from his ankles to his thighs and stuck my tongue between his ball sack and thigh and I could feel him immediately growing. I greedily suck it into my throat as some blonde bitch moaned, "Ooooh yessssss!" in the background. I kept drawing him in, loving the ...

  • A Shocking Discovery

    Having been bisexual since he was sixteen, Clint Davis comes out to his Dad. Now nineteen, he's amazed at what he discovers, both now and later.

  • A straight man

    straight who likes to get his dick sucked...

  • A Surprising Nephew

    Having unexpectedly discovered his nephew's secret passion, David is forced to confront his own sexuality and his deep-rooted feelings about family and morality.

  • A Surprising Nephew: Chapter 2

    Dave and his nephew have spent a totally unexpected and sex-filled night together. Come morning, they contemplate what passed between them and deal with their feelings about it. Do they continue or should they put this behind them as an aberration?

  • A Surprising Nephew: Chapter 3

    In just a 24-hour span, I'd kissed my own nephew, sucked him and fucked him. I'd let him rim me and found myself enjoying it. "What next?" I wondered.