Stanley shifts over on the smaller of the two sofas making room for me to sit. I set me drink on the coffee table and lean back. Before I even feel like I am seated he leans over to me and whispers in my ear, 'Impressive.' And looks at my crotch. I look and swallow hard. The pants, my cock still in a state of arousal, the light, make me look like I am sporting a major piece of meat. I feel the heat in my face and know I am blushing.

'I would give anything to see what you have in there, promise not to tell anyone.'

I lean forward and grab my glass. I need a drink. Leaning back I feel his arm along the back of the sofa and he lightly rests it on my shoulders. I don't know what to do. I don't want Andrew to think I am not interested in him and I don't want to be rude to Stanley nor do I want to draw any attention to the situation. I pretend not to notice his arm.

The conversations are going and I try to follow them. As I listen I keep stealing glances at Andrew and watch as he flirts with the other guys and is charming and beautiful. Dumb idea. The more I watch him the more the blood flows into my aching cock.

'So Sam, tell us how you like Boston so far. Are you having fun?' Stanley turns the conversation to me and I am a little embarrassed. Being the focus draws more eyes to me and I feel like everyone is aware that I am horny as hell and showing it.

'Boston is not at all what I expected and yes I am enjoying it.' Simple, short and true, I hoped it would change the topic.

'What did you expect?' Carl asks. Carl arrived with Stanley, I haven't figured out if they are friends or lovers or what.

'Not sure really. I guess all I knew about Boston was what I had seen in TV shows and I know they are fake.'

'True.' Carl replies, 'When I moved here I didn't know much about it and how pleasantly surprised I was to find so many gorgeous gay men lived here.'

God no, don't let the conversation turn to sex. Please.

'And now another gorgeous gay man has arrived.' Stanley chimes in and looks at me. 'Not to leave out Andrew who is stunning. You two would make a great couple, Sam.'


Andrew smiles at me. Everyone looks at the two of us. I want to disappear.

Stanley's hand squeezes my right shoulder. 'Don't you think Andrew is adorable Sam?'

I nod.

'And Andrew, come on, look at the package on this stud. Bet you would love to take him home tonight wouldn't you? I know I would.'

A couple people chuckle. Andrew looks down at his glass and takes a drink. For a split second I felt like standing up and dropping my pants just to get it over with but that thought lasted a fraction of a second.

'Stanley, stop teasing the boy. He just came out and is still so new to gay sex, give him a break.' Craig pipes in, coming to my defense. 'Besides, isn't it my job to harass the newbees?'

'Craig I thought all you were interested in was fucking them, or have you already sampled poor Sam here?' Stanley immediately shoots back and smiles.

My God, does everyone need to know Craig has fucked me?

'Don't worry Sam,' Stanley leans in to me and whispers loud enough for everyone to hear, 'We all know Craig has a thing for virgins, or near virgins. He has taken a vow to try to introduce as many boys to his cock as possible, sort of a mission of his.'

I feel like I am two feet tall and sporting a monster hard on. The annoying part was my hard on was getting worse. All the talk and attention and the heat from the anticipation of going home with Andrew, it was too much.

'I'm going to use the restroom.' I said as I stood up and walked out, or ran out, of the room.

In the bathroom I undid my pants and released my cock from the now tight as hell pants. I was rock hard and staring at my penis, in the mirror and straight down at it didn't make it better. I stroked it and precum was leaking. What the hell do I do?

I took my hands off my cock and tried to think of anything that would kill the buzz. My parents, cleaning toilets, homework, the paster at church, I kept thinking thoughts that were polar opposites of sex and finally it started to soften. I tried to pee and missed the toilet. After I finished I cleaned up my mess and when I went to wash my hands I saw that my cock had finally started to go down, at least enough to get my pants zipped up.

Taking a deep breath I looked in the mirror. Still noticeable, but not obscene, I turned to leave. As I opened the door I jumped, Stanley was standing there smiling.

He walked in, I backed up and he closed the door.

'Sam, I hope you know I do like you. I just can't resist teasing a guy, especially when he is so cute and young and absolutely edible.'

I didn't know what to say, do or think so I just stood there looking at him.

'Are you mad at me? I hope not, I didn't mean to be mean, I just wanted to see how far I could go before you said something. Forgive me.'

'I am not mad Stanley.'

'Good, music to my ears. Do you want me to stop teasing?' He stepped a little closer to me.

I nodded.

'OK, then let's make a little deal, shall we? I will stop teasing you and be very good. Will you do me a little tiny favor?'

I nod again, anything to get the focus off of me.

'Show me that amazing piece you have stuffed into those pants and I promise to leave you alone.'

Seriously? He wants me to show him my cock? Stunned I try to figure out what to do. If only I could talk to Jude.

'Just for a moment. I promise not to touch.'

Do I show him or do I just try to leave? I can't really get around him, it is a freaking bathroom. Time stops as my mind races. Finally I find myself unzipping my pants and pulling them down over my hips. What the fuck am I doing? I reach into my briefs with my right hand and heft out my cock and balls.

'Oh my God, look at that! Undeniable perfect. You are one lucky boy and hopefully there will be many lucky men to see this sight.' Stanley is staring at my stuff and smiling. My balls are hanging over the top of my briefs and pants, my plump cock rests on them and is slowly filling with blood.

I stand there and let him look. How long has it been? How long will it take? Please don't let him ask for anything more, I was so scared and felt so trapped I know I would have caved.

'Darling, you best put that away before I break my promise.' He turns and opens the door and walks away, leaving the door open.

I quickly get dressed and walk back to the group trying to pretend nothing happened.

On the way I stop and mix a drink. Having no experience with alcohol I mix it far too strong. It tastes terrible but I don't care, I don't know how to deal with things and maybe if I get drunk I can blame the liquor.

At least my cock has settled down by the time I return and sit next to Jude, my safety net. He smiles, 'You OK?'

I nod.

He whispers into my ear, 'He made you show off you jewels didn't he? Don't worry, he has done it to all of us, he has this thing with getting guys to show him their dicks.' He gives my knee a little squeeze.

Somehow, even if Jude knows, I feel a little better. Then it hits me. What if Andrew gets pissed off that Stanley has seen me naked?

I force the thought from my mind and try to return to the conversation. New restaurants, great deals on summer clothes and some guy named Kurt who is cheating on his boyfriend. Good, topics that don't turn me on.

'Well guys, time for me to head home,' Jude starts to stand up, 'wonderful dinner, again, you never cease to impress me.'

Half the party stands and prepares to leave. Hugs, thank yous and compliments are followed by good byes and nice to see yous. Craig, Jude, Andrew and I walk out together. On the sidewalk in front of the building we stop.

'Well boys, don't behave yourselves and get to sleep before sunrise.' Craig smiles and gives me a nice hug before embracing Andrew in a deeper hug.

'You got your key Sam?' I nod. 'See you tomorrow.' Jude smiles and the two of them turn and walk down the sidewalk.

'Wow, things got a little hot for a moment tonight.' Andrew breaks the silence.

'You can say that again. I had such a great time and then BAM, I...I...I don't remember what I was going to say.' I stammer.

Andrew laughs and moves closer. 'If you don't want to you don't have to, I totally understand.'

I look at him. Even drunk as I was I was clear enough to know that I did want to. 'You mean you still want me to come home with you?'

'Are you kidding me? I can hardly wait to see if Stanley is telling the truth!'

'What?' Once again Stanley shocks me.

'He told me you, how did he say it, 'Wait till you see what that boy has between his legs.' How can I not want to get you home and naked?'

'He said that? He told me he wouldn't say anything' I felt like falling over. 'Are you mad?'

'Mad? Why would I be mad? Listen Sam, he didn't say anything until after I dropped my pants for him.'

'He, he made you do it too?'

'Oh yeah. I went to the john after you got back and Jude was talking to you. Stanley trapped my in the bathroom and well, you know what happened.' Andrew put his arm around my shoulders.

He was warm and I felt safe and needed the support mentally and physically. I hope I wasn't too drunk to fuck.



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