Waking up next to Terry was something I could easily become use to. The hour was rather late and I knew I needed to get to the gym. Terry lent me some workout clothes and declined my offer to join me.

The usual crowd was sweating and pumping. A little nervous about seeing Ben or Wade I tried to be invisible. It didn't work. Before my heart rate had risen past 40 Wade was walking up to me. Knowing it was useless to ignore him or avoid him I smiled.

"Ben loved it! He can't wait to tap you again."

As frustrating as it was to have him talk that way in the gym I just smirked. "He is going to have to wait a while, as do you."

"Right." He grinned and walked away. What deceitful trick was he planning?

Moving on to some stretches I had Ben's company on the mat next to mine.

"Sam, gotta tell ya, I am ready to fuck you again already."

"Well Ben, you will have to wait."

"Does that mean you are planning on playing?"

"It means I am not going home with anyone today. Or tomorrow."

"Don't think so. You look like you could use a drink of water." Ben stood up and walked toward the fountain. These two were trouble and I had no ideas how to get out of their web. I followed after him. Before I reached it he smiled, "Locker room."

Once in the locker room he walked toward the banks of lockers as I continued to follow him out of view of most passer-bys.

Wade was waiting for us. At least now I would find out what they were scheming.

"Sam. Nice of you to join us. Ben and I had a nice long chat after he finished using that tight ass of yours. Turns out he doesn't want to wait. He wants it again. I do too. So here's the offer. It's no secret you are an easy fuck. Don't look shocked, the net has plenty of evidence of your willingness to take dick. Frankly, it takes all the challenge out of the game.

"See, the fun is getting the stud who isn't cock greedy. You however are and you are a lot of fun."

"Wade, please, just get on with it, you have established that I am a slut." Embarrassed or ticked, I wasn't sure but I just wanted to know who I had to fuck to get this stupid game to end.

"Once a week, after working out, you will be joining Ben & I for a little three way."

"Once a week? For how many weeks?"

"For as many weeks as it takes for you to let the rest of the guys take their turn."

"How many guys?" Was it blackmail if they didn't have anything to hold as collateral?

"Unofficially about twenty."

"Twenty. Unofficially. I want a number." Negotiating how many times I was going to be fucked, not something I had expected to do this morning.

"Let's say there are twenty five of us."

"That number isn't going up and you two count."

"We can work with that. Glad you are cooperating. Once a week with us, until the other twenty-two have had their turn, starting today."

"Why do you think I am going to do this? You have nothing to bribe or blackmail, the porno is already out there. I see no reason to follow through."

"Don't need anything. You like sex too much to not play. It's that simple. Even as we stand here you are thinking about Ben & I taking turns on you. You are dying to find out who the other guys are, you can't resist."

Ticked, cornered and busted. I looked away.

"Sam, don't worry, we were the same way, we couldn't say no to a hot cock, don't feel bad about it." Ben finally added something to the conversation.

"I don't feel bad."

"Tell you what. If you can prove you aren't turned on by the idea we will call it off."

My ears perked. "And how do we prove it? What's the test?"

They both smiled. Damn them.

"You wear this," Ben held out a paper bag. "for the rest of your work out. The suit during your laps. If you don't spring one we accept that as not being turned on."

"That's it?"

"And after proving you aren't turned on and we support it, you get Kevin to fuck you before you leave the gym."

"Come on, you know I can get busted for that or at least kicked out."

"Sam, you want pass."

I was so ticked. I knew I could turn around and walk away but I couldn't. The idea had me so turned on I couldn't stand it. I grabbed the bag out of Ben's hand and opened it. Great. A rubber cockring, a flimsy pair of shorts and a tank that would fit a twelve year old, great. Saying a little prayer for my cock not to react I took off my clothes, put on the cockring, shorts and tank.

"Fucking hot. Good luck Sam."

The shorts weren't too short or tight but they were made of one of those fabrics that leave nothing to the imagination. The cockring held my balls and cock up and out, as if the fabric wasn't bad enough. I knew I was going to loose. Just the friction of the shorts on my cock would get me hard. Rather than delay the show I went back out to the floor and began to lift.

Every guy in the gym was looking at me. The few women who were there were also looking. All eyes were on my bulge and as I walked past the leering rats I heard them. "Can't wait to fuck you." "You need my cock." "Gang bang in the locker room." Humiliation.

Taking up the barbells I began some curls, at least I could sit still and try to keep my cock from making an appearance. Next to the bench press. After my sets Timothy stopped to talk.

"Sam. What are you doing?"

"Hi Timothy. I am being publicly humiliated."

"They are playing you huh." Timothy had that look of knowing what was going on.

"Yes they are and every guy in here is staring. Timothy, as I was walking over here they were telling him how they were looking forward to...me."

"What? Sam, no one was staring and no one said anything. Except me, I was staring, but no one else was or is paying any attention."

Looking around I could see that he was right. No one was staring. "Shit. Timothy, I am delusional. I could have sworn every person in here was checking me out.

"Sam, you are funny. Granted, you are going to get some looks but it is only because you are dressed like that, shit, you wearing a ring?"


"That is going to get attention. Good luck kid." He smiled and went on his way.

Putting the game out of mind, at least trying to I focused on my work out. Thankfully my stint on the treadmill was over, I would have been hard in minutes. Just lifting I was able to keep my dick from going hard. Sure it was plump and that damn ring was doing what it was intended, but I didn't go full mast. Finishing up I went into the locker room to change for my laps. The two of them were there, congratulated me on the show and on keeping it under control. They handed me the suit. It wasn't a thong, which was not acceptable, but it was skimpy.

As I attempted to take off the ring they stopped me. I would have to keep it on.

"Guys, come on. This suit shows everything, the ring won't make a difference."

"Then wearing it doesn't matter. It stays on."

Passing a mirror on the way to the pool I looked at my reflection. If I saw me I would want to fuck me, there was no question. I was smoking hot. I was also close to winning so I hurried on hoping the cool water would help me.

Returning to the lockers I was grinning. I had done it. No hard on. Wade and Ben were not smiling. "How the fuck did you do it?"

"Doesn't matter. Thanks for playing guys but that's it." I took off the suit, the ring and handed them to Ben. Then I took the ring back, "My prize."

Showering up and getting dressed I felt pretty great. I wasn't going to be played into letting those jerks fuck me. I stood up to the two kingpins and I was free. Timothy wasn't anywhere to be seen so I went to get a smoothie on my own. Sitting in the sun I smiled and thought about what had almost happened and why I let it go on as long as I had. Suddenly I knew. Wade & Ben walked in and I knew. They were hot. They were sexy and they were really fantastic in the sack. The entire thing could have been over before it started but I let it happen, almost as if I wanted it to happen.

The two of them took their order to go and left without even looking at me. Were they ignoring me or had they not seen me? In a moment I was behind them on the sidewalk. "Now or never again." I said as I cut between them.

We went to Wade's place; it was barely fifty feet ahead of us. "Why Sam?" Wade asked as we waited for the elevator.

"Because, I haven't had a three-way in ages. You better not disappoint."

People often talk about hours long fuck sessions. How many guys have really spent hours having sex? Ninety minutes is long, few guys can go for hours without a break. We each took little breaks while the other two kept busy and we spent nearly three hours naked. Hard ons came and went, we came, but the sex was everything a totally hot three-way can be when the chemistry is right.

Without regrets I returned home. If it had been summer I am sure the smell of guy sex would have been trailing behind me the entire walk.

Terry came over and we had a nice healthy home cooked meal waiting for Jude. Terry was so funny and had us laughing throughout the meal. Jude insisted on cleaning up, telling us to just sit back and relax. The evening was still early and we were discussing options when my Mom called. This time I answered it.

"Hi Honey, how are you?"

"Hi Mom, doing great."

"Did I interrupt anything?"

"No Mom, we just finished eating dinner, cleaning up."

"Oh nice. What did you have?" Do mothers ever stop being mothers?

"Mom, you didn't call to ask what I ate for dinner."

"Sorry, being a mother, it's my job you know. Is your boyfriend with you?"

"Why?" immediately I tensed up.

"No reason, just curious who my boy eats dinner with. Let me say hi to him."

For the second time in a day I thought I was hearing things.

"Hand him the phone Honey. He can't catch girl germs."

Seriously, girl germs? My mother. Covering the phone I whispered to Terry she wanted to say hi. The look on his face matched mine, sheer terror. Handing him the phone I looked to see what I could crawl under.

"Hi." Terry said tentatively.

"Nice to meet you too." He looked at me as if begging to be saved.

Terry listened, I waited and after a few minutes Jude asked what we were up to. I waved for him to be quiet.

"Thank you. Bye." Terry hung up, dropped the phone and fell back into the cushions.

"What did she say? Could it have taken any longer?" I was scared to hear the answers. "Come on Terry, what did she say?"

"What did who say?" Jude called out.

"My mother."

"What? Your mother?" Jude hustled over to us. "What did she say?"

"She said hi and that she was happy her son had meet a nice boy."

"Come on Terry, it didn't take five minutes to say that, what else?"

"She, shit, Sam, no wonder you moved a thousand miles from home. She was nice, but it was embarrassing."

Both Jude and I were looking at him going crazy with curiosity.

"She told me to treat you well and that I, you Sam, better be treating me nicely too. Then she said she was looking forward to my visit at Christmas and meeting me. And it was ok if we shared a room when we visited."

"Are you kidding! Arghhhhh!" Humiliation yet again. Today needed to end.

"Sam. As she was saying good bye she said she just had to remind us to use condoms."

Jude burst into laughter. I got up and left the room. Give it to my mother. Poor Terry. He had to hear it. What a mess, shit it was like some Greek tragedy.

Jude continued to laugh and soon Terry was too. Embarrassed I started laughing too. Grabbing a bottle of wine and some glass I returned to the sofa and poured us a glass, I poured the entire bottle into the three glasses.

Jude wasn't ready to let it stop. "So boys, are you nice to each other? Does she know you aren't using condoms? Maybe I should call her." He reached for my phone. That damn glass of wine, far too full prevented me from getting it first. Jude picked it up and tried to unlock it. "Give me the code Sam."

"Hell NO!" I am not giving you the code.

"Ok. He tossed my phone to me and went into the kitchen. What the fuck was he doing?

His phone was to his ear. "Jude! Who are you calling?" I stood up. Terry was laughing at us. "Sure, you laugh now, wait until we are sitting at the dinner table with her and she asks which one of us is on top." Terry started choking on his wine. "She will, laugh now but she will. Jude? Who?"

The answer was there before I could say another word.

"Mom! It's Jude. Yeah I know I don't call you. No nothing is wrong. I was just curious about Christmas. Yes I would love to come. Yes Mom. I know it's been ten years. Sam is fine."

What was he doing? What was he up to? Terrified to know and desperate to find out I stood too shaken to have a sip of wine. Terry was still laughing at the entire sequence of events, holding his hand over his mouth to stifle the laughter. During the few seconds I was paying attention to Terry I missed what Jude was saying.

"Thanks Mom. I will. Bye."

"Jude! What are you doing?" I yelled. Terry laughed loudly.

"Just making plans for Christmas. Won't it be fun for all of us to visit?"

He held his phone to his ear. "Hello, this is Jude. Yes it is a surprise."

I fell onto the sofa. Terry covered his mouth and turned into the cushion laughing. Jude was talking to my mother. I was fucked in the wrong way.

"It is a wonderful idea, I love it, enough so I am coming home too. Yes! I just spoke with her. It will. Yes he is being very good. Very well behaved, he does exactly what he is told, never says no, very nice to everyone. Yes he is a nice boy too."

I slugged Terry. Jude was talking about him now.

"They are a very handsome couple. Yes. Ok. I will. Bye."

"Jude you asshole! How could you do that?" I was ready to punch him. Terry was laughing loudly again and grabbing his stomach.

"She wants me to remind you two to use condoms." He barely had the words out before he burst into laughter and was bent over the counter in fits. Terry let out a shriek and rolled onto the floor. I was ready to cry and ended up laughing.

"Sam? Why is your mother so concerned about condoms?" Terry was spitting as he laughed the words out.

I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe let alone answer. By the time we all calmed down we all had tears in your eyes, our stomachs hurt and I realized I was with the two best people in the world.



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