After a long shower I put on some sweats and started to plan out Terry's birthday. The piercing was the best idea I had. Dinner out stilled seemed rather lame. Maybe I could take him to a strip show and get him a lap dance? Sounded fun but getting in was a problem, he had ID but I was still way to young to get in and without an ID it was rather hopeless.

Terry sent a text and wanted to do something when he got home. It was really nice that he sent a text first. Lately I had been the one sending the texts. Time to get him a birthday card.

Finding a birthday card sucks. There are hundreds of options and most are so sappy and sweet and sick, or girly. Going with a funny card, maybe a hot stud on the front of a serious card, I had trouble deciding. Realizing time was short I went with a simple card that had a picture of a beach with two lounge chairs on it facing the ocean. Inside it had a simple message, You, Me as far as the eye can see. Sure it was hokey but it was the closet to how I felt about him.

Stopping for some flowers I went home. Jude was back from work and getting ready to hit the gym. Showing him the card and flowers and telling him about my gift he smiled. "I think he will like it Sam." He patted me on the head and left. Patted me on the head? Was I a puppy?

Changing into a nice outfit I left for Terry's place. His face was honest, pure surprise when I handed him the flowers. He hesitated before opening the card. After reading it he leaned in and kissed me. "I haven't been given a birthday card in about ten years. Thanks, I love you."

"I love you too. Now for your gift. It took some thinking but what I want to give you can't be wrapped. It can't be returned and it can't be given away. You have mentioned wanting a piercing and for your birthday, if you want it, I will buy you a piercing."

A smile broke on his face. "Seriously Sam? Really? I love it! Yes I want one!"

He gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, "It's a perfect gift Sam."

"You don't know how happy I am you like it. Now we can go to dinner first or get your gift?"

"Now! Let's go now, I can hardly wait!" He was so eager and excited I felt like a little kid.

Off we went. Terry knew which place he wanted to go and the entire time he talked about where he wanted it. "I would love an Albert but that means I can't fuck you tonight so how about a nipple?"

"Nipple it is!"

The guy helping us was dressed neatly, he had multiple piercings we could see and smiled when we told him it was a birthday gift. "In that case, the second one is half price." He winked.

"Sam? Do you want one or can I get both nipples?"

"It's your birthday, get them both done." I felt so good seeing him so happy.

After the business end of things we went back into the room. Terry took off his shirt and sat back. The guy was professional the entire time and it didn't take long before Terry had a ring in his left nipple and a little barbell in the right.

Dinner was at a nicer restaurant than we normally go to but worth every penny. The server was cute, nice body and female. It was fitting. A hot stud would have lead me to thinking about his cock and tonight I wanted to be all about Terry.

The conversation was easy. We didn't talk much about Terry's past or our escort days. He told me about what he wanted to be when he grew up and how that had changed. Now he wanted to go back to school, get his GED and then to community college. Eventually he wanted to graduate from the University. His goal was to become a dentist! It was not even close to what I would have guessed. When I asked why he was interested in dentistry he replied it was because a great smile was important. Straight white teeth made a person look happy and all the really happy people he knew had great smiles.

Back at Terry's we had some very hot and passionate sex. It wasn't easy to ignore his nipples but I did my best. He was smart to think about how an Albert would have meant no fucking for a while. That night Terry fell asleep in my arms. He said it was the first time anyone had done anything for him on his birthday. Hearing it made me feel good and terrible at the same time. Twenty years old and he had been ignored on his birthday most of his life. As he slept I looked at him and vowed to make sure he had wonderful birthdays for the rest of his life. What was I thinking? For the rest of his life? Was I ready to settle down and stay with him forever?

After a nice breakfast at the café down the street Terry took off to get his GED schooling lined up. At home I quickly changed and left for the gym. Timothy was already there and sweating. He was so gorgeous, how come guys weren't hitting on him? Skipping my treadmill I stretched and went over to lift by Timothy. "Timothy, how come the guys leave you alone?"

"Sam, that is a long story but the snapshot is they know I have my Master and trying is futile." He smiled at me.

"So they just leave you alone?"


It was a short answer but it made sense I guess. We stayed with each other while lifting. Timothy could use more weight than I but he was a great workout partner, slow, steady and concentrating on form. He would coach me and spot as needed. Seeing his body up close while working out really cemented my desire to keep at it and try even harder. There were already improvements in my body and I was feeling anxious to get even better definition and build muscle. I wanted to look amazing when I was naked.

The entire workout was without interruption, meaning, not one guy came up to me to chat. Wade and Ben were both there but stayed away. It didn't make sense to me but I let it go. When we finished I showered. Timothy didn't which was unusual. We did grab a smoothie for the walk back to the loft. Master was waiting for me.

Following the routine Timothy entered the building first; I waited the five minutes and then made my way to the loft. The door was slightly open. Inside it was quiet. Every time I had entered on my own like this I felt nervous. The first time it was because of the sex, but now it was because I didn't know who was inside. Timothy and Master were there, but was there anyone else? At this point I expected that there would be a video camera, I may not see it but the chances were high that Master would bring one out.

The spot he wanted me to stand and wait for him had the familiar mat. Next to it was a chair for my clothing. Along side the chair was a small table with a blindfold, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, cock ring and nipple clamps, the standard set up. This time there was also a small chain with clasps on it lying between the wrist cuffs. Evidently he wanted me to cuff and secure my own hands behind my back. Lying across the table was a wooden stick that had been painted black. It had some clasps attached to each end. I assumed he wanted that between my ankles. As I got dressed in the items I notice a pair of earplugs.

After putting all the items in place I was ready to attach the blindfold and then secure my hands. My heart was beating loudly. I swear it was audible. Once I was finished I stood and waited. Not being able to see or hear time went very slowly. The anticipation was terrific. My cock was hard as hell and I am sure it was already leaking some pre cum.

How long I really stood there waiting I will never know. It felt like half an hour but considering Master liked to keep the session to ninety minutes he wouldn't waste that much time. What I do know is it was long enough for me to have trouble keeping my balance. Without vision or sound standing up is not easy, and having my feet trapped about two feet apart and my arms behind my back it was a challenge. I felt weak.

Then it happened. I felt a wad of spit hit my face. Jolting upright I stood waiting for what was next. Master was there and I was to please him. The chain between the clamps was tugged. I tried not to yelp. Repeatedly someone tugged at the chain. A hand roughly grabbed my balls, also causing me to jump and pulled them down hard enough my knees bent to easy the tug. Something was wrapped about my sack, a ball sack stretcher of some sort. The hand released my balls. My nipples were left alone. A hand groped my ass. My body was being felt up. Nipples pulled, cock slapped and my balls patted.

Funny thing having someone gently pat your balls when you are bound up and rather helpless, they become very sensitive. And having the sack pulled away from your body and the balls firmly in place they are even more sensitive. The rough handling of my body ended.

Once again I jumped as a hand smacked my dick. It took a lot of self-control not to make any sound. Master didn't want to hear me whining. The hands once again began to grope my body. After a few minutes it stopped. Standing still I waited for the next assault, my cock hard and dripping. There was no way to stop my body from showing how turned on this was making me.

My ass received a rather hard slap. I stumbled forward and was spanked again. This time I fell forward and landed on a sort of hump that had been placed in front of me. It was perfectly placed to hit my lower abs and wide enough I could lean on it. The hands once again groped me. Each time it was rougher, harder. The pinching and pulled and grabbing of my flesh by hands that were large and strong.

This time the hands moved down my legs and removed the stick between them. My ankles were then hooked up to the legs of the apparatus I was resting on. My wrists were released and reattached to the front legs. I couldn't move. Nothing happened. I waited, breathing deeply, heart pounding, dick leaking and so horny I was ready to beg Master to fuck me. I didn't.

A hand grabbed my hair and raised my head. Of course this resulted in my mouth opening and a cock being feed to me. Naturally I went immediately into cocksucking mode and began to suck on the thick cock. It was pulled away from me. I opened my mouth, covered my teeth and stuck out my tongue to receive the cock again. A pair of hands grabbed my head, the cock was once again pushed into my mouth and Master began to fuck my face. Gagging from time to time, spit running down my chin, I did my best to accommodate the face fuck. It turned me on wickedly.

The cock was pulled out, the hands released my hand and a moment later I left the hands grab my ass. A pair of large strong hands pulled your cheeks apart is a rather distinct feeling. Masters goatee rubbed my crack. His tongue entered my hole and he ate my ass. The entire time he was rubbing his goatee with force. Moaning the entire time, I was unable to remain silent.

He moved his face and still holding my ass open I felt him slide his cock up along my crack. "Fuck me please Sir!"

Damn. I had broken one of his rules. The cock left my crack and the hands released my cheeks. A moment later the spanking began. At first the slaps weren't too hard but the gradually increased in pressure. Trying to count I lost track about sixty. There was pain involved, something Master had not delivered in the past. Then again, I had not disobeyed his rules in a while.

After the spanking ended his hands grabbed my ass, spread my cheeks and I felt a very lubed up cock push into my hole. Slowly, gradually building up speed, thrust and vigor he fucked me. The pain was the good kind. My cock was once again hard and I felt my eyes rolling back. How I had learned to love a hard pounding. Getting into the feeling of hot friction as a thick cock violates your hole I was in that place of bliss. Of course it ends, the cock is removed from my hole and a moment later I feel the splash of warm cum on my back. Master was happy.

Regaining my breath I waited. Hands grabbed my head and pulled it up. Opening my mouth I felt a cock enter it. It was hard. It had a bend in it. It wasn't as thick as the last one but longer. Had Master just used me? This was not his cock? Unable to figure it out I had to focus on the cock in my mouth at the moment. Slowly the momentum grew until once again I was being face fucked. Gagging, drooling and coughing I tried to relax but this cock was challenging my skills. Wanting to make Master happy I put every ounce of effort into taking the cock as the owner wanted.

As soon as I got into a rhythm the cock pulled away. Figuring what was next I relaxed my ass. Hands on my cheeks, a pull and a thrust the entire length went in to the bush. I yelled. I knew I would be punished for it but I couldn't help it. Forcefully the owner of the cock took over my ass. It was impossible to keep quiet. My failure to do so was taken care of. Another pair of hands grabbed my head, positioned it and I had another cock shoved into my open mouth.

This cock was as thick as the first one and as long as the second one. It wasn't curved thankfully but it had a very large head on it. My ass was pounded, the pain was now pleasure and my face was being fucked with a force to equal it. Not being able to do anything, even move. I did everything I could to receive what I needed to consider a gift. Breathing deep and pacing my breaths I was able to relax and get into a rhythm.

The owners of these two wonderful cocks got into a rhythm as well and I felt like we were a machine moving in synch. The cock in my ass pulled out and the load of man juice hit my back. That feeling made me smile, as much as I could smile while having a cock fill my throat. That cock soon was taken away and I felt the hands grab my ass. Slowly he slid his cock in. Gasping I was thankful that Master started with what would be considered the smallest of the three cocks. Considering the action my hole had been receiving I didn't expect to feel such a stretch as he worked in all the way in.

Slowly he built up speed. Once he found a nice steady pace he pulled out entirely and then re-entered. He continued this rather rough yet incredibly hot fuck for some time. My gasps were as quiet as possible with each return to my hole. Finally he left his cock inside and began moving his hips and cock inside of me. This was a very different feeling than just having a cock going in and out. It was incredible. He stopped, pulled out and his load was added to the two still on my back.



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