• Night Terrors: Death Game

    Night Terrors is an erotic horror anthology. Each story in the anthology will be mostly character and plot driven with a different kink.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 2

    I ran to the door after the initial shock of devouring Darren had worn off. The door was locked. I guess a part of me knew it would be. I was a prisoner and a murderer.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 3

    The robed man checked the bag of liquid we were supposed to drink. It was empty, so he took it away. Then he moved to Conrad's coffin and did the same.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 4

    When I woke up, others in the room were already chattering. Something had happened overnight that had gotten them even more agitated and on-edge. It didn't take me long after opening my eyes to understand.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 5

    Only two pairs remained.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 6

    I began to come to very uncomfortably. My head was tipped forward onto something very hard, and I was in a kneeling position. I opened my eyes to see the control panel of a treadmill.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 7

    Minutes after the slow drain of the vat had begun, Rafael wheeled Conrad in on a stretcher and began hooking him up to the treadmill system with the rest of us, then woke him up. We were back up to seven men wi

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 8

    Rafael left the room and returned in moments with a plastic folder that was tied with a ribbon. He looked excited as he brought it to me. He set it down and opened it.

  • Night Terrors: Death Game: Chapter 9

    I could feel an actual bed beneath me, with sheets and blankets over me. I was naked, and a beam of sunlight streamed across my face. There were no ties or restraints on me any more.

  • Night Terrors: Manley Paint

    Teenage Kyle goes hunting for a rumored Ghost, which turns out to have a gear fetish.

  • Night Terrors: Manley Paint: Chapter 2

    Mark learns of the ghost and drags Todd along to make use of it as well.

  • Night Terrors: Manley Paint: Chapter 3

    Noah makes a trip to the old paint factory to have his turn with the ghost, but is forced to bring his younger brother, Rich, along. Rich doesn't listen well.

  • Night Terrors: Manley Paint: Chapter 4

    Shawn Comes along on Kyle's second visit, but not for the ghost.

  • Night Terrors: Manley Paint: Chapter 5

    Shawn gets projected into 1958 and meets the ghosts while they're still alive.

  • A Demon For Christmas

    A sad brother misses his brother who was killed.

  • A Long Weekend at Waverton

    Marc discovers more than he imagined at an old B&B

  • A Night in Notre Dame

    The story is that Cameron and Alistar meet again at Notre Dame for the first time in a LONG time. It is set in modern day times.

  • A Night in Notre Dame: Chapter 2

    The continuation, in Cameron's perspective!

  • A Question of Restraint

    For Halloween: Early 1900s vampires fight to curb their appetites in Bavaria.

  • Ancient Scandal

    For Halloween: An Austrian baron preys on the men of an ancient Venetian family.

  • Angel of the Darkness

    Angel was on his way to meet Buffy. They had finally put their pride aside and admitted how they feel about each other...

  • Angel of the Darkness: Chapter 2

    Angel was awakened from his uncomfortable sleep by a kick to the ribs. He saw Drusilla standing over him. She was wearing her true face instead of the lovely one she had when she was mortal.

  • Angel of the Darkness: Chapter 3

    Seven hours to go. Seven hours until sundown. The time had passed relatively quickly for all. Spike and Drusilla were preparing for the ritual, while Buffy was preparing for the battle to come. In just seven hours, an event that might change them all forever was due to occur.

  • Bay Cove

    Okay so Bay cove doesn't actually exist but neither do vampires, so forgive me for those of you who live in Maine for any inconsistencies I just take inspiration from my favourite author Stephen King :), all critiques are welcome friends :) Enjoy!

  • Bay Cove: Chapter 2

    I would like to thank everyone that read Encounter thanks guys its fills me with joy it really odes :D !! I hope I don't bore you guys, but this story is going to be slightly gradual I want to develop the characters as you read along if that makes any sense?. This chapter continues where Encounter ...

  • Bay Cove: Chapter 5

    What will they say?

  • Bay Cove: Chapter 4

    A history lesson is important.

  • Bay Cove: Chapter 3

    The date!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Heart

    A story about a half-demon guy who is gay and what happens when he is accepted to a well known school. I haven't written in a while and this story I wrote on my phone so sorry about mistakes. And the title well I didnt know what to name it but I think it fits well. Enjoy and please comment

  • Black Heart: Chapter 2

    Grayson will be teamed up with 3 others. Who will it be? There is this guy that catches his eye. Hopefully he's plays for gis team if you know what I mean.