The air was stir, my heart was pounding and the anticipation was almost unbearable. The hand lightly, firmly, took my left wrist. I jumped at the touch, but welcomed it. I felt something wrapping around my wrist. Leather. It was buckled and my hand was raised to shoulder height. Something clicked onto the leather cuff. My dick popped up. The hand took my right wrist and repeated the action. My dick continued to bob, my breathing heavy.

I heard the sound of leather and felt something wrap around my ankle. Another cuff. That leg was moved to just past shoulder width and I heard the click as something hooked onto the ankle cuff. Once again the action was repeated on my other ankle. I could hardly contain myself.

The sound of moving leather and the rush of air told me the body owning the hand was moving away from me. Shortly I felt the blindfold being removed. The light blinded me for a few seconds. I was facing a large flatscreen. Craig was sitting on a leather club chair to my left. I tried to see the owner of the hand but couldn't, all I saw was a clean, simply furnished apartment.

I was hooked up to some contraption I didn't recognize but it was clearly designed for sex and restraining someone. My dick was hard and my heart was still pounding.

The screen suddenly lit up. There I was, naked and tied to a bed, blindfolded and helpless. My focus moved entirely to the screen, watching myself restrained and hard. Craig was right, the video was very hot.

Warm breath on my neck jolted me and I realized the owner of the hand was behind me. I turned my head. The hands gently turned my head back to the TV. 'Just watch.' My god was a sexy voice. I obeyed.

As I watched the screen I felt the hands lightly touch my hips. I jumped again. The touch became firmer, slowly moving along my sides to my armpits. It was so slow. Too slow. I was going nuts. The anticipation, the video of Andrew using me, the warmth of the hands, Craig watching the entire scene, I was going crazy with desire and my cock was dripping.

The hands continued their exploration, slowly, while the video played. They avoided my nipples, cock, balls and ass. I was swaying and moaning, on screen and in the room. The hands left my body. A firm bulge pressed against the crack of my ass. Cloth. A jockstrap? Briefs? Not leather, not jeans. But it was defiantly a cock behind the cloth. I leaned back into the bulge.

The hands returned and holding my hips pulled me into the bulge. He pushed forward, I pushed back and I felt the bulge becoming harder. The hands moved to my abs and slowly to my chest. Then, finally, they lightly brushed over my nipples. I jumped, gasped and felt another jolt, damn. The video continued, Andrew's mouth on my body. The hands continued to toy with my nipples. It was insanely hot. I looked at Craig. He was smiling, rubbing his crotch.

Breath, warm moist breath was hitting the back of my neck. I tilted my head away from the breath, giving room for more. The dart of a tongue. My knees went week. I tried to focus on the screen, Andrew using my body. I tried to watch Craig watching me, and the video. I tried to focus on the lips and hands that were exploring my body. My cock was bouncing and dripping and my entire body was screaming to be entered.

Just as the video started to show Andrew prepping to fuck me the hands and lips left my body. 'Wha..' I didn't even bother finishing the word, Andrew's cock was entering my hole and I was watching my body react to his meat pushing through my ring.

The scene on screen went slowly, Andrew was teasing me. My focus was interrupted again as I felt the unmistakable head of a hard cock glaze the space between my ass cheeks. 'God YES!'

Craig chuckled.

The cock slid up and down my crack. I leaned back, the cock moved away. Damn. Being teased again. I tried to relax, as if that was possible, focus on the scene of Andrew slowly fucking me. It worked, the cock returned to my ass and I felt it line up along my crack and the pressure as the body possessing the cock leaned in. He wasn't trying to enter me, just let me feel the entire length of his hardness along my cheeks.

I accepted the move and tried to squeeze my cheeks, attempting to draw is cock between them. The hands returned to caress by body as the body began to slowly grind the cock between my cheeks. I was beyond sexed up. Craig pulled his cock out and began to stroke it.

The body, the hands, the cock continued to slowly tease me. Yet my poor cock was ignored. As the video ended the hands, lips, cock and breath pulled away. I turned to see who owned the body that was exploring mine. I saw little.

'Sam, look at the screen.' Craig broke the silence. I once again obeyed.

'Watching you get fucked while enjoying your body was fantastic Sam.'

The rich warm voice filled my ears.

'For me too.' I didn't turn my head, just focused on the blank screen ahead of me.

The blindfold returned. He walked to face me, I could feel his breath, hear his movements and I waited in agony. He moved to the right. More movement, Craig was suddenly at my left. 'Sam. You want to be fucked?'

'Yes' I meekly replied.

'Sam?' Said the voice.


'Do you want my cock inside of you?'


'How badly do you want it Sam?'

'Terribly badly. Please. Please. Take me.'

'Oh, I think you are already taken Sam. But what are you willing to offer in exchange for getting my cock inside of you?'

I didn't get it. I didn't understand. I was offering him my ass. I have a hot ass. I was offering it to him. I was offering my mouth, my entire body and I am not considered a bad choice. What the hell did he want me to offer? 'I don't understand. I offer my body.' I gave it a shot.

'Sam. You don't have a choice in that option, I already have you here, you can't leave. I know you want my cock. I know you want me to fill you. Offering me your body isn't really anything I don't already have. So what are you offering Sam?'

I was ticked. He was right. He could fuck me and I wouldn't be able to stop him. I did want him and was willing to let him have me. Shit. 'What would you like?'

'Come on Sam. Be creative. What are you offering me in exchange for my cock filling your cavity? In exchange for my cum on your beautiful face?'

'Come on Sam. What do you think will get him to give you what he wants? What turns him on?' Craig tried to clue me in.

I heard the sound of the video start again.

'Video!' I almost shouted it out. 'You can video it!'

'Good boy Sam.' The voice returned.

More movement from both sides. The blindfold came off. Bright light, blinking eyes. Craig was naked, holding a camera. From the corner of my eye I caught sight of him as he walked to face me.

About 30, maybe 35. Bald, a day's stubble on the face. Nice build, solid, strong. He didn't have a six-pack. He did have the torso of a man, a real man, not a gym rat. He looked wonderful. Light on the hair on the stomach and little heavier on the chest. He was a bit shorter than Craig and had a very nice hard on. He was wearing a leather harness that crossed his chest, a large metal ring in-between his pecs. A metal cockring, thick one, surrounded his cock and balls. Lust filled me.

He unhooked my wrists, one at a time and lowered them; reattaching so I was forced to kneel. He walked up to me. Craig had the camera focused in on my face as the beautiful cock came close. I couldn't reach it, restraints. God I loved them and hated them at the same time.

'What do you want Sam?'



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