• "Uncontrollable Desire" with Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn & Ronny Lamarr

    "Uncontrollable Desire" with Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn & Ronny Lamarr

    When Jack Harrer says "I have a super idea" it usually involves his big dick sliding into someone's ass. But this time around Jack wants to bottom and Ronny Lamarr is the lucky one to top him. Andre Boleyn's job is to keep these two boys' dick good and hard with his mouth.

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  • Straight Men Doing Nude Acro Yoga

    Straight Men Doing Nude Acro Yoga

    Now this is a trend I wouldn't mind seeing take off. Can you imagine going to your local park on a Sunday afternoon and instead of seeing guys tossing a frisbee or throwing a football they're doing nude Acro Yoga? And it's a real thing, I kid you not. There are even a couple of schools dedicated to teaching it, one in Montreal, the other in San Francisco. Why am I not surprised? 

    But if you just want to sit back and watch a couple of straight dudes demonstrating Acro Yoga, check it out. They also play naked football and jerk off in other videos.

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  • Blond Twink Jerks His Uncut Cock

    Blond Twink Jerks His Uncut Cock

    Anthony Turris peels off his Calvin Kleins to reveal completely shaved and a thick uncut cock. The 20-year-old blond twink gets his dick hard. It oozes precum, which he smears across his swollen cock head. He leans back and works his cock until he sprays white goo across his smooth belly.

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  • Viktor Rom Fills Up Muscle Bottom

    Viktor Rom Fills Up Muscle Bottom

    Viktor Rom is so horny that he gets started in the hallway as soon as he enters Richard's apartment. The muscle bottom kneels and sucks Viktor's big cock, then he leans against the wall and offers his ass. Viktor takes it. He fills it, he screws it, he owns it with his nine-inch dick.

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  • "Daddy Want" with Ricky Blue & Dirk Caber

    "Daddy Want" with Ricky Blue & Dirk Caber

    Ukrainian hunk Ricky Blue stops by to see his Dad, but he's not home. His Dad's boyfriend, Dirk Caber, invites Ricky in and offers him the spare bedroom where he can watch TV. Later, Dirk watches through a crack in the door as Ricky strokes his big uncut dick. Dirk makes his move and offers to help, but Ricky is nervous. "Don't worry," Dirk reassures, "no one will find out." Once his lips slide down the hunk's cock, Ricky can't stop him.

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  • "Filthy Neighbors" with Andy Star & Guillaume Wayne

    "Filthy Neighbors" with Andy Star & Guillaume Wayne

    Andy Star heads to the roof or his building to hang his laundry and he finds shirtless Guillaume Wayne cruising on his cell phone. The laundry can wait. Andy takes the scruffy-faced hunk down to his apartment and discovers that he's packing a very thick cock. Guillaume sits on the sofa and enjoys watching Andy licking and sucking his meat. Then Andy mounts his horny neighbor and makes his hard-on disappear.

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  • "I Definitely Like Eating Cum."

    "I Definitely Like Eating Cum."

    Texas boy Kaden Dean debuted on Guys in Sweatpants back in July and got his ass fucked by Clark Parker. But he's versatile and wanted a chance to top a guy on video too. He told Austin Wilde that a guy like Logan Cross was exactly his type. It turned out that Logan was in town while Dean was in town. During the pre-sex talk Austin asks what his favorite activity is and Dean says, "I definitely like eating cum." Kaden fucks a load out of Logan, and true to his word, he licks the bottom's belly clean before cumming all over his sweet face.

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  • "Oh Yeah, Right There."

    "Oh Yeah, Right There."

    Brantley, like most of the guys who jack their dicks on Spunkworthy, eventually comes around to the idea of getting his dick sucked by a guy. He sits on the couch and Jason kneels and unbuckles Brantley's belt and unbuttons his jeans. Brantley is already tenting hard in his underwear. Jason mouths his dick through the fabric and Brantley moans.

    When Jason slides his lips over Brantley's cock, the lad grabs Jason's head in both hands and bites his lip. He can't believe how good this guy's mouth feels on his bone. "Oh yeah, right there," he pants as Jason goes deep. The best part of this blowjob is watching Brantley struggle between being so incredibly turned on but then realizing that he's getting turned on by a guy sucking his dick. Sexy.

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  • Kilted For Pleasure

    Kilted For Pleasure

    Alright, I'm not going to ask the requisite Pornland question about what a Scotsman keeps under his kilt. It's been done to death. Hoytt Walker ordered a kilt and it's just arrived in the mail, so he puts it on. He strips naked and puts it on. (There's your answer.) Fernando Del Rio arrives to find his buddy stroking his bone under the fabric. Fernando has never seen a man in a kilt before, but the novelty wears off quickly and he drops it to the ground so Hoytt can fuck his ass.

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  • "Don't Waste The Fucking Beer!"

    "Don't Waste The Fucking Beer!"

    The frat boys are working out, drinking beer, and watching the UFC fight on TV. They've been partying for a while and they're running low on beer. The room becomes enraged when one of the guy's pours some beer into the cage holding their latest cock whore. "Hey! Don't waste the fucking beer!" one of the guys bellows. They haul the naked guy out and throw him over the cage and fuck his ass. Three guys take their turn pumping this bottom full of cum.

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