Steve was a fun guy to know. Granted I didn't know him well, we didn't talk much while I was cleaning because I was actually cleaning. What I did know is he was a horny man who liked watching me nude and liked porn. Knowing I would get to suck his cock every Wednesday was something I looked forward to. He had a nice cock, not to large but a great shape and texture, sucking it was fun.

There was one problem. Sucking a cock was like an appetizer. It was great, tasted wonderful but it only made me hungrier for sex. Waiting for the tea water to boil I thought about how I wanted a cock in my hole. This lead to wanting to watch the video of Jude and I again. Then to the premier two days away. And Saturday morning flying home. Shit! I was going home on Saturday and I hadn't bought any gifts. Getting laid would have to wait until tonight. I needed to go shopping.

Drinking my tea, a notepad on the table I tried to think about what I should buy. My mother wasn't a fancy woman. She liked things nice but basic. She didn't collect anything. She wasn't into cooking. She wasn't into fashion. Well, that isn't entirely true, she was into fashion in the Midwest smaller town sort of fashion. She liked the style that was popular at the stores selling discount higher end knockoffs. I wasn't a fashionista but I had learned during my time in Boston that these stores were not selling anything high-end. It was all a marketing scheme.

Getting something for Jude's mom would be a nice gesture considering without her I wouldn't be here. That was it really. I didn't have any friends at home that I wanted to see. Who knew where my father was, he had been out of the picture for six years now. My list had two names on it and no ideas.

Changing into nicer clothes I left to find a store that would hold the perfect gifts. Heading to Newbury Street I felt clueless. Where do women shop? What would my mom like? The first hour I went into store after store and nothing hit as a perfect gift for her. Nothing even close to being ok. I was getting frustrated. Leaving store number eleven I stood on the sidewalk and looked down the street. There were so many options! Then I spotted exactly what I wanted, a very cute guy in a leather bomber jacket and jeans that were perfectly showcasing his firm ass.

What the hell? I followed him. And promptly lost him as he made it across the street as the lights changed leaving me stuck. Damn. Not that anything would have happened. He may have been straight. As I waited for the light I noticed a smaller store that had a look that appealed to me. Shit, shopping, not really my thing but this store seemed like a good one to try.

Crossing the street I forgot all about Mr. Bomber Jacket and refocused on a gift. Opening the door I was met with a wonderful aroma that reminded me of a clean home without the stringent smell of disinfectants. It was a little fruity, flowery with a hint of woodsy, very pleasing. The lighting was not glaring and the merchandise was beautifully arranged. The racks and tables were not jam packed with things and the woodwork, which was everywhere, looked like it had been crafted over a hundred years ago. It was really a beautiful store what felt masculine yet refined. I felt comfortable.

There weren't too many people inside, mostly women my mom's age and older. There were two younger women who were dressed in fur and very blonde hair. There was one other man. He was older, sitting on a leather wing backed chair reading a magazine. My guess was he was waiting while his wife was shopping. That was one way to keep her from spending too much money.

Looking around at the scarves, sweaters, jackets and some home accessories I was lost and overwhelmed. The items were very well made and everything looked like it was the top of the line. Walking slowly from table to table I just looked and touched the items.


A very pleasant voice greeted me. Turning I saw a man about my age and so beautiful I know my eyes gave me away.


He smiled at me. "Overwhelming isn't it."

"Yes, is it that obvious?"

"Yeah, it is. What can I help you find? Something for mom?"

"How did you know?"

"Instinct." He smiled again. I could get lost looking into his brown eyes, flawless complexion, thick lips and a hint of stubble.

I realized I was staring at him and he was watching me. The feeling of warmth as I blushed hit. I looked at the floor.

"I'm Tyler. Finding the perfect give for mom is my specialty."

"I am sorry. Really, I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry about it, I take it as a compliment. Tell me a little bit about her, her style, what she likes." Tyler, what a sexy name for a beautiful man.

"Bet it happens to you all the time."

"What, young men looking for gifts for mom?"

"Men staring at you."

"On occasion. I think you get it too."

Was he flirting with me?

"Mom. Where is she?" His voice was like honey, thick, golden and delicious.


"I'm from Nebraska. We grew up neighbors."

I wish I had grown up a neighbor who looked like him! "I guess we did."

"Good, I think I know where to start. Nothing fancy. Nothing flashy. Something she will use for the rest of her life. Over here, what's your name?"

His hand politely took my elbow. Even wearing a jacket and sweater I could feel his touch. It wasn't sexual, I am sure he did the same to every customer. I was just a customer, nothing more. He was making a sale. "Sam."

My mind was in heaven. Tyler, the same height as me, think eyebrows, short brown hair with slight bangs, broad chin, wearing a crisp ironed white dressed shirt perfectly fit to his youthful yet solid physic, dark purple bow tie and suspenders. He had a white tee shirt under his shirt that was very tight. He was dreamy.

Walking past several tables he led me toward the middle of the store. A display of scarves, beautiful scarves filled a table. It wasn't piled high like at home, but neatly arranged so you could see the patterns without having your eyes swirl from the overload.

"What color hair does she have? Any favorite colors?

"Brown hair, a little darker than yours, she colors it."

He smiled at my comment. "And colors?"

"Hmmm...she likes periwinkle blue."

"Periwinkle blue. That is a nice color but I think we will stay away from it. Flowers? Plaids? Stripes?"

"Wow, guess I never paid attention."

He chuckled, "Most men don't, especially young men our age. Does she ever wear scarves?"

"Yes, typical winter scarves, thick wool scarves. Function."

We both laughed knowing I was talking the standard winter scarf for the Midwest.

Tyler began to pull out scarves and show them to me. He explained the purpose of the different sizes and how women wear them. There was a lot about scarves I had never considered. After twenty minutes of pulling out scarves showing to me and then effortlessly folding them up into perfect squares we had narrowed it down to three. One flowered, one striped and one of a pattern I couldn't name.

"Which one is the one?" Tyler asked me. He was standing next to me, we were touching but it was so close I was almost nervous. Earlier as he leaned forward to pull a scarf I caught the faint aroma of his cologne, I could breath him in all day. We both reached for the striped scarf at the same time. His hand touched mine. He didn't pull away.

"Looks like we like the same one. We have the same taste." He said without moving his hand. I wanted to reach for it and hold it, his hand.

"We do."

He looked at me and smiled. Was he flirting? Was he interested? Was he making a sale?

"So we have the perfect gift for mom. Any other gifts?"

Finally I moved my hand and let him take the scarf. "Well maybe. Her best friend, I want to get something for her too."

"Tell me a little about her?"

"Good question. They are best friends. Have known each other since before I was born. Same tastes. Guess I never really thought about it."

"Well, we could look at a smaller scarf, or possible a broach."

"A broach. That could be good."

Tyler spent another twenty minutes helping me find a broach for Jude's mom. Picking out one for her and one for my mom he wrapped them. "They look so perfect! How do you do it Tyler?" I was looking at three presents that looked like they would be props in a photo shoot.

"Practice. I am good with my hands."

Was I reading into his comments?

Paying the bill, and wow, it wasn't cheap, he bagged up the gifts and handed me the bag. "Stop by when you return and let me know how they liked them."

"I will. Thank you. Really, I had no idea what to get them."

"You are welcome. Merry Christmas Sam." He smiled. I melted.

"Merry Christmas Tyler."

Shopping wasn't so bad.

Walking away from the store I was feeling warm and happy and content. And horny as hell. Fuck I wanted to smell Tyler, feel his body next to mine. Stopping in for a coffee I sent Terry a text. He was busy and couldn't meet up tonight. I was a little ticked. Once again he was too busy to see me. Frustrated I returned home. At least I had the gifts.

Setting the bag down, tossing my empty cup it hit me. I hadn't purchased anything for Terry or Jude. Granted I had gotten them a ticket but I needed to get them something to open at Christmas. Still wearing my jacket I once again left to go shopping.

When I returned home it was nearly seven. Jude was back from the gym. "Where have you been stud?"

"Shopping. What smells so good?"

"Stew. Hungry?"


"What were you shopping for?"

"Easter presents."

"Funny. Don't quit your day job."

Dinner was awesome. Jude knew how to cook. We talked about the upcoming trip, the premier and why Terry was unable to see me. Jude was comforting and his comments made sense but it still stung a bit that I wouldn't see Terry that night.

As I did dishes I tried to let go of my frustration. "Jude, why does he do this? Why is he so busy and what is he doing?"

"He is trying to get his GED and get into college. He is trying to find work and deal with his past. Relax Sam."

"But why can't he involve me? And why can't he get together at the end of the day?"

"I can't answer that. Maybe he is studying. He needs to concentrate on that to pass the tests. If you are around do you think you would leave him alone? Do you think he could leave you alone? No, the two of you would end up naked and he wouldn't get any studying done."

"Shit. I hate when you are right." I finished the dishes. "Cocktail? Want to taste my Manhattan?"

"Manhattan? Ah...Charles' specialty. I would love one."

Jude put on some music, I mixed us each a Manhattan and we sat on the sofa talking about packing and what the trip would be like.

After the second cocktail I couldn't handle it. "Jude. You want to fuck?"

He smiled. Oh yeah.

Thursday's trip to the gym went really well. Timothy worked me harder than the day before and I was sore when I left. As we had our smoothies a text came in from Terry. Smiling I told Timothy I had to leave. Terry wanted a quickie.

Arriving at Terry's I was greeted with a kiss and an ass grab. Inside his place was not the typical spotlessly clean. The table had books and papers on it. He had been studying. I didn't say anything about it, didn't have time. He wanted a quickie and he was horny. Thirty minutes later I wiped my ass and got dressed. "Sorry Sam, but I have to get back to work. Love you." He gave me a quick kiss, slapped my ass and smiled.

"Love you. Study hard."

"Funny. See you tomorrow I can't wait for the premier!"

There is nothing wrong with a quickie. I liked them, a lot. But I wanted to spend more time with him. There were too many hours in the day and not enough to keep me busy. Tempted to find a stud I returned home and packed.

Packing wasn't as easy as I had expected. What do I bring? We were there for four days, three nights. If I was smart I could use a carry one and not pay luggage fees. Music playing and my room a mess I narrowed things down. My carry on was ready to go, all I needed was to toss in the toiletries. Cleaning the condo so it nothing was left to take care of I felt prepared for a busy Friday and being gone for a few days.

When Jude returned from work he asked if I was interested in hitting the gym again. My earlier workout had been strenuous but I decided to go along and swim some laps, maybe take a sauna or sit in the whirlpool.

Putting on the skimpy swimsuit that Wade and Ben had forced me to wear I hit the pool. The evening crowd was different than the day crowd. Fewer gym rats, older and less ripped, I didn't recognize anyone. It was fun to get some attention as I got out of the pool. Walking into the showers I pulled off my suit and cleaned off all the chemicals from the pool. It was easy to notice the attention that was being paid to my body and I relished it. Horny and wanting to be fucked by a new cock I was open for some stud to hit on me.

Walking to my locker I ran into Jude. "Whirlpool or sauna?"


The whirlpool was large enough for a dozen people. Two men were sitting on one side. Neither of them was interesting. We sat down and talked about our workouts. "Sam. A fuck buddy of mine is here, I am heading back to his place for a while."

"Jerk. I want to get...some tonight. Damn I am horny."

I didn't talk too loudly but didn't whisper either. Two other men had come to the whirlpool as we talked. They smiled and said hello but I wasn't interested in them either. Shit. How can it be so hard to find a guy to fuck at a gym in a rather gay neighborhood?

"Gotta go Sam. He should be ready now."

We left the whirlpool and went to rinse off. We were the hottest guys in the shower and a couple guys were not so secretive while they checked us out. My cock liked the attention but I wasn't interested in them. What was going on?

At the lockers I was disappointed. Would I really go home and not get laid tonight? As I was sliding my briefs on and arranging my cock and balls into the pouch a deep voice greeting Jude.

"Jude! How are you? Been a while."

I turned to see a man, mid forties, shaking Jude's hand. "Been great! Good to see you Nathan."

Nathan looked over at me as I was obviously looking at them.

"Nathan, this is Sam, my roommate."

Nathan reached out his hand. Extending mine I was surprised by his firm grip, he didn't look that strong but he obviously was in shape. Dressed in street clothes I couldn't tell what his build was other than he wasn't a couch potato. "Sam, nice to meet you. Damn Jude, roommate or lover?"

Jude didn't reply immediately. The silence was heavy.

"I see. You aren't a couple but fuck when needed. Nice. Wouldn't mind a roommate like that myself." Nathan broke that silence.

"If you want to borrow mine I think he is up for it." Jude's comment caused my dick to respond instantly.

"Looks like his cock is willing." Nathan noticed. He reached out his hand and grabbed my right nipple and gave it a little squeeze.

"Does the rest of Sam want to join his cock?"

I nodded.

"Get dressed and let's go."



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