The beer hit the spot.

'You really think I look attractive? Seems like a joke or something. I mean I know I am not ugly but when I think of hot guys or gorgeous guys I don't think of me. I think of guys who look like you.'

I swear I saw Jude blush.

'Sam. I didn't look like this at your age. I didn't start working out and filling out until I was in my mid, later twenties. And good looking is a pretty open field. I wasn't kidding at breakfast when I said guys were checking you out. Believe me, they were.'

'It's hard to believe that guys would be checking my out?'

'Sam. Seriously? You are young, attractive and have a nice body, did you really think gay guys wouldn't be interested? Not all guys are the same. Just like straight guys, they like different things, are attracted to different looks. No different with gay guys.'

'What did you look like?'

Puzzled he asked what I meant.

'When you were my age? You said you didn't start working out until you were older.'

He smiled, got up and returned with two more beers a photo album. 'My history. This album, this is one I don't show everyone, sort of my personal album. It is a bunch of porn shots, so cross that thought off your list. It's the pics that really define, for me, my life. Especially coming out and accepting who I was and am.'

As he flipped page after page he told me about his life as he grew up, not his childhood, but his growing into a gay man. Pictures of him hanging out before he came out, from high school (prom picture), college (standard drunk picks and prank shots) moving to Boston. Pictures of him with friends who didn't know. Friends who he told. Pictures of him at parties, Pride, dinners, museums, trips. During that hour I learned a lot about him.

There were also the pictures he called his transformation. As a 17 year old in his swim trunks, college in boxers in the dorm, shirtless candid's. He was skinnier than I am now; he looked like a typical young guy, not muscular at all. Then came the posed shots. He decided to work out and had a dozens of shots of him standing in his underwear, one shot a month for five years. We paged thru the first three years pretty quickly, year four he had shots wearing a jockstrap, bikini briefs, skimpy underwear. The fifth year there were shots of him in a thong. Then the last one, he was completely naked.

He sat back after turning that page as I leaned forward and looked closely. I was looking at his dick.

'That is what I looked like when I turned twenty seven. I was dating a guy and he begged me to let him take just one.'

I sat up, looked at him, 'Wow. I guess you were right.' He looked even better now, if my five seconds this morning just after waking up were correct. At least dressed he looked even better.

He collected the album and the empties and went into the kitchen. 'How about I show you around the neighborhood?'

As he gave me a mini tour I found myself relaxed and comfortable. I felt better. The release of all the fears that I had as I sobbed on his sofa had left me feeling lighter, free. As the afternoon wore on I felt really hungry. We hadn't eaten since breakfast. I mentioned it.

'Remember Craig mentioned tonight? A friend is having us over for dinner. You want to come along?'

'Yeah, but, am I invited?'

'Roger and Keith are suckers for cute young guys. There is no way they would turn you away!'

At home he said he wanted to shower before heading out. I agreed I needed one, it had been warm and sunny and we had walked miles thru the city. I sat on the sofa and read his copy of OUT. After his shower he came into the room wearing a towel. Fuck was he hot. 'All yours.'

I went directly into the bathroom and took a five-minute shower, rubbing one out as quickly as I could thinking about him naked in the same shower only moments earlier.

Walking in a towel to my room Jude called my name. I stopped at his door. He was dressed in some nice slacks and a shirt that showed he was ripped. 'You have anything other than jeans and tees?'

'Not really, I have one shirt.' I felt a little self-conscious.

'I have a shirt you can wear.'

I went into my bedroom. Intentionally I left the door ajar. As I was digging out some hair gel he entered my room. 'Here, this one should fit.' He looked great. I felt naked even wearing jeans. The shirt did fit and I had to admit, I looked nice.

Roger and Keith lived about ten blocks away. They had a nice place, two floors of a brownstone. It was impressively well decorated, not over board gay or anything like I had imagined, but tasteful and spotless. They were in their early fifties and had been together for twenty-six years, longer than I had been alive.

They were so welcoming I felt comfortable almost immediately. Dinner was delicious, conversation entertaining and the four other guests, including Craig, made a fun group. After eating we were invited into the living room to enjoy a cocktail while they cleaned up. As I left the bathroom Craig met me.

'Having fun Sam?'

'Yes, I am enjoying it, a lot.'

'Good, me too. Listen, about this morning, I didn't mean to be obnoxious. I am direct and forget about it sometimes.'

His apology was unexpected. 'No problem. I have to loosen up a bit.'

He smirked. 'Loosen up huh? Still a virgin? Listen, even if I was giving you a hard time, I wasn't joking. I would be happy to help out. It would be a pleasure to have sex with you. '

I tried to smile. I didn't know what to think so I just walked past him. He gave my ass a squeeze as I did. I felt the same sexual energy as I did when he shook my hand.

We played this crazy fun board game and the evening ended.

Both hosts gave me a hug as we left, thanking me for coming and made me promise to visit again.

'Enjoy yourself?' Jude asked as we returned home.

'Yeah I really had a good time. Thanks. They are fun guys. Everything about night was great.'

'Even Craig's ass grab?'

'What? How did you know?' I hadn't told him and no one saw it.

'He told me he offered to take your cherry and grabbed your ass.'

'Really? He told you?'

'Yeah. Don't worry about it, there isn't much that's secret between us. And he wouldn't actually have sex with you without making sure I was ok with it.'

This puzzled me, 'What do you mean ok with it?'

'Well, you are staying with me. You are my mom's best friend's kid. He may be direct about wanting to get you naked but he wouldn't if I told him lay off. He isn't an ass, just headstrong.'

'So he is serious?'

'Oh yes, he is serious. Why, are you interested?'

Good question. Easy answer. Yes.

'I don't know.' Lie.

'Not sure I believe you but the decision is yours. If you do, do me a favor and don't do it at home.'

I didn't reply. My thoughts were on being naked with Craig, seeing Craig naked, having him touch me.

Back at the condo I sat on the sofa, 'I really had a blast tonight, thanks for letting me join in.'

'Good and it was great having you there, expands your contacts here. Are you tired?'

'Not really. I am still kind of flying from everything that has happened in the last thirty six hours.' And I was. New city, new outlook, starting a new life, a lot had happened.

'Are you drunk flying or just happy? Another cocktail?'

That was a good idea, 'Rum and cock would be great.'

He came back with the drinks and put on Pandora, some jazz. It was perfect, not too sleepy, not party music, just relaxing and alive.

'What do have going on tomorrow?' I asked him.

'Laundry, clean the place up, hit the gym.'

'I want to help with the cleaning.'

'Interesting in working out?'

'Yeah I am. Maybe you can help me get on a routine so I can look like you!' I said with seriousness and a laugh.

Jude got up and walked to his bedroom, he came back telling me, 'Stand up. Take off your shirt and jeans.'


'If we are starting a routine tomorrow we are going to have a picture. Off with it.'

I took off the shirt, took off the jeans and looked at my boxers. I need new underwear.

'OK, now stand by the wall so the light is behind us. Smile. Don't go sucking your gut in, be relaxed.'

'What do you mean sucking my gut in. I do not have a gut.'

He laughed. I did and he snapped the shot.

I sat down, not putting anything back on. He looked over, took off his shirt and sat down. 'So Sam. What would your parents say if they knew you liked guys?'

'Wow, that's a heavy question. Do we have to talk about this now, I am having a great evening, don't want to ruin it.'

'Fair enough. What's your favorite movie?'

'White Squall.'

'Really? Oh sure, all those guys in their underwear. Bet you like the Rapid Heart movies too.'

'Guilty. It kind of sucks wanting to look at naked guys and not being able to, but horror movies are cool so no one really gets that it's the near naked guys I was into.'

'Haven't you surfed for porn?'

'Parental controls at home and in college I had a roommate, I didn't want to get busted.'

'Come on Sam, I don't believe you. I thought we agreed on the honesty thing.'

'Ok, I tried a couple times but I got freaked out I would be busted so I just couldn't. Besides I thought maybe if I didn't indulge I would grow out of it.'

'Ha! I thought the same type of thing. It was a stage, a phase, normal male sexuality or some shit like that. But the truth was I wanted to look at men, naked. I wanted to see their cocks, their asses. I really wanted to see was ass, nice young tight ass.'

'Were you always a top Jude? Always into guys' asses?'

'Yep. I mean I have bottomed and I love cock, but a nice ass, yum, love them. Love looking at hot guys, seeing skin.' Jude was starting to talk about the very thing I had been waiting to hear, what turned him on. 'I am a big fan of gay porn Sam. I love watching guys get naked. Fucking, jerking off, even just shots of hot guys, love it. How about you? I know you claim not to have seen much porn but really? Fess up.'

I got up, took his glass, went to the counter and mixed another round of drinks. I was feeling good. I was living my life for me. I had told a guy, several guys, I was gay. I was talking to a gay guy about guys. Finally.

'Are you trying to get me drunk Sam?'

'Nope. Not interesting in getting drunk really, just really happy to feel free.'

'Fair enough. Cheers. So, tell me.'

'I really like looking at guys. I would love to watch porn. Know what I look forward to, looking at another guy naked and not have to be sneaky about it.' Maybe I was a little tipsy.

'It will happen.'

'Yeah, it will.' I knew it would too, I decided right then that within the next month I was going to see another guy naked, going to look right at his dick and not look away afraid he would catch me.

Jude stood up and took off his pants. Then he started taking off his boxer briefs. I could not help but stare. 'What are...'

'You saw the picture of me when I twenty seven and I feel like being naked.'

I just looked as he finished taking it all off, I still couldn't see his cock. He started to stand up. I looked away.

'Are you kidding me? Sam.'

I didn't dare look. God I wanted to but...

'Aren't you the least bit curious?'

I looked.

He stood there naked. Not even six feet away a completely naked man was standing, showing his body to me, asking me to look. Plus, it was a man I had jerked off thinking about, twice, in one day. Damn he was beautiful.

He sat down, took a drink, as normally as if he were fully dressed. 'Well? How was it? Looking at a naked man and not having to sneak a peek?'

I couldn't help but take in his body, even sitting down I could see his cock resting between his legs. It wasn't hard but it was not tiny either.

'Well, waiting? Was it what you imagined when you were jerking off before dinner?' He smirked at me.

'What are you talking about?'

'Oh Sam, admit it. I will say I was impressed at how quickly you did it.'

I didn't know what to say, I could feel my cock starting to grow. Damn. What do I say? What do I do? 'Yes it was great. Seeing you naked. Can you help me look that good?'

'Admit you jerked off.'

'OK, I jerked off in the shower before dinner.'

'And?' he was leading me.

'And I was thinking about you. There. I said it. Happy?' I was frustrated, embarrassed he busted me and horny as hell. I knew I wasn't going to keep my cock down.

'HA! Yes. I knew it. Thank you. And yes I can help you muscle up.' He looked like a victor, and gorgeous nude Greek statue sitting in front of me.

I stood up. Took off my boxers. 'Jude? I want to do it.' I turned around to show my ass. 'If you want it.' I looked over my shoulder at him. He was smiling. I turned back around and knew my cock was working it's way into full erection.



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