Months of working and hitting the gym along with hanging out with Terry had kept me busy. The day after I quit my job I was bored. Terry wasn't responding, the gym visit had already happened and there wasn't much to do. Except surf porn online. Hitting the gay blogs I went looking for hot guys and some fun gifs. It always surprises me how easy it is to kill two or three hours without realizing it. But it is so much fun to see the variety of hot guys posing for photos and videos.

Jude's arrival was likely the only thing to take me away from the delicious cornucopia of naked men. He was my rock and I needed him. "Porn?" He asked when I closed the laptop.

"Yeah, what else."

"Anything good?"

"Stupid question Jude. There is always plenty of good. Come on, hot naked men. Hell, if you get into ugly naked men I am sure that exists as well."

"I see you are feeling better." He smirked.

"Yeah. Went to the gym and that helped. Do you know how easy it is to get flabby? One week without hitting the gym and it feels like I am starting over. I went extra hard."

"And you will regret it tomorrow."

"Maybe, but it felt good at the time. So what's the plan for dinner?"

"Dinner? Well Sam, I know what I am doing and this time, it doesn't involve you."

"What? Doesn't involve me? What does that mean? Are you saying everything evolves around me or you have plans with someone else?"

"Read into it what you want. But I have a date."

"A DATE! On a Wednesday?"

"Yes on a Wednesday and don't act so surprised."

"Since I moved here not once have you gone out on a date. And really, a Wednesday? How dorky is that?"

"Dorky? What decade are you stuck in?"

"Aha! So you admit you haven't been on a date in over half a year."

"No I haven't. I have been busy babysitting."

"So you are the ultimate baby fucker?"


"If you are referring to babysitting me then you are a baby fucker."

"Sam, sometimes you show your true age."

"Remember that the next time you want a blow job." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away swaying my ass.

Jude jumped into the shower. I tried to get some details out of him but he effectively ignored me. If Jude was going out what was I going to do? Shit. The stress of being alone all night started to creep up on me.

He looked great when he came out of his room. He really was a good-looking man. Damn I got lucky. My Mom's best friend's son could have been a total dog. Instead he was a stallion.

The sound of the door shutting echoed. Maybe not in the room but in my head it sure sounded ominous. Opening the refrigerator and staring at the limited selection I groaned and opened the freezer. Nothing. I am gone one week and Jude has an empty cupboard. My grocery shopping was obviously needed. Grabbing a jacket and scarf I went to restock.

Since meeting Timothy I had begun to read up and actually learn about food. My habit of cereal and frozen pizza or quick fix meals had ended. Fresh and simple was the way to go. Restraint was needed since I would have to carry the items home so I kept it simple and decided to head to the store every day and buy a few more things. I failed. My little cart was overflowing and I took a taxi the six blocks home. How lazy I had become.

Putting the food away I felt better. Damn I was hungry. My phone beeped. Food or phone? Glancing at my cell I saw a text from Terry. I lunged for the phone and read it. < Hi. Where r u? >

< home >

No reply. Shit.

The buzzer for the front entry sounded. "Yes."


Shit it was Terry. I hit the release button and walked out the door to see him. He walked up the steps without looking up. I wanted to race down and hug him but wasn't sure what the situation was so I stood and waited.

Stepping inside he removed his coat and hat. That was a good sign. At least he was staying long enough to take them off. He turned to look at me.

"I am so sorry Terry!" I nearly burst into tears. He accepted my hug and held on to him tightly. "I was such an ass and..."

"Sam. Stop." He pulled away. Oh shit, he was breaking up with me.


He smiled. "Sam. Forget about it."

"I can't."

"I thought you were pissed at me?"

"Pissed at you? No, not at all."

"Then why did you storm out?"

Thinking for a moment I tried to weigh what I wanted to say. This could break up the relationship. "I stormed out because what you said was 100% accurate. The truth hurt me Terry. I was a prostitute. I like sex, but being a prostitute? Nice life I had chosen. So I left."

"Sam. I didn't mean it that way."

"But it was the truth. I get paid to be fucked. How is that not prostitution?"

"Sam. I do too."

Damn. He had a point. Shit. I had just insulted him. "Not the same as what I was doing. You weren't getting two or three 'jobs' a day. All I did was meet the men for sex."

"Sam. You can justify or explain or reason all you want. We both, all of us who work for Michael, are there to have sex with the clients. Hide it under business meetings or client entertainment, what ever you want to call it. We suck dick for money. Once a week, ten times a day, it's the same thing."

I had to sit down. I was a prostitute. I was dating a prostitute. I was scum.

"Sam. Don't be so hard on yourself. You quit so that is in the past."

"You know?"

"Are you kidding? Michael was on the phone seconds after you left. Your text came while he was talking to me."

"Was he pissed?"

"Well, sort of. You made him a lot of money. As much as he is an ass, and a pimp, he knows that if we aren't willing he loses the clients. His rates are so high that the men won't pay it for unwilling...whores."

"Is he mad at you?"

"At me? No. He wasn't. He was just wondering if I knew about it."


"What drove you to make such a sudden decision? We didn't even talk about it."

"I don't know. A ton of things. Going home probably set things in motion. Terry. I don't want to be your prostitute boyfriend. It just feels wrong."

Terry didn't respond. He did sit down next to me, but not too close.

"Terry. I really like you. I like you more than I like anyone else. Being paid by these random guys for sex just felt wrong. Yeah it was all of a sudden but it hit so hard I just had to end it."

"Sam. I really like you too. I have never taken a guy back to my place, until you came along."

I leaned over and gave him a hug. Before long we were having sex in my bed. One of the few rules Jude had was not bringing guys home for sex. I broke it. It was that amazing make up sex that you have after a fight. It was awesome.

We showered and I made dinner for him. We opened a bottle of wine and turned on some lame 70's sitcoms and ate and cuddled. I was in heaven.

Shortly after nine Jude came in. I didn't jump. I wasn't nervous.

"Oh hi Terry. Good to see you." He smiled as he walked over to us. Terry and I both pulled the blankets up since we were naked. That was a first, me covering up in front of Jude. Thankfully he didn't comment.

"So you two had a good evening?"

"The question is did You?" I redirected the topic.

"Yeah. Back to you two." Jude was obviously sober.

"Yes we had a really good evening."

"Good. Well I am hitting the sack. Keep it down tonight, some of us have to work in the morning."

Did Jude just give me permission to have Terry spend the night? Obviously he had already had sex and it was in Jude's home and now he gave his blessing on the entire night?

I leaned in to kiss Terry. We finished what was left of the wine in our glasses and went to bed. We didn't mess around instead we just cozied up together and fell asleep.

Morning comes far to quickly when you are sleeping blissfully with someone you care about. Terry and I stumbled out of bed. Jude had already left for work and Terry quickly got dress so he could get to work. I remained naked. Considering what I had been through in the last few days, how upset and lost I was, to be so happy seemed unreal. I didn't put much thought into it choosing to just be happy.

The gym, I would hit the gym and work out, I had to reverse the effects of no workouts and too much food and sitting on my ass. Plus not having anyone work over my ass for a week meant even less exercise than I normally had. Arriving later than normal the guys who were my usual eye candy were gone. Except for Timothy. He ignored me. That was odd. I tried to say hi and he took off before I was close enough to speak to him.

The rest of the afternoon was a bust. Not working every day was going to drive me crazy. That means I needed a job. What can a guy my age, with only a high school diploma and no work experience do for work? Looking on line was pretty depressing. After a while I started checking out gay blogs and soon I was so horny I was going nuts.

It took close to two minutes for the door to be answered.

"Sam! Is it Wednesday? No it isn't. Come in." Steve was surprised to see me.

"Sorry to bother you Steve. It isn't Wednesday. What are you working on?"

Did I really ask a guy who works from home what he was working on? Lame.

"You aren't bothering me. I needed a break so thank you. Working on the same crap as always. What can I do for you?"

"Well. Steve. This is sort of awkward. Go ahead and laugh or tell me to leave but..." I hesitated. Steve looked unsure of what I was doing. "Do you ever think about fucking me? Cause if you do, I would like it."

His face, the poor man, he was completely taken off guard. "Wha? Sam? What? Seriously?"

"I know it wasn't what you expected but I could really use a good fuck and thought maybe..." It was the truth. I needed to be fucked.

"Uh, Sam, serious?" Steve still didn't believe me.

"Totally." I pulled off my tee, dropped my shorts and held my dick. "You want my ass?" Turning around to show off my ass and lightly rub one cheek I looked back at him. I had his attention.

"Go ahead. Touch it. I promise it won't bite." I smiled at him.

Slowly the man took two steps forward and reached out his hand. I stifled a chuckle. He had seen me completely naked for hours. I had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. It wasn't like I was a complete stranger. Shit, guys I didn't know at all would fondle me without a second thought. Yet Steve looked like he had some precious prize and he was carefully going to it. Finally his hand softly cupped my cheek. "That's it. Steve, I want you to touch me."

He stepped closer until he was directly behind me and both of his hands gently caressed my backside. His touch was very nice, almost too nice. I could feel his breath, warm, steady and deep as his inched closer to me.

"Steve. Do to me whatever it is you have thought about when I wasn't here." Softly I enticed him.

His hands reached around to my abdomen. His clothing touched my back; he slowly embraced me as his hands felt my body.

"Sam. I have wanted to do this for a long time." He whispered in my ear.

"Steve, I want you to do this, I want you inside me." Shit I wanted him to push me over the sofa, lick a couple of fingers and shove them into my ass.

That wasn't what happened. Very slowly and carefully Steve explored my body. Tenderly he would kiss, suck and caress it. The wait was driving me nuts. Maybe after waiting and thinking about it for so long he was going to make it last just as long. Several times I felt like telling him this wasn't a one time deal, he would be able to fuck me again, if he ever got to it this time. I didn't saw anything. Relaxing and letting him enjoy himself I stopped thinking.

His sweater off, tee still on, pants at his ankles he finally positioned his cock at my hole. It was torture waiting for him to stop teasing it and when he finally had the head at my bud and began to push I nearly cried out 'FINALLY!', but I didn't. He entered my ass as carefully as a man should enter a virgin. Thing was, I wasn't a virgin, shit I was a former prostitute, he could have rammed me and I would have been fine.

He was very careful and spent most of the fuck watching his cock sliding in and out. Time to time he would look at me, I would smile and say either thank you or fuck me or some other comment to encourage him. If he needed the encouragement or not, I don't know. Really I knew very little about him. He could have some swinging wild crazy sex life at nights and spent his days at home working and resting.

When he finally came his body began to shake and he uttered a sort of meow sound. He slowly pulled his cock out and smiled at me. "You are too beautiful for words."

Wow. That was a first.



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