The next morning there was a light knock on the door, it opened, and he leaned in, 'Sam Wake up sleepy head. It's time for breakfast.'

I opened my eyes. He was smiling. I smiled as I took a look at his bare chest. God, he was wearing nothing but boxers. Super sexy.

'Did you sleep well?'

'Yeah, I slept really well.' I scooter up a bit and leaned on the headboard.

'Good. You look happy.' And he nodded toward the middle of the bed, smiled, 'I am done in the bathroom, help yourself to the shower and when you're ready we can grab some breakfast.

I followed his gaze and with horror realized I was sporting a major hard on and it was clearly evident. The door closed and I stared at the tent over my lap. Shit.

Suddenly the door opened, I jumped. 'Don't worry about that, believe me I have seen plenty of guys hard.' He smiled and closed the door again. Nearly mortified I sunk back into bed. After a moment I realized it was not that big a deal. I lifted the sheets, looked at my hard on, 'Well cock, hopefully it won't be to long before another guy not only sees you, but gets his hand on you.'

I got up, pulled on my boxers. Do I walk to the bathroom without a shirt? Will he see me? Is it ok? Swallowing I reached for the door and opened it. Jumped again, he was standing there, 'Oh, sorry man, didn't mean to startle you, or me. Towels, soap, shampoo all that stuff is in there. Help yourself.'

'Thanks.' He turned and I looked down to make sure I wasn't hard. Whew.

In the shower I jerked off and it was great. Felt a little guilty about cumming in his place but figured if I was going to stay there a while it was going to happen and it sure wasn't the first time a guy had cum in his shower. I thought about him jerking off in the very same shower. Ummm, something to remember the next time I showered. What the hell was I thinking? Jude was being to good to me and helping me out like this I am fantasizing about him cumming. Sick. I shrugged, oh well, he is hot, and I am gay. How can I not jerk off thinking about him?

I tried to walk confidently into the kitchen but was still embarrassed that about what he saw this morning.


'Yes, really hungry.'

'There is a great place for breakfast a couple blocks away. You OK?' we both hesitated. 'Listen, about...don't worry about it. Living together there are a couple things that are bound to happen. Morning wood is one of them. I am sure you are going to catch me walking around one morning tenting out.' I am sure I was blushing. 'And I usually don't wear much more than underwear or shorts while at home, at least during the summer. I sleep naked so don't be surprised to see me walking to take a morning piss.' I know I was blushing at this point. 'And I jerk off in the shower too.'


He just laughed. 'Don't worry Sam. Guys jerk off in the shower, especially after waking up hard. Your thirty minutes in there was a dead give away. Now let's get some food.'

I followed behind him and felt like a dirty overly horny boy. In most ways I was.

The place was busy, brightly lit, smelled like bacon and coffee. We waited about ten minutes for a table. The wait was a pleasure. We chatted a bit as Jude gave me the scoop on the food and the crowd. As I checked out the mostly male patrons, many of them worthy of some JO time, he said that the place was frequented by a lot of gay men.

We were seated and ordered coffee to start and omelets with toast. Waiting for the food we drank coffee and he talked about a few of the guys, the regulars who were there every Saturday morning. I asked where the restrooms were. 'To the left. And don't worry about them checking you out.'

Checking me out! Self-consciously I stood up and walked to the men's room. I tried not to look nervous. I tried to act like I had done this a dozen times before; I don't think I was successful.

I returned to an omelet waiting for me.

'How did it go?'

'Why did you say that? Are they really looking at me?'

'Because they are, just like you have been staring at them and I had to give you some shit.'

'What do you mean staring? I am not staring. And I don't need any shit.'

'You have too been staring. Don't worry. Guys come here to check out the other guys and to see who they are eating with, who they fucked last night.'

'WHAT?' I stopped chewing.

'Who they had sex with last night. It is almost a ritual. You take a guy home or go home with a guy and if you spend the night together and are interested in a repeat you go to breakfast. A lot of the guys here are regulars. They either come here most Saturdays with friends, or they bring their latest conquest. Either way people get to see who is hooking up with who.'

I was surprised and not at all expecting to hear what he said. Then it hit me. 'Wait a second. If...I have never been here before and you' I stopped talking and sat there the idea that...

'They think we fucked last night.' He interrupted my thoughts with my thoughts.

He laughed and kept eating. 'You should see the look on your face.'

'More coffee?' The server, a guy about 25, nice build, thin and smiling at me said.

'Yes please,' Jude replied, 'And no I didn't fuck him last night.'

I choked on my food, served filled his cup, 'That's too bad. Coffee for you stud?'

I nodded and didn't look up.

'Why did you say that?' I was horrified.

'Giving you shit and answering his question. Besides, you were thinking it too. Or are you thinking it's too bad as well?'

I wasn't sure if I liked Jude at the moment.

I finished and sat back. Looking at Jude as he licked the last of his breakfast off his fork. He was really gorgeous. I wouldn't mind sitting here having breakfast with him after having spent the night fucking. It was kind of hot thinking that there were guys sitting here looking at us thinking I had enjoyed getting fucked by this stud only a few hours earlier.

'Jude. Good to see you.' A guy about thirty with a nicely trimmed beard sat down next to Jude. 'So who is this?' He did that little eyebrow lift thing.

'Craig, this is Sam. Good to see ya. You here with any body?'

I noticed he separated the words any and body.

'Sad to say, no I am not. Just Tim and Kevin. Last night was a bust. So Sam, nice to meet you, ' he reached out his hand, I followed, we shook. Firm grip, strong but not too tight. Was it a little bit sexual or was I just overly sensitive to it? 'How do you two know each other?'

I looked at my coffee, embarrassed.

'Sam is the son of my Mom's best friend Carol. He come into Boston last night and will be staying with me for a while.' He paused, 'And no Craig, we didn't fuck.'

'Oh. That's a pity. Not that he's here, that's good. You are cute Sam. How long you staying?'

'I hope to stay permanently.' I managed to reply, struggling to process all the over and under tones plus the idea of having sex with Jude.

'Boy friend? You are gay aren't you? Of course you are. You are too gorgeous to be straight.' Craig was flirty but not wimpy.

Looking up at him, we made eye contact. He was good looking. He said I was gorgeous. I didn't think I was gorgeous. Nice looking sure, but gorgeous! 'No boyfriend.' Gulp, I was about to say it to a stranger, 'and gay.'

Craig kept eye contact, and smiled, 'Single, nice.' He looked at Jude. 'How is it possible that you, Mr. Slut, had a hottie like this spend the night at your place and not ravage him?'

'Craig, ease up.' Jude looked at me.

'Ease up! What are you talking about? Oh. Oh.' Craig looked at me with a face of someone who just figured out the answer. 'Sam's a virgin? Really? How does this happen? Sorry Sam. You don't know Jude do you? I'll let him fill you in on those details. You don't know me either so this is what you need to know. I am not a jerk. I am straightforward. A top. I only use boys who want to be used. ' The server walked up and asked Craig if he was joining us. He said he was sitting on the other side of the restaurant.

'Sam. Welcome to Boston. Jude and I have known each other for ages, good friends. It's hard to believe, knowing him, that nothing happened last night between you two. Take my word, he gets repeat business from his bottoms. I guess the mom thing got in the way. But I am here if you need any help with the virgin thing.'

Embarrassed, blushing, I looked down, Jude rolled his eyes. 'Craig, down boy. Give the kid a break. He is new to this. Sam, don't listen to him.'

'You are so cute when you blush Sam. And Jude, we are good friends, so Sam listen to me.'

A phone rang. Craig reached into his pocket and answered. 'Gotta go, the guys are curious what is going on over here. Nice meeting you Sam. Jude has my number. Call if you need anything. See you tonight Jude?'

'Eight o'clock.'

Craig left. The server dropped off the check. I didn't say anything. We got up, Jude paid and we left.

'Craig is a good guy and he is right, we have been friends for years. He is blunt. I should have warned you, sorry. '

I felt a little better. 'Oh. Sorry if I embarrassed you. I just wasn't expecting...any of this.'

We walked in silence back to his place. Inside he sat down in the sofa, I took one of the chairs.

'Sam. Moment of truth and some background. The comment he made about me...' he trailed off. 'See, he...this is kind of awkward. I don't want you to think I am some sex hound or something. Normally, if I would have been in there having breakfast with a nice looking guy it would be because we had spent the night.'

I looked at him. I felt a little sorry for him, sympathy almost. He looked guilty and ashamed or something like that. 'Jude, I don't know what to think really, I guess I don't understand and have a lot to learn. I do know I am thankful you are letting me stay here and it is an intrusion on your life. '

'Sam, its no problem having you here, just a little adjustment but it's nothing compared to the one you are having. How about this, I will do my best to be honest with you, trusting you can handle it cause you can. When it comes to sex, I like it, I love it. I have had boyfriends and when I am with a guy I am faithful, but when I am single I really like dating, fucking guys, playing the field. I use condoms and play smart. He is right about me being on the slut side, if you want to call it that.

'I like to top. And when I am single it isn't unusual for me to have sex with a couple different guys in a week. I have a bit of a wild streak in me.'

Honest may be one way to put what he said. Blunt is another. I breathed in deeply. 'So for him to think we had...fucked is normal.' Does this mean I meet the criteria for a guy who Jude would want to fuck? Shit I am going to have fun jerking off later today! He nodded in reply. 'Jude, can I talk and not get in trouble?'

'What do you mean get in trouble? And yes you can.'

'Well, I sort of have not place to go and I don't want to mess up or tick you off or something.'

'Sam, what can you possibly say that would tick me off? If this is going to work, even for a little while, you staying here, we need to get this aired out. So whatever you got, I can handle it.'

'OK. Don't be mad but I think you are one of the hottest guys I have ever seen in person. I was embarrassed you saw me this morning.' Suddenly I felt like my thoughts, all the things I had been thinking during the last eighteen hours burst out. 'I was embarrassed that people thought we had had sex last night. But I was also turned on by it, the idea a guy as hot as you would want me. Am I really gorgeous? Why did Craig say that? I have so many questions and most of them are about sex and I don't know if I should ask them or not. When I saw you in your boxers I was scared I was going to get hard. I am really embarrassed right now.'

Then it happened. Out of nowhere I burst into tears. They started pouring out and I sat there with my face in my hands overwhelmed.

Time stopped. I cried.

I felt something touch my arm. It was a towel. I looked up at Jude, my face wet, eyes must have been red and feeling vulnerable and weak. I dried off and looked across the coffee table at Jude.

'Sam. Coming out, or coming to terms, accepting being gay was the most difficult thing I ever did. I knew I was gay for a long time before accepting it. Actually it took a long time to accept it. I was having sex with guys and still in denial. I was terrified of being gay. Then, in time I let myself become comfortable with it. I realized it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to me. I started working out, becoming friends with other guys who were gay and just deciding that I was going to live my life for me. At first I would be embarrassed that people would know. I was embarrassed when they found out I was having sex, or had had sex. But in time it became easier.

'I learned and accepted that I really liked sex. I kept working out and learned to love myself and my body instead of hating or fearing how I looked. Some of the guys I hook up with are only interested in my body and I don't care. If I am turned on I will fuck. If not I won't. I like sex. I like meeting guy and if it feels right I do.

'As far as Craig calling you gorgeous, you are a good looking guy. Handsome, cute, attractive, no question. Guys, and girls too, are going to be interested in you. Seeing your ...this morning was kind of a turn on. I guess anytime a guy gets hard it's a turn on. And I was curious what you looked like underneath the sheets.'

Trying to take in everything he was saying was a challenge. But I started to relax.

'I feel embarrassed, crying like a baby.'

'Don't be. The stress you have lived with for so long had to come out at some point. Now it has. Let it go.'

Could I have had any better luck finding someone this understanding? I sat thinking, looking around me, at my hands at everything but Jude.

'What are you thinking Sam?'

'Honestly, I don't know.'

'Glass of water?'

'Is it too early for a beer?'

He laughed, looked at the clock on the wall, 'It is afternoon, early afternoon, what the hell.'

He came back with two beers and I took a much need drink. I was thirsty. Water would have been better but I was so wound up I wanted something more.



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