Spent the day doing little to nothing. Jude was working and Craig had a project to complete so I went on a little self guided tour. My head was in a different place. It felt like I had changed somehow from being afraid to be gay to accepting it and not wanted to hide it. It didn't change my behavior really, but I felt a confidence I had not had the day before.

It was a relaxing afternoon, hit a cafe and browsed some books, checked out a couple of clothing shops. It was fun to flirt a bit with the guys working at a couple of the shops.

Jude sent a text about three asking if I wanted to join him at his gym. We met at the condo, changed went to the club. It felt really good to work out, it had been a long time. Some of the equipment was new to me and I could feel muscles being worked I had not focused on before. Even being in some great shape, during an expercise for a specific area proved rewarding.

The gym had a regular group of guys, some young, others not so young. Actually the number of older, retired aged guys was pretty big. I didn't feel like I was at some gay gym or anything, why I thought it would be I don't know.

After the gym we went home and showered and dressed to go to a small dinner party at the home of some friends of Jude's. Nice place in an old warehouse. High ceilings and brick walls, thick wooden floors, it had a cool feel to it. The guys who lived there were not a couple, just roommates and about the same age as Jude.

We were having pre-dinner cocktails and chatting when Craig arrived, with a date. It was the server. I blushed. Dinner lasted a couple hours and the food was amazing. I had never eaten such tasty and different food in my life, it was like going from nothing but happy meals to a real restaurant with a full menu. The wine was plentiful and conversation entertaining. Jude knew some really cool people. I wondered if I could have a life like his, cool people, real work, fun evenings out or with friends. Did these people really like me or were they treating me kindly because I was with Jude?

I tried not to think about it and just enjoy myself.

We were sitting in the living area of the open floor plan, music was playing, none of it was familiar to me. There were ten people total and I had been able to talk with all of them but one, the server.

Was I avoiding him? Yep.

Finally Craig sat next to me, almost on me, rubbed his hand up my thigh nearly groping me and whispered into me ear. 'Sam, you are being very rude to Andrew. You haven't said more than hello all night. Don't you like him?'

I was busted. I had avoided him and it was apparent. I looked down at my glass and felt stupid. Whispering in Craig's ear, 'Yes I like him, I just feel stupid.'

'Well you are acting stupid too. Stop being immature.' He squeezed my dick and smiled at me. I looked up to see Andrew excuse himself. I waited a minute and then walked toward the bathroom. My stomach was in butterflies.

He opened the door and looked up surprised to see me. 'Oh, Hi. I didn't expect anyone to be waiting. Sorry.' He said looking directly at me with kindness.

'I am the one who is sorry. Andrew, I feel stupid. Can we talk a minute?'

'Sure.' He smiled and walked toward the bookshelves that had a couple of overstuffed chairs and a small table next to them, it looked cozy.

He sat down first and I took a breath and sat next to him, thigh to thigh. 'Andrew. I apoligize for ignoring you; it isn't because I don't like you, it isn't that at all. It just sort of feels set up or something.'

'What do you mean?'

I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine.

'A few days ago I arrived in Boston. I am staying with Jude who I don't really know, long story. I thought I was gay but had never done anything or told anyone, hadn't even really admitted it to myself. Since then I have faced it, had sex, more than once, and met a ton of cool people are everything has turned upside down.'

'Sounds more like right side up.' Andrew had a great smile.

'Yeah, right side up. So I am learning a lot about myself and being me and gay and a new town in a different part of the country and it is a little overwhelming. Then we go out to eat and this hot server is waiting on us and I think he is super cute. Craig, who is pretty direct sticks his nose in, he gives me such a hard time. I sort of felt like, feel like, I am being pushed.'

'No one is pushing you, at least I'm not.'

'No you aren't Andrew. You know, I sort of don't mind it. In a way it is helping me get over the hurdles, the stuff holding me back.'

'What's holding you back and from what?'

'Wow, that's a loaded question. Not sure, hmmm, I guess I want to just live my life without thinking about what others think. I want to follow my gut, impulses, but not make stupid decisions.'

'We all, at least most of us deal with that Sam.'

'Really? I guess being from a smaller town where people aren't very open to new things, of different things, like gay guys, I have had to hide a lot. I don't want to hide, but I don't want to scream out 'I'm GAY' either.'

'I know what you mean Sam. I grew up here and still felt I needed to hide at first. It is scary when we are teens, trying to be adults, trying to be men. Figuring out who we are and not knowing who to have help guide us; I get it.'


'So is that why you avoided me?'

'Um, well, sort of. I avoided you because I felt sort of like I was in the spot light.'


'Yeah. We were sitting there and Craig talks about anything and everything without worrying about it. You are there and I noticed you and thought you were hot and Craig picks up on it, he notices everything. Then he starts making comments when you can hear them. I was embarrassed.'


'Because he was right. I did think you were cute and I was gay and I was interested in you. And he went and said all of those things so you could hear. Then he gives you his phone number. I didn't know how to act.'

'Oh Sam, it was fun for me. Guys hit on me every time I work, sort of comes with the job you know. I get asked out a lot and most of the time just smile and flirt a little, mostly to get the tip. I did call him because I was attracted to you.'


Andrew nods. I look into his eyes and look away quickly. I was getting very warm.

'Did you? Did he?' I couldn't get the words out.

'Did he, I what?'

'Well, Craig is a bit on the, shit, how do I say it without being mean, he likes sex and sort of is constantly on the hunt.'

Andrew laughs, his head falls back as he lets it out and smiles. 'Did we fuck? No. It was nothing like that. Do you want to know what he said?'

I felt a sense of relief. I nodded.

'He said you thought I was hot, cute and wondered if I was open to going on a date with you. He said you would not ask so he was. Then he invited me, as his date, to tonight, so I could, we could meet. Nothing happened between us.'

I smiled and took a sip of wine and felt relaxed and happy and turned on. 'So you are here to meet me and I ignore you.'

'Pretty much sums it up Sam.'

'Nice of me.'

'Why were you so nervous to even talk to me? I understand not wanting to ask me out but not say anything?'

'Well, I guess it is because I know Craig enough that I wasn't sure what he told you.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, after we left, on the walk home, he doesn't live with us, Jude I mean. I said some things and I didn't know if he told you what I said.'

'OK, now that you opened up that can of worms, he only said what I told you, we talked for maybe five minutes on the phone and met up outside the condo.'

'Yep, I opened the can. Damn. OK, I will just say it. I said I thought you were hot, I wanted to have sex with you and how much fun it would be to have you naked. Then you show up here, with him and I figured either you two did it, or he told you I wanted to. So you were here knowing I wanted to have sex with you and I wasn't expecting to see you.'

His hand moved to my knee. 'That is brutal honesty, I am impressed Sam.'

My heart was pounding and I figured I was sweating and a mess, I wasn't but it felt like it. 'Think I am a jerk?'

'God no, not at all.'

'Do you want to have sex?'

His hand squeezed my leg, I started getting hard. 'Here, now, or will you come home with me when we leave?'

'Well, I am hard right now but don't think it is polite to have sex at the hosts after dinner. Can I come home with you?'

'Fuck yeah.' He stood up and walked to the bar, mixed a drink and returned to the rest of the party.

I sat there, unable to stand up without having my raging hard on sticking out, nervous about having just told Andrew I wanted to have sex with him and having him invite me home so we could have sex.

A few moments later Craig parks himself next to me in the same place Andrew's tight butt had been sitting. 'So you two looked cozy. Glad you finally talked to him. Cute isn't he? Oh my, someone is hard!' He reached over and grabbed my cock. I jumped.

'Come on Sam, it isn't the first time I have had my hand on the meat of yours. So what happened?'

'Craig you are a piece of work. Yes we chatted and he is cool with how stupid I was ignoring him.'

'Are you going home with him?'

'Yep.' I grinned like a little kid who was getting to go to the amusement park.

'I am proud of you Sam. Give me another week and I will have you picking up guys on your own.' He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. 'Come on, let's get you a drink.'

'Craig, I can't get up, everyone will see.'

'They already figured it out, maybe not that you're rock hard but that you and Andrew are hitting it off. Don't worry. Besides, you are sporting an impressive show. Now come on.'

He reaches for my hand and pulls me up. We walk to the bar and mix drinks. It feels like a spot light is on my cock straining in my pants that were snug to begin with and now obviously maxed out in the crotch.

It softens a bit by the time we return to the rest of the guys. Eyes are on my apparent arousal and I just smile and sit down to join the conversation, hoping no one says anything.





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