On my way to the gym the next morning I noticed a text from Terry. It had been days since we spoke or exchanged any communication. It did cross my mind that he was upset with me. It was simple, just a note to say hi. I replied hi in return and a kiss.

When I walked up to the treadmill I felt weak. After spending a day with four muscle hunks, naked almost the entire time, I wanted to build up as much and as fast as possible. As I started my fifth mile I noticed Timothy. He came up to the treadmill next to mine and started his run. He didn't speak. I kept going. Normally, between running, weights and stretches I spend two hours at the gym. Today I spent an extra half hour lifting. Walking into the locker room I was covered with sweat, my clothes were wet and I knew I looked terrible. Or sexy as hell if a guy was into a hot young buck who was sweaty from working out.

Walking to the shower I noticed a guy checking me out. I wanted to flirt just for fun but resisted. It would be way too easy to get busted at a gym. The water felt amazing and I took my time as it ran over my skin. The guy who had been checking me out came into the shower just after I turned on my water. He took a spot across from me and I knew he was watching. My cock started to respond. Not wanting to get hard I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. Not wanting to be a jerk I didn't cover my cock as I walked by so he could get a good look.

Leaving the gym I hear my name. It was Timothy. "Care for a smoothie?"

"How about an entire meal, I am starving!"

While eating lunch Timothy told me how proud of me he was. "That you went to see Him uninvited was daring, but to actually agree to make a video! Stud, did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into?"

"Nope, I just couldn't let you take the punishment for my forgetfulness."

"You didn't. I don't consider the videos punishment. I love filming them. Granted they were a little easier on you than they are on me but I have been doing them for years."

"I can't imagine what yours are like! Tell me one thing, one scene that stands out." I was so curious to know what it was.

"Group scene, fourteen guys taking turns fucking me. They set up a camera overhead and pretty much shot nonstop while they each fucked me."

"No fucking way! Fucking hot."

"My ass was sore for days!"

"I bet it was, I was a little sore but they were easy on me I guess."

"And there were only four of them." Timothy had a smirk on his face.

"As if that is no big deal." I mugged back at him.

"Serious question for you Timothy. I want to bulk up some more. After those four studs I feel like a twink."

"You are a twink."

"You know what I mean. I need to add more muscle."

"Sam. The only way to do it right is slowly. To bulk up fast you need shit and you know how I feel about that crap. Give it time. Besides, you haven't been working that long. Once you hit it you will add muscle, it will be a nice surprise. Then you will plagues for a while and then slowly build more. There is no rushing it."

"Why did I know you would say that? Damn."

"If you want muscle now you are going to need to fuck it." He laughed. It was the first time I had heard Timothy laugh.

We finished eating and left. Before Timothy went on his way he casually commented, "Tomorrow is Tuesday." And he left. Did that mean Scott wanted me to visit?

Stopping to buy groceries I noticed a man looking at me. I smiled and kept about my business. "Don't recognize me with my clothes on huh?"

Looking up to see who it was I saw the guy from the gym. I smiled.



"I have been watching you for weeks." I kept busy looking at the produce. "Today when you walked into the locker room I was so turned on. I wanted to fuck you right then."

I looked around to see if anyone could hear. Shit, this was a little scary.

"Let me. My place is nearby."

I didn't know what to say. Normally I wouldn't have needed to hear the offer, I would have agreed as soon as he said hi. But he knew me from the gym.

He smiled and reached for a pepper running his fingers along my arm in the process.

"Maybe." I smiled and left him standing there. After I paid for my groceries I left the store. He was waiting outside. Full head of brown hair, nice cut, longer on top short over the ears, very handsome, clean-shaven. In the showers I saw his was defined, great legs.

He smiled and stepped into pace with me. "Glad you changed your mind."

"What makes you think I changed my mind?"

"We are at my stoop."

He lived on the second floor and had a neat apartment. Sparsely furnished there were no knick-knacks or much d├ęcor, it suited him.

Putting our groceries down he smiled. "This way." I followed him to his bedroom. A bed, dresser and a lamp, that was it. Guess you don't need much more. He undressed me and began to kiss me running his hands over my body.

"Do you know how long I have wanted to do this?"

"Weeks." Was my smug reply.

Once he had my cock fully erect he stood back and removed his clothing. A faint layer of hair on his pecs and abs and a nice full bush, this guy didn't shave his balls or trim. He stood in front of me naked, a slight smile on his face. He knew he looked delicious. "Suck it Sam. Suck my dick."

No need to argue. His cock was a comfortable six and a half, nice heft to it and a nice head. The long pubes reminded me of some of the guys I was paid to let fuck me. This guy was by far hotter. When he was satisfied with my oral skills he helped me up and told me lay back. He crawled over me and lay on my body and began kissing me. Great kisser. Grinding his cock into mine I relaxed and let the desire to be fucked take over.

Rising he told me to turn over. Spreading my cheeks he began eating my hole. Fingers followed and before too long he lubed up, slid on the condom and he entered my ass. Damn I loved it. He was not very adventurous in terms of his fucking. He got into a good rhythm and went with it. He came inside me and pulled out right away.

Walking into the bathroom he pulled off the full condom and I heard the splash when it hit the toilet.

Smiling he tossed a hand towel to me. "Sam, it was worth the wait. Do you know how many guys at the gym want to fuck you?"

A little embarrassed at his comment I wiped my ass and turned over. "Nope."

"Plenty of them. And as far as I can tell no one has, you have a boyfriend?"

"No boyfriend."

"Am I the first?"

"First what? Guy from the gym or my first ever?"

"Well, take it as a compliment but you are no virgin."

"I will. Yeah, the first."


He started getting dressed so I did the same. After I got my coat on and gathered my groceries he gave me a smile. "Hope we can make this a regular thing."

I smiled and left. It was a little odd this experience. He never thanked me or offered his number but wants to fuck me on a regular basis. Something I would have to think about.

Putting the groceries away I was thrilled by a text from Terry. Can I meet up after work? Hell yes!

My thoughts jumped. The check! I went into my room and it was on the floor just under the bed. It was a check and it was for four thousand dollars. Shit. I had been paid! And it was a lot of money. A company check made out to me for four grand. It was a real porno studio. Grabbing my coat I left for the bank, there was no way I was losing that sucker.

Feeling rich and pleased with myself I went to an adult shop and bought myself a cock ring. The excitement was high as I looked at the many options. The guy behind the counter wasn't hot, but he sure smiled a lot. Asking what he could help me with I told him and he had no trouble asking questions about what I was interested in. Shopping for a cock ring is a rather odd thing to do and having a clerk happily help you is a little unsettling. He offered to let me try them on. I wasn't sure if he was joking. I wasn't sure it was even legal.

An older man was nearby when the offer was made. He looked up and smiled. "First time?"


"Good for you. You will love it. Which one you thinking about?"

He was being very friendly and while the topic was a sex toy of sorts, he approached it as if we were discussing a book or something. He offered some comments on different styles and said I should try a couple on. "Is it legal?"

They both laughed. Yes it was legal. It was a cock ring, nothing to worry about. I thought about it for a moment. Was there a dressing room? Did you just whip your cock out in the middle of the story and slid the ring on?

"You want help?" The older man asked.

I wasn't sure if he was joking and looked blank faced at him. He smiled and took a rubber ring from the counter. "Open up." He said. Without thinking I undid my pants, standing right at the counter in the front of the store. He tugged my pants down over my hips. "Now drop 'em."

I slid my briefs down exposing my cock and balls.

His hand was cold to the touch as he grabbed my junk and held it. "Nice. But you are gonna need to hold them up kid."

I reached down and took my jewels from his hand. He stretched the ring out and started to work it over them. I was nervous, there wasn't a lot of extra room. Once it had it my jewels through he positioned the ring and slid his fingers out. He made another adjust, pulling my sack through the ring a bit more.

"Fucking hot kid. You got lucky down there. What do you think Joe?" He looked at the clerk.

"I like it. The ring too." He smirked in a slightly unnerving way.

Taking that ring off was not easy. I was sure I would rip some hairs with it, to that there was much to rip out at this point. The two of them had some fun having me try on several different options. I calmed down a bit and forgot that we were standing in the store and anyone walking in would see me modeling a cock ring.

In the end they decided a nice metal ring, one and half inch, not too heavy was the best one. "How about a set of nipple clamps?" The older man offered.

"I think I am good starting with this." I smiled.

"Too bad, wouldn't mind fitting you with a pair." He grinned.

I wasn't about to end up naked having the slimy clerk and this kind but strange older man fondling my body in the store.

Adding some lube and condoms I paid for my purchases and went to buy some new underwear. If I was meeting up with Terry tonight I wanted to be ready and hot as hell.



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