"What was that for?" He overreacted while rubbing his arm.

"Oh give it a break, that didn't hurt."

"You like it rough Sam?"

"That wasn't why I did it. What do you mean Kevin plays too?"

"Kevin is in on the game."

"Great." I shook my head.

"Sam. Why are you trying to pull this innocent shit. Come on. I have seen you on Xtube. I know you aren't a virgin."

Fucking Xtube. "Great. Did you all get together one night and watch the video together? Was it fun?"

"Not together and there were plenty of videos to choose from." Ben grinned.

"So is he next in line?" Honestly I was curious if I would be getting naked with Kevin later this week. I wouldn't complain.

"There is no line, it's whoever gets you next. But if you want to fuck with him, go up to him tomorrow and tell him you want to fuck! That will kill him! He'll fucking lose this round! Come on, do it!"

"Lose?" I gasped as Ben stopped and went up the stairs to his building. "How does he fucking lose when he fucks me?"

"He loses because he didn't get you into bed. Come on, I am ready to pounce.

The door closed to Ben's apartment. He removed his shoes and coat and began to remove his sweat shirt. Stunning abs on the guy. He wasn't very big in a muscle way but ripped. His love handles were the type guys dream of having.

"You like?" He raised an eyebrow, smiled and began to undo his jeans.

Not responding I took off my coat.

Dropping his jeans I could see his cock already showing arousal. Mine was too. Considering he wasn't a very big guy he looked fantastic. He pulled off his briefs and a nice juicy cock flopped out, a perfectly matched set of balls behind it. My mouth watered.

"You are going to enjoy this Sam even if you won't admit it." He smiled and stood with his hands on his hips. He was right, I was going to enjoy it. "Well?" He looked at my crotch.

Removing my clothes slowly, but not too slowly I was soon naked, my cock standing tall.

"Fucking love it. Tell me Sam. Say it." He had control and knew it.

"Ben." I swallowed hard. "I can't wait to suck that cock." I stepped towards him.

He stepped back. "Tell me more. What do I want to hear Sam?"

I hesitated, not because I didn't want to say it but because I didn't want to sounds too eager. I wasn't fooling either of us. My cock, my entire body was showing every sign I wanted him.

"Ben, I want you to fuck me like a wild man."

He beamed. "Fucking right boy! Into the bed so I can get to work!"

Body size we were a great match, he was stronger and better developed but otherwise, woof. Precum was leaking from my dick before I even had his in my mouth. He tasted devine.

Letting go of all the thoughts about the game and being a prize I enjoyed every stoke and grab and pull and suck he offered. He had a sexual appetite of a man starving. Chewing on my nipples cause my first load of cum to fly. He was into gnawing on me body and he knew how to do it so I craved more. The red marks after he moved on to the next spot were a sign that it wasn't just a light nip, I didn't care. Like the nipple clamps Scott would use, the pain was pure pleasure.

When he finally reached my waiting hole he began to lick it and soon his tongue was deep inside. Fuck his tongue felt like it reached my colon! Shit he could rim! I was moaning uncontrollably and couldn't help but beg him to fuck me.

He laughed after I finished my demand. "Fuck I love it when guy begs and having you bed is the hottest ever. Ready Sam? I don't go in lightly."

"YES! GO!"

Spreading my ass open, I couldn't see a thing but it took only seconds before his head pushed through my ring and he plunged the entire length in. I was on my back, legs and ass high in the air and he used his entire body to drive it home. I yelled from the full force entry and loved every inch. A second load of cum hit my face. He laughed again.

"Fucking nice shot stud. God I love when I fuck a load out of a guy."

The stamina Ben had was surprising considering his size. Turns out he may not be the most powerful guy at the gym but he had the endurance of a work horse. Another plus was he wasn't horse hung. His preferred method of entry would have killed had he been any longer or thicker. How those little twinks in the pornos can get ravenged by those horse cocks I don't understand.

From my back to my side he kept thrusting at a nice steady pace. The rhythm was was easy to get in to. He pulled all the way out once, repositioned himself on his back in the middle of the bed and commanded me to ride him. My cock was hard as hell, I don't think it had gone soft yet. I straddled him, reached behind my back for his cock and aimed it at my hole.

"Come on Stud, All the down, no waiting." He smiled a greedy powerful smile.

Feeling the head touch my hole, which was no longer clinched tight, I slid down his raging hard on until I was resting on his balls.

"Excellent. Now ride me boy." His eyes closed as I began to ride. Fucking hot! Riding a cock that fits so well, amazing. I felt in control and tried to squeeze his cock with my ass. My own hard on was slapping my abs and then his as I bounced up and down. His moans told me when to speed up and when to slow down. What an unbelievable way to fuck. I need to ride cock more often. Lost in my own extasy I rode until he thrust his hips into me knocking me off.

With the speed and moves of a wrestler he had me on my stomach and his cock inside me pounding away like the wild man I asked for. Finally he gave that arched back and tight face of a man having an orgasm. Softly he lowered himself until he was laying on my back, his cock still inside.

"Fucking A Sam. That was exactly what I wanted."

Both of us were worn out. He rolled off of me and laying next to me he turned his head and smiled. "Sam. You are one hot piece of ass. Damn. I knew you would be a fun fuck but had no idea. Shit." He looked down and pulled the condom off his much deflated cock. "Look at that load!" He held up the rather generous collection of cum proudly.

"Want a photo?" I laughed.

"Funny." He laughed. "Turn over sexy." I turned toward him and he kissed me. During the entire fuck session we hadn't kissed once, I was so into it I didn't realize it until I felt his tongue tickle the back of my throat.

He released me from the kiss. I leaned back enjoying that tingling sensation of being freshly fucked. Opening my eyes I caught him turning the condom upside down and pouring the large load of cum over my chest.

"Now I want a picture." He giggled.

"Funny." I smiled.

"Seriously. I need to have one of that huge load on your hot chest. Don't move." He was up and out of bed before it registered. "Don't worry, I won't get your face in it. Unless you want me too?"

"No face." I covered my face with my arms.

"Put them down, here." He placed a pilled over my head. "Fucking hot."

I removed the pillow and watched as he placed the camera on the bed, leaned over and slowly licked his cum off my torso. Fuck it was hot. I wanted a picture.

"Shower?" Ben smiled after he finished cleaning up my body.


He soaped my up well, rather tenderly considering the wild fuck we just had. Spending time on my hole he was cleaning me inside and out. The sensation of having someone wash your body while the hot water cascades over your body is like a dream sequence in a movie.

Standing behind me his hands work in unison on my body. They slide down my thighs and behind my knees. As he slides them up I moan, I couldn't help it. He adds slight pressure and I spread my legs as his hands slide up to my ass. With a cheek in each hand he squeezes them. I feel his cock slide between my cheeks. Not thinking I arch my back and surrender my ass to him. He slides in effortlessly. My moans giving him encouragement.

This time he fucks me slowly, deliberately. Kissing my neck the entire time, his hands are on my chest and abs, he gently tweeks my nipples and holds me close while slowly sliding in and out of me. Thinking stops. I am so into the movement of his cock and the full body caress he is giving me I just stop thinking.

The entire time he hasn't said a word. The only sounds I make are moans. My breathing is in synch with his. The connection is complete. Five minutes, five hours, I dind't care, I just didn't want him to stop. Moving with him and against him each time his cock slides shivers run down my spine.

"Can I" He whispers.

I moan.

His hands move to my hips and he strengthens his hold on me. He thrusts a little faster, and if possible a little deeper. I hear his moan. He came. For a split second the reality of him cuming inside me hit. Too late to do anything about it I let it go. He continued a very slow thrust as his cock lost size.

He washed up my ass again as the water began to run too cold to stay standing under it. Silently he toweled me off, wrapped it around my waist and then dried off himself.

We went into the kitchen, he poured us a large glass of Gatorade and leaned against the counter. "Sam. Wade may have been first but that! That was first prize. Fuck me that was hot. Shit. Are you that amazing every time? Cause if you are, I want you to move in."

"Ben. You just fucked me, twice. You don't need to try and seduce me."

"No. But truly Sam. Not many guys can give themselves to sex like that and trust me, I have fucked plenty of guys. Especially guys your age. Shit. You fuck like you have been practicing for ten years. Seriously Sam. Thank you."

Such an odd thing to say considering I was a prize in a game. "It was amazing Ben. You surprised me."

"So you willing to hook up again? Please say yes!"

I smiled. Feeling I had the upper hand I got cocky. "I don't know. Being a pawn in a game isn't the goal to fuck me once? Shouldn't I let all the other guys have their chance before I let you back in?"

"Shit. Do you know how long I would have to wait?"

"No. I don't. How many guys are left?"

Realizing he was close to being busted he finished his Gatorade. "Wow, I was dehydrated."

"Changing the subject Ben?"

He stepped up to me and gave me a peck on the lips. "Sam, the rules don't allow me to reveal how many guys or how they are. Sorry. You are just going to need to let them bed you to find out." Walking away I decided the little duel was a draw.

Getting dressed he asked again when we could hook up. I just smiled. Since he knew the rules and the players I wanted to keep what little power I had to myself. If fucking me was a game I was going to need to learn how to play.



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