Getting a cab shortly after midnight on New Years Eve is impossible. Neither of us was dressed to walk back to Charles' place but we did the same as all the other people streaming out of parties into the streets, we walked. People were happy, shouting, laughing, dancing and in a party mood, this made the trek much easier and took my mind off of the cold. Being drunk and with Charles also helped. When we finally reached his apartment building I was freezing.

"Take off your clothes." He said to me as he walked away. Getting naked with Charles was what I wanted, but I was still so cold that taking off my clothing wasn't a thrilling idea. When he returned he was half naked and removing clothes as he walked toward me.

"Come on Sam. Get naked." He turned and walked away. I began to shed my clothing and followed him.

As I caught up I realized why he wanted me naked, the shower was running. Stepping into the bathroom, naked and shivering, my cock about an inch long and my balls tucked away the warmth from the water greeting me. He stepped into the shower, I followed and we embraced. My hands went for his cock.

"Nope, no touching that. Gotta wait until we are in bed."

My disappointment didn't escape him.

"Don't pout Sam, it isn't sexy, you will get plenty of me once we warm up."

The shower lasted about ten minutes. Not only did it take the chill from our skin, it relaxed me and it washed all the party smells and sweat from us. The scent of a man who has been working is a turn on. I like it. But being with a man who is freshly showered is also hot. I will gladly take Charles clean or dirty.

He toweled me off. I did the same to him. He took the towel from me, dropped it on the ground and took my cock, back to normal size, in his hand and walked us into his bedroom.

Turning me to him his hand found it's way to my neck and we kissed. My cock began to grow. Running my hands over his amazing body my thoughts turned to carnal desire. I wanted him in me; I wanted him to possess me. Pulled away from me he reached under my arms, picked me up and tossed me on his bed. Crawling on top of me he pressed his cock into mine and began to kiss me again.

He was hungry for sex. Not sure and not caring if it was me he wanted of just a willing body I whispered to him, "My body is yours. Use it."

He smiled. "Oh I plan on it Sam. Last time was a test drive, this time is the cross country race."

His little analogy was sort of lame, but his naked body was perfect. He began to work my body over. Kissing, sucking, licking, biting, chewing at times, his mouth and tongue hit every inch of skin except my cock and balls. After ten minutes I was moaning and lost in the trance of being devoured, loving every second of it. On my stomach, my ass raised, he rimmed me. The scruff on his face rubbing my ass cheeks and creating a friction that reminded me of being alive. It didn't hurt but the slight pain was intoxicating.

His mouth and hands left my body. I relaxed, shifting my body so my cock was sticking towards my face and then lowering my body on it. He returned and placed some hard plastic at my hole. Twisting it around I realized it was lube. He squeezed. The cold lube entered my hole as he filled it with the lube. His hands each grab an ankle and he twisted me onto my back. Pushing my legs into my chest he smiled.

"Sam, I almost hate to do this to you but I got to."

Remember that Charles does not have a thin cock. His shaft is thick. The head is even thicker. It is veiny and when it's hard, it is hard as hell, the skin is barely moving over the hard tissue. He presses the head against my bud.

"Ready? Deep breath."

Inhaling deeply I didn't have time to think, he forced his head in and then sank the entire shaft in until his balls came to rest on me ass. The lube certainly helped but it didn't prevent me from loudly. It hurt!

"FUCK that felt great!" He grinned as he spoke. "Ready to be plowed Sam?"

He was looking in my eyes, his cock buried in my ass, his hand on the back of my thighs as he held them against my chest. I nodded.

"You sure?"

I was sure, I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could. I wanted him to rip my ass apart. I wanted to feel his cock in me so deeply I felt impaled. "Fuck me so hard I pass out."

"You mean it?"

"Yes, and don't stop until you cum, no matter what I say or how I beg, give me everything you got Charles."

My request was extreme, I knew it, but I really did want to be fucked harder and deeper than I had ever been fucked and Charles had the body, muscle, attitude and cock to do it.

Pulling his cock out until just the helmet was inside he paused. Leaning in with force he shoved it all the way back in. I yelled. He pulled out and did the same thing again. The lube was helping but the sheer power behind the thrusts was pushing me forward. Stepping back, grabbing my legs, his cock still inside he dragged me back to the edge of the bed and began to plow my ass. The pain began to fade and I fell into the hypnotic trance of a power fuck.

Pulling out he flipped me like a sack of laundry roughly grabbed a handful of cheek in each paw and drove his cock in. I yelped at the surprise. His thrusts began to shove me into the middle of the bed. He crawled between my legs and began to pound away as the bed jumped with each thrust. My breathing was interrupted and I grabbed for sheets, anything to try and steady myself. It was futile.

Pulling out again he sat back, grabbed my right leg and raised it in the air. Moving in he once again sank his ranging cock into my hole. This time I didn't yelp. It felt fantastic. He continued fucking. There was no massaging or caressing. There was no kissing or gentle touching. It was just his cock in my hole as fast and hard as he wanted. I was falling in love.

Once again I was being pushed with his thrust, nearly off the bed he pulled out, laid back and spread his legs. "Get up here and rid my cock!"

I didn't hesitate. Covered in sweat and breathing heavy I straddled him, grabbed his cock and placed the head at my not so tight hole. Carefully I lowered myself. Just as the head entered he reached up, grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into me. I screamed. Fuck it felt good. He began to fuck me until I sat down impaled on his cock.

"Ride it Sam. Hard!"

His request encouraged me to let go and just ride him. The fear of hurting him or breaking his cock left me and I went for it. I wanted his cock so deep I could taste it. He continued to thrust and I tried to meet each thrust. The slapping was loud, my grunting was loud, and his grunting was louder. We were both covered in sweat making it difficult to hold myself up as my hands slid off his chest.

He grabbed my chest, pulled me off his cock, tossing me onto the bed and rolling over he pulled my left leg up until my heel was at my head. He moved his body between my wide spread legs and rammed his cock in. Driving it in repeatedly until his body stopped moving.

"FUCK!" he yelled.

His body tensed and I could feel his cock thrust. He remained still as he unloaded his cum into my ass. MY thoughts didn't go to the fact he was cuming inside me. All that was running through my head was how I had been fucked harder than ever and loved every second from that first stab of pain until the pulse of cum being unloaded.

After his forty or fifty-second freeze he began to slowly grind his cock in and out of my ass.

"Gonna churn this cum."

He continued until he went soft. Dropping back onto the bed next to me he smiled. "Sam you are one amazing fuck. You can take anything! Fuck me that was perfect."

Smiling I began to catch my breath.

Standing up Charles left me. A few moments later he returned with two bottles of water. We silently drank until the bottles were empty.

"Charles? Want to fuck me again?"

His eyes lit up. "Really? Again?"

I nodded.

"You greedy little shit! After all that you want it again?"

"Yes I do. Fuck you can fuck!"

"Well Sam, you took all the fuck I had in me. Sorry kid." He crawled into bed next to me.

I reached for my cock and began to play with it. It began to grow. "Charles?"

He looked at me.

"I haven't cum yet."

"No way."

"Really. You fucked me so hard I didn't shoot."

Sitting up he leaned in and took my cock from my hands. The warmth of his mouth brought me to full mast. Not only can the man fuck, he can suck too. Barely four minutes and I shot my load as he sucked it down.

"Come on." He pulled me out of bed and into the shower. After toweling off he gave me a couple aspirin and a glass of water. We fell asleep in no time.

Waking up next to a man who is as solid, sexy and erect as Charles, I could not resist taking his cock into my mouth. Soon he woke up. "You want it again don't you Sam?"


In the morning light he slowly and carefully made love to me. IT was the opposite of the power fucking from the night before. Charles wasn't one of those guys who had a standard way of fucking. Hard and fast, slow and easy, he could do it all. This time I came while he was inside of me. He pulled out and shot his cum on my cock and stomach. Another shower and we left for breakfast.

Going to breakfast wearing the same clothes you had on the night before can be an awkward feeling. On New Years day it appeared that plenty of people were doing the same thing we were, eating after a night of partying and fucking. Charles thanked me and gave me a nice kiss as we left the café. My New Year's turned out much better than I had expected.

Returning to the condo I quietly entered and went into my room. Jude and his stud were still in his room, clothing strewn about the condo. Changing into jeans and a sweater I left for the gym. What a difference at the gym! The day before it was empty. Today it was packed. Getting to the stations, the machines and the mats was a hassle. Plenty of people were doing their best to begin their New Years resolutions; most of them will quit by the end of the month.

Frustrated I changed into my suit and went to swim laps. Of course the pool was busy. Wearing my skimpy suit I got into place to take my turn on laps. Guys were looking at me. Staring at me hoping not to get caught. They needed the exercise and I looked amazing. After ten laps I gave up. People had no idea what they were doing. Heading in to shower I was irritated. MY haven, my place to escape the world and concentrate on nothing but my body as I worked to exertion was a bust.

Naked I walked from the showers to my locker. More than one guy was obviously interested in me but I ignored them all. My attitude was not open to sex. Sending Jude a text to tell him I was returning I ventured out into the cold.

"I'm home!" I called out hoping not to surprise the guys. Seeing Jude with another guy didn't bother me. Walking in on him having sex wouldn't bother me, but he liked this guy and I didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

"Hey Stud. He's gone."

"That sucks. Was it fun?"

"Yes it was fun. Where did you end up last night?"

"Charles' place."

Jude broke into a huge grin. "Someone got fucked last night and fucked well. How is your ass this morning?"

"Good enough I take it again before breakfast." I smirked at him. "You can tease me but don't underestimate my bottom abilities." I patted his ass as I walked by.

"What's the plan for today? You aren't working. Don't bother with the gym! It's packed with people beginning their path toward failure."

"Be nice Sam. You walked in for the first time yourself." He gave me a look that reminded me of a parent. "No plans really. Feel like doing anything?"

"Nothing really. Maybe have sex. Want to?"

"Not now. Damn you are a horny little shit. Do you ever get enough?"

"Hasn't happened yet. But I will keep on trying until I do!"

We spent the afternoon watching movies, not porn but regular movies. Craig called and asked if we wanted to stop over for dinner, he felt like cooking. We got up and dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and left for Craig's place.

We weren't the only guests. Three other guys joined us for a rather nice dinner of stir-fry. Craig was full of surprises. I knew he could cook but this was impressive. I didn't realize it but I was not thinking about Terry. The entire day I hadn't thought about him. Instead I was enjoying the company and friendship of good people.

After dinner we enjoyed cocktails and talked about the New Year and who had plans or goals. Everyone had something they wanted to try or do, except me. Being pressured to think of something I blurted out, "Get fucked by Craig." The guys stopped talking and stared at me.

"You asked what I wanted to do and I told you. Tonight I want to get fucked by Craig."

No one spoke. Did I make a mistake?

"Ok guys. Thanks for coming over but you gotta go. Sam wants me to fuck him. Can't make the poor boy wait!"

Not sure if he was joking the guys laughed. Craig stood up and walked to me and we kissed. He removed my sweatshirt. We continued making out. During our kissing he paused and whispered, "Blow me". Getting on my knees I began to open his pants.

"Well we gotta get going!" someone said and the sound of people moving about and getting their coats on came from across the room. I didn't look. Craig's cock was in my hand and about to go into my mouth. Letting the others leave Craig let me suck his cock and we ended up in his bed, having sex until we were both ready to sleep.

It was the first time I had spent the night with Craig. It was the second night in a row I didn't return home. Was this going to be my life in the new year?



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