Walking down the street I did feel a little slutty. I wondered if the look on my face was telling all who gazed at me that I had just been fucked. Was it saying I was tied up and plowed by a hot young stud? Or was it clear that I was making home porn? I knew I smelled clean and was feeling amazing. I really wanted to get a chance to be with Andrew again.

Thirty seconds after walking into the apartment my phone beeped. It was a text from Craig.

< want 2 fuck u >

I smiled. He was so romantic. I sent off a reply, < no >

< no? u r gonna b plowed hard >

Before I could reply another text came in, < my place asap >

I grabbed my keys and left for Craig's.

When I arrived the door was ajar, so I let myself in, curious what I would find. And find I did! Craig was naked, hard and laying back in a comfy chair. I closed the door, shed my clothes as I walked to him and without a word got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

I loved the way his tapered head slid down my throat and his thickness filled me. Unfortunately he pushed me off him after only a few minutes, I felt cheated.

'Turn around, hands on the floor, knees on the arms of the chair, I want to eat that ass.'

It felt awkward at first but it really did give him great access to my canal.

He tongued and fingered me for a short five minutes and them told me to get on all fours.

I hadn't noticed the blanket he had laid out on the floor in front of him. I was so eager to get to his cock I didn't see it.

On all fours he positioned himself between my legs, spread my cheeks and slid his cock in without any resistance. 'Looks like someone was fucked recently.'

I think I blushed. 'Why would you say something like that?'

'You are almost too easy to get into today, it's not a bad thing at all, I don't have time for a lot of monkeying around. This lets me get right to this,' and he plowed into me. I yelped from surprise. He laughed.

'You gonna yelp some more this time Sam. Hold on.'

And he started. I had no complaints. The difference was he wasn't doing anything to really assist my pleasure, it felt like he was just fucking for his own. I took it. It was amazing how much oomph he had, how eager and driven he was to bust his nut. Was it just his own horniness or was it because of me? He continued to fuck me, grunting and huffing, damn it was sexy.

He didn't switch positions; he just stayed on his knees working his cock in and out of my hole. Usually he is all over the map with how he was dicking me, not this time. Of course I was dripping precum like a fountain. Suddenly he collapsed on me, I fell onto the ground and he banged away at me until he groaned and let his juices flow.

The moment after he let it out I felt a pain searing thru me. My dick! I fell onto my hard on, with all his weight on me and I jammed it into the blanket and carpet. 'FUCK!'

'What?? What Sam?'

'My dick! Fuck me, my dick! Fuck it hurts man, the pain, fuck.'

He got off me and rolled me over.

'Let's see. Well, it is red, but doesn't look broken.'

I didn't want to see it; scared I had busted it or something. I knew I couldn't break it, but what if I did some tissue damage?

He reached for it.

'NO, Craig, don't touch it. It hurts so bad.'

'Relax. If you could handle the fuck I just laid on you, you can handle this. And what do we have here?'

I was pissed, and still smarting from the fall.

'Someone had a massive ejaculation.'

I looked down. There was a huge pool of cum on the blanket and my abs. 'Shit, did you break my balls?'

'What? Oh no, that is pure glory in white my friend. Look at that!'

It was a lot of cum, more than I normally shoot. I was a little impressed and would have been boasting if my dick wasn't still hurting.

Craig got up and returned with a damp towel. 'I'll let you clean up so I don't hurt you. And I know it sounds crappy but hustle, I need to get going.'

I made a face at him that was clearly telling him I was pissed. He fucks the hell out of me, breaks my dick and then tells me to hustle? What a prick.

I didn't say a word as I dressed and left, the door remained open, fuck him, he can close it himself.

The walk home wasn't fun, I limped a bit as I was gingerly trying to make my way without causing any pain. At home I took a long shower letting the water sooth my poor cock. A nap was in order.

'Hey stud, looking good.' It was Jude. I had crashed on the sofa, nude, my legs sprawled. 'This is the best welcome home I have ever had.' He was on his knees and running his hand up my leg.

'Stop! Don't. It hurts.'


'Oh man, Jude, my dick, I think I damaged it.'

'What the hell are you talking about Sam?' He removed his hand and sat on the floor.

I explained what happened, then went back to the sex with Andrew and related the entire story.

'So where is this video?'

Was that all he could say? I nearly break my dick, no Craig nearly breaks it and he wants to see me getting fucked on video?

Where was the DVD? 'Shit. I left it at the asshole's.'

'Sam. Just relax.' He called Craig, the call lasted two minutes at most. He was with a client. 'Your cock looks fine. I am sure it hurt and it will for a while but you will be fine. Guess you just need to avoid blow jobs and jerking off for a day or so.'


'But that doesn't mean you can't give them.' Jude said with a sly smile.

'You too huh? Your only concern is your own pleasure while I lay here with a broken cock at such a young age.'

'Skip the dramatics Sam. You are fine. And if you aren't up for sucking, how about letting me tag that fine fine ass of yours? I promise not to touch your cock or hurt it.'

'Seriously? You want sex while I am in pain?'

'I am gonna take a shower.' He got up and left me lying on the sofa, broken dick and all.

While I listened to the water I thought about my day. The sex with Andrew was not what I had thought it would be. It was fucking hot. Having no say in what happened, not being able to see what he was doing, not knowing what was going on and thinking it was on cam, all made me hot. Having Craig text me demanding I come over so he can fuck me was also hot. The urgency he had to get the fuck going was hot. The way he just got in there and pumped away, not giving a damn about me, was hot. Even after the fall, having him tell me to hustle up and leave was hot.

Lost in my thoughts about the hot sex filled day I didn't realize Jude was standing next to me.

'Looks like the damage was temporary.'

I looked at my dick and sure enough, I was rock hard, no pain, just hard. I looked up at Jude, standing there smelling amazing and looking so sexy in a towel. I sat up, pushed the towel out of the way and took his cock into my hand. 'Sam...' I inhaled his cock and started working on it. He grew and I loved the reaction. 'Oh God, Sam. You don't...oh fuck...' Jude wasn't complaining.

I forgot about my dick, the pain, and just focused on the throbbing cock in my mouth. I wanted him. I wanted his cum. I wanted him in me. 'Fuck me Jude.' I managed to squeak out while working on him. 'But...' he stammered.

I let his cock drop, stood up and turned my back to Jude. Pushing my ass into his dick, 'Jude, shut up and fuck me.' I walked towards his bedroom.



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