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    Blake Mitchell Slaps Spank This Back Into Action

    Blake Mitchell Slaps Spank This Back Into Action

    It's been over two years since we've seen a new scene on Spank This. And this week, Blake Mitchell slaps this site back into action with a fresh movie called "Volume Control." Blake Mitchell is studying when Cole Claire arrives home and blares his music. "Turn it down," Blake bellows from the other room. He hollers three times then loses his patience. He storms into Cole's bedroom, turns off the stereo, then give Cole a spanking. 

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  • Straitjacket Lad Throat Fucked

    Straitjacket Lad Throat Fucked

    Blond lad Chris Jansen is restrained in a straitjacket and hunched over a wooden rack. David Paw enters and grabs a wooden cane; he walks in front of Jansen to torment the blond with anticipation. David rubs the cane across Chris' bare ass and the lad whimpers, waiting for the first crack. 

    Paw uses his hand and the cane on Jansen's tender ass, then he stuffs his fat dick in the boy's mouth. He holds him by the head and throat fucks him and finally unleashes his big wad of sperm on Chris' cute face.

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  • A Vicar Walks Into A Public Restroom ...

    A Vicar Walks Into A Public Restroom ...

    This pervy exhibitionist loves hanging out in public toilets and exposing himself to anyone who walks in. But never in his wildest fantasies did he expect to run into a vicar. The raunchy man of the cloth uses the lad's own belt to teach him a lesson in proper washroom etiquette. The vicar doesn't strap the boy, but he uses the belt as a collar and leash and leads him over to a couple of bikers who have come in for a piss.

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  • Slave Boy Gets His Turn

    Slave Boy Gets His Turn

    Doryann Marguet is an excellent master. He's well known and has bottoms all over the city lined up waiting for a turn with the aggressive hunk. Paul Burning has been summoned, it's his turn. When the master arrives he finds the sub is naked and tied to a chair. He gets right down to business, asserting his authority.

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  • "Fuck, That's Big Dick!"

    "Fuck, That's Big Dick!"

    Having a big dick doesn't guarantee a guy knows how to fuck. I've certainly been with my fair share of hung duds who think the world turns on their huge cock. But Cade Maddox knows how to fuck. When he first slides into Luke Hudson's pussy, the trans guy says, "Fuck, that's a big dick!" Cade pleasures Luke with long, slow strokes. 

    Even more of a turn is watching Luke squat over Cade while the top drills up into him hard. Cade has boundless energy. Luke does too and never asks Cade to stop or slow down, he just takes whatever this stud wants to give.

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  • "Playing Dumb"

    "Playing Dumb"

    Parker shows up for his shoot wearing a red t-shirt that screams across the front: "You're Fucking Awesome!" He had worn this shirt to his first shoot and site owner Tom had told him then he didn't think the shirt was appropriate. During his on-camera interview, Parker plays dumb and he tries acting surprised that Tom doesn't approve of it.

    Parker's smirks, which tells Tom that he's got a bold and rebellious lad on his hands. Tom order Parker out of his clothes, then secures his feet in a spreader bar. Tom cracks his cane across the lad's tender butt and Parker tries to maintain his defiant stance, but we all know who wins this game.

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  • Rare Daniel Johnson Bottoming Scene

    Rare Daniel Johnson Bottoming Scene

    It doesn't happen very often, but Daniel Johnson puts his eight-dick on pause and gets his ass fucked. Johnson finds himself in the locker room surrounded by three hard dicks in need of servicing. The head master and two fellow students push Johnson to his knees and force feed him cock, then they bend him over the massage table and give it to him. And they have to push hard to get into his near virgin asshole.

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  • Sean's 3-Part Spanking

    Sean's 3-Part Spanking

    This is the longest video Tom has ever filmed at Spanking Straight Boys. He spans three parts and features Sean Allen, a 24-year-old, straight guy. And the shoot was structured so that Sean earned a minimum for each one, but he could make a lot more money if he stuck around longer. The redder his ass gets, the more money he makes.

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  • Andy XXL vs. Max Duro

    Andy XXL vs. Max Duro

    Max Duro is one sexy motherfucker -- bald, bearded, and beefy -- and he makes AndyXXL's leather pants tighten in the crotch. Max pulls his cock out of his jockstrap. Instead of kneeling to take it in his mouth, AndyXXL pushes the hunk to his knees. He slaps his ass and slides his baton through his hairy ass crack. He pushes the black rubber club against Max's man cunt and pushes. 

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  • "I'm Going To Be Knee Deep In Your Ass."

    "I'm Going To Be Knee Deep In Your Ass."

    I often complain about seeing the same old thing in Pornland videos, but here's one I've never seen before. Ampu Tease Me features, you guessed, a guy with a below-the-knee amputation and an insatiable bottom who is always looking for the next big thing to try shoving up his ass.

    James takes off his prosthetic leg and Jason's eyes bulge with thoughts of the possibilities. As Jason rubs the stump, James says, "I'm going to be knee deep in your ass." Horse-cock Austin is along for the ride and he warms up Jason's hole and holds Jason's leg while James inches his leg inside.

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