The thing about Jude when it came to sex was simple; he was so fucking hot I just couldn't miss any opportunity to have him fuck me. He truly had a bod like a top porn star, and the eyes. When he was fucking me and looking into my eyes I swear I would be willing to do anything for him.

The thing that made it even hotter was he would never ask anything of me that he wouldn't do himself so I felt safe giving up all resistance. As I crawled on to his bed and spread me legs to show off my ass I mentally prepared for possible pain. Strange thing was the more I thought about it the harder my dick would get. What was it about being fucked hard, or being tied up like Andrew did to me, that was such a turn on?

I felt Jude's skin against mine and his weight on the bed. I arched my back, raising my ass offering it to him. He ran his hands along each leg, goose bumps rose on my skin. Firmly he spread my cheeks and positioned his cock right at my tender hole.

'Sam, are you sure?'

'Just slid it in Jude. Breed me like a dog in heat!' What the hell was I saying? Breed me?

I felt him apply pressure and with no hesitation his cock slid all the way in. I gasped. The pain was sharp but short. Feeling full of cock I exhaled and smiled, I was going to be fucked again.

He didn't do a lot of talking, he just went to work. Slowly. 'Jude, go for it, if it hurts I will tell you.'

'Ok, Sam, if you really want it...'

'I want Stud, I want all you got, now fuck me.'

And he complied. Every once in a while I would feel a little pain, ok, a lot of pain, but it lasted less than a second and was followed by a wave of euphoria. He pulled out and flipped me on my side and slid right back in. How he did it I didn't understand and really didn't care, I only wanted him to keep fucking me.

Pulling out again he flipped me on my back, reached under each leg and placed them on his broad shoulders and went back to giving what I was asking for. His thrusts became harder and meaningful, he was getting close.

I wasn't sure if he had used a condom and I didn't care, he could fill me with his seed and I would love it.

'Sam. Gonna shoot.'

And he did. And he shook and his arms quivered and his breathing increased almost to the point of panting.

Once again I had shot my own load without knowing it. Strings of my cum splattered across my chest all the way up to my chin. Fuck yeah.

'Sam, amazing. All I can say is once again you amaze me.' He pulled out and collapsed next to me. 'Wow. What on earth has gotten into to you?'

'Cock Jude. Plenty of hard thrusting cock.'

'Seriously Sam? Both Andrew and Craig before I got in you? Shit. The advantage of youth! Thank God you aren't wasting it.'

I was still on a sex high, a fuck high. My ass felt nearly numb and more alive than ever. 'Jude?' I sat up in bed. 'I don't understand it. Andrew was pretty kinky and I just loved it. I didn't even care he was recording it. Where is that damn DVD?'

'Craig has it but he won't be home until later tonight.'

'Do you think he would watch it?'

'Hell yeah he will watch it. I would too.' He squeezed my nipple and laughed.

'Prick. Craig I mean, not you.'

'Doesn't bother me, I just fucked you like a ragdoll, call me whatever you want.'

We got up and showered before heading to dinner, I was starving.

Jude was gone by the time I woke up the next morning. My ass was a little sensitive when I took a dump but other than that I felt great. Fucked three times in one day and I felt like a champ. I knew I wanted to suck some cock and get fucked. I resisted jerking off, I wanted to but I also love the feeling of being so horny I think about sex non-stop.

Getting dressed in a pair of board shorts and a tee that was a little too small I left the silence of the home. The board shorts were just snug enough on my ass to show it without revealing I was commando. They sit perfectly on my hips, nothing showed but oh so close.

The tee was a size too small so my nipples stuck out, the arms were short and my biceps looked solid, like they were almost bursting out. The length was just long enough that the end covered the top of the shorts. However, if I bent over a little bit, they revealed that nice set of dimples just above my crack. I knew it would catch the eye of many gay men and that is what I wanted.

At the coffee shop I stood in line, reading the offerings. I didn't need to; I was content with the basic coffee, no frills, just a bit of sugar. Being this was my breakfast I added a raisin bran muffin. Taking my order I looked for a place to sit and decided to grab a seat on the counter that faced the street. My shorts would rid down just a little and my tee would rise up and there was going to be a nice couple of inches of my lower back exposed to all. From the front I had my legs open and hoped that it may offer a view of my cock. I wasn't sure but it was worth trying.

It took maybe five minutes before a guy came and sat next to me. He was in his forties and a little out of shape, but had a nice looking face. He said hello as he sat down and I replied. He asked some questions and made the usual small talk. I smiled and enjoyed his attention. He finally asked if I was seeing anyone and I informed him I was single. His eyes lit up. He asked if I was busy and I said not at the moment. His hand reached over and found it's way along my leg, reaching my inner thigh and sliding up to my cock. I smiled at him and told him I had plans for a lunchtime romp. His hand stopped and he looked so let down. I thanked him and said if I didn't have plans I would like to go somewhere with him.

I felt bad, had I lead him on? So I reached down and grabbed his hand and moved it towards my cock and encouraged him to grope me. He must have spent a full minute feeling and kneading my balls and cock, then said thanks and left. Now I felt shitty. I was tempted to go after him and give him a blowjob but decided to finish my coffee.

Another guy came up shortly after the first left and said hello. I smiled and said hi back. Then he said something that surprised me; he asked if he could grope me too. I know my reaction was one of surprise. He followed by asking if I had known the other guy. I said no. Being direct, like he was with the question, he reached over and started squeezing and handling my cock and balls. I was starting to react. He leaned over and said he wanted to fuck me, asked if I would come home with him for a quick fuck. I smiled and fought the urge to say yes. He kept feeling me up and said 'Bummer, maybe next time, I see you here often.' Then he got up and left.

My mind raced. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted guys to want to fuck me. I wanted to be seen naked. I wanted to have sex every day and more than once a day. I wanted cock. I got up and hustled out the door.

I caught up with him in seconds and feel into step with him. I didn't saw anything. He kept walking without a word. The doors closed to his apartment and in silence I pulled off my tee and dropped my shorts and offered my body to him.

He was balding and had his remaining hair cut really short, it looked clean and sexy. A thin goatee and pencil wide beard completed the look. His chest was broad and solid, filling his tee, his arms looked amazing, not too big but definitely strong. I wasn't sure how old he was, somewhere in his thirties maybe.

'You want it don't ya boy?'

I smiled and nodded.

He took off the tee and I felt drool escape my lips. Fuck he was gorgeous. He undid his jeans and to me pleasant surprise was commando, his cock growing thick.

He explored my body and I let him do whatever he wanted. After rimming me as I was bent over the counter. 'Raw or covered?' I wanted to say raw, breed me, fill my hole with spunk. I said covered.

He walked away without a word. I could here the sound of him opening a drawer. We returned and placed the rubber in my hand. 'Put it on me.' I stood up and my mouth dropped open. Damn he was fine. And his cock would do real well. It wasn't more than six inches long, but it was veiny and hard. The head was tapered, and the girth, he would be stretching me a bit. Reaching for his cock I couldn't resist getting on my knees and sucking it for just a few moments.

He was smiling at me as I took him in my mouth. The feeling of such a veiny cock was impressive. It would have been a pleasure to just suck him for a while but he pulled me off, 'Gotta get fucking boy.'

After putting the rubber on him I turn back to the counter, bent over and offered my ass. He didn't spend a lot of time teasing me. His head went directly to my hole, squeezed out some lube and slowly pushed in. I gasped. Every time a cock enters me I gasp. It is a half second of pain and then the joy of knowing my hole will be filled takes over. He didn't waste time. He went right for the deed, fucking me. I felt the corner of the counter rubbing against me chest. I tried to lift my torso up to avoid having the skin rubbed raw. And it hurt.

He kept talking, mostly to himself, things like; nice fuck job stud, yeah bang that boy, give him something he needs. It was sort of lame but I didn't really mind, I felt like just a hole and that suited me at the moment. Shit I didn't know his name and he didn't know mine, so I really was just a willing hole to be fucked and he was just a nice hard cock to fuck me.

After ten minutes, tops, he shot off, groaning and congratulating himself on the fine fuck job he did. I didn't laugh, but came close.

He cleaned me off and offered his phone number. I took a picture with my phone, entered his name (Tommy) so I could remember who he was and left. I wanted him to fuck me again.

Walking around aimlessly I thought about my sex drive. I wasn't sure if it was a dumb thing for me to do, let a stranger fuck me, have sex with multiple men, be promiscuous. Was it stupid? I was making sure the guys had a condom on before they got their dick inside me, but was it something I would regret in the future?



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