Terry sent a text saying he couldn't meet up. I was disappointed but figured he was working late. When Jude finally came home I jumped up and went to him to say hi.

"Someone is full of energy." He smiled that killer smile.

"Jude, it is so boring to be home all day. I was going nuts. There is nothing to do. Really. The place is clean. I hit the gym. Bought some groceries. Not enough to keep me busy Jude. Let's do something."

"Slow down kid. This old man wants to rest his feet for a moment."

"Old man? Right. And why do you need to rest your feet? You sit at a desk all day."

"Get me a beer." He laughed at me. "Why are you fully dressed?"

"What? Do you thing I should be nearly naked or do you want me always naked?"

"Doesn't matter to me but normally you aren't wearing so much clothing inside. Just curious."

"Sitting around all day I got a little cold." Sitting next to him, a beer in my hand I took a sip. He had a point. Most of the time I was at least shirtless.

We made some small talk. It was sort of nice just to chat and not do anything or be talking about anything. Getting up to bring his empty to the kitchen he asked if I was up for a movie. Grabbing a bite to eat and then hitting the newest action flick we hung out like buddies. Once inside the condo I stripped down.

"That is how you look most of the time. You up for a little fucking?" Jude was classy. I shook my head no as I walked toward him.

Leaning into his ear I whispered, "I want a big fuck and I think you have what it takes to give it to me."

He laughed. "You got that right. Been fucked lately?"

"Define lately."

He kissed me deep as his strong arms pulled me into his solid body. I could feel his heart beating. Reaching down between us I felt for his cock. Yep, he was getting ready. My own cock was already hard in anticipation. He pushed me back. "Get me a beer."

Returning from the fridge I found him sitting on the sofa. Handing him the beer he looked up and smiled. "Lap dance."

Hitting the music on the stereo, turning it down a little I began to dance for him. Grinding my body slowly and suggestively I warmed up to the beat. Standing over one knee I slowly swayed my hips, my cock bouncing around, until my balls were brushing over his thigh. The song ended and a new one began. I continued to dance and tease him. Moving onto his body, moving off. Showing my ass, my hole, my cock, my pecs, taking time to give him a good look at each part of my body. My back toward him I bent over and placed my hands on the ground. Lifting up my left leg I placed it on the sofa. The right followed. I was straddling him and grinding my ass. Moving to my knees, hands still on the floor I lowered my ass and rubbed my cock on his tented pants.

Shifting my weight I stuck my leg back and laid it on the back of the sofa, then the other. Walking my body back until my ass was in his face. His tongue flicked my cheek. His hands spread my ass and he began to rim my hole. God it felt good. I love an experienced man. My arms began to grow weak as his tongued me. Shit I swear his Hoover mouth would suck my innards out. He was leaving an emptiness I was desperate to have filled.

My arms gave way and I nearly bounced my head on the floor. He reached down and began to lift my waist. My legs slid off the back of the sofa until I was kneeling on the seat. He leaned me back into him. I started grinding into his groin. His cock was completely hard. I smiled. Soon it would be inside me.

His phone rang. For a split second I thought he would answer it. He silenced it. "They can wait. My cock needs you on it." We both stood up, my legs a little wobbly and we went into his bedroom. Watching Jude undress, even if he wasn't going to be fucking me, was a treat. A man that gorgeous is a joy to watch. Knowing he was undressing so he could get his skin on mine was enough to make me cum, but I didn't.

Sitting on the edge of his bed I leaned forward as he approached in an attempt to get his magnificent cock in my mouth a second sooner. He teased me. Damn did he tease me. Minutes passed by as he would bring it almost close enough and then pull away. Shit. Didn't he want his cock in my warm wet mouth? Finally he pushed me back, crawled on me and kneeled over my shoulders. Leaning forward he brought his cock to me. Eagerly I took it. Damn I loved sucking cock.

Jude has a clock on his wall. Rarely do I pay attention to it but this time I noticed it took him almost forty-five minutes to get his cock into my hole. Shit, we had been at this foreplay for well over an hour and I didn't want to wait any longer. I rolled out from under him. He turned to look and I pushed him over. Crawling on him it was clear he was no longer in control. Getting him on his back, even if his head was hanging off the side of the bed, I squatted over his cock. Reaching for it I lowered my body until I could get the head to my hole, then I sat. He yelled. I gasped for air.

"Fuck Sam! Watch it."

Ignoring him I started fucking his cock. I was bouncing on him like I was riding a running horse. Time to time I felt a slight jab of pain if I didn't have the head in just the right position but I went for it. Jude was being fucked without doing a thing. He did get into it and soon we were fucking like crazed animals. Nearly falling off the bed I had to get off of him. He got back on the bed, tossed me on my back, pulled up my legs, with absolutely no resistance from me and drove his cock into my hole. That point in fucking where your hole is staying open enough that there is no need to work the head in is wonderful. Pulling the entire cock out and just ramming it back in until you hit pubes is powerful.

Sweat dripped off Jude and landed on my chest. I was sweating as well and both of us were breathing heavily. This wasn't just a fuck. It was a damn workout. As Jude plowed away at my hole I used my arms to keep our balance. My cum flew without either of us touching my cock. Hot. Jude smiled and kept fucking me. I looked at the clock, nearly twenty minutes of intense fucking. Jude slowed down until he wasn't moving his cock at all. Looking into his eyes he smiled. His entire face smiled. He leaned in and kissed me. Lowering his body onto mine we kissed. My hands reached for his ass, I grabbed on. He was covered in sweat, hot and his heart was racing.

Pushing himself up he slowly began to fuck again. Good, he wasn't done. He used his time to work back up to the pace he had been using before the pause. The sensations in my body were wild. Racing, sweating, chills, shaking and an assortment of everything in-between I tried to control myself but failed. This wasn't a silent fuck. The bedding was a mess and we were nearing the edge of the bed again. Jude pulled out and flipped me over before I knew what was happening. Landing on my chest I was no longer entirely on the bed. Reaching for the floor, a little concerned I would fall off. Jude spread my legs and drove into my hole.

Using all my strength to keep from landing on the floor I stopped thinking about the fuck and instead wondered if I fell would my dick break. How he kept us in place I don't know but he left out a yell and leaned into my ass ultimately over my back with his own hands on the floor he came. Where the fucking video camera when you need one?

We remained in what was a rather uncomfortable position until my guts hurt from his weight on mine and being on the edge of the bed. He rolled off of me and onto the floor. I followed. Evidently I had cum a second time, it was on the floor and my chest. We just lay there breathing slowly coming down from our orgasms.

"Fuck me Sam. You are so great to fuck. Seriously. You may still be new to it but damn if you are agreeable."

"New? Are you kidding?" Did he really say that?

"I got twenty years of it on you Sam. You're still new."

It was nice to hear I was new to fucking after having had a short career as a professional. Getting up I went for water while Jude started the shower. We cleaned up, washing each other's body and even kissed a couple of times. Falling into my bed I stretched out and felt like I was ready for the next day.

Jude was gone when I woke up. After my morning piss I tossed his bedding into the wash. A quick breakfast and off to the gym. The sun was shining and the air felt great. I felt great. Fucking is great. Sleeping is great and working out is great. The regular assortment of guys were there when I arrived. My workout was as rewarding as always. My body felt great having that burning soreness from pushing it. The rewards where being able to fuck like crazy and look hot enough to get a guy to want to fuck you like crazy. Damn I am a horn dog.

Timothy was there and continued to ignore me. Not wanting to cause a scene at the gym I waited until it looked like he was getting ready to leave. I wasn't yet done with my routine but I wanted to talk to him. As he left the gym I walked up to him.


"Fuck you startled me. Go away Sam. I don't want to talk to you."

"No. I won't go away." Timothy didn't slow down. "Sorry about scaring you. Why won't you talk to me? Are you pissed at me?"

We were walking down the sidewalk, people going past; it was kid of busy considering it was the start of lunch hour.

"I can't talk to you Sam. Go." He was brusque.

"Not until you tell me what I did."

Timothy stopped walking, grabbed me arm and swung me into a building. Standing so close to me I could smell the scent of freshly bathed he spoke. "I am not allowed to talk to you. You understand? I have no choice. Even this could get me into trouble. I serve him. Remember? I love him. I serve him. I do exactly what he tells me to do. I don't question. I am not allowed to talk to you. Got it."

He wasn't yelling. He didn't sound angry. He was not joking.

"Do you know why? What did I do?" I was puzzled and felt bad and didn't know why.

"It was what you didn't do. You failed to show up on Tuesday."

"What? I was out of town?"

"Doesn't matter. You failed to show up. It's over."

"Timothy. I just forgot. I ended up going home for thanksgiving and didn't get back in time. No big deal. I wasn't trying..."

"Sam. Doesn't matter. He doesn't take excuses. You had promised to show up every Tuesday and you didn't. You failed."

"Seriously? One time?" I wasn't so sure I understood this Master thing.

"Sam. I cannot fail him. Ever. You had the opportunity to prove yourself and were doing well and then you failed."

"So why can't you talk to me? Because I failed?"

"No. Because I failed."

"What? You didn't fail. I am the one who didn't show up."

"Sam. You are young, inexperienced. What you lack is training and discipline. I brought you to him. That first visit you showed a great deal of potential. He was testing you. As long as you continued to show up and obey you were fine. Once you failed it reflected on me. I made a poor choice. You were not the caliber he wants."

"Wait a second. Because I failed you failed? Hold it. Just let me think." I paused. "Did he punish you?"

"He never punishes me. He re-enforces my training."

"Shit. You had to make another video didn't you?" Things were clocking for me, sort of.

"Not yet but I will tomorrow. I have to go Sam. It's over."

Timothy turned and was swallowed up by the crowd. I had a lot to learn.

Realizing I was still in my gym clothes I returned to the gym and half assed finished my workout. Timothy was in love with his Master. I didn't quiet get the relationship but it didn't matter. It worked for them. I could see staying with it just for the sex but it was almost too much to accept just for it. Damn he was a good top. But still, I don't think I could do it.

Lost in thought I took my time in the shower. It wasn't until I was toweling off I noticed a couple guys were checking me out. Not wanting to get busted I just smiled to myself and got dressed. It was nice to know that guys were stealing glances, or just plain staring at my body. I wondered if they would jerk off thinking about me when they got home.

Stopping at the grocery store I picked up two more bags of food. Lunch was pretty good. My cooking skills were improving. Shit. Maybe I could become a chef? After a quick text to Terry I sat down at the computer and surfed the net for into on chef school. Damn, it was not cheap. Or fast. No wonder I couldn't commit to a Master, I had trouble just thinking about a four-year degree. There were two-year programs available. Maybe I could handle that.

Terry replied he was busy and missed me. I asked if we could meet up tonight. I missed him. He was my boyfriend. The last two days felt like a long time not to hug him.



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