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Coming of Age - Chapter 18

Story by Brock Archer

2 Jun 2020 344 readers comments

Rick, Johnny, and Troy join Mike on a modeling assignment in Greece. It suddenly dawned on me that this was Troy's first time seeing Mike naked-in the flesh anyway. Johnny and I had to take turns standing in front of Troy to prevent others from seeing his boner, which never seemed to go down.

Topics: Fiction & Drama, Teens & Youth, Romance, Holiday, DILF, Gym, Underwear

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Eden's Gate

Story by Brock Archer

2 Jun 2020 738 readers comments

Steve, a confirmed bachelor at 38 and a certified ladies man, experiences gay sex for the first time at a swinger's club. (Part of my series of stories focusing on sex in public places.)

Topics: Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Public Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, College, Bisexual, Cum Swapping

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First Crush

Story by Clark Wayne

2 Jun 2020 1198 readers comments

Evan's best friend's brother, Dan, was his first man-crush. Dan is home from the Marines and Evan finds out Dan felt the same way.

Topics: Muscle, Rough Sex, Brothers, Domination, Speedos, Bisexual, Military, Control

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His Lordship will see you now - Chapter 9

Story by Declan

2 Jun 2020 92 readers comments

Rossiter the owner of the Molly ~House has come to a sticky end and it has been closed down. Damian and the other lads from there names have been kept out of the limelight thanks to the Duchess. Hopefully that will mean the end of Damian and Nigels late night escapades, searching for lost lads by the river.

Topics: Fiction & Drama, Romance, Friends, Historical

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LWB - Landlord with Benefits - Chapter 3

Story by Greg Stevens

2 Jun 2020 227 readers comments

The pizza arrived and we sat mostly quiet watching the game and drinking some beers. Keith and I talked casually, commenting a few times on the game. I couldn't help watching Keith out of the corner of my eye. He was a really good-looking man, but generally older than the guys I typically messed around with.

Topics: Oral Sex, Rimming, Nipple Play, Fingering, roommate

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Rowan's Journey to Manhood - Chapter 48

Story by Hunknown

2 Jun 2020 53 readers comments

"A Valet for Barry" - Barry, the rude worker, has both his wrists and forearms locked in a tight cast; Brennan, being a trained valet, helps him... in ways he didn't expect. Kale feels neglected, but Barry makes love to him in a surprising way. Chayton argues with Wahkan and decides to move out of the Cove and live on his own.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction & Drama, Old and Young, Handjob, Oral Sex, Fisting, Edging, Houseboy

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Single Gay Male, 28

Story by Danny Galen Cooper

2 Jun 2020 360 readers comments

John investigates whether the new man, Ken, is a possible love interest. Ken is hot, sexy and, John discovers, unhappily married with kids.

Topics: Fiction & Drama, Romance, Co-worker

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Six In The Bush

Story by PJ

2 Jun 2020 226 readers comments

Six men sign up for what is thought to be an Experience for television. They are left far from anything, made to do everything from staying healthy to leaning male on male sex.

Topics: Fiction & Drama, Forced, BDSM

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The Bug - Chapter 7

Story by RJC

2 Jun 2020 61 readers comments

Touching their bodies. Their hands touching mine.

Topics: Masturbation, First Time, Friends, College, Groping

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Uncle Jim

Story by Thormand1963

2 Jun 2020 740 readers comments

Nephew finally gets his chance with his father’s brother

Topics: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Nipple Play, Uncle, Daddy, Incest

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Werebear - Chapter 26

Story by Furball

2 Jun 2020 53 readers comments

The protagonist begins to learn the ways of masters, as he seeks to dominate Twinkle-Toes.

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Oral Sex, Domination, Fantasy, Hypno, Werewolf, Milking

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Why is Your Big Dick in my Ass ? - Chapter 8

Story by Gazzaq

2 Jun 2020 123 readers comments

Shane and Sagesse entertain Officers Erik and Javier. Erik loses his Anal Virginity twice to Javier and then Sagesse. Georges finally comes home.

Topics: Anal Sex, Straight Guys, Romance, First Time, Friends, Cop, Gaping Hole

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An Ass Full of Diamonds - Chapter 2

Story by PJ

1 Jun 2020 243 readers comments

The guys are living in a motel while Corkie continues to spill the beans as well as other things that were parked in him. Some preliminary selection of motel staff is considered to be used for other purposes.

Topics: Doctor, Drugged, Crime & Mystery

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Bird Came Down - Chapter 44

Story by Chris Lewis Gibson

1 Jun 2020 57 readers comments

CAKE: PART TWO, A day at the beach finds Scott and Felix having a real conversation about what comes next. Water makes everything better.

Topics: Fiction & Drama, Romance

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Cocklust - Chapter 35

Story by Brian Connor

1 Jun 2020 321 readers comments

Scott and Chad count down to the big event.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction & Drama, Oral Sex, Romance, College, Sixty-Nine

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Coming of Age - Chapter 17

Story by Brock Archer

1 Jun 2020 417 readers comments

On his 18th birthday, Troy makes a big announcement, and Rick wrestles with his feelings. "What is love?" Rick asks Mike. [Even though I had lost my virginity to a couple of girls two years before, I felt like I was losing it now all over again, and I was about to make love to a virgin too.]

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction & Drama, Romance, First Time, Kissing, Coming Out, Love

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Dear Diary

Story by KCbaby

1 Jun 2020 388 readers comments

Sneak peak a sex diary entry

Topics: Oral Sex, Cum, Hookup, Deep Throat, Feet

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Discoveries - Chapter 17

Story by Brock Archer

1 Jun 2020 331 readers comments

At the hospital, Kenny gets "special treatment" from a handsome resident and cute intern. Then, meeting up with Jeremy, Brandon, and Red, he explains to them what had happened. Amy joins them and explains the condition that Ford is in, and it's not good. Jeremy struggles with his mixed feelings about all of the young men he has only recently come to think of as friends.

Topics: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Doctor, Crime & Mystery

29 Votes

The Best Fuck of His Life

Story by Danny Galen Cooper

1 Jun 2020 1006 readers comments

Dylan is unhappy and lonely but most of all horny. He hooks up with Jacob, a self-centered sex machine. Will the best fuck of his life make Dylan happy?

Topics: Anal Sex, Hairy, Passionate, Verbal

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The Platoon Leader's Descent

Story by Jared Moore

1 Jun 2020 781 readers comments

An arrogant Platoon Leader learns the hard way that treating soldiers poorly is a very bad idea.

Topics: Domination, Humiliation, Military, Cum Dump, Revenge