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1st Love (ch. 7)

Story by Gray Rose

24 May 2024 106 Readers comments 15 Min Read

College brings new opportunities for growth and change as Noah and Matthew begin their 1st year of college

Topics: Romance, First Time, Friends, Straight to Gay, Love

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A Finely Honed Weapon

Story by James Rozo

24 May 2024 290 Readers comments 11 Min Read

The US Marine Corps transforms a boy into a finely honed weapon.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Military, Transformation, True Story, Marine, Uniforms

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A Wizard's War (ch. 38)

Story by TeamStilinski

24 May 2024 10 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Simon Kingmaker, the Seeded One, embarks on a journey of self-discovery encountering demons, fae, werewolves, goblins, and other creatures. As a new Wizard War threatens the world, will he find the strength to save everyone, or will he plunge the world into war and chaos? This is a continuing fantasy story which contains elements of…

Topics: Fantasy, Magic, Love

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Afterparty in the Locker Room

Story by RedJulian

24 May 2024 200 Readers comments 6 Min Read

Aaron is hired as the night's entertainment for a team of horny pro football players.

Topics: Muscle, Sex, Gangbang, Orgy, Bodybuilder, Throat Fucking

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Ass Soul

Story by Baltcumcump

24 May 2024 57 Readers comments 9 Min Read

Getting fisted is like having someone reach into your very soul. It’s a pathway deep inside yourself, finding pleasures so intense you can’t even envision possible. This is yet another story of a recent fisting experience.

Topics: Fisting, Drugs, Cum

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C.U.B.E. (ch. 34)

Story by Hunknown

24 May 2024 76 Readers comments 19 Min Read

👁 O’Rourke gets caught into a living nightmare and starts paying for his sins; amongst the many men who want to take revenge over him, one surprises everyone. Kareem gets a message from a mysterious man asking for a secret rendezvous at the infamous area called ‘The Barren’.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Straight Men, Fisting, Mystery & Crime, Virgin, Rape, Illustrated

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Hostage Game (ch. 2)

Story by DualSoul

24 May 2024 60 Readers comments 6 Min Read

Bard persues the young Shy in order to fulfill both of their conditions and be released from their handcuffs. Will this give some advantage for the game they find themselves trapped in?

Topics: Anal Sex, Abduction, Bareback, Boypussy, Exhibitionism, Virgin

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Long Distance Love

Story by Fucker

24 May 2024 24 Readers comments 2 Min Read

Very short description of feelings through VC

Topics: Romance, Nudity

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My wishing star (ch. 6)

Story by Kaysa

24 May 2024 36 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Kevin and Clark get to work. It's not easy for Kev with all his body changes, but it becomes harder when he forgets something very important...

Topics: Crossdressing, Big Dick, Humiliation, Small Cock, Size Difference, Domination

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No smoking in the barn

Story by just imagine

24 May 2024 192 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Josh gets a lot more than he bargined for when his dad Bill finds him smoking in the hay barn

Topics: Brothers, Uncle, Incest, Grandpa, Dad & Son

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Oliver's Travels (ch. 3)

Story by Donny Mumford

24 May 2024 59 Readers comments 32 Min Read

Oliver gets fucked in Philadelphia (finally) and think he's in love. Back home he graduates and his rich brother gives Oliver a new Mini Cooper convertible as a graduation present, which leads to Oliver making new friends. Then on vacation in Wildwood he fucks someone a few times, and falls... for...

Topics: First Time, Friends, College, Fucking, Love

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Return From Sick Leave

Story by Casper Prince

24 May 2024 97 Readers comments 11 Min Read

And just like a good little piggy, his dad pushed like he was trying to take a shit. His hole twitched a few times, then he began farting out slimy cum. Zayn filmed it, getting close so the camera would pick up the little plopping noises as globs of cum dripped down his taint and off his balls, pooling on the dirty tile of the public restroom.

Topics: Humiliation, Enema, Gloryhole, Incest, Infidelity, Cum Dump, Dad & Son, Blackmail, Married, Straight to Gay, Pig

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Revelations (ch. 2)

Story by Precolombiano

24 May 2024 31 Readers comments 2 Min Read

Lately, I had an urge to fuck Jose's ass. Let's say it was the final thing to share with him.I knew it would represent a new facet to our sex.

Topics: Friends, Fucking

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Superman to Super Bottom: A Red Kryptonite Fantasy

Story by Curious Researcher

24 May 2024 67 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Having been exposed to red kryptonite, Superman has temporarily been transformed into a power bottom with an urgent and insatiable need to fill his hole with massive cock, toys and fists. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Curious for reactions on this one. If it's well-received, I'll look to put it in third person and add more character detail. Love to receive feedback! (Working Draft)

Topics: Rough Sex, Dildo, Fisting, Superhero, Power Bottom, FanFiction, Gangbang, Ass Play, Fuck Machine, Butt Plug, Dungeon

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The Devil's Skin (ch. 10)

Story by Harlonterry

24 May 2024 17 Readers comments 14 Min Read

The actors take out thier embarrassment on the five in a BDSM dungeon torture scene. Roger and Jojo crush on each other. Rhys has a terrifying memory about Wiley.

Topics: DP, CBT, Transgender, Electro, Gangbang, BDSM, Dungeon

13 Votes

The Neighbor Next Door (ch. 3)

Story by Greg Stevens

24 May 2024 198 Readers comments 8 Min Read

Jamie propped himself up on one of his massive arms and wiped cum from his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked down at me coated in his cum and began to draw circles on my abs, running his finger through the cold seamen.

Topics: Anal Sex, Masturbation, Neighbour, Daddy, Oral & Blowjobs

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Tommy Loves His sub (ch. 54)

Story by Robert Halstead

24 May 2024 19 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Chapter 54: Finally, Calvin (and others) get well managed. - Two boys become friends in second grade. One of the is abused at home while the other is protective all of his life. When roommates in college they realize they're in love with each other. they develop a mild bdsm relationship.

Topics: Relationship, Twink, Master & Slave, Slave Training

33 Votes

Corporal Punishment: A Last Resort (ch. 4)

Story by Casper Prince

23 May 2024 1067 Readers comments 12 Min Read

“Some of my best work,” dad mused, walking over to the bed with slow, purposeful strides. Damon’s bruised ass kept flexing and clenching under the attention, and his cock was chubbing up fast. It was made worse when his dad dragged his fingertips up and down Damon’s cheeks, goosebumps erupting on his flesh. “Beautiful,” he murmured, almost to himself.

Topics: Rimming, Romance, Incest, Dad & Son

41 Votes

Dan's Aftergame reward

Story by AuthorAuthor

23 May 2024 2383 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Always ready for giving a good fuck, that was Dan's public image. One he was all too eager to live up to. And at the moment he was doing that by fucking the coach.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, First Time, Jock, Twins, Straight to Gay, Orgy, Fucking

7 Votes

Purposeful and Unfree (ch. 7)

Story by SauberFleisch

23 May 2024 278 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Nels finds himself at the auction (or whatever the name of the ritual is) and is claimed by a man. Back at the palace, he makes a critical discovery. There he is also properly fucked in front of an audience by a superior young man.

Topics: Mystery & Crime, Sex, Young Top

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The Devil's Skin (ch. 9)

Story by Harlonterry

23 May 2024 265 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Jobs scene in the studio has him naked among a room full of dressed men who take turns on his ass and mouth. Roger goes way off script.

Topics: CBT, Felching, Ass to Mouth, BDSM, Nipple Play, Deep Throat, Cum Eating

55 Votes

The Village (ch. 93)

Story by Lil Guy

23 May 2024 355 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Christmas inches closer and Daddy Zeff and Daddy Sach continue to add traditions to their family Christmas. Freddy is united with an old friend, while Ali continues to adjust to his new world. Meanwhile Zach's firms family Christmas party holds a few surprises for our little family.

Topics: Fiction, Relationship, No Sex, Love

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