Arriving home I had time to shower and eat before heading up to Steve's. The temptation to call Terry and tell him about the fuck Ben had laid on me was huge. The urge was tempered since I hadn't told him about Wade and the stupid game. Telling him over the phone wasn't a good idea. It hit me, hard, that I needed to come clean with him about my sex life with other guys. If we were going to stay together all the dirty laundry needed to come out.

Steve was happy to see me and I smiled as I stripped down for him. He was all grins. When I asked why he was grinning ear to ear he blushed.

"Sam. You surprised me when you asked me know. Damn. Even agreeing to clean my place was hot. The idea of just watching you clean it caused some excitement, if you know what I mean. Then you ask if you could be naked! Shit! I nearly came. It was all I could do to hide my erection.

"When you returned and asked about sucking my cock. Sam, it was a dream come true. I have fantasized about hot guys like you and have never been so lucky to see one, watch one as he moved about, unless it was a strip club. Seeing you get on yours knees and take my cock into your hand. I was floating.

"The other day, when you offered. I haven't stopped smiling. After you left I was dancing around and wished there was someone I could tell. The sad thing was there wasn't. So I have been...well, looking forward to today knowing I could watch your ass and knowing that I, Steve, had been in it."

He looked down, red faced and a little sheepish.

"Steve. As much as you enjoyed it so did I. Honestly, it was hot." I smiled and went to work.

Steve sat at his desk. If he was actually working or just pretending to work while watching me I couldn't tell and didn't care. The fact was, I liked showing off for him. As I finished up I walked up startling him. He quickly stood up causing me to back away.

"Sam! You...I wasn't expecting you. Sorry. A little jumpy I guess."

"Did you think the blow jobs were over? Well, if I have any say it in I am not leaving here until you cum." Smilling I got on me knees and enjoyed a nice, but rather quick suck. Guys can be sensitive to comments about how quickly they cum or how much cum they shoot. One thing I learned in my rent boy days was to never comment about either one being less than great.

Now my day was free so I could see Terry.

He was waiting in the doorway when I turned the corner. Naked.

"Shit Terry! What if someone sees you?" I walked quickly toward him and pushed him inside with my pelvis.

"Who cares? I look good and have a super hot boyfriend coming over. Let them see and let them be jealous." He gave me a long kiss I couldn't resist. The door was still open after his lips left mine. Closing the door I wondered if we would be getting directly into a hot fuck or if he had other plans.

The was no question I wanted him but I really wanted to tell him about this game at the gym. If we had sex and then I told him would he think I was being sneaky? His hand was on my bulge and he was pulling me into his bedroom.

"Terry? I want to get into that bed with you but first have a question. Can we hold off for a few minutes?" I struggled to tell him without saying the dreaded 'can we talk'.

"Sure thing sexy. What's up?"

He plopped down on the sofa, his cock bouncing, tempting me. I resisted and sat on the chair.

"I got laid this morning." No reason to draw it out.

"It's Wednesday, cleaning day. I knew you would."

"No, that's just a blow job. Before that I got laid." Why was I feeling guilty?


"Does it bother you?" He was so cool about it I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Not really. I mean I wish I was the one every time you tell me you had some fun but we started dating knowing that we were both still fucking other guys. I guess until we talk about keeping it just us..." He stopped.

Damn. Did he want to have our sex life be monogamous? I wasn't ready for it.

"Sam? Earth to Sam?" I looked at him. "Sam? Where did you go just now?"

"Shit. Sorry Terry. Do you want us to be monogamous?" My heart and obviously my face made were clear I wasn't ready.

"Sam. Are you ready to stop having sex, except with me? I don't think so. Even if you said you were I wouldn't believe you and I wouldn't let you. I want you. I want you to want me and asking you not to mess around with other guys is only going to drive us apart. So no. I do not want you to stop having sex with other guys."

"Are you kidding me? Terry. Seriously? You want me to have sex with other guys? Really? I mean, if you really do I...can I say I am happy to hear it? Does that make me selfish? A shitty boyfriend? Come on. What kind of boyfriend lets other men fuck him and then goes home to have sex with his boyfriend?" Was I asking him or myself?

"Ok Sam. This is where I turn into an ass. Hear me out, ok? I started having sex four years ago. It wasn't the best introduction to it but I was young and stupid and desperate. I can't change it. Quitting that job was huge for me. I have been a little distant as I worked through it, I needed time to just think about it. To be brutally honest, I am jealous of you. You were older and ready for sex. You had Jude, a great guy, not only great but hot as hell, be your first.

"You wanted sex and there were guys you wanted to have sex with and you did. You were having a great time and just sowing your oats. What young gay guy wouldn't want that? Granted I didn't know you yet but now I do and I think you are lucky as hell. If I could go back and do it over I would have wanted exactly what you have.

"The thing is, I like sex. I really like sex. Sad as it is, except for a few times I haven't enjoyed it as much as I could have. Being told who is going to fuck you is a lot different than having a guy you want. The only exception is with you. That first time I had to fuck you, Michael wanted me to. But even then I felt like, it was different. I really wanted to have sex with you. Yeah some of the other new guys were fun to fuck around with and it wasn't all terrible but for the most part it was a job.

"You, on the other hand, every time I have had the chance to just look at you, it has been like what you have, something you really want. Something I really want. I wish I could see a hot guy and go home with him because I want him, but I am not ready for that yet. I need some time to let the past fade before I can enjoy random sex. I still want to be with you, that I don't want to change. Do I sound nuts?"

Mixed emotions battled it out inside my head and heart. How could I not love this guy?

"What do you want Terry? Don't think about what I want. Just you, what do you want?" I prayed he would be honest.

He paused, for a long time. Long enough I was getting antsy.

"What do I want? That is exactly what I have been thinking about for days. I am not entirely sure but I want to be with you. I want to enjoy sex. I want to have fun sex. Hot sex, wild sex, sex with hot guys because they turn me on. I want to be able to enjoy sex as much as you do. I want to get over this shit and when I am I want you to still be interested in me."

"Damn. Terry I feel so terrible. All that shit, the way he treated you." The reality of what had happened to him, being made to work for Michael at sixteen, it hit me so hard, I started crying.

"I feel so shitty Terry. I am embarrassed. You told me and I thought it sucked and was bad but it wasn't...I feel like I was punched so hard I couldn't breath, just now. It hit me how shitty it was. Fuck, I can't think, I can't talk." I was having trouble breathing. "He did such shit to you. Fuck. I mean. You were a kid. And I was feeling bad about my...and I was only doing it for a few months. Four years? How did you stand it? I dind't last four months? And then I go around letting guys fuck me, sucking cock for fun and you are sitting here trying to figure out and deal with it. Fuck I am a shit."

"Sam. You are not a shit. You didn't know what was going on because I didn't tell you."

Anger built up in me. "Man! Look at me! What a selfish jerk! You are telling me the thruth and I turn it into my shit. No. This isn't going to be about me. I want you to have everything you just said. I want you to have a great sex life. I want you to enjoy it and want it and love it. And I want to be there when you are ready for it."

"Sam. I love ya. This is what I think we need to do. I am not having any sex with any one but you. You are going to keep being the slutty boy you are, but at the end of the day you are coming back to me. You can mess around with whoever you want. But I do want you to tell me. Every time. Every guy. And when I am ready, I want us to find the hottest guy we can and the two of us give him the most amazing three-way he will ever have."

Nearly jumping on him I grabbed him, held him and kissed him. I was the luckiest guy in the world. We made out until we were naked. Terry surprised me by getting up and returning with lube and a condom. "Sam. Get ready to be fucked by your horny boyfriend." All smiles I gave him access to my waiting ass. His past may have been shitty but he sure knew how to fuck.

We ended up on the floor, sweaty and sticky and laughing.

"This is what sex should be like Sam and I want it like this every time. Keep showing me how it's fun." Terry kissed me before getting up and grabbing a damp cloth. He wiping up the lube and cum that was sort of all over. "I'm starving. Chinese?"

"What ever you want cutie." And I meant it.

One thing about his apartment was the heat was always on. Sitting naked on the rug in December was no problem. Putting the furniture back in place we waiting and talked until the food came. Terry answered the door naked and handed the delivery guy a twenty and smiled.

"Sam. You should have seen that guy's face. He just stared at me, didn't say a word. Damn it was fun." He brought over a couple plates and the food. We ate and joked and talked about getting new jobs.

"Ok Sam. Enough food. Come on." He stood up and went into his bedroom. Excited to get into bed again he smiled at me and told me to park my ass. He crawled in next to me with his laptop.

"I have a little secret. Well, you know part of it. The last few days I have been surfing porn looking for pictures of you. Seeing my hot boyfriend on line, naked, sucking, getting fucked, has been a huge turn on." He clicked on a file and it opened. "Pictures, a few videos and links, all of you Sam."

The number of pictures wasn't too bad, maybe a hundred or so. One hundred pictures of me on line, where did they all come from?

"See if you remember when they were taken." He snuggled up to me and began going through the photos. "Tell me what you know, who the guy was, it turns me on."

It wasn't easy to remember at first. A phone photo a guy took to remember me or use as the caller ID. Some were from a party. Some were from the waiter who tied me up. There were a bunch of photos from my weekend with Ed. My cock was starting to get hard.



"That one is from Steve's place? See? I am cleaning." That sneaky man. He wasn't working. He was taking pictures of me while I was cleaning his condo!

"Check this out." Terry opened another file. "There are a ton of them where you are cleaning. Videos too."

Clicking through the photos I shook my head. Steve had been taking a lot of photos of me. Granted I was naked in all of them but he must have been taking them every time I cleaned. There were some of me taking off my clothes. No wonder he jumped when I walked up to him this afternoon. He must have had the camera going. Terry kept clicking and there were photos of me sucking Steve's dick. And there were photos of Steve fucking me. They weren't very clear so I guessed they were screen grabs.

"Terry. That sneaky shit, comes across as so nice and the entire time he was taking photos and video. Do you know what he said to me today. He said he didn't have anyone to tell about my blow jobs and the fuck. Right, he may not have told any one but he sure as shit was showing the world."

"What are you going to do?"

Good question. What was I going to do.

Terry kept scrolling through photos and then playing the videos. We didn't make it through the second one, our cocks were too hard to ignore. Putting the laptop on the nightstand we made love and feel asleep.



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