What is it about Friday that makes it almost stressful? The work week, for those who have a job, is over. Shouldn't that make Friday a relief? Instead, for me at least, it is more stressful than Monday. Even working as an escort Monday was an easy day. I guess it is because I don't need to plan or think about what needs to be done or what I have to do. Friday arrives and there are no plans or schedule. Plus Friday is suppose to be fun, a party or something exciting. Here it was, Friday, and I had no plans.

The other little problem I had was sex. For months I had been having sex daily, some days several times a day. I loved it. My youth and libdo allowed me to suck, fuck and cum repeatedly. Knowing that would change I wanted to take full advantage of it. Living with Jude I had some pretty access to a very hot stud who liked sex and was happy to fill me with his cock. Some guys do have all the luck.

Having Terry as a boyfriend was also awesome because he liked sex. At least up until he told me he didn't like it I thought he did. This morning I wasn't so sure about it. Would he want to or would he just because I wanted to? One thing I had learned in my young sex life is that people have sex when they don't want to, I knew that from experience.

Being so horny I was ready to turn on the vacuum and shove my cock into the hose I debated calling Terry. Having the vacuum on my cock didn't seem like a great idea so I sent him a text. He replied several minutes later saying he was busy and would call me later. Damn.

Putting on a pair of sweat pants and a tight tee I went upstairs to Steve's. Maybe he would want to fuck? He smiled when he saw me and I smiled to him, a smile that said I wanted him. Inside I walked in front of his laptop stopping about six feet away. "Steve? I know you are working, but can I interrupt? If you need to finish what you were working on go ahead."

Of course I knew what I was doing. He thanked me and said he needed two minutes. Part of me was desperately hoping he would turn on his cam. Standing in place with my arms casually crossed over my chest I waited.

"All done! What can I do for you?" He smiled while sitting at his desk. I noticed he didn't mention my name.

"Well, I was sitting around and soon my hand was sort of fondling my cock, like this," I slowly reached down and ran my hand over my not yet bulging groin. "And I thought about how horny I was." I lightly groped myself. "Jerking off is great but what I really want is something in my ass. I wondered if you were home so I stopped by. I really want to suck a nice cock and then get fucked." I kept rubbing my hand over my groin as the bulge began to grow.

"You want my cock? You want to suck my cock and then have me fuck you?" Steve replied as if it was something he wasn't sure he wanted to do.

"Yes. I do. Please?" I slid my hand up bringing the bottom of my tee with it exposing my abs. Sliding my other hand into the waist of the sweats I reached for my cock and balls and push them out into the fabric to show them off, tease a little.

"Make me want to." Steve replied in a smug voice.

At that point I knew he was filming so I put on a show. Slowing feeling my body, smiling at him, licking my lips, removing my tee, all to get him so hard he couldn't standing it. Pinching my nipples and rubbing my groin I just let go of everything and put on a show. I was loving it. Eventually I started to remove my sweats showing a little more skin. Turning around and showing off my ass and sliding the sweats down until it was exposed. Rubbing my cheeks, pulling them open to reveal my bud, turning to look at Steve with a smile on my face. Everyonce in a while I would say something about how hot I was, horny, how long it had been since a man touched me. Granted it was all lies, but he wouldn't care, he was going to fuck me on camera.

It took a good fifteen minutes before I was naked and stroking my cock, pulling on my balls and then I began to beg. I would plead and promise to be a good bottom. He offered short comments from time to time, all resisting. Finally I was seriously so ready to be fucked I offered to let him fuck me bare and cum on my ass. That did the trick. He came over to me and offered his groin. I opened his pants guessing he wanted to keep his face out of it but have a great close up of me sucking his cock. There was no issue sucking him off while being filmed. I went to work sucking him, his cock, his balls trying to get him leaking but not shooting his load.

Having sucked him off numerous times I knew he was getting to the point if I really worked it he would cum. He pulled away and told me to show off my ass. He directed me to stand in front of the sofa and put my ass in the air. He made some silly comment about wanting to get a great view and stepped behind his desk. I fingered my hole pretending not to be paying any attention to him. This allowed him to check out the shot. It might be clandestine but I wanted it good.

He came back to me and began fingering my hole, spiting on my ass and opening me up. Camera or not I was enjoying it. He positioned me on the sofa kneeling and came behind me getting me in view and keeping his upper body and face out of it. When he pushed his head in I added a little extra groan, for the filming of course. He fucked me, I fucked back. He took his time but the entire fuck took about five minutes. He pulled out, pulled my ass square into the camera and shot his load on it. He rubbed it around with his cock, put didn't try and push any in my still open hole. I appreciated his gesture.

"Can I cum for you?" I asked him, trying to sound desperate for the release.

He nodded, which wasn't going to be scene on camera. I stood up and placed my tee on the sofa and began to stroke my cock. He moved over to the desk, I kept my eyes closed. I could here the clicking of keys and ignored it. When I finally came it hit my chest and finished shooting on my abs. I smiled at him and used my fingers to wipe it up and lick them clean.

"Thank you, I needed that so bad. You fuck so good, any time you want it, call me, it's yours." I smiled and got up, got dressed and left without saying a word.

Back at home and freshly fucked I ate lunch. Now what? Terry was busy, Jude was busy and I was bored. Time to plan for the evening but without knowing when Terry would be back I was stuck. I changed and went to buy a few groceries, if nothing else I would make a decent dinner. Going out in public knowing I may smell like sex was a turn on.

The man who had helped me a while back was working so I asked him for advice. He was really nice and was able to set me up with what he promised would be an excellent pork loin.

Jude returned home, dinner was forty five minutes away and no word from Terry. I sent another text and sent Jude for a bottle of wine. I may be old enough to film porn but I wasn't old enough to buy a bottle of Merlot. Jude called ten minutes later, he had run into a friend of his and asked if he could join us. My mind immediately thought of getting this friend to join Jude in fucking me silly.

When they arrived I was disappointed. His friend was a woman. It was the first time I had met a female friend of Jude's. She was attractive, a little older than him, smart and very funny. We ate and I enjoyed every minute, forgetting about Terry. After dinner we sat and chatted for a couple hours. Three bottles of wine and a lot of banter I felt really good. This woman could hold her ground with two gay men. She dished out crap and took it like a champ.

Nearly ten and a text from Terry told me he was just getting home and exhausted. My face must have told the two I was unhappy. They decided to run to the liquor store and pick up more wine. Seconds after the door closed I called Terry. He answered. I wanted to yell at him but instead went with concern and understanding. He had a very busy day working on the future and just wanted to sleep. We chatted about nothing until I heard the return of my dinner campanions. Hanging up I went for fresh glasses.

It was nearly one before she took a taxi home. We were all drunk and in good spirits. The course of the evening went from non-sexual to sexual so both Jude and I were rip for fucking. He never disappoints. Several bottles of wine and Jude still knows how to fill me until I beg him to go for it. Gotta love a man who knows how to use his cock well.

The next morning I woke up and had a text from Terry. He invited me over for breakfast. Feeling a little hung over I left hoping he was ready for a fun afternoon. He made us pancakes and had fresh ground coffee, we ate well and then he wanted to go shopping. Shopping wasn't something he was fond of so it was a surprise he asked to go. We spent most of the day trying on clothes and buying clothes. Granted I had purchased the work clothes and underwear but I hadn't really gone on a shopping spree for clothing before. We hit it all, shoes, socks, shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, coats, gloves hats, you name it. He refused to let me pay for anything. This actually bothered me because we spent several thousand dollars. "It's a Christmas present. This is the first time in my life I have had someone to buy presents for and I am making up for all the years I bought nothing. Smile and enjoy it." He said and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

He was in such a good mood I didn't argue but I demanded to pay for lunch. We went back to his place, ordered delivery and had cocktails while modeling our new wardrobes. The music was playing and drinks were flowing and of course I was sexually charged. I wanted to have sex with him but didn't want to push it so I kept my hands to myself.

Terry came out of his bedroom wearing a robe that wasn't part of our splurge. "Sam, I know I told you I didn't really like sex. What I want you to know is that with you, I do. The only person who has made me want to get naked and sweaty is you." He opened his robe and was naked except for a cock ring. "Want to fuck?" He grinned.

"Hell yeah!" I was almost too eager.

"Wait. First you need to model this one last present." He reached into the robe pocket, why do robes have pockets? And pulled out a metal cock ring.

Reaching for it I went into his bedroom, got naked and put it on. That evening Terry fucked me. He took on a dominant role that was uncharacteristic of him. It didn't bother me at all. He used his body and toys to bring me to orgasm several times. After we both were spent we spooned, falling asleep in each other's arms. It was one of the best night's sleep I had ever experienced.

Sunday morning we dressed in our new clothes and went for brunch. All the stress and bad shit was gone, it felt like we were back to being happy boyfriends. He helped me bring my new wardrobe to Jude's, we took a taxi and we made love, not fucking, in my room before taking a nap together. Waking up to the door closing we got dressed and Terry got ready to leave. Jude was happy to see us, knew we had sex in his home and thanked Terry for coming over. It was such a relief he wasn't upset.

Jude and I had Chinese delivery for dinner and I showed off my new wardrobe. He was impressed and surprised Terry had paid for it all. "Mighty generous of him."

"It is and I am a little uncomfortable with it but he said it was the first time ever buying gifts for someone. Still, it was a lot of money. But I have been thinking it over and am going to buy him a ticket to come home with me, us for Christmas."

"Are you sure he wants to go?"

Damn him for throwing a wrench into my plans! But he was right, as usual. We didn't have sex that night, not even oral, instead I went to bed alone yet very happy.



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