• Attacked in jail - 7 - THREE-WAY LOVE.

    After fucking Harry the sesiĆ³n is over and timidly he accompanies Mike and Belinda to their house and have sex and become a threesome. With it, everybody's needs are fulfilled.

  • Dildo

    Not your typical dildo

  • Glory hole - 2 - PUBLIC BLOWJOBS.

    Now it's Athan who tells his version of the story and both brother give each other a public blowjob then, being watched by Matt and Cayron and then the McKenzie brothers come and introduce themselves. After these incestuous blowjobs, sex will continue in the glory holes with Matt and Cayron, Steve and Derek. The former tell their story and the McKenzie brothers too and Athan and Adam finally head for home.

  • Glory hole - 3 - BROTHERLY LUST.

    Athan and Adam show each other their affection and lust. The next day they also start to have pig sex and Adam also falls in love. He will phone the McKenzie brothers and know Lipp and that night, also with Matt and Cayron, he suggest an orgy for only the seven of them.

  • Glory hole - 4 - SEVEN HORNY GUYS.

    The Grey brothers, the McKenzie brothers, Lipp, Matt and Cayron strip one by one and later begin an orgy with many blowjobs and fucking. Finally alone Adam and Athan reinforce their love and talk about the possibility of having a lover each.


    Two brothers, Athan and Adam, casually meet one night at Pleasuredome, a gay leather bar. They didn't know both of them likes boys. They go to the bar and start chatting and they discover they have inadvertently had sex with each other.

  • Gowl's Fantasy: Chapter 1

    Jake was a 19 year old college student invested in sports and working out. He struggled in algebra and eventually had a friend tutor him during the weekends. It turns out this tutor had plans to teach Jake a little more then algebra...

  • Meeting Dad

    Rhys flourishes when he is transported into a skanky gay masculine existence...

  • My Fisting Experiences: Mark's Story 1

    We were both amazed at how he could take two fists and be punch fucked when it was still an effort for us just to take a single fist.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend

    Nicolas's mother is dating again to his dismay. He's eighteen, young sexy, and rude to her new boyfriend who takes him away for the weekend and shows him what he really is.

  • Piggy Buddies

    A tale of two piggies...

  • Prince's Choice

    Young U.S. spy Jack is assigned as a spoiled prince's BDSM sex toy to keep the prince occupied and out of trouble.

  • Ryan's Performance

    Kidnapped Ryan finds himself being mechanically milked on a stage in a seedy sex bar.

  • TGIF in Lexington

    A specialty real estate representative gives special personal services to a sports star client with kinky demands who is shopping for a horse farm in Virginia.

  • The Tenant

    New tenant is too good to pass up

  • The Virtue of Chastity

    Joseph gets caught cheating on his wife, but does not want to lose his marriage. She gives him a second chance, with a few conditions. His life will never be the same...

  • There And Back

    Freddy gets tamed by a dirty trucker-fucker...

  • Training Billy - 1 - MY SON'S BEST FRIEND.

    Brian is having a coffee with William, his son's best friend and due to the big love he feels for his son Billy, he has decided to accept him just as he is and he tells his son's friend, William, that Billy is a masochist, he is gay, he loves William; he even wants to become William's slave. And finally he also tells him Billy's incestuous desires.

  • Training Billy - 2 - THE COACHING.

    Brian decides to let his son absolutely free with his incestuous desires and even if he does not want Billy to be his slave, he slowly starts training him to one day become a good slave. And he tells all this to his son's best friend, William, who as he is listening the story is becoming more and more aroused.

  • Training Billy - 3 - SEX AND CONVERSATIONS.

    First Brian and William actually have some sex together. After William leaves, Brian reassures his son. The next day, William and Billy have a long conversation and even have sex together and become engaged. Now they will return to Brian's house to have lunch and maybe a lot more things.

  • Training Billy - 4 - A LITTLE ORGY AT HOME.

    Brian has agreed with William that they would have all kinds of sex before Billy as a way to urge him to have sex with his father later. And when he sees his father enjoying gay sex, he finally finds his courage to have sex with him too and do everything they had never done together before.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 1

    Jason starts a job as a financial analyst in NYC. Paul is newly divorced and looking for something different. Jason courts and builds a relationship with Paul with an end goal of his total submission in mind.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 10

    Jason meets Paul's ex.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 11

    Paul just can't stay away, even though he knows he will be punished severely.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 12

    Jason subjects Paul to 3 days of brutal punishment.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 13

    Jason survives the first evening of punishment, but just barely.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 14

    Jason lets his guard down a little with Paul.

  • A BDSM Story: Jason and Paul - Chapter 15

    Danger abounds. Jason almost loses control.