• A Piercing too far?

    I never really did like cock piercings but should have learned to keep my big mouth shut in certin company....

  • A Pup, His Pack, & His New Boyfriend's Bone

    My previous handler mistreated me so I found myself a pack and a new puppy boyfriend who showed me how a handler really treats his puppy by fucking my brains out and blowing me for the first time in my life.

  • Adventures of a Boywife

    Just one of my raceplay fantasies. A young boywife, explores her deepest desires on a regular day in a gym.

  • Club Unicorn

    You want a new genre unicorn sex, barely legal gay male kinky fetish costume story? You got it.

  • Getting fucked by my sweaty best friend

    After high school, two 18 year-old friends who used to tie each other up discover a kinky, sexual attraction making one a master the other a slave. Bondage, sock fetish, body worship, smell themes. Heavy sex.

  • Humiliated Muscle Cop Stripper: Chapter 4

    Jack becomes desperate and visits an adult novelty shop hoping for just the right remedy. But things don't go so smoothly...

  • How-To Guide to Kinks & Pup Play

    If you've ever wanted to be bound and gagged or told what to do during sex, or maybe you want to greet your boyfriend with blowjobs, here's the how-to guide on how to have lots of kinky fun.

  • Humiliated Muscle Cop Stripper

    Hot stud is stripped and humiliated at a hen party of older women. No gay action, per se, in part 1

  • Humiliated Muscle Cop Stripper: Chapter 2

    Our bodybuilder Officer Anton, now blackmailed by photos, is ordered to a new hen party strip show where he is humiliated by women. But this is a "Magic Mushroom" party featuring a hung dude named, Joey.

  • Judge Eric Hears A Case: Jurisprudence get Two In The Testes

    A Judge hears a case that parallels his own feelings about what to do with the two.

  • Mind fuck

    Barry is a little homophobic guy who one day surprises his flatmete fucking with a boy. He's so angry that he tries to punish him. But Joshua knows how to defend himself, talks to him and start mindfucking him.

  • Mind fuck: Chapter 2

    Joshua and Barry start talking now about Joshua's concepts of BDSM. Barry is being thoroughly mindfucked and starts giving Joshua some sexual fun, desiring to become his third slave.

  • Humiliated Muscle Cop Stripper: Chapter 5

    Straight bodybuilder is ordered to strip for a party of very aggressive twinks

  • Humiliated Muscle Cop Stripper: Chapter 3

    Bodybuilder is forced to wear a sheer thong at the gay beach

  • The Dungeon: Chapter 2

    The most exclusive sex club in the city has a little something for everyone, as long as you can afford to be a sexy dom or an eager sub. (Couldn't figure out the 'add chapter' so posting each one separately!)

  • The Dungeon

    The most exclusive sex club in the city has a little something for everyone, as long as you can afford to be a sexy dom or an eager sub. Oral, anal, double penetration, bareback, exhibitionist, suits

  • The Recruit: Chapter 2

    A Dad and his Marine seek the two men who raped his son.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 Find The End Of the EXPERIENCE

    One man finds his fate after being sold.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • bdsm

    Jason starts a job as a financial analyst in NYC. Paul is newly divorced and looking for something different. Jason courts and builds a relationship with Paul with an end goal of his total submission in mind.

  • bdsm: Chapter 10

    Jason meets Paul's ex.

  • bdsm: Chapter 11

    Paul just can't stay away, even though he knows he will be punished severely.

  • bdsm: Chapter 12

    Jason subjects Paul to 3 days of brutal punishment.

  • bdsm: Chapter 13

    Jason survives the first evening of punishment, but just barely.

  • bdsm: Chapter 14

    Jason lets his guard down a little with Paul.

  • bdsm: Chapter 15

    Danger abounds. Jason almost loses control.

  • bdsm: Chapter 16

    Paul is rewarded.

  • bdsm: Chapter 17

    The enchanting Jessica

  • bdsm: Chapter 18

    All of Paul's dreams come true.