• Chained Up in Dave's Dungeon

    True story of me chained up spread eagle in Dave's dungeon wearing my football uniform, sweating it out and getting my dick tormented by endless edging. Bondage, sports fetish, smell fetish, master slave theme

  • Fisted by the Rugby Team

    A gym bunny takes on the Rugby team and lets them stretch his mancunt to new, unimaginable widths

  • Fucking the Locker Room Thief

    A young nerd is caught sniffing underwear in the locker room by two hot college wrestlers who tie him up, fuck him, and turn the boy into their new slave. Bondage, rape, and smell fetish explored.

  • Hockey Player's 21st Birthday Wish

    A hockey player's confession to a fellow teammate ends up getting him kidnapped and subjected to the most erotic time of his life on his 21st birthday. It involves bondage and sock / jockstrap fetish themes.

  • In the strawberry fields

    Knowing that his employer Leif is a masochist, his boss Sam challenges him to experience some gay fun. Meanwhile Leif is telling this to his brother.

  • In the strawberry fields: Chapter 2

    Leif tells Doug all he did at the bar with Sam that afternoon, but as he tells him he is in fact seducing his brother.

  • In the strawberry fields: Chapter 3

    Leif tells his brother all he did with Sam that night in his house and later in bed and as he is telling his story, Doug also surprises his brother.

  • In the strawberry fields: Chapter 4

    Now Leif becomes his brother's slave and repeats with him everything he's done with Sam and does what he still hasn't done with him.

  • Kidnapping Andy

    Young man is kidnapped by a street gang and put through his paces, kept tied up and gagged as he's held for ransom. The brave boy is almost broken but a younger captor quietly takes a liking to him.

  • Marky Mark and I Get Funky

    Bobby is a young PA on the set of a music video featuring Marky Mark. The hot young rapper notices Bobby's glares and invites him for an evening of bondage captivity and good ole fucking.

  • My Rubber waist to toe suit cost more than I thought

    my rubber suit experience, mind I am loving every minute!!!

  • Robbed and Humiliated

    Two best friends are captured by burglars, kept tied up and tape gagged. They're forced into a sick game of humiliation by the thieves. Bondage and sock fetish themes.

  • Self Improvement

    A Man decides to get into shape and, along with that, have some additional surgical improvements. Then some more.

  • The Baseball Hazing Blues

    Young players on baseball team tie up two rookies in the locker room, subjecting them to humiliation including smelling dirty socks, jockstraps, and getting a crotch shave. Bondage, sports hazing, sock fetish

  • The Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys

    Ch 1: Spencer Joins the Wrestling Team. Best friend Kenneth convinces nerdy Spencer to join high school wrestling where he's introduced to an intense hazing culture. Bondage, sports, sock & smell fetish themes

  • The Bondage Adventures of the Lakewood High Boys: Chapter 2

    In Chapter 2, Spencer's best friend loans him out to wrestling teammate James who takes "ownership" and makes him his bondage slave. Body worship, smell fetish themes. Somewhat sexual.

  • The giant on the bus, playing with fire

    An obsession with a dangerous stranger leads to life changing self awareness, and more... A story of power exchange, rape, and love

  • The Market for Straights: Chapter 2

    Donnie Hester is a blue collar gas station attendant whose greedy sexual needs will soon be out of his control.

  • The Market for Straights: Chapter 3

    Once again I am in search of healthy, straight males for discerning clients who will keep them "entertained" for several years shooting wads and wads of cum.

  • The Nerf Gagged Nerd

    A long night of being tied up, gagged, and humiliated by his best friend and best friend's teammate makes for a lot of fun. Bondage, sock fetish themes.

  • The Russian Way

    Patrick is introduced to sensual nibbling...

  • The Subjection - A Homoerotic Escape Room Challenge

    Five college friends endure an extreme escape room challenge involving terrifying, humiliating tasks. They're bound, gagged, shaved, forced to smell, more but determined to not be broken. Bondage and sexual.

  • Tied Teenager Spends the Night Smelling Socks

    High school wrestlers tie up and torment their teammate's nerdy friend with smelly socks. Bondage and sock fetish themes.

  • Tommy's Big Boy Boner

    This story is an excerpt from a longer work "Asylum" ["Asylum, Parts VIII B & C"]. A handsome college teen submits to an older man and learns the pleasures of helpless surrender.

  • When in Niamey

    Coming to Niger to find extreme GM fetish.

  • $100 to Watch You Pee

    Suddenly it arrived, that overwhelming loss of control. My body was now boss, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting wildly back and forth. I was gasping as if I had a heart attack.

  • 5 Find The End Of the EXPERIENCE

    One man finds his fate after being sold.

  • 5 weeks a slave

    I'm doing this for love but it seems that I'm about to perish.

  • bdsm

    Jason starts a job as a financial analyst in NYC. Paul is newly divorced and looking for something different. Jason courts and builds a relationship with Paul with an end goal of his total submission in mind.

  • bdsm: Chapter 10

    Jason meets Paul's ex.