It took about fifteen minutes to get to his place and the entire time we didn't speak. Well I didn't. He just kept telling me how great it would be.

As soon we reached his door I was filled with fear. What was I doing? This was Jude's best friend and I was about to let him fuck me and Jude knew about it!

He opened the door and I was hesitant.

'Don't nope out on my now Sam. You can't. Not after that show you put on.'

I stepped in and he closed the door. As soon as I heard it click shut something clicked in me. I was horny as hell for him. I wanted him. I took off my shirt and started to undo my jeans. Craig stepped up to me, reached for my cock and squeezed. He leaned in to kiss me and that was it. I was totally and completely ready to have sex with him.

After a couple minutes of kissing my jeans were off. He stepped back, 'Hold on just a sec, please don't change your mind, please.'

He walked into the bathroom and returned, lube and condoms in hand. He put them on the counter that separated the kitchen from the living area. I followed him.

He reached for me and we kissed. My cock was hard again and I was so ready to give myself to him. He stepped back and took off his clothes. Fuck. He was hot. Smoother than I expected, just a small patch of light colored hair in between his solid pecs. His pit hair was the same light brown color and appeared trimmed or growing out after being shaved. His pubes were nicely trimmed in the same color as the rest of his body hair. His skin was almost flawless, the color a reminded me of lightly toasted bread. It looked like it was stretched so tightly over his muscles that it would rip if he inhaled too deeply.

He had a heavier build than Jude. Even with a thicker waist, I think it could be described as more tree trunk, he had well defined abs, a six-pack. It worked very well for me. His nipples were tiny, barely larger than a nickel that came to a really small little nip; I could hardly wait to get my tongue on them. His arms were beefy. They weren't defined like a serious body builder but clearly were solid, if he hugged me too hard I would be unable to escape. His legs were build, I don't know if he loved squats or skated but they fit perfectly with his solid build.

His cock, I was a little nervous, it was bigger than Jude's. Not much longer but certainly thicker. Jude's cock had a huge head, Craig's was more streamlined. I wondered what it would feel like sliding down my throat. Having such limited experience with cock, other than my own which I had spent untold hours stroking, I had no idea how long it was, something to find out later. It was the thickness that stood out for me. Would I be able to stretch wide enough to take me, in my mouth or ass? What the hell, I was here, we were both naked and I wanted it.

He smiled. 'You like? I know it's bigger than Jude's but I will work you carefully, it won't hurt, I promise.'

'How do you know it's bigger than Jude's?'

'Oh trust me.'

His hands on my shoulders and I was on my knees and face to face with a very nice cock, a nice hard cock. He wrapped his hand around it and held it to my lips. I opened and he fed me.

What a difference it was from sucking Jude. The smaller head slid in easily, like a big fat popsicle, Jude's cock was more like a sucker on a thick stick. The ease quickly faded. The thickness was more work. I tried to be careful and not get my teeth in the way but it was difficult. Two inches in and my lips were stretched to the max. He pulled out and slowly slid it back in, his strong hands holding me head in place. The feel of his hands was amazing. I released all tension in my neck and let him guide my head or hold it in place. I felt a bit like a puppet. He continued to slowly glide in and out, each time adding a little more of the length. I could feel a different pressure in my throat that with Jude. With Jude it was the head, a big head that gave way to a narrower shaft. Craig was just getting wider and wider all the way down.

'Sam, you are doing great. Just keep relaxed, let all the tension go. I know it is thick. God, you are soft, warm, it feels phenomenal.'

My eyes were closed as he worked his meat into my mouth. I started gagging as it went in even further.

'Relax Sam, relax, you are doing great, almost there, over half way.'

Half way! Shit, if it got much wider I wouldn't be able to take it. I tried to relax and not gag but it plugged my throat. I was frustrated about the gagging. I so wanted to take it all. I looked up at him as I gagged, my eyes were filling with tears.

He slid all the way out. 'Don't worry, you will get there, a lot of guys have trouble taking it all because it's thick. Shit, if you did take it all I would doubt you were a virgin only hours ago.'

'Sorry Craig. I tried, I really did.' I felt terrible, like I let him down.

'You did great Sam, don't worry, with practice you can be an excellent cock sucker.'

He barely had finished his sentence when I was decided about my goal. I was going to become an expert cocksucker and bottom. I was going to do whatever it took to be so talented at sex, taking cock, that I would have a reputation. If I had to practice sucking cock ever day I would. Whatever it would take I was going to do it, I was going to be a grade A fuck.

'Come here.' He reached his hand underneath my armpit and help lift me to my feet. 'He brought me into the living area and sat me on the sofa. He got on his knees and put his strong hands on my knees and slowly spread my legs wide. 'Look at that cock.' He looked at me and I smiled. To have a man with a cock like his complement mine was an honor.

'Lean back kid, enjoy.'

I did and he slid his hands up my thighs. My cock was hard and bobbing. One hand reached for my cock and I nearly jumped when the warmth of his fingers wrapped around the base. His hands were incredibly smooth. His lifted my cock to his lips, licked them and opened. He took the head in and closed his mouth around it. Fuck me it was amazing. He applied pressure on it and slowly pulled back as my head was released from his lips. I could have cum.

He did it again, and again, each time taking in a little more until he had half of my dick in his mouth. Then he sucked it in until his lips reached the base, my pubes touching his lips. I vowed to myself to be able to do the same to him within a month.

His hands griped my thighs and held them in place as he worked this magic on my dick. Then he pulled off and I felt a flicker form his tongue on my ball sac. Damn. I let out an involuntary yip. He chuckled and did it again. It tickled. Then he used his tongue to scoop up one nut and pull it into his mouth lightly stretching the sac skin. Oh, how to describe the sensation! My back arched, my head fell back and my mouth opened as I gasped. He held my nut and moved the tip of his tongue around it. The pressure and teasing sent my body into light spasms. He pulled back releasing my nut and it was cold. He took in the other and did the same thing.

After going back and forth a few times he took both into his mouth. I slid forward on the sofa, arching my back completely off putting my weight on my neck. I thrust my pelvis forward, offering him as much of me as he would take. With my balls in his mouth he pulled back stretching my sac farther than I ever stretched it myself.

Craig released my sac, it plopped against the bottom of my ass. I sat back down.

'God I am going to enjoy fucking you.' He went for my cock again. I looked at him for the first time since I sat down. His short thick dark hair, much darker than the hair on his body, looked almost wavy. He looked up at me, directly into my eyes. They smiled at me, those beautiful green brown eyes, his slightly crooked nose and my cock in his mouth. He worked on my cock for a while until I felt ready to cum. 'Ahh' was all I said and he released my cock and grabbed the base and squeezed. The cum didn't spurt.

'Don't want that yet. I have far too much in mind before tasting it.'

Shit, what was he going to do to me? Sex with Jude was amazing, but I didn't remember it like this at all. Maybe it was the excitement of having sex for the first time that blocked the details.



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