Terry woke me up. It was morning and he was going to run home for his suitcase. Feeling slightly hung-over I stumbled in for a shower. Jude had coffee and breakfast going when I got out. Thankfully I had packed before we left for the premier. There wasn't much time for chat as we hurried to leave. Getting to the airport was a blur. Once we checked in we had an hour to wait. Grabbing more coffee the three of us took a table away from the bustle and finally could talk about the night before. It was interesting to hear about things from Jude and Terry. They talked about what they saw and heard and the people and how the video was great. My hangover subsided and by the time we got on the plane I felt much better. I slept the entire flight.

Terry woke me as the descent began. My nerves began as well. Shit. I was going home. Jude was with me and I was bringing my boyfriend. Damn. Exiting the plane I wanted to turn back. The guys gave me grief about my sudden change of heart on the trip and told me to smile. We walked through the exit doors into the waiting area and there was my mother standing with Jude's and waving. Time to smile!

"Sam! I am so happy to see you! Give me a hug. And this must be Terry. My goodness you are handsome! Sam, your man is one stud isn't he! Terry welcome. It is so nice to finally meet you."

My mother fussed over the three of us. Jude's did the same. The car ride to the house was my mother's chance to talk and she did, the entire ride home, in one breath. Returning to the house I grew up with my boyfriend was uncomfortable. Granted my mom knew I was gay, she knew I was not a virgin and she was ok with it is a huge plus that plenty of guys don't have, Terry didn't have it. Still I felt out of place.

"There are fresh sheets on your bed Sam. I wasn't sure if you two would be comfortable in a double but I am sure you will make do for a couple of days."

"Thanks Mrs." Terry began to speak.

"You call me Shirley or Mom, none of this Mrs. Stuff, I haven't been a misses for a long time and I certainly don't want to be called Mrs. by my son's boyfriend."

The smile that came across Terry's face was huge. It lit up the room. "Do you boys want lunch?" We didn't have time to answer. "I made some chili and it's ready to eat. Go wash up."

As we ate Mom talked a lot. She asked a lot of questions about Boston, what Terry did for work, what I did for work? Thankfully Terry was able to pull off being a student, first year in school and such. I was honest about not having a job yet but looking. She was satisfied with our answers and went into the schedule she had planned out. Most of it was around meals.

After we finished eating she insisted on taking a drive and showing Terry our little town. I sat quietly and allowed her to talk about our life as she pointed out the schools I went to, the stores and homes of people she knew. Terry was sitting in the front and seemed to enjoy the tour and stories about things I had done. Sitting in the back seat I was able to listen. What an interesting life she told about. Things I didn't remember or had forgotten, people I hadn't thought about in ages.

When we returned to the house she told us to unpack and leave her to dinner. Terry asked to help but she refused and told us to go be boys. What she meant by that I don't know. In my old bedroom we unpacked the few things that needed to be unpacked. And we chatted about the tales my mom had told. What didn't happen was the kiss and hug I really wanted from Terry. I approached him a couple of times but he pulled away.

"Is something wrong Terry?"

"No. It just feels, well...sort of odd. It's your mom's house."

I smiled to myself. It did feel sort of odd. Unpacking took only a few minutes so we went into the living room and sat down. "Terry? I put some old photo albums out for you to look at. They are on the coffee table." Hearing this made my skin itch. Photo albums. Most of the pictures would be of me, as a child, awkward, goofy looking and embarrassing.

"Thanks Shirley!" Terry was too happy to hear her offer.

"No Terry, please!" I pleaded as he grabbed the top album.

"There is no way you are stopping me!"

Leaning in I whispered, "I won't suck your cock all weekend."

"Yes you will." He whispered back.

"I won't. And I won't touch you either. At all."

"There is no way you can resist Sam."

He was right. We both knew it. Terry began to page through the album. Pictures of me as a baby, pictures of me as a toddler, pictures of me as a kid; they were all there. It took a while to relax and just let him look and ask questions. "There aren't any of your dad." He commented.

"I took them out. He was not much of a father." My mother said loud enough for us to hear. She walked into the living room. "He wasn't a bad man, just a bad father and husband. Dinner's ready."

We walked to the dining area and started to sit.

"Wash up!"

Terry chuckled.

"Lasagna! I love lasagna!" Terry exclaimed.

"So does Sam. IT was one of his favorites growing up. Look at him. So handsome. And you Terry! A very fine looking man. I tell you I have the two best looking men in town sitting at my table. Eat up, don't be shy."

Dinner was delicious; my mother was a great cook. She kept to the basics, casseroles, meat loaf, spaghetti, soups and stews, but she was an expert at them. Her questions about life in Boston kept the conversation going. Until she started to ask Terry about his childhood.

"Well...it wasn't...there isn't much to say really. I guess it is..." He spoke slowly. "My parents didn't want to be parents. We don't have contact any longer."

The look that came over my mom's face was one I had never seen. Sadness mixed with embarrassment. She didn't say anything for a while. We finished the meal in silence.

"Now you boys go and look at those albums while I clean up."

"Shirley, the meal was the amazing. The best lasagna I had even eaten. One thing I learned is the cook does not do the dishes. You can refuse but I will be washing and cleaning up." Terry stood, smiled and began to take the plates.

"Come on Mom. You can relax while we clean up." I nudged her and she smiled, looking down.

"Well... if you insist. But what will I do? Relax?" I think she truly was lost for what to do with herself.

"Is there anyone you want to call maybe?" I offered.

"What a good idea Sam. You are so smart. I will call Carol."

She left for the living room. We did dishes and cleaned up. Terry looked positively content. I leaned into him and gave a kiss on his neck. He didn't shy away. We didn't talk while cleaning up. Instead we listen in on my mom's call.

"Carol. The boys are here. Oh he is so handsome. Very good looking. Yes! And so polite. He insisted on doing the dishes. Yes. Oh very lucky." It went on and on as she boasted and bragged and talked about how excited she was to have us visit.

When we finished up and went into the living room she concluded the call and went into the kitchen. Mom wasn't to make sure things were done right. Upon her return she had a bottle of wine and three glasses. "I know you boys aren't old enough to drink but it's my house." Little did she know.

Turning on the radio and sitting down we toasted to our visit.

"Terry, I am sorry about intruding earlier."

"Nothing to be sorry about. It's in the past and the present is perfect."

"Yes it is. And this Christmas is perfect. Sam back to visit. Bringing you along. It is perfect. I was a little nervous when he moved. I wasn't ready for him to leave to be honest. What mother wants her only son to leave? Oh! Terry! I am so sorry. I mean, as a mother I wasn't...oh my...I wasn't ready for him to leave. And this would be the first Christmas all alone. So I am thrilled you are both here."

We talked about my childhood as my mother paged through the albums and told tales about my life. It was interesting to listen. She had a different perspective on things and I learned about events that were not in my memory. We finished the bottle of wine and she opened another. Actually she brought out a second bottle and asked for help. Terry was up and opening it in a heartbeat.

"Terry, you are such a gentleman! And so strong! Look at those arms."

Terry smiled as he poured the wine for my mother and then turned to fill our glasses.

"And a nice back side too! Sam..." she stopped and looked at me with a goofy smile.


"Don't act like you haven't noticed Sam. He has a very nice rump."

"Rump?" Terry turned as he sat down and feigned shock at such language.

"Yes. Rump. Women notice a man's rump. We like a man who has a nice backside. Look at me, telling you two about backsides. You know, Sam's father, not much of a husband as I already told you, but handsome! Oh my. My heart still flutters thinking about it. He was very handsome, just like Sam is. And sexy! Oh my. When we were first dating and even when we were married, he was very sexy. And sexual! Oh my."

Obviously my mother was feeling a little tipsy.

"Excuse me boys. I will be right back." My mother stood up and went to the ladies room as she referred to it whenever she needed to go. "Sam, turn on the tree will you? I completely forgot about it!"

When I plugged in the lights for the tree it brought back memories of being a kid and seeing it lit up for the first time. I smiled. Returning to the sofa I was greeted by Terry's smile and a hug.

"Wow. That is beautiful." He said softly.

"Oh Sam!" mother returned, "It is so beautiful! Let me turn down the lights so we can see."

She turned off a couple lamps and sat down. "I just love looking at a Christmas tree. Oh Sam. I am so happy you are here. Now where was I?"

"You were telling us about Sam's father." Terry offered a little too quickly.

"OH! Yes I was. Yes. He was handsome. And he loved having fun. He was so talented and my word did he like to do some things. I was so innocent when we met. Of course I had had boyfriends before meeting him. But it was very innocent. Sam's father however, he was not so innocent when we met. Not that I minded. A man that good-looking and so sexy, they aren't virgins for long. Was Sam a virgin when you two met?"

My heart jumped. Not only was my mother talking about my father's sex life but she had to bring me into it.

"Sam? No he wasn't a virgin." Terry once again answered eagerly and nudged me with his elbow.

"Of course he wasn't, too good looking. And as handsome as you are Terry I am sure you weren't a virgin either. And with a butt that cute...yes, good-looking men get the attention. And hung! Oh my was Sam's father hung!"

I nearly spit up my wine. Terry almost laughed out loud.

"Mother!" I shouted after I managed to swallow my wine.

"What?" she asked innocently.

"Some more wine?" Terry stood and poured another glass for my mother.

"Terry!" I barked at him.

"Oh, would you like some more too?" He smiled. He was enjoying this little embarrassing scene.

"Sam. It's nothing to be shy about. Your father was hung. He was really big. Granted I don't have any other to compare but a woman knows when she has a big one."

Terry was laughing. Not out loud but that quiet laughing you do when you can't stop it but don't want to be rude.

"Terry? Is Sam big? Like his father? He has the good looks so did he also get..."

"Mother! Really, that's enough."

"Yes. He is hung. He has a big one and I love it." Terry was doing this on purpose.

"Oh good. I am so happy to hear it. Terry do you like to be on top?"

I started shrinking into the sofa. My mother was asking my boyfriend about our sex life.

"Do you mean giving?" Terry inquired.

"Giving? Not sure what that means but which role do you like best, the man or the woman?"

Terry laughed, not quietly. "Well, I think I understand what you mean. I like both. And I really like when Sam is in the woman's role."

"Oh." Mom giggled. "Terry. You like Sam's butt too huh?"

"Oh do I like Sam's butt. I like it as much as I like how big he is." Terry was grinning as I was squirming. "I like when he is in the man's role too. I love a big one, just like you do."

"Oh Terry!" more giggles from my mother.

"To big ones!" Terry offered a toast. Mother toasted. They both looked at me.

"To big ones." I said meekly.

"You boys use condoms I hope. Well. I guess that since you boys are boyfriends' maybe you don't need to. I don't know much about these things anymore. When I was young it was different."

"Yes we use condoms."

"Oh. Oh. Oh. You two boys stay right there! I will be right back!" Mother hurried off.

"Terry! What are you doing? It's my mother!" I took advantage of her absence to tell him to stop.

"What? She brought it up. I am just making polite conversation as a guest."

"Fuck if you are! You are doing this just to drive me crazy, embarrass me!"

"Maybe so. OK. Yes I am. And fuck am I loving it!"

Mother returned. "I have a little early Christmas gift for you two. Go ahead! Open!"

She handed a box, gift wrapped of course to Terry. "It's for the two of you. To share."

My interest in opening the gift was zero. After the conversation I had no idea what it was and was not interested in finding out.

"Thank you! This is a surprise!" Terry began to unwrap the gift. I stopped breathing. Opening the box Terry laughs. "I love it! Thank you so much!" He stood up and went to give my mother a hug. "Thank you, it is perfect."

The box was opened and sitting on the coffee table. I couldn't bring myself to look inside of it.

"Sam, look what your mother got us! Isn't she thoughtful!" He returned and dumped the box upside down. My heart jumped. Condoms. Dozens of condoms rained into my lap.

"Do you like them? I wasn't sure."

"I love them!" Terry was a little too enthusiastic.

"Oh good. I couldn't decide if I should give them to you tonight or wait until Christmas but...incase you forgot to bring some..." her voice trailed off. Did she think we would have sex in her house?

"How thoughtful! I didn't dare bring any." Terry was lying.

"Well it's a good thing I gave you them tonight." She took a big sip of wine. "Don't you keep them with you?"

"Normally yes, but I didn't dare think to when visiting you." Was he shitting my mom, himself or me?

"Oh my. At your age. How could you wait for three days? It would be rude of me to ask you not to. And it's Christmas, the perfect time for sex."

Honestly I was ready to become invisible. Was this conversation really happening? Was my mother really telling my boyfriends to have sex with me, her son, in her house?

"As long as you don't mind I will be very happy to have sex with Sam this weekend."

It was impossible for me to keep my mind straight. I poured myself another glass of wine.



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