• How I became my Roommates Cum Dump: Chapter 2

    After getting a job where I work, we get caught by his new friend and soon I have a new friend wanting to use my ass for a cum dump

  • Me and My Tenants: Chapter 4

    The parole officer breaks in his new intern.

  • Me and My Tenants: Chapter 6

    We audition my surrogate fuck hole.

  • Partners in Lust: Chapter 2

    The friends Phillip and Jesse meet again after their visit to the gloryholes and an unexpected new friendship led them to a new hot experience together.

  • So Much Cum

    An argument stemming from our open relationship led to a hot gangbang.

  • The Confession

    A married man gives in to his desires and goes to a gay cruising spot. He spends the evening sucking cock and getting fucked before finally confessing to his wife by text message.

  • The Threesome

    A true story with an old fuck buddy

  • The Threesome: Chapter 2

    The continuation of The Threesome

  • 21 Bannerman Road

    there were around a dozen men having sex with each other all around the room. Several were sucking cock, one pair were laid on one of the sofas sixty-nining, some twink was on his back on one of the beanbags with a guy around Zach's age and build, fucking him so hard and fast his ass was a blur.

  • 21 Bannerman Road: Chapter 2

    Zach's adventure continues...

  • 21 Years Old

    When I was twenty one and wanted to publish my story they let me. It involves 21 year old guys pulling their 21 year old cocks out and fucking my mouth. My 21 year old mouth.

  • 22yo Bottom Get Plowed in the Hottub

    Kip and I tag teamed this cute 22yo guy in the hottub. It was an online hookup and he claimed to be an Easy Bottom and we took him to task on that. He isn't going to walk for a week.

  • 3

    There is the legend, a myth really, that things happen in threes. Well, for Brody, it did seem to be the case.

  • 4

    The author being a bit mischievous is all.

  • A buddy

    Carl, a buddy, that I blow everyweek or so gave me a call Sunday morning telling me to get over there and blow him... and that he might have a buddy for me towork on.


    This is a fictional story on how I met an old friend by accident and how over the period of two weekends my life was changed forever.

  • A Dream Come True

    I had always dreamed of what it would be like to have a group of hot hard men use me for what they wanted. and after I got used to the trails at the rest stop near my house I got what I dreamed about and more.

  • A Foam Party Fuck on the Dance Floor

    Naked and chest deep in foam on the dance floor and all those guys taking turns up my ass

  • a fuck party

    Ian agreed to come with Brian, even though it was usually not his scene.

  • A Fuckin' Good Holiday

    A life-changing and very erotic vacation experience...

  • A Headshaving Orgy

    I was having a fantastic session with five other people.

  • A Headshaving Orgy: Chapter 2

    The shaving orgy continues with the second guy being shaved and fucked.

  • A Headshaving Orgy: Chapter 3

    Now it's the third head that is shaved and we all had fun with each other again.

  • A Headshaving Orgy: Chapter 4

    This is the final of my story. I'll go and shave my head now and and get some nice juice out of me.

  • A Jamaican Fuck Fest

    A story about some ordinary Jamaicans.

  • A little college fun

    Shawn is gone for the semester, what could possibly happen in that time?

  • A Love of Cum

    Jeff loves his cum. Not group sex yet but it has only just started.

  • A Night in the Cells

    Charlie Desmond learns a lesson from three big coppers and a scally lad.

  • A relxing gay sauna turned into orgy

    I wanted to relax at local gay sauna here in Thailand. Unfortunately there were too many beautiful gay buys who wanted to explore my foreign body.

  • A Special Christmas Party

    Isn't that a good way to celebrate Christmas Day? I hope you enjoy that very special Christmas Party.