Waking up, opening my eyes and looking around the room I noticed I was on my stomach. The ball gag was gone. The wrist and ankles were free. The cuffs were gone. My ass was no longer vibrating. I moved my body. No longer restrained I rolled onto my side and swung my legs off the edge of the bed. Something was in my ass. I reached back and felt rubber. It must be a plug. I tried to stand up and went into the bathroom to take a much needed piss. Looking at my reflection I could see no sign of the whipping. Had I imagined it? Was it all a dream? He had given my something strong to drink.

Flushing the toilet and turning around I jumped. He was standing in the doorway.

"So, my little slut has woken up. Good. Take that plug out and wash it, wipe your ass off too."

I did as he said. What was next?

We went into the living room, he gave me a drink and we sat down. He asked how I had slept. He didn't mention anything about the whipping and torture I had experienced, or was it a dream?

There was a knock at the door. My heart jumped. He went to the door, opened it allowing the man to push in a cart of food. I sat on the sofa naked. The man looked at me, smiled and winked. It was terribly embarrassing. We ate dinner in silence. I was starving. He called and requested something, I couldn't hear it and returned to the sofa.

"Sam, you are beautiful. Your body is amazing, so responsive. And your cock is perfect." He went on telling me about how he enjoyed me, my cock was responding. Not quiet hard but nice and plump I smiled and felt like a million bucks. A knock at the door and then he told me to let them in. I looked at him; he said nothing, only looked at the door. I stood up and walked to the door. Opening it and trying to stay behind it I let the young man in. He had a tray covered with a cloth balancing in his hand.

"Take the tray please." He said.

I released the door and walked, naked and half hard, to the man and took the tray. He smiled, said thank you. He was looking at me. Granted I was nude but I felt very naked.

"Put it on the bar please." He said. I walked to the bar and carefully placed the tray on it.

"Beautiful isn't he." He said to the young man.

"Yes." The young man said with a smile on his face as he took in my naked body. My cock jumped a bit, great, it was showing off on it's own. "I must return to work. Thank you." The young man said and then he left.

As soon as the door closed he spoke again. "Tell him to return Sam."

I hurried to the door opened it and peeked out, he was only ten feet away. "Can you please come back for a moment?" I asked while trying to hide my bouncing cock.

He smiled and walked toward me. I stepped into the room and held the door open for him. He looked at my cock then at me and smiled.

After the door closed he spoke. "Sam. Why are you hard?"

I didn't know what to say so I stood there silently.

"Sam, does being naked around this young man turn you on?"

I nodded. Damn he was toying with me.

"Sam, I didn't hear you."

"Yes." I said quietly.

"What was that Sam? I didn't hear you?"

"Yes." I said in my normal voice.

"Yes what?"

He was pushing me. "Yes I am turned on by this young man." There I said it.

"Would you like to suck his cock Sam?"

Not wanting this to last any longer than possible I answered him, "Yes I want to suck this young man's cock."

"What else do you want Sam?"

Fine, toy with me. I can play that game. "I want this sexy young stud to fuck me." I stroked my cock once.

"Thank you. That will be all." He said to the young man who smiled and left.

"Oh Sam, you are a work of art. Come here and suck my cock."

Working on his cock I wondered what time it was, it had to be late, I arrived at eight, he had abused me for hours, shaved me and I had slept. It had to be really late. Didn't matter, I was sucking his cock, I was on assignment and it lasted until Sunday.

His cock was hard, he grabbed my head and began fucking my face. I did my best to keep my teeth covered and take his cock. Thankfully he wasn't huge. He unloaded his cum on my face. "Don't move." He reached for his phone and took some photos of his cum on my face. I smiled without thinking about it. Was I really such a slut?

"Go wash up." He said. This surprised me; he didn't want me to eat it? Not to argue I went to the bathroom, washed my face and took another piss. Returning to the loving room he handed me a drink. "All at once Sam." I swallowed it all, not too strong but I am sure it was potent.

"Sam? Are you a whore? And you so cock hungry you will suck any cock that is offered?"

I looked at him trying to figure out what he wanted me to say. "Yes I am. I love cock, any cock." Was I lying?

"Good. Remember, you are a cock slut. You live to take cock. Say it."

I repeated his words and wondered if it was true. I did love sucking cock. I did love being fucked. I had sucked off men I didn't know. Every guy who asked to fuck me had done so. I was a slut.

There was a knock at the door. I didn't wait to be told, I went to it and opened it. It was the young man. He was still wearing his uniform and had a huge smile on his face.


He didn't need to say more. I looked at the young stud and my cock began to grow. "I want you. I want your cock. May I suck you cock? Will you fuck me?"

"Hell yeah I am gonna fuck you." He replied and began removing the silly looking vest. "Come and get it."

I walked up to him and dropped to my knees. Opening his pants I reached for his cock. Already he was growing. My hand wrapped around it I placed the head of his cock on my tongue and began sucking. I was learning to love the surprise of how a man's cock would be when erect. Most of them start out looking the same when flaccid but then the blood flows and surprise!

His was not very thick but long and his head was smaller. I did my best to take it all. After a few minutes his hands reached for my head and he pulled me off his cock.

"Sam, make us a drink."

I mixed drinks, the young stud sat down facing Ed. Returning with drinks I too sat down on the sofa next to the stud. He downed his drink in seconds, stood up and put his hands on his hips. "Get to work Sam." He said, not rude or mean but confident.

I stood and started to unbutton his shirt. He was a taller than I was, thick dark brown hair, handsome in that boy next door way. His skin showed signs of acne when he was younger; it gave him a sort of rugged look. His lips looked like he was getting ready to blow a kiss. Fuck he was cute.

Reaching down to remove his white t-shirt I was impressed by how taut his stomach was, really impressed. He had a very slight trail from his belly button down, fucking sexy as hell. His chest was smooth, his nipples a little smaller than a quarter with great little perts in the center. His pecs were divine. He had a thin but very solid frame and his muscles were in perfect proportion.

Reaching for his pants I undid them and slid them down. He was wearing white briefs that were cupped under his balls from my earlier work sucking him. They made his cock stick out and his balls looked amazing. He had either light hair or trimmed his pubes. His balls were smooth. Narrow waist, this guy was a runner or a swimmer, no fat at all. His thighs were solid just like his torso was, fuck he as perfect.

He stepped out of his pants and briefs; I removed his shoes and socks. He stood before us naked and so damn hot I was ready to blow my load right then.

Instead I went back to work sucking his cock. Forgetting Ed was watching I went into a sort of heaven. I had the best job in the world. We both got lost in a world that consisted of our bodies. He sucked my cock, rimmed me and fucked me. On the sofa, over the sofa, on the table, the floor and a chair, he moved me around and made me hole his. I loved every minute of it. When he finally came he shot his load on my face.

"Don't move Sam." Ed commanded.

I was lying on the sofa and didn't move a muscle. The young stud got dressed and left. Ed came over and took pictures of the stud's cum on me and told me to eat it. It was cold but I didn't care, it was cum.

Silently we went to bed. My body was exhausted but in bliss. My mind was racing, had today been a dream?

The next morning I woke up alone in bed. Ed was in the other room on his laptop. He told me to take a shower. When I returned he handed me some clothing. A jock strap, pair of light colored pants that were snug, and a dark tee that was too small. He was dressed in jeans and a polo that fit well but not too tight. We went to a café not far from the hotel. Ed was different this morning. He talked a lot about work and coming to Boston once a quarter. He talked about horse back riding and skiing. After we finished we hopped into a cab and went to an adult entertainment store. What would he make me do?

The visit turned out to be pretty tame. We looked at the merchandise, the DVDs, the few magazines they still bothered to carry. He did have me try on a few pieces of clothing but we didn't buy anything. We looked at the toys and he comment how he would love to use the various dildos on me. He wasn't shy about who heard him speak. It was more than obvious he was fucking me. I tried not to think about what the others were thinking. The truth was I was being paid to be with him, if they thought I was an escort, they were right.

He did buy one thing for me, a metal cock ring. I was surprised and thrilled. He had me put it on before we left. I didn't realize how much it made my cock and balls stick out until I say my reflection in the door as we left. Clearly I was advertising.

It was mid afternoon moving towards late and Ed was ready to play some more. He took me back to the hotel room and fucked me. This time it wasn't like the rape and he didn't pull out any toys. I was still unsure if it had really happened or was a dream. I was sure that he knew how to fuck and was good at it.



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