The sounds were so generic I could not tell what he was doing, just that he was walking around the small apartment. Clicking noises, he was on the computer. Clothing rustling, taking off his pants, or shirt? Both? I had not seen him naked yet and was a little ticked that finally he was nude and I was in the room and I couldn't see a thing.

'Hi guys, Andrew here and today I have a special show for you. Behind me you can see a hot young stud tied and blindfolded. His name is Sam and he is not only hot, he is nearly a virgin. I admit he has been fucked and sucked cock, but I am only the third guy to get a go at his hole so I consider him nearly a virgin. Just look at him. Helpless. Can you imagine being the first guy to have sex with such a fine tight smooth young stud?

'Sam has been wanting to get my cock inside of him for a while now so this is his chance. And yours, to watch. Hope you enjoy it, I know I will.'

I felt a feather running up my leg. It tickled and I pulled at the restraints. He slowly covered my entire body with the light tormenting touch of that damn feather duster or whatever it was.

Of course I was hard as hell. I jumped and yelped, he had slapped my cock and it hurt. Maybe not hurt so much as it was a complete surprise. He slapped it again, and again. He reached for my balls and pulled and squeezed them. I was withering in excitement and pain.

Next he went to work on my nipples. I have small nipples, he managed to find enough to grab to pinch and pull and twist them as I moaned, groaned and screamed into the gag.

Then he stopped. It was silent. Until his hand came down on my abs with a hard slap. I screamed.

'He screams yet has so much pre cum oozing from his cock it reminds me of a drinking fountain. Which is it Sam, pain or pleasure?'

Every time he touched me I jumped, as much as the restraints would let me. He attached metal pinchers on my nipples, it hurt like hell. Then he starting wrapping rope around my cock and balls. The rough rope itched and pinched. I wondered if I would have been better off without the pubes. Too late to ask for him to shave me bare now.

I felt him get off the bed. He released my ankle and bent my knee, pulling my leg nearly to the mattress. He did the same with the other. Now my ass was totally exposed.

Another slap directly on my hole, leather maybe? A few more followed. Then he started to use his finger on my hole, not inserting it, but pulling and teasing it. I felt one hand on each side of ass as he spread my cheeks apart and began to flick his tongue on my slightly sore hole. Finally all I felt was pleasure as he tongue fucked me.


I jumped; Andrew's tongue left my hole.

'Well, guys, sorry to tell you this but the thirty minutes are up. Maybe next time you can see me fuck this hot hole.'

I heard what sounded like cloth on flesh. Was he removing underwear?

The cold lube hit my hole and I jumped for the umpteenth time. 'So Sam, you ready to get fucked with my hard cock? Hope so cause I am gonna start now.' I tried to say something but the gag prevented any sounds from coming out that resembled a word.

The head of his cock poked at my hole. He teased me for a minute or two, just touching my hole with his cock. Then he placed the head on it and leaned into me. I screamed as he slid into me until his pubes were on my skin. He laid forward, his entire body weight on me. 'I am inside now Sam. God you feel great.

He pushed off me and pulled out until just his head was left inside and once again sunk his cock into me. His movements were deliberate and solid; he was enjoying himself and knew how to move in my hole.

The pace would vary, slow, fast, and back again. Every time he nearly pulled out and then went all the way in again. Once he filled my hole he would apply his weight and go to work on my nipples. Even after removing the pinchers they were sensitive and while the moist and warmth from his mouth felt amazing, the fire shot to my toes.

I tried to enjoy his pillaging of my ass. Who am I fooling, I loved it. Fuck it was amazing. There was no pain just the fullness of his cock in my hole. The sounds I was able to make were all pleasure.

His pace picked up and he started to fuck me hard. Grunt preceded a full thrust. Over and over he pummeled my willing hole. He plowed into me, let out a rather quiet scream of delight and I knew he was cumming.

His cock still inside me, he laid on me and kissed my neck. 'Fuck Sam, you are so willing and can take it so well. I want to leave it in until it's hard again and go for seconds.'

It sounded pretty great to me, please, Andrew, fuck me again!

He pushed off me and pulled out and got off the bed. Where was he? What was he doing?

I could hear him in the bathroom, water running. He returned and released my legs, they felt like lead. He released my arms and they too were heavy and sore to move. Reaching for the blindfold I could feel cloth. Was he dressed?

The light blinded me for a moment. When I could see I was ticked. He was fully dressed again. Shit. I was so excited to finally see him naked, finally have sex with him and what happens? I get tied up, streamed on line, fucked and still don't get to see him naked.

'What? Why are you dressed?'

'You wanted to get fucked, you wanted me to do the fucking and you got what you wanted Sam.'

'That isn't what I wanted, I wanted to have sex with you.'

'Don't even try and claim you didn't enjoy it Sam, I am not a fool.'

'Ok, I enjoyed it, but it was more like you fucked me, not us having sex.'

'Sam Sam Sam. Having sex isn't restricted to one format or position. It varies. I happen to like taking total control.'

I tried sitting up and it was difficult, my arms didn't want to support my weight. I wasn't sure what to think. I had enjoyed it, enjoyed his technique, but I wanted more. 'Andrew, I am not ready to stop. I want to go at it again, without the blindfold this time.'

'Sam, I gotta get ready for work.'

'Bullshit, you don't work now.' I walked towards him. I wanted to touch him, I wanted him naked.

'OK, that was a lie. I don't work. I just need a little time to recoup.'

'Then can we go for round two?' I pleaded as much as asked.

He smiled. 'Not concerned about the cam?'

Shit. I had forgotten all about it.

'Speechless huh. And to think I had to gag you.'

He walked over to his computer and hit a key. A disk popped out. 'I didn't cam it. I just recorded it. Here is a copy. I couldn't do that to you without making sure you were ok with it. But after you watch it and see how hot it was, I will be happy to post it online. Standing naked, my own cum sliding down my body, holding the disk I didn't know what to think.

'So you didn't stream it?'

'No Sam. I actually like you, couldn't do it, but I had to record it so you could see. It is so hot Sam, really. You are fucking amazing. God. That night you passed out I was so tempted to fuck you, but I can't fuck a guy when he is passed out. Some guys can, but I can't, no matter how fucking hot his ass is.'

I was a little relieved he hadn't actually broadcast the teasing, but a little bummed too. Odd mix really.

'So, can we do it again? Now? Tonight?'

'Nope. You go home and watch it text me afterward. And tomorrow, after I get done with work, you come over and we will fuck your way.'

I wasn't sure if I wanted to fuck my way, whatever way that was, I just wanted to touch him and see him. I wanted to suck that cock.

'Now get into the shower and clean that cum off you abs. I think it's hot as hell, but it may look a little slutty walking down the street.'



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