Craig sent me home on my own, he had some work to do. The advantage to doing web design work was the hours, he could work when he wanted to and have sex with guys when he wanted to, not a bad gig.

The vacuum was loud enough that Jude didn't hear me come in. I quietly stripped down and sat naked on the sofa while he finished the rug in the hallway and put the vacuum cleaner away. When he returned to the living room he jumped.

'Shit! Sam, don't do that!'

'Don't sit naked on the sofa?' I replied jokingly.

'No, sneak in like that. The naked on the sofa thing is fine. In fact I rather like it.' He walked to the fridge. 'Want a beer?'


He returned and handed me a Sam Adams. 'Craig is good isn't he?'

Shit. How do I reply to that? Jude was my first and it was amazing, but I didn't really remember it, at least not like I remembered what Criag did to me. I didn't want Jude to feel second rate or something worse. 'It was pretty amazing Jude. Can you tell by looking at me or is it because you knew we wereyou know?'

He smiled, grinned actually, 'You look like you are glowing, a just fucked glow, but mostly because I knew. He knows how to fuck that is for sure.'

I didn't want to go into details. I was still on a high from the experience and really concerned about insulting Jude. I took a long swig from the bottle.

'I wasn't a virgin when I meet him but he sure has taught me a lot about sex. I still consider him a teacher in some ways. The guy just knows how to please, sort of like some people can make pasta and it's good and someone else can make pasta and it is amazing. They have a knack. Or it could be that he is a bit of a nympho.'

Thankfully Jude took the bait and said something. 'Jude, I could definitely handle being his student. And yours. I would consider myself pretty damn lucky to have the two of you showing me the ropes.'

What was I saying? Was I thinking straight? What a dumb thing to say. I felt like a simpleton. At least Jude laughed, that took the edge off a bit.

'Sam, you look pretty sexy laying there naked. Sort of want to come over and fuck you but alas that isn't going to happen.'

My eyes opened wide and I grew fearful he was going to kick me out or something. 'Why isn't it going to happen?'

'Because I am starving and we don't have any food for dinner. As much as I regret having to say this, get dressed and finish your beer.'

He got up and walked to the bathroom, I could hear him taking a piss. I put my clothes on. He came up to me, put his arm over my shoulders and gave me a squeeze. 'Sex is pretty fantastic isn't it. How about some fish and chips for dinner?'

I admit that I really didn't know Jude well, hell we had only met a matter of hours ago, was it even 100 hours? He was a little different in some ways. Fish and chips?

Walking toward the restaurant, I wasn't really paying attention, just following next to Jude, he leaned over and whispered 'Ever wonder how many of the guys we pass think we are fucking?' I laughed nervously, I was thinking just that, could people tell I was new to sex and that the stud next to me had fucked me? That his cock had been in my mouth?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and it wasn't Jude's. I jumped and gave a little yelp. A burst of laughter from behind, it was Craig. He leaned in between us, arms over our shoulders, 'Jude, I had a blast fucking this boy all afternoon. Damn he was tight. I envy you getting to pop his cherry, must have been pretty sweet.'

My dick started to swell. Did anyone hear him?

'Oh it was sweet, but I would go further and say that taking his virgin ass was without a doubt the best one I have ever popped.' Jude didn't even look at us as he said it.

'Please tell me, did he let you go bare? I would have loved to fuck him bare. God, fucking a virgin bare is out of this world.' I was surprised to hear Craig talk about barebacking.

'You have no idea how hot it was to cum inside him.'

'Did you tape it? Please tell me you did.' Tape it! What were these two into?

'Craig, if I could do it all over again, have Sam be a virgin, not only would I tape it I would have you doing the camera work.'

'God I love ya Jude. Would you let me have sloppy seconds?'

'Only if you let me tape it stud. Here we are. Sam, you hungry?'

Jude went from offering my ass to Craig as slopped seconds and taping it to asking if I was ready for dinner in one sentence. Wow. 'Yeah.' Another brilliant statement from the boy.

We order a round of beers and the party platter fish and chips. The server was a good looking, thin guy in his later twenties. He smiled when talking to us. Did he know we were gay?

'So Sam, did you think you would lose your virginity the same week you moved to Boston?' Craig asked just as the cute server arrived with our beers. He obviously heard and smiled at me, looking me right in the eyes.

'Ah, um, no. That was not something I had thought about.'

'So do you like it? Sex with men? You knew you were gay right?' Craig was blunt alright.

'Yeah I knew I was gay. Yes I liked it. No I didn't like it, I loved it.' Came my matter of fact response.

'Guess that was a dumb question. Your entire body was screaming that you loved it. Watching your face as I was sliding my dick in and out, priceless. Would love to see Visa use that as a commercial!'

Jude and Craig both burst out laughing and raised their beers to cheer.

Dinner arrived and Craig timed his next comment so the server would once again hear it. 'I just realized Sam, that every man you have met since you got here you have had sex with, pretty impressive.'

I know I blushed. I server didn't react, he just asked if we wanted another beer.

We started eating and it was the best fish I had ever eaten. Craig looked at me, 'Do you plan on having sex with every guy you meet or are you only interested in old guys like us?' Evidently the server was behind me.

'Someone has to take pity on the old guys.'

They laughed again and I am pretty sure the server laughed too. Timing is everything when it comes to jokes.

The meal was great, I felt full and content, the beers didn't hurt either. After the server dropped off the check Craig grabbed it. I was fine with him paying after all the wise cracks he had made during the entire meal, at my expense, when the server was standing next to me.

When he returned to collect the check he asked if we needed change. Craig said 'No. But my phone number is on the receipt if you would like to meet up with Sam some time.'

The server smiled and left. I was almost ticked, the beer kept it at almost. Walking out the door and back toward the condo I felt comfortable and happy. We arrived at Craig's cross street and stopped to say good night. A big hug and a quick kiss all around and Craig turned to leave. 'Sam, please let me get you naked again soon. Remember I have very flexible hours.'

I turned to Jude, 'Does he always talk like that and that loud?'

'Pretty much. You'll get use to it.'

We brushed our teeth and get ready for bed. It was still early but it felt late. I had taken off my shirt and undone the top button on my jeans. I walked up to Jude as he was shutting off the water. 'Jude, do you want to have sex?'

He looked into the mirror at me, then turned, 'Are you sure? You did just spend the afternoon with Craig.'

'I would ask if I wasn't sure.'

'Hell yeah, just not a marathon, I have to work in the morning.'

Actually I wasn't sure I could handle getting fucked again but I felt like I owed it to him. Seems strange to think like that but I did. Hearing he wanted it to be quick was comforting, I could handle a quick fuck.

As I started to run my hands over Jude's body I tried to explore it and enjoy it like Craig did to mine. I got on my knees and took down his briefs and started kissing his ass. I wasn't sure I was ready to get my tongue in there but I wanted to explore it a little. His response was positive, light moans and he arched his back pushing his ass towards me.

'Let me do that so I can loosen you up.'

I wondered if I had done something wrong.

He walked to his bed and I followed, crawling on to it and turning my ass towards him, offering it up. He went right for my hole and his tongue was inside immediately. Either he was hungry for it or really ready to fuck.

A finger, another and then he said, 'You ready?'

'Any time stud.'

The head of his cock was at my bud and he slowly entered. It hurt but not like the first time or with Craig, it was more of a soreness.

Once he was all the way in, and I tried not to show any pain or discomfort, he started talking, 'You ok? Does it hurt? Craig's got a nice cock on him and you aren't use to being fucked yet so it might hurt.'

'No Jude, it doesn't hurt, just getting used to it.'

He didn't respond with words, he just slowly fucked me. The discomfort turned into a feeling of pleasure rather quickly, maybe I was already getting use to having a cock inside me. He worked his cock as I tried to move with him. He was gentle but solid and after ten, maybe fifteen minutes he gave one hard shove and came.

'Everything ok Jude?' I asked after he pulled out.

'Yeah, why?'

I didn't know how to respond, it was good and I enjoyed it and didn't want to insult him.

'Don't' worry Sam, it was exactly what I needed, I just need to get to bed so I can work. I need to be in early and ready for a busy day.'

'Ok, I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong.'

'Wrong? Hell no. Sam, there was nothing wrong, it was just a quick fuck to get off, no harm intended. I appreciate your generous offer, tomorrow we can start earlier and get a good fuck session going.'

That was good to hear. I felt like I had a lot to learn about sex.



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