• Anonymous BBC

    He had heard about me through a mutual friend and I have a reputation to keep, so I invited this man over to experience me for himself.

  • Fateful Encounter: True Story: Chapter 2

    Another visit to be with John

  • The Man Who Got What He Wanted: Chapter 2

    Bill Gets his Payday, Bob gets a new son, Andy. Keith and BJ figure fighting and fucking could be fun plus another new car shows up.

  • Broadway market in the late summer

    Hackney, London Summer 2017. My mate and I have our first piss session together unexpectedly, and on that hot afternoon which I won't forget in a hurry, I fell madly in love

  • Carter And Me

    Tired of being treated as too young as they approach twenty, two guys leave home and contemplate a career in the sex industry.

  • Caught

    Life after getting caught having sex with another male.

  • Cliche: Chapter 2

    His skin was so smooth. I remember touching it when I was inside his asshole. I remember how his tight hole felt when I tried to slide my dick inside.

  • Dancer

    Born to boogie and fuck...

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 6

    Diego is a beautiful peruvian 18-year old i met at the Pride and immediately got a crush on. Read here about my summer love story. More at http://69studyhard.blogspot.com

  • Fucked at Sydney Airport

    I noticed the guy from the hostel sitting opposite me at the airport departures lounge. I winked at him as I headed to the bathroom. I couldn't believe that he had followed me in.

  • Greek Dessert

    Gikas was a dirty ogre but a great fuck...

  • Growing Up

    It was only three years, the difference between their ages. As teenagers it was a wide divide, but as adults it was nothing.

  • Halloween Fun

    A great costume and a new attitude made for a great evening of fun and fucking!

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 11

    First day in Barcelona flew nicely between friendship and sex. And I met Chaturbate model dehazee (aka Enzo) and a friendship was born. All my diaries at http://69studyhard.blogspot.com

  • My Nephew's Visit

    Close to 40, gay singleton Simon uses a spycam to record his sex sessions for personal enjoyment afterwards but a visit from his younger nephew takes things to a new level.

  • Nowhere Man

    A chance meeting catapults my life out of obscurity...

  • Office Encounter

    Office play becomes unexpected

  • Optometrist

    Hypo Ronnie shows his stuff...

  • Party Hook up

    This happened once when I was invited to a frat party and sleeping with a frat guy was on my bucket list. Crossed off.

  • Pool party grind

    A pool party at a friends house leads to a sexy bathroom encounter between two men.

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 8

    Fucking everyday my only-bottom 18yo Peruvian lover DIego, my ass was in need of some action too. Luckily I found a doctor in his 40s who prescribed the best medicine: COCK http://69studyhard.blogspot.com

  • Putting Out for the Frat Guy Next Door: Life in Maine: Chapter 4

    With the stakes having never been higher, Steve is finally met with a choice once and for all between the two very different men in his life... while not knowing fate threatens to take it all away in an instant

  • Straight Playboy Takes Sexual Crisis to His Gay College Professor & Friend

    Rob, a gorgeous 20-Year-old college student, visits Professor Cade, a popular prof and gay activists, for advice when Rob learns a cheerleader is pregnant after a night of sex with him. Wild sex with the Prof?

  • The Boys In The Band

    How I became the fuck-bunny for two straight guys...

  • The summer in a Mediterranean City

    A little experience I had a year or two ago in a Mediterranean city - all true!

  • This Doesn't End in Suicide

    Fed up with the disappointments that come with being a same gender loving black male ,McKyle, seeks sexual pleasure for the "last time."

  • Twink in Heat

    Toys and porn were only making my hornier, so I went out in search of a hot man to scratch that deep itch.

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 10

    Part 1/4 of WEEKEND IN BARCELONA: Thursday, alone in the night. Story about the trip I did to Barcelona, Spain, to meet for the first time my Chaturbate performer friend Enzo (@dehazee)

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 9

    My midsummer party became my first (involuntary) fuck-for-cash experience. Morning after, life goes on: feelings for Diego and work as a webcam performer. Read all my diaries at http://69studyhard.blogspot.com

  • Dads Boss

    After our very short wrestling match that I notice that he has torn a fair side hole into his crotch of his dress pants. I was truly amazed to see him wearing red color sports briefs. It was also a short time later that I got a little crotch smell from him when he planted his bulge onto my face.