• A Glorious Hole

    Who knew a faulty bulb could lead to so much naughty fun...

  • A Service Tech Goes The Extra Mile For The Judge and the Marine

    My husband’s boring day at home gets a boost from a studly security technician there to repair our system. And I watch on the security cams.

  • A Stranger's Kindness

    The young man looked up, his eyes suddenly looking at him. Ben felt a small shiver inside, seeing the look of gratitude in them that made his heart skip a beat or two.

  • An Unusual Cruising and Sex Spot in Downtown Louisville

    My true sexual adventures down under the railroad trestles and in a bus station and movie house in Louisville.

  • Black Water Tavern

    John Russell just wanted to a drink and the tavern was the only place nearby.

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 20

    I met my summer-love Diego for the first time after several months. I went to his place. His boyfriend would be so mad if he would find out.

  • Central Park and Other Cruising Spots

    Sex in the park, in the YMCA, hotel rooms,and other lurid places.

  • Christmas Market Sweets

    Aiden buys his pleasure at a German Christmas Market.

  • Cover Boy

    The path from model to movie star goes thru rent-boy.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 10

    He leaned forward, seeking a hungry kiss, which I was all too happy to oblige. "Fuck me" I grunted through gritted teeth as his thrusts slammed home.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 3

    As he stepped to the window that I'd already lowered, I noticed a heavy bulge. There even appeared to be quite a pronounced cock bulge to one side. "Holy shit, this guy's got a lethal weapon.."

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 7

    I said to him, "Ben, you don't have to treat me like I'm glass, thanks to you I'm safe." Ben kissed me again, harder this time. He was hungry.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 11

    His cock was softening and slipped from my ass. I offered him a shower, but he said he wanted to keep my smell on him longer...

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 6

    I unlocked my car, and as I got in I felt a cold, almost metal like feeling on the back of my head. I whipped my head around, and there was Chad, the man who'd been fired. He had a gun pointed at me.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 9

    "You don't tease daddy like that without getting punished Mikey!" He continues to hammer me ass, driving steadily upward into me.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 5

    He always looked so hot in his running gear, he wore these short shorts, with a slit that went all the way to his waist band. I knew that he was wearing a jock under those shorts.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 8

    "Damn Mikey, I knew you were hot, but that ass won't quit." I blushed furiously, not because of the compliment but because of what a mess I looked like.

  • Delivery from Jimmy: Chapter 4

    He looks at me and says, "That was fun man, thanks for the fuck" and he opened the door and stepped out of the office.

  • Dominant Right

    A man, recently released from prison, is forced to seek employment with a doctor who has lost his arm. His Parole Officer tells him how he can escape parole altogether but at a price.

  • Fall Off, Get Right Back On

    Jason stared down at him, and Doug felt his body reacting to his gaze. The guy was friggin hot, in every meaning of the word. He was as tall as Doug, but had flowing blond hair while Doug's was more brown in color, and a bit more course.

  • First bj by a total stranger

    this was 1971 when i received my first bj from a total stranger and how things changed 5 years later and I started giving them!

  • For Free

    A young man gets booted out of school for illegal use of cock and finds a new occupation, cock, balls, and all.

  • Friend's Husband Breeds Me

    My friend asks me to check in on his husband while he is away and being the slut I am, I couldn't resist getting an ass full of cum after a casual coffee in town.

  • Gas Money for Santa

    Santa comes in Havre de Grace.

  • Jim's Boys

    When he walked away from the 65 year old cement & brick building for the last time, he didn't feel any regret. He was excited, because now he could enjoy the fun. He had saved, scrimped and tucked it all away for 35 long years.

  • Me in Prison

    I serve time in a minimum security prison for embezzlement. Here are some of my sexual adventures while there.

  • Sebas Sex Diaries: Chapter 18

    An update on my professional life: I got a job as a Consultant and I could not be happier (and also busier). But that does not keep me away from my regular sex encounters and love dramas.

  • One Small Suitcase

    A man adopts an almost grown kid to be his son. He gets what he wants and considerably more.

  • Paint Job

    An unwanted chore leads to an amazing experience...

  • Private Math Sexsion

    "fuck! That feels so good!":I exclaimed, placing my face on the bare ground so I could use both hands to spread my ass open for him. He loved this renewed access so he fuck me with his tongue much better.