• 18-Year-Old Son of My Landlady Is No Angel

    Boris, a big bulky blond and blue eyed Scandinavian-type stud and blue-collar road construction superintendent, rents an apartment from Louise, the manager of a large apartment complex. He meets her 18-year-old son who turns out not to be an angel.

  • A Marathon Runner Runs Into The Marine and the Judge - Part 1

    Paradise. A marathon. Hot runners from all over the world. Endorphins rushing. And my husband the, Judge, and me, the Marine. Oh boy, was the sweaty, hot, Spanish marathon runner ripe for the picking! This is the first half of our fun . . .

  • A Slutty Surf Instructor Plays With The Marine And The Judge

    While we were on our December trip to Hawaii, we again had some man on man fun with the slutty butler we'd originally met on our cruise to Alaska in 2016. The slut was still a slut, but instead of being a butler, he'd become a surf instructor. To say he was still a slut is like saying the Mona Lisa ...

  • Bear Cub Son

    Short story on a lazy Saturday afternoon experience with my Bear Cub Son. Had such a good time, wanted to capture it. Have decided to share it.

  • Big Amish Guy busts a nut in his first Big Guy gay bar

    Corn fed massive guy gets his.

  • Big guy behind me...and deep in me, and I never see him.

    Big muscle guy gets mystery bull fucking his hole

  • Buck

    When Buck sets out to make his gay porn debut, who better to direct than his dad, retired porn legend Jack Chance?

  • Caught

    After getting caught shoplifting, my life changes.

  • Clayton & Frank Continue Wild Raunchy Man Sex at Hotel: PT 2

    After 33-year-old Clayton submitted his rock hard cock to 27-year-old Frank's juicy mouth and tongue in a mind-blowing blowjob in the restroom at the Max Bar in Omaha, they spend an all-nighter in Clayton's hotel suite satisfying their testosterone driven carnal desires and lust for raunchy man sex ...

  • Code on The Crescent

    Rent-boy plies trade on train in servicing signals.

  • Committed Friendship - Part 2

    It's a leading up of my current relationship, we are current living and working in a situation were we stay committed to each other without the pressure of pure RELATIONSHIP. There is a Sex Scene in this part

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 1

    Fabio is an escort in NYC and a good one. He gets booked on a job with a new guy, Chance. He figures he has to show the newbie the tricks of the trade but Chance has a trick of his own.

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 2: All Meat, No Veggies

    Fabio is an experienced, high class whore in NYC. After he meets the spectacular but clueless Chance on a job, he takes the newbie under his wing and back to his place to teach him the basics: how to suck a big cock and then take it up your gorgeous ass.

  • Full Circle

    A fantasy about a straight friend comes 'full circle' after nearly forty years...

  • Grizzly

    A threesome of furry rough sex...

  • Horny Clayton Meets Horny Frank at Omaha "Max Bar"

    After an address at Creighton University, horny Clayton visits the popular "Max Bar" in Omaha, Nebraska looking for a hot dude for a night of raunchy wild man sex. Hope you guys enjoy this work unfortunately it is fiction for now.

  • It pays to advertise

    Being new in town, I needed a way to meet men for sex.

  • Jizz Pig

    I am a lavatory lizard and love skanky toilets...

  • JP

    A feisty straight boy becomes a prison bitch...

  • Lessons In Life

    An ignorant and ageist utterance bites me in the arse...

  • Locked Up On The Weekend

    An anticipated weekend from hell turns into a fuck-fest..

  • Magnus

    Magnus teaches me not to judge a book by its cover...

  • Mantown

    Jesse King is handsome, hung and successful, but is weary of the battle of the sexes. As his 39th birthday approaches, he may have figured out a novel solution.

  • Maybe We Should Hang Out Sometime

    Joey, "straight" hot guy, got drunk at the Superbowl party. He and Paul messed around a little. "Maybe we should hang out sometime". Three years later...

  • Mike Pence, A Virtuous Man

    EXPOSED: Servicing a seemingly endless supply of men by hatch or by snatch, before you is a step by step account of all the sordid, promiscuous details that encompass an average day in the not-so-average life of the most proudly homophobic vice president this nation has ever seen: Michael Richard ...

  • My First Boss

    Ugly men can be awesome...

  • Never Enough

    The more cum I ate the more I wanted and finally got my wish

  • Oktoberfest Part 2

    Chris stretched his taut, lean frame. What Chris lacked in large muscles, he made up for in sculpted definition. His lean, tall frame never supported the kind of muscles he enjoyed seeing on others but he made the most of his fast-metabolism and lean body.

  • On the road

    Totally TRUE experiences of my life while a traveling salesman. All encounters are ninety-five percent true, with mainly just the names being changed.


    After helping an out of work man get back on his feet, things develope