• A Stick of Butter

    A guy gets more than he bargains for.

  • Amazing Sexy High School Senior Seduces A Prominent Community Leader

    Chase, an 18-year-old high school academically outstanding senior, interviews an outstanding community leader and businessman for his senior paper and becomes consumed with lust for the successful older businessman.

  • An Open Door

    An Open Door explores the sexual tension that develops when a shy young professional, finally admitting that the mortgage on his new condo might be might be a little more than he can handle, rents his spare room to Jared, a dark eyed, curly haired construction worker with no respect for boundaries.

  • Are You Afraid of Me, Boss?

    My new manager at work is one of those "nice gays", pleasantly good-looking and kind and earnest. And it's cute the way he gets uncomfortable around me. I'm a cocky young bastard and 100% homo myself - dominant, masculine, top. So it's fun to tease Russell and make him sweat a little. Because my job is boring as fuck... and boundaries are a lot more interesting when they're at risk of being obliterated.

  • Brett Bradley's Cock

    I hope you enjoy my second contribution to this fantastic site. My first was heavy on the romance...this one is more about the sex. Meet Paul and Stephen. They are about to sexually combust but Paul seems to have something...or someone...else on his mind. Coming soon, I get back into the romantic side of things with the story of Sweet Sam and Flip. It will be fairly epic for me anyway, so look for it soon. In the mean time....enjoy

  • Costa And Son

    Marius is totally addicted to sweat...

  • Cowboys Getting Crazy

    Two random strangers meet at a bar in Texas, then go fuck their brains out into some sex toys.

  • Delivery Adventures

    Delivering pizzas in a big city comes with it's own surprises for a recent college grad...

  • Fabio and Chance and The Giant...Thing, Part 1

    Fabio is an escort in NYC and a good one. He gets booked on a job with a new guy, Chance. He figures he has to show the newbie the tricks of the trade but Chance has a trick of his own.

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 2: All Meat, No Veggies

    Fabio is an experienced, high class whore in NYC. After he meets the spectacular but clueless Chance on a job, he takes the newbie under his wing and back to his place to teach him the basics: how to suck a big cock and then take it up your gorgeous ass.

  • Fabio and Chance, Part Three: Is it a party, an orgy or a gang bang?

    Fabio goes to a party in a Manhattan townhouse. What happens when a cross section of New York's sexiest men, all high class escorts, collilde and connect in a space where there are no limits?

  • Fucked by a Dick Dancer

    Needing some cock really bad so off to the XXX arcade, I got more than I expected

  • Grindr Helping my Speedo Fetish

    This true Grindr hookup experience between two guys with a serious speedo fetish is hot. Sucking cock through the lycra of their speedos causes a cum soaked mess.

  • His Brother's Hot Friend

    Horny Justin fantasizes about a passionate past encounter with his brother's hot friend last summer.

  • Hot Grandpa Cock Fictional

    Fictional Story about me getting fucked by a horny Grandpa with a big cock

  • Jogger's Dilemma

    A jogger falls into the horny clutches of a homeless duo...

  • John Now and Eric Have Sex in a Hot Air Balloon

    The day John and Eric met in Las Vegas for the 2017 porn awards Eric gave John his lover a ball busting blowjob and banged John's awesome pink juicy ass. The next day Eric took John on a balloon ride that turned into steamy man sex at 10,000 feet.

  • KIDNAPPED - Part 2

    These two Cubans! One had 14 ". The other 13" and they were ready to fuck me for the first time! I had been kidapped and I was on the floor one cock in front of mel one behind me hard as bricks!

  • Oktoberfest

    Chris visits Oktoberfest with his wife. On his way home, he discovers something better than any German beer.

  • Oversexed

    A satyriasis male model seeks constant gay sexual attention.

  • Pete fucked me at the Brick

    A little trip to the bar landed me on a hard cock in a room full of people and no one knew.

  • Popeye

    I am finally ravished by Bluto, my comic book hero...

  • Scarface

    Fucked by my aunt's husband, the policeman...

  • THE CENTURY Chapter 2

    Chapter 1 introduced us to Kyle and Jason, to guys in their late 20's / mid 30's respectively. Meeting at a coffee shop, they go out on a first date ending up at Jason's small penthouse style condo. While preparing dinner, they get distracted with some hot action on the couch. Let's pick it up from there and see how the rest of the evening pans out.

  • The Club

    Zane is Raped by a stranger Until....

  • The Homeless Guys

    Homeless men can be great lovers...

  • The Introduction

    Sometimes a formal introduction is not necessary.

  • The Wall

    A bricklayer teaches a feisty queen a lesson...

  • The Zoo

    Meeting the man of my dream results in an unpleasant itch...

  • Train Journey

    Bill and Chuck decide to take the train...