We didn't talk much on the way back to Jude's. The wind was blowing and we weren't properly dressed for it, no surprise. Once inside I went to find the paperwork I received when I did the video. The curiosity about when it would be finished was driving me crazy. Of course there wasn't a phone number for the place. Terry was equally eager so we decided to make the trek to the place.

The same front desk guy was working and he greeted me with a huge smile. Asking about the video he had us take a seat and went through the door to where the magic is done. After ten minutes he returned and handed me a card. It was the size of a postcard and an invitation to attend the release of their newest video. Sadly it was for two people and not until Friday. Two people. Of course I needed to be there but I wanted Jude and Terry to join me.

Pleading for another guest and meeting his refusal frustrated me. Terry pulled me toward him and whispered in my ear. We both removed our jackets and shirts, dropped our pants and Terry gave me a blowjob in the reception area in front of the front desk guy.

When I was ready to cum I pulled my cock out and said I was gonna shoot. Terry opened his mouth and I aimed. My load wasn't very big but it did land on his tongue, cheek and nose. I licked it off and we kissed. The guy handed me another card. Smiling I thanked him and off we went the victors.

Back at Jude's we surfed porn and watched some videos. The company's webpage did have an announcement about the up coming release with some hot pictures. My face was clearly visible. Terry loved it.

When Jude finally arrived I nearly told him about the exciting news. Terry, thinking for me suggested we all go out to eat because I had some news to share, a sort of celebration dinner. Telling someone so little about some exciting future news is almost mean and of course Jude wanted to know what it was but he agreed we should go out. Seconds later his phone rang. It was Craig. Jude invited him to come along.

Two hours later the four of us, dressed nicely we were a hot looking party of men. A round of drinks was ordered. How Jude managed to get me served was a mystery but I didn't complain. Once the drinks arrived I passed the cards to Jude and Craig telling them they were my guests at the release party. Craig was blown over; how he had missed the news I don't know. Jude was also surprised and we lost ourselves in conversation.

After the meal was over we returned to Jude's for a cocktail. Craig stood up and said he had something to say. What it could be I had no idea.

"A couple of weeks back arrangements were made for a video to be filmed and someone, one of the stars just didn't show. That would be Sam. Of course the producer and director, Me, and the star of the film, Jude, were disappointed. Apparently the co-star completely forgot his commitment."

Fuck. Craig was correct. We had talked about filming Jude and I having sex and I completely forgot about it.

"Normally I would refuse to work with anyone who behaved so unprofessionally. However, I decided to take another chance. Jude, you are already aware of the scheduled filming. Sam," Craig looked at me like an adult scolding a child. "You will need to be there, tomorrow at noon."

Terry laughed. Jude smiled and Craig smirked. "Sam. Tomorrow you will start in yet another video of you taking a hot cock."

Feeling sheepish I stood up and trying to sound mature and sincere spoke. "Gentlemen, and I use that term lightly out of respect, I will not only on time to this shoot, but I will be prepared to worship the incredibly amazing cock of Jude's as long as it takes to get the scenes the director, and producer, require."

A small round of applause followed.

"Wonderful. Hopefully you aren't full of shit." Craig smirked again. "Would it be the time for an audition?"

Shaking my head, "Mr. Producer, with all due respect, I have been royally fucked not once but twice today and given an amazing blow job. My body, while above average in the production of semen, needs time to produce enough so your film meets your expectations."

"Always an excuse with you Sam." Craig winked at me. "How about you Terry? Care to audition? I wouldn't mind adding a scene with a hot young jock like yourself."

Terry? Did Craig want Terry to join us? Immediately my gaze went to Terry and then to Jude.

"Well, your offer is generous however I am a little uncomfortable having sex with my boyfriend's very dear friend and host. And I think it would be rude to have my boyfriend watch as I let a producer fuck me for fun."

It was my turn to laugh. I gave Terry a kiss and smirked at Craig.

"Sam, would you really mind watching Terry enjoy two cocks as outstanding as the ones Jude and I have?" Craig smiled.


"Damn." Craig sat down knowing that this time he wasn't going to get to tap the ass he wanted.

Terry didn't spend the night. I was hoping he would but he said that if he did it would be impossible for him to keep his hands off my body. He was right, at some point I would have been drawn to his charms and I really did want to shoot a couple of nice loads the next day.

Waking me early, Jude and I went to the gym on a Sunday morning. After a fast paced one-hour work out purely to get our muscles looking great. We arrived at the studio of Craig's friend by noon.

Craig was already at the studio, coffee was brewed and three men were prepping for the shoot. Tom, the photographer was about forty. What I was expecting I don't know but he didn't look like what I expected. He was a thin guy, not too terribly tall, his eyes looked like he was sad, but he was in a very good mood. He explained what the plan was for the shoot. Jude listened and nodded like he understood everything. I wondered if this was a first for him. After my professional experience, as they gave me shit, I did understand what he wanted.

Having cleaned out at home all we really needed to do was begin. It took about ninety minutes to film everything. It was really just something for Jude. Craig however had a blast acting like a big moneyed producer, it was quite comical how he behaved and kept things relaxed.

Once we were done Craig came over and asked me to give Tom head, as a thank you. At first I was just surprised and then a little put off. Jude must have overheard. He came up to me after Craig walked away and told me I didn't need to do anything.

Mulling it over as I dressed the idea that Craig would ask me to suck off his buddy did tick me off. Granted I had always been up for sex and it had never bothered me to put out, the way he came up to me and with such arrogance I was not pleased. Tom was nowhere near and not once during the entire afternoon act like he expected anything for his time. I wasn't sure if Craig was paying him for his studio time and the other guys.

Standing half dressed I was torn. The idea of sucking Tom off didn't bother me. I liked sucking cock. It was the way Craig approached it that was irritating. The guys helping left, Craig was on his phone and Jude was sitting in a chair watching me. Fuck it. Walking up to Tom I thanked him for his time, knowledge and generosity. He was very kind and said it was a pleasure and thanked me. His response was so genuine I asked if he would like it if I sucked his cock, as a thank you.

Evidently he wasn't expecting anything like that and he thanked me. Feeling better I asked him again and said I would be happy to do it. Again he refused. We shook hands and then Jude and I left.

Eating lunch, we were both starving considering we hadn't eaten breakfast and it was nearly three in the afternoon we talked about Craig's request. Jude suggested it was just Craig taking his producer role too far. In the course of the discussion I learned that Tom would do private videos for people. He did charge for the work but it was purely personal use filming. He also mentioned that Tom, while a very nice man and good at what he did, was very self-conscience. Apparently even when erect, his cock was only about four inches long. Years earlier in a drunken state, Tom's ex boyfriend spilled the news to a mutual friend of theirs. Tom was so embarrassed about his cock he didn't want anyone to see it.

This made me feel terrible for the guy. He was really nice. There was nothing he could do about having a rather small penis and society wasn't very kind about small dicks. Part of me wanted to go back and have sex with him just because he was small. When I mentioned it to Jude it turned the conversation into a bit of a lesson for me.

Why was a big cock so great? Was a man with a small cock not as much of a man? Was he inferior? Did it really matter? Jude wasn't vindictive or cruel about the discussion. He was simply asking questions that I had never considered. He also asked me why I wanted to have sex with him once I knew he had a small cock. Answering was not easy. I tried to get Jude to tell me his opinion but he refused. He said I needed to find the answers, my answers myself.

Leaving lunch I was frustrated. The conversation was hardly titillating. All it did was leaving me feeling like a shit, stupid and immature. Noticing the adult shop I had stopped at the other day my spirits rose. I begged Jude to come in with me, just to look around. Finally pleading like a desperate horny boy he conceded. The same clerk was working. My mood had been beaten to a pulp during lunch and I hated feeling bad. The solution, for a size queen horny slut like I was; toys and a bit of a show.

There was no need to explain my plan, if he knew when I begged him to stop in, figured it out as we browsed the merchandise or just got a kick out of watching me behave like the nineteen year old I was, it didn't matter. Dildos, butt plugs, handcuffs, whips, cock rings and all the other various items to increase the enjoyment between two men, or solo of course, we had some fun. The clerk remembered me and offered to help me try anything I was interested in.

The temptation was there but I kept my cock in my pants. Instead of buying a dildo or vibrator I purchased lube and condoms. Leaving I felt much better. Nearly home I thought I saw Charles. How could I forget him? Once inside I asked Jude why he sent Charles to his place and why he asked me to have sex with him. Feeling a little embarrassed, especially after what happened with Craig, he stumbled for words.

"Shit. Sam. I am really sorry about that. It was wrong of me to set you up like that. Damn. I won't do anything like that again, I promise."

"Jude, really, no need to be sorry. I was just surprised. You had him come here. I mean, if you would have asked me if I wanted to go home with him while we were at the restaurant I would have been all over the idea. But having him meet me here and knowing we were going to have sex, here, it goes against one of the few rules you set."

"It isn't a rule. The only reason I said that was I didn't want you to be bringing guys in all the time."

"All the time? You thought I was going to be a slut from the beginning?" My tone was a pretend shock. In truth it was almost flattering.

"No! It wasn't like that at all. Shit. I am only digging a deeper hole for myself. Sam I am an ass. I have no problem with Terry spending the night here on occasion. Having him, or anyone here night after night would drive me crazy. You have been great. Granted you are one horny little fuck, but otherwise having you around is really good for me. People have even told me what a positive effect it has had on me.

"Charles and I have been friends for a long time. He is a good guy and one hot stud in the sack. I knew you would have a blast. And...I knew he would too. Seriously Sam, I feel like a shit but I did what I did and I am sorry for not asking you first."

"Really Jude, it's no big deal, I was just curious."

"It was sort of a big deal. Last month Charles parents were in a car accident. He lost both of them. He took it really hard and has been in a daze since it happened. He is back at work but he has spent the last month in his apartment alone. I had managed to get him to meet me for lunch and talked him into coming out with us for dinner. That alone was a huge endeavor. He really did lighten up and relax. Seeing him smile and laugh again was great. I was pretty concerned. Than I had this stupid idea. He hadn't been out in a month. He hadn't been laid in a month. He was having fun and mentioned to me how lucky I was that you were staying with me. Hearing him talk about how sexy he thought you were and how nice your ass looked, Sam. I was drunk. I asked him if he wanted to fuck you. He said yes and I told him to come here and the two of you could fuck each other silly. It was wrong."

Now I was feeling stupid. The evening was amazing, the sex unbelievable and I would have no problem doing it again. "Jude. Seriously. It's fine. Not once did I feel like you were a jerk, or an ass. I was just surprised you were ok that it happened here."

"Really? Is that all? Honest?" He peeked at me as his head hung low.

"Jude, any time you think Charles needs a pick me up, I offer myself."

Jude smiled sheepishly. "Thanks Sam. I won't do anything like that again."

"Wait a second. I haven't forgiven you yet and I won't unless you promise me I will get to ride him again." Half joking but not really, I was getting turned on by just thinking about Charles.

Sunday, late afternoon, no plans and Terry was off doing something. He wouldn't tell me and I didn't press the question. Jude and I went to a movie and picked up some carry out from the Italian place near by. While we ate and talked about basic things like needing laundry detergent I remembered what Terry had said about his birthday coming up. In wasn't until Jude got me attention that I realized I had become silent, lost in thought as I recalled he wasn't older than me.

"Jude? Did you know Terry's birthday is this week?"

"Nope. What day?" He answered while chewing his hoagie.

"Not sure, he just said his birthday was in a week. Do you know how old he is?"

"Nope. Never really thought about it. Twenty-two or twenty-three?"

Looking at Jude I felt sick to my stomach and it had nothing to do with the food. "He's going to be twenty."

Mid chew, Jude swallowed his food. "Shit."

Dinner pretty much ended at that point. We spent a couple of hours talking. Not wanting to betray Terry's trust in me I tried to keep his story out of the conversation but I failed. Realizing what I had done I begged Jude to keep it a secret. That evening was a huge lesson for me. Over the last few months I had spent time thinking about my life and sex. Was I out of control? Was I behaving in ways I would regret in the future? Was I having sex with guys for a reason, other than being horny?

Jude was not a stupid man. He asked me some pointed questions, some were open to interpretation, they all challenged me to think about what I had done, was doing and what choices I make in the future.

That night I went to bed feeling like I had been acting like an idiot since I arrived. Maybe coming to Boston had been a mistake?



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