• A dick is born

    I wanted to become a private dick, so I found my first "case" in high school.

  • Above The Badge

    Detective Reese Kent inspected the lifeless body that lay in the back seat of the Chevy Tahoe parked in the alley...

  • Agent 25: T Don

    A night of emotions with a dog master.

  • All Fools' Day Foolery: Chapter 3

    Cases converge and Kavanagh nails the perpetrator--literally.

  • Assassins

    Ok guys, this is one of three stories I will be posting today. I'm gonna continue one of them as my main series and the other two will be side projects. Your comments decide. This is the tale of two assassins: sexy, mysterious, lethal.

  • At The Main Street Bar and Grill

    A serial murderer is targeting a gay bar, The Main Street Bar and Grill. Gay detective, Jack Specio, is sent to investigate, and almost becomes the latest victim.

  • Balls deep thieves: Chapter 2

    The words crossed my mind and I slowly felt releaved. Leting out a sigh I exited the shower and found the bed. It was only moments before I drifted to sleep dreaming up ways to tease my loyal cop Jess.

  • Bird Shooting

    A Young Man and his father go hunting; Both get what they're after.

  • Bird Shooting: The Final Shoot Out

    Bill and Billy Help a Rancher Friend While Some Vultures Nest in Trees

  • Business Cruise

    Rent-boy gets the business on a mafia business cruise.

  • Death in Eden: Chapter 8

    The Big Bite

  • Death in Hollywood: Chapter 7

    Revelations for Clint after all these years, a farewell fuck with Danny, and a call for Clint's next, close-to-home case

  • Death in Key West: Chapter 10

    Clint gives it up one more time even as the mystery moves to conclusion.

  • Death in Manhattan: Chapter 5

    Abrupt end to an affair and propelled into the next hunt

  • Death in the Rockies: Chapter 10

    Clint wraps up a mystery, is laid by a Chicago cop, and acquires Hank as a new live-in lover.

  • Death On The Rhine: Chapter 16

    But it wasn't over. Flash was still as hard as ever. He turned Clint on his back and knelt below him on the divan and pulled Clint's pelvis into his hips. This time he fucked Clint in vigorous strokes. Joyfully. His eyes locked on Clint's. Full of pleasure, laughter, and lust.

  • Death to Blonds: Chapter 8

    Clint unexpectedly solves the case the hard way.

  • Death to Innocence: Chapter 6

    Steeped in family mystery and tragedy, Clint pulls away from Hollywood for Penn State.

  • Death to the Past: Chapter 6

    Escaping the past

  • Decoy

    Arab subterfuge played out a Washington, D.C., pro men's tennis tournament.

  • Diary of the Rubber Catsuit Killer: Chapter 2

    As he slept he could once again hear that same voice inside his head saying " sleep my killer for tomorrow you kill again the rubber requires you to kill". Yes said Randy " I must kill again I want to kill again I will kill again ! As he feel asleep he was talking in his sleep kill kill kill .

  • Diary of the rubber catsuit killers: Chapter 2

    young man kills to please the rubber

  • Edgar's Dream

    As the story unfolds, we find out the mystery behind it!

  • Edgy Partners

    Son connects with his father's spy past and murder.

  • Escape to Girne: Chapter 4

    Retribution at last

  • EsPionAge: Chapter 3

    Carter goes on a dinner date with Sanchez damning all consequences and had a steaming man to man sex with the world most deadliest killer.against his contract what will be the outcome of this illict and dangerous decision and act??

  • Fever

    An assassin is sent to deal with a medical epidemic assassin in Mali.

  • Give and Take

    A young, down on his luck cop resorts to becoming a private security agent to support himself. But the rich man and his son who hire him are not quite the people he was expecting.

  • Gotta Keep Trying: Chapter 6

    Down on the farm

  • Grabbed

    Detective Mike Fells was about to crack the mystery of serial kidnapper Snatcher, only to end up the baddie's latest victim.