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The Mystery Texter

Story by Str8SensitiveGuy

14 Jun 2024 161 Readers comments 59 Min Read

Two things happen simultaneously: Brock receives a secret admirer text from an unknown number and he receives a letter from an unknown law firm. While the text has the potential to change his future in the best possible way, the letter could potentially ruin that future by rewriting his long-buried past.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Mystery & Crime


As Day Gives Way to Night

Story by Jake

12 Jun 2024 1720 Readers comments 5 Min Read

A superhero is captured by his archnemesis, who has sinister plans for him.

Topics: Anal Sex, Face Fuck, Mystery & Crime, Superhero, Rape, Domination, Gangbang


Purposeful and Unfree (ch. 12)

Story by SauberFleisch

2 Jun 2024 96 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Flint enters the palace. His clandestine route leads him past fuckable asses until he finally encounters Nels, naked and ready, as well as the Sovereign.

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Fucking


C.U.B.E. (ch. 35)

Story by Hunknown

31 May 2024 841 Readers comments 20 Min Read

👁 Kareem ventures into ‘The Barren’, the infamous unfinished corner of the 2nd Floor where other rules than the Law apply; there, at the Seedy Sip Tavern, he gets disconcerting news from a mysterious man. The day after, O’Rourke gets the ultimate punishment that seals his complete debasement.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Masturbation, Mystery & Crime, Mind Control, Oral & Blowjobs, Illustrated, Straight to Gay


Wind of Fortune

Story by Habu

19 May 2024 733 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Hunting terrorists on a luxury yacht cruise.

Topics: Arab, Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Spy, Sam Winterberry

8 Votes

Only One Draw (ch. 8)

Story by Habu

14 May 2024 283 Readers comments 19 Min Read

Missed Chances

Topics: Crossdressing, Prostitution, Mystery & Crime, BDSM

10 Votes

The Leading Man

Story by Habu

8 Apr 2024 471 Readers comments 28 Min Read

An espionage Candy Store Unit recruitment story.

Topics: DP, Mystery & Crime, Spy, Fucking, Sam Winterberry

15 Votes

Twisted Souls

Story by Nyguy

2 Apr 2024 682 Readers comments 18 Min Read

“You are a man of the world after my own heart, Mr. Larrabee. You’re an orphan, a scoundrel, a pervert and a killer! We’re cut from the same cloth!” Los Angeles in 1947; evil abounds among the rich and powerful, as well as the poor and ambitious.

Topics: Rough Sex, Romance, Prostitution, Historical, Mystery & Crime, Straight Sex, Submission, Father in Law

32 Votes

Back in Miami (ch. 10)

Story by Lee Obrien

11 Mar 2024 372 Readers comments 14 Min Read

Final Chapter. Ridge gets Malik's statement and then he and Ollie go talk to Jeff Barker. The investigation is wrapped up and Malik and Tyler head back to Key West to resume their life.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Abduction, Mystery & Crime

23 Votes

Homing Pigeon

Story by Habu

4 Mar 2024 901 Readers comments 27 Min Read

Chefs and Arab terrorists in Amsterdam.

Topics: Arab, Fiction, Interracial, Mystery & Crime, Spy, Intrigue, Sam Winterberry

11 Votes

Swiss Exchange

Story by Habu

26 Feb 2024 640 Readers comments 23 Min Read

Sam Winterberry’s Candy Store Unit engages in two spy operations in a Swiss mountain hotel.

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Spy, Rentboy, Sam Winterberry

31 Votes

Back in Miami

Story by Lee Obrien

24 Feb 2024 551 Readers comments 11 Min Read

Ridge, Lucas and Ollie are back!! It has been a year since Ridge and Ollie broke up the Dwight Slocum sex ring. Ridge and Ollie start to work one of Ridge's cold cases and Tyler is celebrating his one-year anniversary with his boyfriend in Key West.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Abduction, Mystery & Crime

39 Votes

Missing in Miami (ch. 21)

Story by Lee Obrien

10 Feb 2024 440 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Final chapter, thank you all for following along. Ridge and Lucas decide a vacation is in order after the Ridge's case is mostly wrapped up. Ridge is still concerned about Tyler.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Abduction, Mystery & Crime

25 Votes


Story by Habu

8 Jan 2024 1045 Readers comments 31 Min Read

Espionage and gay sexual games in Adana, Turkey.

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Spy, Sam Winterberry

20 Votes

Cory Wade Is Missing (ch. 24)

Story by Rick Beck

23 Dec 2023 274 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Angus goes to tell Dolores, Tony's gone. Running into her son and his lover at Ocean Beach, where he's directed. is a bonus. Watching Cory and Jesse surf, he's finally got his man. Of course his employer, Dolores Wade, knows where Cory is. He's living in a beach cabin beside her beach cabin. Angus can't help but admire young love. Cory is safely home and Angus doesn't even need to go tell ...

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Love

26 Votes

Sergey’s Stashes

Story by Habu

11 Dec 2023 641 Readers comments 37 Min Read

Las Vegas piano bar singer and Russian mafia casino owner

Topics: Interracial, Mystery & Crime, Travel, Sex

23 Votes

The Haunted Lodge (ch. 2)

Story by BJJL

21 Nov 2023 1977 Readers comments 11 Min Read

Jim and John are getting closer to solving the crime, but there are a few sexual obstacles they will have to overcome.

Topics: Rough Sex, Bondage, Forced, Mystery & Crime, Age Difference, Rape

20 Votes

Wasted Life (ch. 29)

Story by Sam Stefanik

8 Nov 2023 245 Readers comments 5 Min Read

This isn't a story chapter, as the story is over. This is the epilogue I mentioned when I posted the last chapter. Thanks for sharing your time with me!

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Relationship, Historical, Mystery & Crime

17 Votes

Beyond The Blue (ch. 36)

Story by ThatAussieGuy

30 Oct 2023 501 Readers comments 21 Min Read

The shock of the night before still weighs heavily on Trent's shoulders as he blames himself for bringing trouble into everyone's life. The emotional conversation sees Connor open up about his father's death to Trent for the first time. Trent then hits the gym as he spends time chatting to Joel as the two exchange special requests and the workout session puts Trent into the right frame of mind.

Topics: Fiction, Romance, Mystery & Crime, Sex, Boyfriends, Fucking

15 Votes

Too Damn Hot

Story by Habu

11 Sep 2023 497 Readers comments 22 Min Read

Wine community gay ties complicate murder investigation.

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Hispanic, Jealousy

21 Votes

Capital Treasures (ch. 5)

Story by Habu

10 Sep 2023 581 Readers comments 38 Min Read

Toby goes to Antwerp to make a decision on his relationship with Hardesty.

Topics: Fiction, Prostitution, Interracial, Mystery & Crime, Sex, BDSM

23 Votes

Eleon Trysts

Story by Habu

25 Aug 2023 1053 Readers comments 22 Min Read

U.S. and Russian spies play cat and mouse in Cyprus.

Topics: Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Blackmail, Sex, Spy, BDSM, Sam Winterberry

32 Votes

The Moroccan Fugitive

Story by Habu

21 Aug 2023 1788 Readers comments 33 Min Read

Why is a Galician gay artists village hiding a fugitive?

Topics: Arab, Voyeurism, Interracial, Sex, BDSM

61 Votes

The Intruder (ch. 10)

Story by Lee Obrien

18 Aug 2023 836 Readers comments 9 Min Read

Petey gets a visitor, and his future becomes a little clearer. Dustin is still waiting for Drake to answer his questions about where things headed.

Topics: Anal Sex, First Time, Forced, Burglar

8 Votes

Ben Halpern and his bit on the side (ch. 3)

Story by Mosca

9 Aug 2023 556 Readers comments 17 Min Read

Straight petty criminal with aspirations, Ben Halpern, leaves Oliver's bed to make a small fortune. It all goes wrong.

Topics: Fiction, Rimming, Romance, Mystery & Crime, Oral & Blowjobs, Violence

26 Votes

Earning a killers Trust

Story by peterholt

9 Aug 2023 1166 Readers comments 31 Min Read

The story of a killer and two boys from Brighton.

Topics: Fiction, Daddy, Mystery & Crime, Sex, Rentboy

30 Votes


Story by F.E. Cooper

16 Jul 2023 663 Readers comments 4 Min Read

An intentionally loopy, smartass little tale involving its narrator, a neighbor, a cute carcass, members of the local constabulary, a medical examiner, and a detective. Some bippity-boppity sex, a few toys, a touch of hypnotism, applauded public appearances are congregated in prose spare as twigs - for the sake of jocularity. May its nonsense amuse you.

Topics: Fiction, Humour, Fucking

7 Votes

The Walking Nightmare

Story by Swallow Your Lightsaber

12 Jul 2023 468 Readers comments 18 Min Read

People always package evil up with a nice bow-tie and buff it's shoes and then stick a pitchfork in his hands and a nasty look in the eye. Terry Howard is the true personification of evil, for true evil does not have fangs, or hooves, nor breath fire. They smile, wear nice clothes, have great dispositions, to begin with, That is the truest face of evil one will see and it is about to rip a hole ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Breath Play, Mystery & Crime, Oral & Blowjobs, Restraints

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