What did I want? Sometimes guys ask really stupid questions. I felt frustrated and annoyed. Shit. The stud had me completely restrained, I couldn't get away and he knew I was a very willing boy, man, bottom, slut, whatever. He knew I would let him use me and my body for his pleasure. He knew I would do anything. Anything! And yet he stands in front of me asking stupid questions.

I knew I had to answer and it had to be better than 'to fuck me' or 'I want your cock' so what do I say?

'What I want is not as important as what you want. My body is here for your pleasure. Record your taking pleasure in me. Keep it to watch in the future. Watch it and want me again. Your orgasm and your sperm on my skin is what I want.'

I felt so corny and foolish, but I was flustered.

He was silent.

Craig spoke up, 'Sam, are you offering the use of your body, your willingness to give him maximum pleasure? Are you offering him the video for his use? To watch? To show others? To fuck other men while playing the video?'

He spoke slowly, deliberately. I listened and nodded. As the silence continued after he spoke I finally said, 'Yes. Yes I am.'

'Well Sam,' he spoke, his voice causing my cock to bounce, 'I will use you, and I will accept the video. Under one condition.' The pause was only a few seconds and felt like minutes. 'In three days you will return and willingly offer the use of your body and desire to me.'

Fuck me? He hasn't even fucked me yet and he wants me again. 'Hell Yeah!' I responded a little too eagerly.

Craig chuckled. I felt the tender head of his hard cock on my cheek. 'Hold still Sam.' I tried not to move. He ran his cock across my face, along my jaw line, barely touching my lips. It was difficult not to open them and suck his cock in, but I resisted. His cock stopping touching me. His fingers rang along my face and one finger pushed it's way into my lips causing them to part. 'Lips made for kissing. Lips perfect for worshipping a cock. Open.'

I did and his cock finally was placed on my lips and slowly he slid into my mouth. His hands gripped the sides of my head and he used them to slowly fuck my face. He was thick, thicker than Craig or Jude. His head was enormous, a huge bulb of a thick cock. He worked for a while slowly sinking in deeper and deeper, giving me time to relax and accept the size. Thankfully he didn't have a monster long cock, I don't think I could have taken it. Finally I felt the metal of his cock ring.

I relaxed and allowed him to fill me and frankly I was in heaven, loving every second of it. He took his time and it felt like a long long time. I don't think I have ever sucked a guy's cock that long, he didn't cum and I couldn't taste any precum. I wondered if it was because he was so deep in my mouth.

He pulled out and feed me his balls. Using my tongue I licked them, bathing them in saliva, knowing I would soon get them in my mouth, engulfing them I felt I had done something wonderful, he moaned. I continued to suck on his balls. His sac was smooth, his balls were full, I was impressed with how low they hung.

After many minutes soaking his balls with my spit he pulled away. My Arms were released and he stood me up, reattached them so they were now above my head. His tongue darted on my left nipple, then my right. I was not silent, I was gasping and moaning. He used his mouth on my nipples, switching back and forth. As he worked on my right nipple, using his teeth, biting softly, he was pinching my left nipple. The nerves sent waves to my toes. I knew I was dripping.

Without warning he placed a clamp on my left nipple. The cold metal made me jump. Another went onto my right nipple. The pain was not something I expected and it hurt. Craig made a comment I couldn't quite hear. A quiet click and suddenly the pain increased, he had attached something to the clamp. I felt my nipple being stretched and it hurt even more. Another click and the same pain shot through me. Damn.

His hands finally, finally, started touching my balls. God I wanted him to grab onto my cock and squeeze, I so wanted my cock to be handled! He just worked my balls, pulling, twisting, stretching them. Nothing painful for forceful. Little did I know he was warming me, them, up. He grabbed them and pulled down further than he had previously done and I felt something being wrapped around them. He let go and they remain pulled low, but not as far as he had stretched them.

Another click followed by weigh. It didn't hurt but it did add a lot of pressure on them. I heard him moving as he resituated himself at my ass. His tongue began to work its way over my cheeks, slowly getting them wet. He was tasting me. One hand, than the other, grabbed each cheek and kneaded them. I couldn't help but move and the swaying from the weights attached to my nipples and balls added some slight pain.

He began to rim me. I felt me head fall back and my knees buckled. The drop jerked my arms and I bounced back up. Pain from the weights sent me moving around trying to stop the pain. He continued to eat my hole. I couldn't help but move and the weights kept moving too. The combination of his tongue, talented as he was, gave me great pleasure; the weights gave me pain, thankfully not great.

His tongue left my hole; I felt a moment of emptiness. He moved again. Something leather, small, was being dragged across my chest, down my abs, over my cock from base to head and then onto my balls. Small, light taps followed, I jumped. My balls had never been hit like that before, even lightly. The weights bounced. A lot. I yelped.

The taps continued on my abs, getting harder. He went across my body tapping the leather, what was it? A switch or something? He spent time slapping my ass before stopping. Then I screamed. Half in surprise, half in pain, only to have more pain follow as the weights jumped. He smacked the leather on my cock head. I yelped every time the swap hit.

He stopped. I felt something rubber being placed in my mouth. I opened allowing it to be forced in. It was strapped to my head.

'Sam. You have been very good. Now for your reward.' The sexy voice whispered loudly into my ear.

What reward?

A soft whistle and then pain. Damn it hurt, I felt like my skin was being ripped open. The sensation of the whip on my back was more than I cold imagine. Another. And another. Then I expected it and the pain was greatly reduced. The shock was what hurt; the whipping was really not very heavy. The jerking of my body was hard and that of course sent the weights bouncing around pulling on my nipples and balls. I felt some tears well up in my eyes. Yet, I was still rock hard, I could feel the pre cum hitting my body as I jerked around. I was dripping like a leaky faucet.

He stopped. It was silent, except for my heavy breathing as I tried to catch my breath.

Noises from behind me, something heavy was being moved. Leather on my neck. MY god, he was putting a collar on me! My arms were released. I felt the collar pull and I followed it, scared I would fall over. I did and my abs hit a padded surface. I was laying on something that reached from just below my belly button to my armpits. My arms were taken and hooked up to the legs. My ankles were released and my legs moved forward only to be hooked up to the back legs.

His hands ran across my back.

'What a beautiful body. What beautiful skin, marked by me, look at the red marks I placed on this beautiful skin. And this ass. Creamy white. Flawless. Full, plump.' One hand grabbed my right cheek and squeezed hard. Then slap. I yelped loudly, but it was muffled by the ball-gag. 'This ass needs my mark.' The other cheek was slapped. Several more slaps and he stopped. 'There we are, nice and red. Warm. Are you ready for more?'

I tried to nod. What the hell was I doing? I was tied up, nipple and balls abused. Slapped, whipped, and tied to some padded thing and not able to move or make a sound. I nodded.

Something wet and cold drizzled along my ass crack. A finger began to slide along my crack and soon I was moaning. He fingered my hole and opened me up. The weights were still pulling on my balls, the weights on my nipples were being forced into my pecs. No longer pulling on my nipples but providing a different form of pain.

His work on my hole continued for some time. He introduced several items; I assumed dildos, into my hole. Some were small and thin, others longer. One felt like if was a strand of balls. Each successive item stretched me more and my moaning was also growing. After the anal probing he inserted something that was very wide, he had to force it in. His hand grabbed onto my hair and lifted my head. Holding it up the strap keeping the ball gag in place was released and the ball gag removed. His cock immediately filling the opening going in one motion all the way to the metal cock ring he was wearing.

He took his time fucking me, switching hands, sometimes holding just my hair, other times one hand on each side holding my head in place to ease his oral fucking.

The entire time I was hard, dripping and enjoying the experience beyond any I had ever had. I loved the way he moved me and used me. Never really hurting me but causing discomfort and thrilling sensations at the same time.

He removed his cock, let go of my head and released my arms. Next my legs were unhooked. The leash pulled on my collar and I followed. Standing I fell to my knees. His hands, strong, lifted my body and he sat me on the padded surface. He helped me recline, hooked my wrists to the sides of the surface so they were parallel with my body. One at a time my legs were raised and hooked high above my body.

I felt my ass hanging off the edge. The plug was still in. Without warning it was pulled from my body, the pop was loud. Without a word he pushed his cock into my hold. I gasped and half screamed, half moaned. Once he was all the way in, I could feel the metal cockring on my hole, he stood there, waiting. Then he began.

He fucked, and fucked and fucked my hole. He varied the depth, the duration, the speed, but he just kept fucking me. Thankfully I was hooked up to the padded bench otherwise I would have fallen off. He had removed the weights from my balls at some point, and the strap that held them on, I don't remember when he did it just that the weights were gone and my balls were slapping my legs and his torso. He would pull in the weights still attached to my nipple from time to time and I would almost scream, but not quite.

He paused, removed his cock. My hole was vibrating. He helped me stand up, turned me around and rehooked my arms above my head. Then he removed the weights. The release was wonderful. Until he removed the clamps. I screamed. Fuck it hurt!

His mouth on my nipples didn't reduce the pain but the warmth felt great against the feelings in my over sensitized nipples.

Walking behind me he grabbed my hips and forced his cock into my hole. It wasn't difficult for him to enter me, it didn't hurt, it felt like it was where it belonged. He fucked my standing up for a while then once again left me empty.





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