Saturday mornings are awesome. Sleeping in, leisurely breakfast and then a day to relax and kick back before the excitement of the evening. At least that is how it is for someone my age. The beautiful thing about being eighteen is having the ability to do whatever you want and taking little to no responsibility for anything. No bills to speak of, no parents telling you what to do, no school, no girlfriend, just me and what I want. Spoiled rotten am I!

Granted I was staying with Jude as a favor and I did arrive in Boston with the intention of returning to school, getting a job and moving forward with my life. Jude was super nice to take me in, especially when I wasn't paying any rent yet. There was no question I did what I could around the place, I did all the cleaning and laundry and kept things in order. Rarely did I ask Jude for anything, I helped with groceries and paid my way when we went out, unless some other guy was treating me.

Thinking about my current situation it came to mind that anytime a guy would treat me to dinner or an outing, even to a party, I would have sex with him. I didn't feel like it was some agreement, maybe it was for them but for me I went out with guys who I found interesting. Most of the guys I find interesting I also find sexy, there is something about them that makes my insides tingle, as in m dick and balls. Honestly I would gladly have sex with a guy regardless of whether it was a date and he paid for the evening or not.

Nine in the morning, awake for twenty minutes, still lying in bed, and I am thinking about sex. Yep, I like my life.

Up and into a pair of shorts I head for the kitchen. It smells of coffee and toast. Jude is enjoying his breakfast and the paper. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, "Morning sexy." I whisper in his ear.

"Good morning sleeping beauty."

Pouring a cup of joe and topping off Jude's I sit and look at him. Unshaven, bedhead and wearing a wrinkled tee he still looked hot as ever. I swear the guy never looked plain, he always looked sexy.

"So Jude, what are the plans for today?"

He looks at me like a disappointed parent. "Really Sam, you need to start keeping track of things. Doesn't that phone of yours have a calendar on it?"

He was right, I didn't keep track of things, except who I had sex with. I managed to put in my calendar every time I got laid, sucked cock or even flirted with a guy. Stupid and immature it may be but I was young and new to sex and wanted to see and remember all the hot times I was having.

"Yes it does Jude and I do use it, but am really bad at entering future arrangements. So give me a hard time if you want, but use your beautiful cock to do it." I laugh a little at my not so funny comment.

"Is that an offer Sam?"

"Jude, for you any time is an offer."

"Well Sam, if that blow job you gave me last night is a preview of the future blow jobs from you I am going to be bummed out."

"Oh that, yeah, it wasn't my best work but I am not joking when I tell you I was exhausted Jude. I had spent the entire afternoon naked getting fucked and sucking cock, I was worn out. Not that I am complaining, I just needed rest. But I promise if you want some hot and eager action now, I am ready."

"You tease. I am heading to the gym shortly and think you need to join me. But if you really want to show me your oral sex skills are still up there I won't refuse."

Smiling I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. There is something odd about sucking a soft dick until it grows hard. It isn't something I have done often, really I don't think I had ever sucked a limp dick, but I enjoyed the growth while treating Jude to a special, hot and heavy sucking.

As I worked his cock with my tongue and throat Jude held my head and worked his cock inside. We hit a rhythm in short order. He was ready to shot in minutes; I felt I proved my skills were still strong. Swallowing cum is strange. I couldn't decide if I really liked the taste or texture. I didn't have a craving for cum as much as I liked, no loved, the sense of power it gave me. I was able to make a man produce fluids. I understand why it is sometimes called milking a guy.

Once he was done we both got dressed and left for the gym. It isn't much of a surprise how going to the gym gets me or other guys horned up. Being in a room with a bunch of other guys working out, making our bodies the best they can be, is thrilling. Even if all the guys aren't gay and the women are also working, out it is still hot. I try not to think of the gym as a gay porno, I know that the guys aren't going to start stripping down and going for the liquid gold with each other.

Sure guys check each other out and sometimes flirt, but the risk of getting busted is a reality. Best to leave the sex to the porn studios.

The workout is exactly what I needed. I felt drained but invigorated, my muscles were sore and I was ready for a nap but my energy level was soaring. We didn't shower at the gym. I had thought about how Jude doesn't shower at the gym, he comes home and showers. I don't think that me being there has anything to do with it either. Granted we usually fuck after we get home and the sweat and smell is a huge turn on, but I think there is another reason he skips it.

Returning home I am ready to get naked. Just as Jude unlocks the door his phone rings. Hearing just one side of the conversation I can't figure out who it is or what it is about, but it sounds like he is not thrilled.

"Sam, as much as I want to fuck you right now, I can't. Damn it. Gotta meet up with these people. Sorry stud. Call Craig if you really need to get pounded, I need to be out of here in fifteen minutes."

He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and walked to the bathroom. I was disappointed. I really liked the after workout sweaty and smelly sex. Taking his advice I sent Craig a text, "fuck me now".

While I waited for his reply I drank a huge glass of water and made a PB & J sandwich. Just as I was about to take my first bite a text came in, "Meet me at café in 15".

I finished my sandwich as quickly as I could. Jude was out of the bathroom, I went in to make sure my hole was clean and brush my teeth.

"Hope you have fun, I'll let you know when I am heading home." Jude called out seconds before the door closed.

I didn't want to shower or freshen up, other than my hole, didn't want any froth. Still wearing my workout clothes I let for the café.

Walking up to the outdoor seating my phone rang. "Hey Stud, I am here."

"Good. Ready for some fun?" Craig asks silly questions sometimes.

"Never." Silly questions deserve silly answers.

"What are you wearing?"

"White T, dark blue shorts, tennis, just from the gym." I tell him trying not to smirk.

"Hot. I can't make it but a buddy of mine wants to fuck you. Tall, sandy blond hair, muscular build but not bulky. Have fun." And he hung up.

What the fuck? I stood there and looked around. Part of me a little ticked he volunteered my ass and part of me turned on he offered my ass without asking. A few minutes later a tall blonde, good-looking, nice bod walked up to me. "Hi Sam."

I smiled. Damn he was hot. "Hi."

"Fuck this is going to be hot. Come on."

He turned I followed. "Craig said you were hot and he was not kidding. You really this willing?"

"Ah, yeah. I guess."

"OK, that doesn't sound too willing. Sure about this?" he sounded disappointed.

"Yes." I said as confidently as I could.

"That sounds more like a willing horny boy. You look like you have been busy."

I smiled, "If you mean getting fucked, no I haven't, but I did come from the gym, I can shower if you want."

"Really? No need to shower. Can't wait to see you naked, damn."

"I am ready to strip down right here." I was getting horny and not lying.

"Hold off until we get inside will ya." He laughed.

Ten strides later he turned and we went into his building. Walking up the stairs I peeled off my tee. When we got to the second floor he opened the door and turned to see me shirtless.

"Fuck. You are even hotter than he said."

"Wait to you see my ass." I smiled slyly and winked.

We stopped outside his door. As he unlocked it I peeled off my shorts and briefs in one move. He glanced at me and a look of worry filled his face.

"You said to wait until we were inside, we are inside."

"I meant my condo." He looked around the hallway.

"What are you worried about? Your neighbors seeing a hot young stud naked at your door obviously about to be fucked by you?"

"Shhh, get in here." He quickly ducked in, I stopped just outside the doorway, turned around, grabbed my ass with each hand spreading my cheeks, "Can't wait for your cock to fill this hole." His reaction was one of embarrassment. I felt powerful.

I stepped inside, closed the door, "I am so horny for you, please let me see your cock." As I dropped to my knees.

He smiled, turned and walked away. Fuck me I wanted him more and more. He went into the living area as I followed on my knees, damn these hardwood floors hurt.

"Fuck is that hot. You do that for all the guys?"

"Actually there haven't been many guys and this is a first. If it works I will use it again." I was trying to be sexy.

For a moment my mind raced about this scene. A hot young guy, naked and on his knees in the condo of a man he met five minutes earlier and whose name he didn't know, asking to be fucked. The man, about 33, hot, dressed, looking at the young stud who would willingly do anything he wanted. Sounded like a porn scene. My life was like a porno. I loved it.

He opened his jeans, slowly, "You really ready for this?"

"Oh yeah, more than ready for it."

"Ready for a complete stranger to fuck you?"

"If you wouldn't have walked up to me when you did I would have asked the nearest stud if he wanted to have some fun."

"Fuck you are a slutty boy."

"Thank you. You want me to suck that cock or chat?" smart-ass!

He opened his jeans, pulled his cock out of his briefs as the saliva began to build in my mouth.

I watched as his removed his hand. Smiled and walked towards him on my knees. Looking up into his eyes I smiled, then I opened my mouth and leaving my hands at my sides took his cock in. He moaned as I engulfed it. It started to quickly expand. I was starting to like taking a limp dick into my mouth, feeling it grow on my tongue was amazing.

As I slowly worked on his growing cock I heard him slid his jeans and briefs down. I slowly raised my hands to his legs and slid them up to his ass. Firm. I liked it. I liked his balls on my chin, I liked his pubes on my face, I liked my hands on his firm ass, this stranger whose cock was in my mouth. I had to remember to thank Craig.

Opening my eyes I looked up at him, he was watching and smiling. Then I stopped sucking, placed one finger on my lips, shhh, held that finger up, stood up and walked to my shorts. He stood still; I wondered what he was thinking. I grabbed my phone. Opening the camera I returned and handed it to him. "I want to see your cock in my mouth." I returned to sucking position.

He took photos. I sucked his cock. I was in heaven. Again. I wasn't a religious person but I think heaven is having a hot stud's cock in you is what it would be like.

I could feel him bending, I opened my eyes, he placed my phone on the back of the couch and started pulling off his tee. Damn. He had the abs, his pecs, beautifully formed, nice nipples just at the curve of his pec to his rib cage. A nice spread of hair on his pecs turning into an amazing treasure trail. I wanted to suck on his entire torso.

I kept working on his cock, smiling with my eyes. He reached down to his jeans and pushed them down. I helped him as he stepped out and free of clothing. Thank you Craig for giving me to this amazing stud!



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