The cap ride to the club where the premier party was being held wasn't long but felt like it took forever. I was so nervous. Not old enough to get into the clubs I didn't know what to expect. Was it like the videos I had seen? Like in the movies? Were the guys all hot and sexy? I was sitting between Terry and Jude and they both were touching me, not sexually just touching me and it helped to comfort me. Craig was in the front seat making sure the driver didn't take the long way to the club.

When we stepped out I couldn't tell it was a club. It looked like any warehouse type building found all over the city, in any city. Craig went first and opened the door to let us in. Before we took a single step in a huge man, HUGE man stepped in front of the door.

"May I help you?" His voice was deep, reminded me of James Error Jones.

"We are here for the party. Passes." Craig smiled and held up the two passes. "And he is one of the actors."

The man looked briefly at the passes and then at me.

"Well, so it is. Come in. They are expecting you." His voice was still deep but he was polite.

Following this mountain of a man we walked past the front window and through the doors that led to the club. The lights were on and there was some music playing but not loudly and it wasn't party music.

"Wait here." The bouncer told us. We waited.

Looking at the club I was awestruck. It was big. There was a second floor, sort of a balcony or just open to the main floor. Table and chairs scattered around. Small stages which turned out to be for dancing and various nooks and crannies where people could sit or stand, possibly fuck and it looked rather dull. I guess when the lights and the music are going the atmosphere turns it into what a club should be.

There were also posters and banners advertising the studio, several porn sites and the video. In several of them I could see myself and I had to stare. I looked huge. I looked sexy as hell. I looked fantastic.

"Sam. There you are. Welcome to fame!" Craig said.

"My boyfriend on a giant poster looking hot. Makes me proud." Terry squeezed my ass and kissed my cheek.

Three men approached us. I recognized two of them from the filming. "Welcome! Thank you for arriving early. We want to have you in back when the doors open so we can introduce you. Being the new face, and ass we want the suspense to build. These are you guests?"

"Hi." I was feeling a little shy, likely to being overwhelmed. "This is Terry, Jude and Craig."

"Welcome guys. Glad you can be here. What will happen is we will take Sam, whose name is now Jesse Martin, back stage. For most of the evening he will be busy so you three are on your own. Roger will get you wrist bands, you can drink for free." He nodded to the man I didn't recognize. "Go ahead and look around if you want, in about fifteen minutes we will come for Jesse."

Roger gave the guys wristbands. One was for the free drinks; the other was a VIP to the upper level. He explained that the club would be open to general patrons on the main level but the second level was VIP for invited guests only. The guys seemed happy enough. Free drinks all night long will put a smile on most people's faces.

"Jesse, you won't need a band. Someone will be with you the entire time. Are you ready for a crazy night? See you back stage.

Roger left and the guys looked at me. "Jesse Martin?"

"Yeah. They asked if I wanted a different name and explained that it was not just a suggestion. I hadn't thought about it so they said they would come up with something. I guess I am now Jesse Martin."

"Can't see it but having had my dick in you so many times I can't see you as anything but Sam." Craig teased me.

"I think it's hot." Terry gave me another kiss.

We walked about the club and went to the second level. People were working at tables setting things up and didn't pay much attention to us. The entire time I didn't see anyone else I knew.

Roger returned and introduced Mike to us and said he was going to be with me all night. Mike was in his thirties, a normal looking guy who would fit in at almost any sports bar. Following him away from my guys I felt a little like I was being led to slaughter.

Time flew by once we were back stage. The other actors and people from the studio arrived and they explained that they would take some of the guys, the ones who were not new to the studio, on stage to get the crowd going. The video would be shown on all the screens. It was about 90 minutes long but they had cut it to 60 to keep interest. After the screening they would bring out the guys who were the face of the studio and introduce them and then get the crowd whipped up before presenting me.

Apparently I was the only new guy in this video and they wanted to take advantage of it. Plus I was young. Videos that brought in a young guy to be used by their stars did very well for them. Despite the efforts and friendliness of everyone, even knowing them somewhat, I was so nervous I felt a little sick. We had some time to wait and they brought out drinks for us. I had one. It didn't seem to calm me at all.

One thing I did find comforting was how casual and relaxed the guys were. They had done this before and some of them had years of experience in the business. Their words and advice were appreciated. Dressed in leather and jeans and showing plenty of skin they all looked incredible. My outfit was complimented, I was proud to tell them my boyfriend bought it for me.

Finally the time arrived. Someone brought out a cart with a dozen bottles of champagne. Glasses were filled, toasts were given and I was singled out as a welcome member of their studio. The head of the studio went on stage and spoke with the audience, the cheers and hoots and hollers were going and my nerves shot up. He introduced the video, spoke about the stars and introduced four of them. When they walked on stage the crowd applauded and cheered. A couple of them spoke and welcomed people, told them how hot the video was and how they loved making it.

Standing backstage we couldn't see a thing, only the sound of the party going on. The spotlights dimmed, the applause rose and we heard the introduction music begin. Mike ushered us up a stairway into a private room. The walls were glass allowing us to see out but blocking people from seeing in. Being on the second level we were visible to the other VIP guests, most of them weren't paying any attention.

Filming a video, and I am sure this is the case for any movie or show, is nothing like the finished product. The scenes were edited and there was music, what a difference. I didn't come into the movie until about ten minutes into it. Watching it I couldn't remember doing some of the things that were captured, but my mind was pretty occupied during filming. My attention was on the video, not on the very hot guys sitting next to me. I wasn't watching the VIP area and I didn't touch my drink. Seeing yourself on a huge screen being fucked by a muscleman whose cock looks like it is over a foot long is almost too much to fathom. Yet there I was, sucking cock, being fucked, tied up, moved around and overall used as a sex toy by a group of very hot porn stars.

As the end credits began Mike took my hand and held it as he brought all of us backstage. The crowd was clapping and cheering. I felt great and scared at the same time. The spotlights came on, someone went on stage and started speaking. The biggest stars of the studio were introduced. Spotting a tray of champagne I grabbed a glass and drank it down. Burping when finished I wiped my arm across my mouth not thinking about my new shirt. Mike took my glass and walked me to the side of the room telling me to get ready, breathe deep and relax. I was ready all right, to puke.

"Gentlemen, both of you, and the all the other horny guys out there, I am pleased to introduce, Jesse...Martin!" His voice was big, he drew out the words and I wanted to run. Instead I was gently pushed towards the curtains that were pulled open so I could pass.

Walking onto the stage, lights blinding me and hearing the noise from the people in the club was terrifying. Thankfully the MC grabbed my arm so I could focus on him and get use to the crowd and lights. He asked a few questions. What he asked me I don't remember but I did my best to answer them. The audience apparently liked what I said as they cheered and shouted. He continued to ask me things, how was it, did I like it, will I do another that sort of thing from what I can recall he was smiling and his arm kept reaching around my shoulders.

At one point he did have me turn around so I had my back to the crowd. He grabbed my ass and the cheers came. Turning around again he felt me up a bit and I smiled. What do you do when standing on stage in front of a large group of people who have just watched you get fucked repeatedly? Smile.

Finally I was lead off stage and I felt I could breathe again. That was short lived. Immediately I was ushered upstairs to the VIP area. There were plenty of people there and I ended up at a table signing autographs. They had three different photos of me, one naked, one bound and one sucking a cock. It took a while to get used to signing Jesse Martin.

A good hour passed by as I signed photos and posed for pictures. Thankfully someone brought me a drink. And another. After the signing was done I was brought to another little stage and did a short question and answer exchange with the VIPs. That was actually fun. At one point I was asked to take off my shirt. The cheers encouraged me so I striped it off and once again posed for pictures, had men groping me and wanting a kiss, that sort of thing. I was really enjoying the attention.

The stars of the studio soon joined me and more photos were taken. The entire time men were asking for a picture from us. What a boost for the ego! As we mingled with the VIP men the drinks were flowing. I did see Tim and Master. They posed for pictures and were telling me how hot it was to see me on screen. Finally I ran into my little posse. Getting a hug and kiss from Terry I felt so happy for us I gave him a deep long kiss. We made out as the men around us watched. It was such a turn on.

Roger came up to me after the making out session with Terry and asked what I had on under the leather pants. When I told him he pulled me into the back area had be remove the pants and my boxer briefs and gave me a jock to put on. Returning to the VIP area Roger led me up to one of the stage areas where two of the stars were waiting. They felt me up and began to remove my leather pants. The crowd was thrilled and soon I was wearing nothing but my jock.

Obviously the stars knew what to do. They were manhandling me and kissing me and before I knew it I was sucking cock. At some point my jock came off and bent over I once again had a porn star cock in my ass. The light, the crowd, getting fucked in front of it all was such a turn on. Both the stars took their turn and I did my best to take it like a porn star. Finally the guys had my stand up and they held me tight while jerking my cock until I exploded. The applause was enough to break me from my drunken lust-hungry state. It hit me what had just happened.

My cock didn't go soft. It was still rock hard. Usually after an orgasm like that I loose my erection for at least a little while but this time I didn't. People started lining up for pictures. They were grabbing my dick and smiling, stroking it. Hands on my ass and everywhere else I smiled, posed, kissed and had men repeatedly get on their knees so they could suck on my cock for a moment.

Roger took my arm and brought me back to the backstage area. The studio heads came over and thanked me. I was given my pants and shirt back and realized it was time to go home. Jude, Craig and Terry were brought backstage and we were brought to the back exit where a cab was waiting for us.

Finally able to sit down I realized I was exhausted, sweaty and so exhilarated I was floating. I was also wasted. Jude and Terry helped me in. They both ended up in the shower with me as they washed me. Even drunk it was embarrassing. Putting me into bed like I was a little kid I felt a little stupid. Why had I drunk so much? Jude left and terry sat on the bed next to me, stroking my hair.

"Terry? I'm sorry I got so drunk."

"Sam, you didn't drink that much."

"But I'm wasted. I can't even stand up."

"My guess is it was the all the excitement. And they may have had more than Viagra in one of those cocktails."

"Oh. Really? Still sorry. Are you staying?"

Terry didn't say anything. I reached over and ran my hand along his leg and cupped his balls.

"Sam, you were such a porn star! It was really hot."

This surprised me. I wasn't expecting him to be turned on by it.

"You liked it? Are ok with it? I got fucked by those guys in front of everyone."

"Yes you did and it was hot. My boyfriend is a porn star."

I smiled. He wasn't upset. He was hard. Getting on top of me we began to kiss. He didn't waste much time getting his cock in my ass and he fucked me like a racehorse. After he came he rolled off me, pulled the condom off and curled up next to me. I think.




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