Before I opened my eyes I felt the pain. Head throbbing, I reached my arms up to cradle it. Slowly I opened my eyes. I was in Jude's room. Taking my time I sat up and looked around me. Jude wasn't in bed, the door was closed and I was naked. A robe was on the foot of the bed so I put it on and walked out to the bathroom to take a piss. My reflection wasn't as horrible as I had expected. Granted I looked hung-over but that was it. Brushing my teeth was vital before I dared face anyone.

Hearing noise in the kitchen I went to see Jude.

"Morning Sunshine. Have a seat." Craig was wearing Jude's sweats and preparing some kind of food. A glass of water and two aspirin were sitting in front of the counter stool. Sitting down I took the pills and drank the water.

"How are you feeling? Hung-over of course but otherwise?"

"I don't know yet."

Craig stopped working, washed his hands and walked up to me. Standing behind me he gave me a hug. "Sam. You know we love you don't you? You know we care. And we will be with you and help you through this. I know it is hard. I love ya." He gave me a very sweet kiss on my cheek.

Walking back to his work he resumed his prepping.

"I feel like a shit Craig. I feel broken. I don't know what to do. What do you do when someone you love dies?"

"You talk with your friends. You get drunk. You swear. You get mad. You swear. You sleep. You get up. You eat." He turned to look at me. "Most importantly you go on, slowly, taking care of yourself. And. And you lean on others."

I smiled at him.

"Do want some coffee? Something to eat?"

"Coffee would be good. Not hungry."

He poured a cup of coffee for me, one for himself and sat down on the other stool. "What do you remember about last night?"

"Being an ass. Grabbing the rum and going into my room. Drinking. Being angry."

"That all?"

"Yeah. So what don't I remember? Was I bad? Should I be embarrassed? Ashamed?"

"No, I wouldn't say that. You are behaving like someone who lost a loved one. Can I guess it was your first love?" I nodded trying not to think about it. "You went into your room. About twenty minutes later we heard the bottle hit the floor so we went in to check on you. You had passed out and fallen off your bed. We got you up. You puked."

"Great." I was starting to feel worse.

"I give you credit on the puking. You didn't miss much. You got the floor, the bed, yourself, Jude and me. It was lovely."

"Oh Craig. I am so sorry."

"After we got you into the bathroom we held you up until you had puked out everything, gave you a shower and put you to bed. Jude stayed with you. I cleaned up. You owe me for that one. The rest is on the house."

"What do I say? I feel terrible. How can I make it up to you?"

"I will think of something. More coffee?"

Craig continued prepping food and chatting with me about nothing. It was nice to not think for a while. I drank a lot of coffee and he forced me to drink a glass of water with each cup.

"It's lunchtime. Want anything? I need to eat. This is for dinner."

"That early still? I thought it was later."

"Nope, you passed out about ten. Food?"

"No. Think I am going out for a bit."

Truth was I needed an escape. I felt trapped in the condo and feeling a lot better after coffee and hydration I needed fresh air. I also needed to feel something. Dressed and out the door I hurried to the gym. Truth was I was hoping to see Timothy. On the way I passed the café we stopped at for smoothies. He wasn't there. I checked at the gym and I couldn't see him. Determined I went to the loft. Waiting for the response to my buzz I was nervous. I was breaking the routine.


"Hi. It's Sam. I..."

The door unlatched. I hurried in and up to the loft. Standing outside the closed door I didn't know what to expect or what to say. It opened a crack. Master looked at me, not saying a word.

"Sorry. I know this is not allowed. Please forgive me." I paused not sure what else to say. "Um...I want to offer my body to you to use as you want for the day." I felt ashamed for breaking the rules. The door closed. My heart sank. I stood and waited for a few minutes and then turned. Waiting for the elevator I realized I had fucked up and very well could have ended my welcome on Tuesdays. The ding of the elevator bell seemed to seal my fate. Before the door opened I heard the sound of the loft door opening. I turned. It was open half way, considered the size of the door that was more than enough for two people to walk through. No one was standing in sight. I walked to the door and entered. Master and Timothy were both standing several feet inside.

"Thank you for seeing me." I looked down.

"Why are you here Sam?" Master had no tone in his voice to give me any clue about his mood.

Stumbling over my thoughts I kept it simple. "I need to feel that things are in control. That someone is in control. I need to surrender to someone for a while. I know I am making a potentially terrible mistake coming here. I feel safe here, turning myself over."

Waiting silently, my gaze at the floor I stood, listening for something to give me a hint about if I could stay. Finally I heard some movement. I continued to keep my eyes down yet the temptation was great to look up. I resisted.

"Look." Master said. Nothing more.

The mat was in the standard place. I walked up to it, removed my clothing placing the items carefully folded on the chair. The table had one item on it, a blindfold. Putting it on I stood in position and waited. After some time, enough I had trouble standing. Still I felt cuffs being placed on my wrists and ankles. A collar was placed on my neck and a leash attached to it. Following the pull I found myself at the base of the platform that I had been on in the past. The pull continued until I was on the platform. Pulled from behind I sat and then lay down. My arms and legs were pulled out until I spread eagled and I felt my cuffs attached to the corners of the platform.

A hand reached under my ass and the strong fingers spread my cheeks. A very cold, very lubed object was inserted into my rectum. No matter how many times I have had a cock or dildo in my ass I still had no way of telling how long it really was. The object began to vibrate. I felt a sheet or light blanket placed over me until it covered me completely. Sounds of footsteps, the door opening and then closing. I didn't say anything.

Time moves slowly when you are deprived of sight. The only sound was the vibrator in my ass. The speed on the thing changed from slow to fast to slow. This went on for some time and eventually I fell asleep.

"FUCK!" I jumped. Now wide-awake it took me a second before I remembered where I was, Master's. The covering had been removed and an ice cube had been placed on my abs. Realizing I had spoken without permission I was not surprised when the ball gag was placed in my mouth and secured around my head.

The cold metal of nipple clamps followed. A hand roughly grabbed my cock and balls and a ring and stretcher was put on me. The cuffs were released and my collar was being pulled. I sat up. The pulling continued. I leaned forward and crawled off the platform. Across the floor until the leash pulled up. I stood. My arms were taken one at a time and attached to hooks. My legs were each pulled out and the ankle cuffs were also attached to hooks. I was standing in the shape of an X. The ball gag was removed.

"Master wants to see his toy punished." His voice had no tone to give me a hint of his mood. I said nothing.

"Does his toy wish to please Master?"

"Yes Master. This toy wishes to please you." I tried to speak clearly but my voice was shaking.

"How does Master enjoy using his toy?"

"Master enjoys flogging, spanking and paddling his toy." I hoped that was the answer he wanted to hear.

"Yes PLEASE Master! Please use this toy! Please flog me. Please spank me! Please paddle me! Master please use me until you are satisfied!" I knew I was begging and I truly wanted to receive all the punishment he would give to me.

My arms had fallen asleep, my legs were collapsing causing all my body weight to rest and pull on my wrists. No longer crying, no longer yelping or gasping I remained upright as best I could while the punishment was dealt. Twice I had spilling my seed, without permission. Every time the swaps, smacks or swats ceased I begged for them to continue. Then they stopped. My ankles were released. Arms wrapped around my torso under my arms and my wrists were released. Unable to stand I fell into the arms.

As my weight fell into those strong arms I felt a huge weight fall from me. I felt relieved. The person holding me dragged me, rather gently, across the floor and placed me on the platform. A blanket was place on me. Not able to move, not wanting to move I let me body rest.

"Thank you Master. Thank you. Thank you. Please continue to use this toy." I pleaded with him in a hushed voice. My plea was not given a response.

Resting from the punishment I nearly fell asleep. Waves of peace swept over me. My body was hot. My skin felt sunburned yet I didn't feel in pain. This is what I wanted. This is what I needed. I waited, enjoying the incredible feelings in my body and mind.

"Sam? I ask as a friend, are you ok?" Timothy's voice was soft as he whispered in my ear.

"No Sir. I am better than ok."

"Do you want to leave?"

"No Sir. Please continue. Please have Master continue to use me." There was no way I was ready to leave. I wanted to be in this spot being used, being controlled. Not thinking, not making decisions, not doing anything other than what I was told to do or accept what was being done to me.

"Sam? As a friend I ask you what you want?" He sounded concerned.

"Timothy. I want to be fucked. Fucked as long, as hard and by as many men as Master wants." Was there any way to express it more than that?

Timothy ran his hand along my head. I didn't hear footsteps as he left. It was silent. After a minute or two I stopped listening and went back to enjoying the sensations flowing through me. After a short time I was pulled up and moved over a sort of bench. My ass was in the air, my arms and legs were once again attached to something. Hands spread my cheeks and I felt a tongue dart into my bud. I love being rimmed. This was amazing. After the beating to my ass to feel the soft, firm pressure of a tongue inside me was incredible stimulating.

Fingers followed and I moaned as my hole was prepped for what I hoped would be a long, firm pounding. Movement between my legs preceded hands spreading my wide and a cock was gently forced in, all the way in. Finally I was going to be fucked! And fucked I was! It felt so good to have a man sliding his cock in and out of me. It wasn't hard or rough, just a constant even pace. I loved it. The hands on my hips squeezed. He was shooting. He pulled out and moved away. Someone else moved in. Hand on my ass and another cock entered me. I felt something hit my back. Not able to see I guessed the first man was emptying his cum from the rubber on my back. I smiled.

Letting go of my thoughts I went to that place where you just enjoy the amazing sensations and stimulations of sex. Several others took their turn fucking me. None of them were very rough. They each with their own style. Each emptied the cum from the condom on my back. I wished I could see it. When the last cock pulled out and no one took his place I figured it was over. Smiling and feeling great I waited, my ass in the air, cum on my back. I felt empty and cold without a man being inside of me.

A warm damp cloth cleaned the cum off my back. My cuffs were released and I was helped up. There were two people helping me into a chair. My legs were raised and then lowered onto an ottoman or footstool. My hand was raised and I felt a bottle of water placed into it. I sucked the entire thing down in no time. I was thirsty. The cuffs were removed and I heard footsteps moving away from me. Waiting for a moment I slowly reached up and removed the blindfold. It was dark outside. My clothing was on the ottoman.

After I dressed I walked to the door opened it and exited. Closing the door I stood by the elevator. I was exhausted. The door to the elevator opened and inside stood Timothy.



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