Trying to catch my breath I waited, grateful for the break. As much as I loved a cock inside of my, sometimes I just need to take a break. Still unable to see or hear I waited. My gut hurt from being pushed into the apparatus. A hand grabbed my ass, the fingers digging into the right cheek. The other hand did the same to the left. I gasped in surprise. Expecting the hands to release my ass and a spanking to be given I was surprised when the cock entered my hole. This time I knew it was Masters.

His balls slapping mine he went into his well practiced pacing and thrust. I had to admit, the guy knew how to fuck. It wasn't rough or painful but it was clear the man behind the cock was strong and powerfully built. I loved a man built like that. Granted worshiping the body of a muscle stud was hot as hell, but the fuck from one who knew how, unbelievable. All gay men should be able to experience it. Luckily I was getting it once a week.

Losing myself in the pleasure I was receiving I knew that I had made the correct choice in making the video. One thing I was learning or had learned was how great sex can be and how different. Great sex is varied and depending on the guy and the chemistry what makes it great is different. The sex with Jude is different than it is with Craig or Terry. All of them are hot and the sex rocks but they are all different and I love sex with them all. Master was the same. They each had things they did that were so sexy and so hot and such a pleasure to receive that I couldn't say one was better than the other.

Master slapped my right cheek, pulled his cock out, slid it up and down my crack and then shot his load onto my back. "Oh god thank you Master!"

Fuck, I did it again, but I honestly couldn't help it. Receiving his load was such a thrill, like I made him happy and this was my reward. He moved away from my body. Not seeing or hearing where he was I waited. After some time I felt movement near me. The clasps holding me to the apparatus were released. The ear plugs pulled out of my ears. My head swam with the sudden change in pressure.

Waiting until his footsteps faded before I took off the blindfold and stood up I had to quickly turn around and sit on the padded stool I had been hooked up on. It looked like it had been designed specifically for sex. I was impressed. Removing the cuffs and clamps, fuck it hurts to remove those things, I let the blood return to it's normal pulsing through my body. Knowing he didn't like to have me clean up the come on my body I got dressed. Making sure the items were placed in the same spot on the table I surveyed the room. No sign of condoms, a camera or anything else I left.

Once at home I showered. Taking a shower after a hot fuck session is wonderful. It reminds me of being renewed. My body was sore from being immobile, my nipples a little puffy from the clamps and my hole felt like it needed a nap but my skin was tingling. I felt alive. Getting dressed in sweats I went to the kitchen, fixed a sandwich and surfed some porn. Feeling full I hit the sofa for a little nap.

My phone beeped waking me from my slumber. It was four in the afternoon, my nap lasted longer than expected. It was a text from Terry. Replying I was at home he asked if he could come over. Less than a minute after telling him YES! The buzzer went off. Jumping up I went to the door to let him in.

Before the door shut he was in my arms giving me a kiss, a full body kiss. "I couldn't wait to see you. Please fuck me before I go crazy!"

How does a guy refuse such a request from his boyfriend? Removing clothing as we made our way to my room we were naked and he was hard by the time we hit my bed. Forgetting his nipples were still tender I took one in my mouth and sucked on it. He yelped. I let go and felt like shit. "Careful stud, you are going to have to suck on something else." He chuckled.

His cock was delicious as always. For some reason, no matter how much I liked a cock in my mouth, sucking on the cock of your boyfriend is just a little better than all the rest of them. He had been smart in resisting the Albert, going a week without taking his cock would be difficult. Considering my hole was still tender I was happy to fuck him. While he was on his back, legs on my shoulders and me hips making that wonderfully thrusting between his thighs I felt a dull ache in my abdomin. Not wanting to disspoint the most important man in my life I ignored the ache and gave him what he wanted.

He shot his load on his chest, I pulled out and shot mine on him and then fell on top to rub our cum together. We kissed for some time. Realizing Jude would soon be home we went to shower. Once again I marveled at how much I enjoyed showering with him. Kissing him, sleeping with him, sex with him, showers, it was all just a little bit better than it was with any other guy. Was this what being in love was like?

Toweling off we went for our clothing. "Where is it? Where are our clothes?" Terry asked me as we stood in the little hallway. The clothes were gone?

"Jude? Where did you put them?"

Silence. Walking into the living room we found Jude and Craig sitting on the sofa acting like nothing happened. "Oh, hi guys." Jude said as we walked in the room.

"Oh Hi guys. Guess what? We have been burgled. Our clothes seem to be missing!" I replied with sarcasm and a hint of jest.

"No! That is terrible. I guess you two will have to wear towels all evening." Craig chimed in.

"Wet towels aren't allowed on the leather Craig." Jude responded acting like the parental unit in this odd family.

"Well I guess they will have to remove them if they want to sit down." Craig answered matter of factly.

These two jokers were in one of those playful moods again. Had then left work early and hit happy hour?

Terry, being wise to their humor grabbed my towel and pulled it off. "I will hang these up." He left for the bathroom and returned completely naked. He put his arm around me and we stood there smiling.

"My god you two are hot. When can watch you fuck?" Craig was back to his typical blunt self.

"You are an hour too late Mister. You missed the show." Terry winked and squeezed my shoulder.

Terry sat down in the chair and patting the armrest I sat my naked ass on it. "Been a while since you saw a hot young stud naked Craig? Without paying some twink go go boy that is?"

"Not really, I fucked Sam last week."

Jude burst into a laugh. Terry smiled. I fucked him thirty minutes ago. Actually, he fucked me, it was fantastic. He fucked the cum out of me and then shot his load on my chest, rubbed it in. I love it when he does that." His hand ran up the inside of my calf. He lightly continued to stroke it.

"Ok boys, no cat fights. Be nice." Jude regained his parental composure.

"Who's in a cat fight?" Terry asked. He leaned over and kissed my bicep. "We are just following the no wet towel rule, that's all."

"Damn. Jude. I hate you. Coming home and seeing these two naked. Fuck you are a lucky guy." Craig was looking at us, shaking his head. "Damn lucky."

"This is the first time this has happened Craig. Sorry to burst your imaginary bubble."

"No it isn't." Terry corrected Jude. "You walked in on us napping on the sofa once." His hand continuing to stroke my calf.

"That's right! I guess I have seen them both naked more than once."

The banter continued. Terry's gently stroking continued. Between the talk of us being naked and his touch I was soon rising. Craig didn't miss it and commented. Feeling embarrassed I tried to cover it up. Terry pulled my hand away. "Don't hide it. Your cock is gorgeous." He pulled my left leg toward him exposing my erection. What was he doing?

"Isn't it a beautiful cock?" Terry had something up his sleeve. "I know you have both been lucky enough to experience it. I love it." Now I was fully erect. "No other cock turns me on like his does." He leaned in and kissed my bicep again.

Craig and Jude were sitting in silence as they watched my erect, Terry's hand on my calf and our naked young man bodies. Shifting his position Terry sat with his back to the other armrest. He pulled my left leg over his body and place my foot between his leg and the back of the chair. This forced me to turn so I was facing him. His left hand reached for my right knee and he pushed my leg away giving a clear view of my cock and balls.

"Look at how hard it is. Look at the perfectly shaped head on this cock. The sack that hangs low, not too low, but enough to gently swing while he fucks. See the perfect taper on the shaft? Not to thin at all, rather a perfect thick shaft that supports a perfect head." His hand reached for my sack and he gently cupped it while talking about it. Then his hand slide to my shaft and lightly ran the length to my head. Forgetting that we were being watched my breathing took on the deep steady rhythm of arousal.

When I close my eyes this is the sight I see. It's perfection." He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, his tongue just barely licking his bottom lip. Opening his eyes he continues. "My mouth waters at the thought of it. It is impossible to resist." His tongue tenderly licks the underside of my head just where the shaft and head meet. That spot that responds due to a million nerves in a tiny area. He looks into my eyes. Immediately I am lost in them. Lost in the deep sea green surround by snow. The sparkle. He licks the underside of my entire shaft. I groan that almost painful sound because it is so gentle and sensitive.

They sit watching in silence. I don't see them but I can feel the weight of their stare.

"There is nothing that can prevent me from succoming to it's power, it's beauty." Terry continues his seduction, not just of me but of Craig and Jude as well. He licks once again the length of my shaft.

See how his balls are turning and moving in his sack. Perfection. They are alive with energy and youth and..." His tongue reaches under my sack, which does have my balls rolling inside of it. He lifts the sack, the balls fall to the side. He reaches out again with his lips and sucks one ball into his mouth, his warm, moist mouth. I gasp.

Letting it out. "No man can resist it." He takes the other ball into his mouth. I have to grab onto the armrest to maintain my balance. My head falls back as the groan escapes. He releases my ball. The air is cool. "So full. Large. Plumb. Tender. Ideal." He opens his mouth and sucks my entire sack into his mouth. A groan. It isn't from me. My breath is so deep my chest heaves and my back arches. He sucks on my sack pulling back stretching it. He released my sack with a soft pop. The cold air hits, my cock twitches and I moan or mumble some sound that means nothing yet speaks volumes.

"Perfection. There is no way to stop, no word to describe it. The only option is to taste it." My eyes open and look at Terry knowing what he is about to do yet not believing it. He sits tall, leans in and without touching my cock he moves in with an open mouth. The temperature inside of it, even as it is open, is definite. He slowly, purposely closes his lips around the head of my cock. I shutter loudly. The wet warmth sends chills through my entire body. He sucks on my head for a moment then opens his mouth and leans back just inches from my cock.

"The power of his cock. The power I feel taking it into my mouth. Nothing in the world comes close." I look down at him. His own cock is rock hard. His beautiful pierced nipples are hard. He raises himself up and moves toward me. "I can't breath until I take it all." And he does. His lips wrap around my head and he slides down the entire length of my cock. Stopping at the base, his nose buried in my pubes I feel the warm, almost hot breath as he exhales. He closes his throat and mouth muscles around my cock. I fear I will cum. My cock is twitching. He slowly pulls back until my cock once again is surrounded by the cool air.

"This cock was made to fit me." He leans in, opens his mouth and takes all of me in. Sucking a moment he pulls back. "It is perfect." He repeats the movement. "At this moment there is nothing in the world that matters." Once again. "All I can do is give this cock as much pleasure as I possibly can." And again. My breathing is in line with each time he takes me in. I feel my eyelids flutter. All I can concentrate on is maintaining my balance on the chair, his words and his mouth. "I must move him to paradise."

He once again takes me cock in and begins sucking it. He doesn't let it out completely but proceeds to give me perfect head. My hands dig into the chair. My legs arch and stretch. My back straightens and arches. My abs tighten. My chest heaves. Unable to control my eyes the roll back, open and roll again. My breathing is deep and heavy. Sounds come from deep in my chest. My nipples are erect, I can actually feel the cool air on them. My toes curl. His mouth is massaging and squeezing my cock, my shaft. I feel my head in the deepest reach of his throat. His hands are on my calves holding tight. He moves his left hand up under my knee. It slides with purpose to the my thigh and around until he graps my left cheek.

His right hand pulls my left leg straight. He continues to suck. He moves his hand until it is on my thigh just above my left knee. I feel his grip. My body is no longer under my control. All my focus is on what he is doing with his mouth to my cock. My moans are constant. My breathing heavy and I no longer feel the rest of my body. He continues. My body begins to shutter. It changes to a light shaking. My cock is throbbing. He knows, I know, I am about to erupt.

His right hand leaves me ass and grabs the base of my cock. He pulls his mouth back until he has just the head lip locked inside. The throbbing grows until I feel my balls pull up into my body. Every muscle in my body contracts and I feel the pressure build. As a load of cum pulses through my cock he releases the head. His mouth is open just inches from my cock. The first jet erupts. He has positioned his mouth so it shoots in. The second jet, the third, the fourth, the fifth, he leans in and takes my head in his lips. I yelp. My cock is so sensitive it is almost painful. Unable to control it I stand. Terry move with me keeping my entire cock in his mouth as I finish the last few dribbles. He lightly sucks as my body continues the orgasm.

Slowly I sink back to the armrest. Shaking, a chill hits me. My breathing has gone through several patterns as I recover from the orgasm. Opening my eyes I see him looking into mine. I smile. He releases my cock. My body is covered in a misty layer of sweat.

"The is what the power of his cock does to me." Terry almost whispers.

Leaning down to kiss him, Terry lifts himself up to meet my lips. The faint taste of my cum and the wonderful taste of his kiss are heavenly. We finish the kiss. He sits back in the chair, his arm reaches around my ass and he pulls me into his lap. He is quick enough to move back so I don't sit on his still hard cock.

Looking over at Jude and Craig I smile. Their eyes are wide. They each have a hand on their own cock. Craig has a load of cum on his pant leg.



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