"Pour Terry another glass Sam, remember your manners." Mother was starting; no she was past starting to drive me crazy. Talking with Terry about our sex life. I was embarrassed and a little ticked off. And Terry encouraging it, I was ready to hit him.

"Oh my. All this wine is starting to go to my head."

"Starting? Mother it was there half an hour ago!" I corrected her.

"Oh Sam. Lighten up Honey. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Its just sex. I may be old fashioned but I am not a prude."

"No you are not a prude." Terry was going to support her. "You are a very considerate host and mother. Sam should be thanking you. I thank you. Now we can have sex and be safe."

"See Sam! Terry understands. Well, I think it is time for me to go get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. You two boys stay up as long as you want to. Don't mind me."

She stood up and carefully made her way past the sofa. Terry stood up and gave her a hug.

"Thank you so much for making me feel welcome."

The sincerity in his voice was true. He wasn't bullshitting.

"You are very welcome Terry. I am so happy you are here. I am so happy for Sam too."

She retired to her room. Terry sat down, filled our glasses and sat back. "Sam. This is incredible. I had no idea what to expect. She's great."

"Terry, why did you do that? Encourage her?"

"What? Are you? You are! You're ticked about it aren't you?"

"Hell yes I am ticked. It's my mother. You were talking with my mother about my ass, my cock, fucking me, getting fucked. It's wrong."

"Seriously Sam. Chill out. It's not that big a deal. She knows we have sex. What's the big deal?"

I sulked.

"Sam. Come on. It's beautiful, the tree, the lights, the wine, the winter, the snow, great meal and your mother, she really loves you Sam."

I didn't respond.

"Sam." He sat up. "I love you but you need to snap out of it. This is, this evening, chatting with your mom this is ideal. Serious. Ideal. My parents didn't give a damn about me. Not a bit. Your mother loves you and wants you to be happy. She gave us condoms to be safe. You have it good. Now snap out of it." He leaned back.

Sitting and thinking about what he said I started feeling guilty. We sat in silence sipping wine and looking at the tree. It was beautiful.

Five to ten minutes passed as we sat silently, the radio in the background, looking at the tree.

"Terry? Sorry."

"Are you really? You ok now?"

"Yes. It was just so embarrassing!"

"Why? No, let's not talk about it." He inched over to me and we got cozy together.

"Finish your wine so we don't spill." He whispered to me. He set his empty glass down, waited for me to finish and he took mine and placed it on the coffee table. Leaning into me he gave me a quick kiss. As I tried to respond he moved away and began kissing my neck.



He went back to kissing me. Kissing my neck, my ear, while his hand was on my chest, squeezing my nipple through my sweater.

"Terry. What are you doing?" I whispered.

"Seducing you." He returned to kissing me.

"Terry! She's in the next room!"

He sat up and pulled me upright. Reaching for the end of my sweater he began pulling it over my head. I didn't try to resist but wanted to. Tossing my sweater to the side he leaned in and kissed me. This time I was able to return the kiss. The wine and admittedly, as much as I hated to, the conversation were both taking effect. With skill he removed my shirt and began kissing his way from my neck to my chest down to my navel.

Stopping to unbuckle my belt and open my pants he stood up and pulled the pants off. Pulling off his sweater and shirt at the same time he stood above me, half naked, the Christmas tree lights lightly dancing on his beautiful torso. Undoing his pants and stepping out of them he stood smiling. His cock was growing, his briefs looked perfect. My cock began to respond. Forgetting that we were in my mother's living room, on her sofa while she was sleeping in the next room my thoughts turned to the beautiful hunk of man I front of me. Kneeling before me I spread my legs. His hands reach my knees and slowly slid up my thighs. My cock continues to grow. His lips lightly graze my thigh as he slowly moves up to my briefs. Lying back I release all concerns and fall into that bliss of being kissed and caressed by the lips and hands of someone you love.

His tongue reaches under the leg opening and he follows it along toward my cock, but not touching it. Skipping over my large bulge he sticks it under the opening on the other side and continues to slide it along the opening until he reaches my hip. He moves above the waistband and slowly kisses and licks until he has returned to the left side. His hands slide up my hips and under the openings. I try not to gasp.

He moves towards my navel again and slowly licks inside of it. I forget how sensitive that spot is! Kissing his way to my left nipple I feel his torso ease it's way between my legs. The solid muscle causes my cock to twitch in the confines of my briefs. His chest presses into the bulge between my legs. His lips move to the other nipple. His hands are on the cushion on either side of me and he lifts his body up sliding against me. Reaching my lips he kisses me as he grinds his crotch, the hard bulge in his briefs against mine.

We kiss, we grind. My cock is straining and my body is filled with lust. I want him inside me. He breaks the kiss and lightly drags his tongue down to my cock. Kissing the shaft through the taunt fabric I moan. He mouths my cock, the head, and my balls. My hands reach for his arms and make their way to his biceps. Damn he is tight, solid. He moves away from me, reaches for my briefs and begins to pull them off. Raising my hips they slid past my ass. We wiggle our way out of my briefs, my cock finally free of the restraint.

With no hesitation he leans in and takes my cock into his mouth, all the way to the base. Damn he is talented. His hands roaming my body, his mouth on my cock I hit that state of bliss. Entirely focused on him, the rest of the world, my mother, the Christmas tree, the sofa, I am in heaven.

He continues his oral exercise on my cock as I continue to moan. Bringing me to the point of no return he pulls off and releases my cock. How he knows when to stop I wish I knew. Standing up he pulls off his briefs, his hard cock springs forward. Unable to help myself my mouth is drawn to it and I try to take it all at once. Success!

He slowly allows me to suck his cock until his hands reach for my head and he takes over. I love being in this position. Four or five minutes pass, each one amazing, until he pulls his cock away, kneels down again grabs my legs and pushes them to my chest. His tongue darts into my hole. I put my fist into my mouth to keep from moaning loudly. He works my hole as I mouth my fist. He stops. I hear the sound of a condom wrapper.

For an instant my mind thinks of where we are and then I feel his head at my hole. All thoughts went directly to getting his cock inside. Leaning in he goes slowly. I hear him spit again. The friction from a lack of lube pulls on my hole. I don't care. I want him. He slowly works in, adding spit as he slides. He begins to fuck me and the pain evaporates.

Keeping my fist in my mouth the entire time he is fucking me I feel the spit running down my arm. Finally I feel him tense up. He doesn't make a sound but I feel his entire body tighten. When I look at his face I see the joy of orgasm.

He leaves his cock inside after he finished until it begins to soften. Sliding out he pulls off the condom and walks naked into the bathroom. I stand up, carefully to keep from getting anything on the sofa. Grabbing our clothing I walk into my old bedroom and drop the clothing on the floor. I hear his footsteps and feel him walk up behind me. His arms wrap around me, his soft cock presses into my ass.

"Now I want you in me."

I turn, whisper "just a moment" and step into the bathroom.

When I return I close the door. He has a handful of condoms spread across the bed around him. Crawling between his legs I begin to kiss my way to heaven. The scent of Terry filled my head forcing all the thoughts about being in my childhood bedroom have sex on the bed of my youth while my mother was sleeping in the next room out of my head. All I wanted was him. Kissing, licking and nibbling his soft skin I ignored his cock, barely brushed over his balls and continued to his chest. His new piercing was still off limits. I wanted to chew on it but had to make do with the other.

By the time I was ready to slide my cock into his wet hole he was again hard. Stroking his cock I entered him and continued to stroke him the entire time. I wanted us to cum as close together as we could. When my load began working it's way up my shaft I forgot about where I was and loudly moaned. Terry wasn't as vocal as I was but we did not remain silent. Sweaty and laughing quietly I collapsed on my hunk.

"Sam, I fucking love you!"

"Terry, I can't believe we just fucked in my old bed!"

Removing the condom we cuddled up and fell fast asleep.

Waking up I pulled on my jeans and a tee and sneaked into the bathroom. After brushing up my teeth and washing my face I went into the kitchen looking for my mother. There was a note on the table.

"Hi Honey! Hope you two slept well. I am at church will be home about 11:30. Coffee is ready to go just turn it on. Mom"

Turning on the coffee maker I returned to my bedroom, removed my clothes and crawled back into bed. Terry returned from the bathroom and smiled. "Come fuck me, she's at church."

Terry jumped on me and once again we began to make love, this time without concern over noise. Having sex and trying to be quiet can be hot once in a while but I don't really like to be silent. I want to moan and groan and tell the man how I am enjoying it. Talking dirty is hot. We flip fucked and eventually shot our cum all over the bed and ourselves. It wasn't a long fuck session, just a quickie to help get the angst of lust out of the way. It was Christmas Eve day and I didn't want to spend the entire time thinking about cock.

Terry sent me off to shower while he tidied up the room. After I was done I dressed, he showered and I waited in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. Not realizing how late it was I jumped when my mother opened the door.

"Hi Honey, you got my note. How did you sleep?" She removed her coat and gave me a kiss on my head as she went to hang it up.

"Slept great. The question is how did you sleep?"

"Just fine, thank you for asking."

"Good, I wondered if maybe you might be tired this morning." I continued hinting at her drinking the night before.

"I was so tired Honey I feel sleep without any problem, even with the noise you two were making."


"It wasn't very loud, you were both very considerate. Have you eaten breakfast?"

She walked to her bedroom as she spoke.

"No, we'll wait until lunch."

Not sure if she heard me I poured a cup of coffee for her.

"OH! Oh!" The sound of surprise in my mom's voice caught my attention. Seconds later she was in the kitchen.

"I poured you some coffee." Looking at her I couldn't tell what caused her to react.

"Sam! I was walking out of my bedroom and nearly ran into Terry. He was only wearing a towel. Sam. He has a pierced...well. My is he nice looking." She sat down in the chair across from me and took the cup into her hands. "Very nice looking." She took a long sip and looked past me.

"I know Mom."

She didn't say anything as she stared off in thought. I didn't try to figure out what she was thinking.

Soon Terry came out of the bedroom dressed in jeans and a sweater. I stood to pour him a cup of coffee and top off mine.

"Sorry about that, I didn't realize you were home." Terry looked down at the table, I don't think he was embarrassed but he was at least a little humbled.

"Oh Terry, I am sorry. I didn't think...Anyway. Lunch. You boys are on your own. There is plenty of lasagna left and some soup in the Tupperware bowl with the yellow lid. Linda is coming to pick me up at one for our church ladies group. We are having a little luncheon. No men allowed. How about a game? Scrabble, Pay Day or Sorry?"

"I have never played them." Terry took a sip of coffee and looked a little out of place.

"Never played Sorry? Or Pay Day? Not even Scrabble? Why Terry, that is just not right. Sit here I will get the games."

My mother was in heaven being able to take care of us. Food, coffee, games, the planning; all things she had done for me while growing up. I wondered if she was lonely or felt an emptiness now that I was gone. She returned with the games and we spend the next ninety minutes playing Sorry and Pay Day. It was really nice.



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