The bookish looking man met me outside the salon and led me to the conference table. The director was there and smiled. "Sam. Thank you for being willing to do this, we are all very excited for today's shoot. Already you know it isn't just setting up a camera and having some guys fuck so remember that the camera is your friend. If, for any reason, you need us to stop, say the word 'free'. Don't feel bad about it, but use it when you really need it. We are here to work with you to make this video as hot as possible. Now a little something to help you out." He handed me a blue pill and a glass of water.

"Thanks. I hope I don't disappoint." And I swallowed the pill.

We started in a set that looked like an alley complete with a dumpster and some trash. I was working with two of the other actors. One was really tall, six feet five or so, baldhead, bearded as they all were and piercing blue eyes. Before he changed into his jeans and harness I was able to see his body and woof! He was all man. Hairy torso nice size nips and solid. He wasn't fat my any means, just a solid mass of mature muscle, maybe late thirties.

The other guy was the short one who was really handsome. Very thick full beard, the thickest of them all he was shorter than I was but fucking solid. He wasn't as hairy chested as the other guy but his arms and legs were a lot hairier. His nips stuck out almost like two pert pencil erasers. He looked like the oldest of the guys but his body was not showing age. His shoulders were massive and his upper arms made mine look like twigs.

What they had between their legs was unknown. At least to me, the rest of the guys all seemed to have worked together. I wondered if not seeing their cocks was to help me be surprised and fearful when they pointed them at my mouth.

They walked me through the scene and told me what I needed to do and we practiced once and then I took my place. The director said the expected words; silence, rolling, action, and I started walking.

Almost thirty minutes later we finished that first scene. It felt like it took a long time just to film me being propositioned, refusing it and then being taken. That was it.

We had a little break while the next set and scene were set up. The two guys who filmed the first scene with me were really nice during the break telling me what I did well and giving me tips.

The next scene would take longer to film. We talked through it, walked through and they told us about camera placement and how to position ourselves. Once everything was understood we got into our places and the cameras rolled. This scene the two guys wrestled me into a room and beat me up a bit and started ripping my clothes off. Once in my underwear they tied me up. Everything took a long time. We had to stop and start repeatedly for angles, lighting, bad positioning and reshoots. It was not one easy take where they took me in the room and striped me down; there were at least thirty takes. After they had me tied up we cut and once again took a break.

Water, Gatorade and a light lunch while waiting the other actors and I had a chance to chat a little. Mostly they kept it to tips about making it look real and advice on how to react to the scenes involving pain. I appreciated every word they said. When it was time I went back to my place and two crew guys tied me up. It took about fifteen minutes to get the ropes in just the right format to please the director. The two studs came on set and we talked about what would happen next.

The session took an hour. Finally I was fully naked and the Viagra of course was working well. I wasn't sure I even needed it. Being manhandled as I was, even if it was only for a few minutes at a time had me horny. I was retied and positioned. After being beaten with whips and belts I finally was forced to suck their cocks. There was no disappointment in what they had between there legs. They were both much larger than average likely in the eight plus size and thick.

My experience with cock so far had taught me that gay men had this tendency to thick an inch was less than what a ruler would show. Having had one truly huge cock all the others, while the owner claimed ten inches or nine inches, were closer to seven. These guys beat those others' cocks easily. My reaction to the first cock as it was revealed was hard to distinguish between joy and fear. Regardless, before they were done fucking my face I was taking both to the pubes. I was gagging and spitting up, my eyes were watering. None of it was faked. I didn't need to. Having an eight-inch cock pushed into your mouth is going to get a reaction. Maybe in a few years when I have deep throat talent I could take them without turning red, but now I was really struggling to take it all. I am sure it would make great footage.

They really did belt and whip me but it wasn't really painful. They made it look like I was being pummeled when it was rather mild. They did strike hard enough to turn my ass, stomach, back and chest red with marks. My reactions were bigger than the pain. The other two guys were introduced into the scene, dressed only in leather. They took over while the two guys who captured me went to change.

These two all over six foot but not as tall as the first mountain of muscle man. One had a full head of hair and a very neatly trimmed bread and mustache. His chest was very hairy and it went from his neck to his pubes. His nipples were dark in contrast to his untanned skin. His very hairy arms and mildly hairy legs were no doubt powerful. His cock was fucking thick. My wrist wasn't as thick as his cock. When he first shoved it in my mouth it felt like my lips ripped. I couldn't take it. He didn't stop. Once my teeth grazed his shaft and he slapped me across the face hard enough for spit to fly and then rammed it in until he had it down my throat.

The fourth guy was the best looking of all of them. His classic chiseled face was stunning. His upper body was perfection. Hairy pecs, a love trail and light hair on his arms I wanted to worship his body freely. That wasn't going to happen. His nipples were small but stuck out further than the guy with the erasers. The left one was pierced and had a decent sized ring through it. He had a scar on his lower abdomen. He was so well defined even the scar looked like it was muscular. Cock size was a little smaller than the others but the head on it was truly outstanding. Full helmet and plump, just getting it in my mouth was a challenge but one I accepted greedily. Now to mention his nut sack. Huge balls, low hanging sack, it was beautiful.

While in the act I wondered how hot it looked to have him sitting on my face ass towards my face with his cock buried in my mouth and that huge sack resting on my eyes. Sure I would gag and struggle with the oral shots but I wasn't complaining. Big beautiful cocks fighting to be inside my mouth, a cock slut's dream. Then there was the fucking. Thankfully the director knew how big these guys were and had the smallest of these porn star caliber cocks be the first to enter my hole. Even after they had fingered and rimmed me for close to an hour's time it was still a nice tight fit. At least it felt tight to me.

Depending on the shot and when it took place in the film I had each stud fuck me. It was exactly what I expected once they get in. From what I could tell, and paying attention to direction when a man slides eight inches of cock into your hole isn't easy, they all took a few slow careful thrusts to help acclimate me to their size. Each one had a different approach to using me and they all put on a great show of pounding me like it hurt when it wasn't painful.

The last cock to get me was the fourth guy with the huge head. Granted a long shaft and a thick shaft take some stretching but a huge head is another story. Having a spongy yet hard cock pushed in takes deep breaths and concentration to relax. Especially when it is, or at least feels like it is the size of a tennis ball. Granted it wasn't but damn, it could have been. My cries were all real. Once it was in the rest of the shaft was a piece of cake. I could feel that head as he slid into me moving to my second ring and finally pushing through it. Fuck it hurt in all the right ways.

The director had us do multiple takes of the guys fucking me. He really liked the shots were they pulled all the way out and went all the way back in. This can be tricky and it also can drive a bottom crazy. They had encouraged me to be vocal and even would tell me to make more noise. After learning to keep it down during my stint as a rent boy getting fucked in hotel rooms and offices I had to let go of the need for silence. Being loud while being fucked was awesome.

The day went by slowly. Every scene took a very long time to film and I ended up taking a second Viagra. I guess staying hard for eight hours isn't easy to do, even for a guy my age. In the end all four men fucked me. Some of it was really rough, my dick flopping around was a clear sign that when they laid into me, they were really fucking hard. I had precum flying for periods of time during the day and wondered where it was all coming from. When I couldn't handle it and had to spew my load I was to give them notice so they could get the cameras aimed and focused on my cock. Once I shot we would go back to the action and finish up.

At some point during the day Scott was watching. Where he had been during the morning I didn't know but he was back and watching. Timothy was also there, I wondered what he was thinking as I was tied up and being fucked by two guys in leather. They stayed in the background and didn't talk. I wondered if Scott would be fucking me but he never came close to the set and had his clothes on the entire time. Timothy was also dressed and stood watching. The only thing about the two that looked unusual was the collar on Timothy and the leash that Scott held in his hand.

When the director gave word that we were done everyone clapped or hollered. I smiled. I had made it through the shoot. My body was sore and walking wasn't easy but the guys helped me.

Showers and back into my own clothes I was met by the crew and other actors. They cracked open some champagne and we had a toast. Scott was there and Timothy was in the background. The entire group of men were really nice to me. Not once was I afraid or hurt or worried. Filming the video was hot but not at all like watching them. It was nearly nine at night and the director offered to take me, Scott and a couple of the others out to dinner.

The food was great with conversation was crazy. I don't know if the staff at the restaurant knew who we were but they certainly heard plenty of talk about sex, cock and fucking. I felt great by the time dinner was over. Scott left earlier in the evening, as had a couple of the other guys. The director offered me a ride home, which I accepted. As we drove he complimented me on my work and being such a good sport. I laughed at being called a good sport. I had just been filmed getting roughly fucked by four men; good sport seemed a little junior league.

"Sam. Mind coming back to my place, I would like to fuck you myself." He asks out of the blue.

I wasn't sure what to say. I was tired and wanted to sleep. My body was exhausted after being fucked for a very long time. Would it be rude to decline? Not wanting to fuck up, as I had to get myself involved with this entire day I said sure.

His loft was nice, really nice. He had a couple of amazing paintings of naked men on the walls, huge paintings. He offered me a drink, put on some music and asked me to undress to the beat. In his late fifties, not a guy who spent time at the gym but not too out of shape, he was not like the muscle studs from the video. His cock was maybe five inches when hard and not thick. It was a relief when I saw him hard and I did my best not to show it.

Deep throating him was easy and his balls were small enough I could get them in my mouth with his cock. Thank god he wasn't horse hung, I don't think I could have handled it. The liquor started going to my head. Before long we were in his bed and he was playing with my ass. I was so tender from the long day of use he easily had three fingers in my hole and added a forth. I started to fear he would try a fifth. I was not ready to be fisted even if I hadn't been worked over like I had.

His demanding side crept out. Calling me a whore and boy he finger fucked me until he brought out his toys. Lying naked on his huge bed I didn't even try to move as he took out one dildo after another and used them on me. Without resistance he move me into position to best manage to shove these things into me. Some of them were huge. He kept giving me poppers and something to drink. My head was clouded. The only thing I could do was relax as much as possible and let him do his thing.

Finally he came. On my face. Not allowing me to wipe it off I had to dress. Getting out of his car once we reached the condo I looked to see if anyone was around. I looked like I had been royally fucked, smelled of sex and had cum on my face. He thanked me and drove off. Being as quiet as possible I crept into the condo. In the bathroom I got a good look at my face. Exhausted was a good word to describe my look. The cum wasn't too thick and some had dried and started to flake off. I took a shower and went to my room. I was wasted and wanted nothing more than to sleep but was distracted by an envelope that was in my coat pocket. Inside a check made out to me for four grand. I figured I was too wasted to read and went to bed.



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