Timothy was waiting for me outside the gym. He was in a good mood. "So the vultures are starting in huh?"


"Surprised it took so long really."

"What do you mean, so long?"

"You have been going there for months and just now the games start."

"Start? Games?"

"Yes start. The guys have been watching you since day one. The thing was you kept to yourself, gave off no openings for them to work their way in."

"So when did they start? What game?"

"When Wade fucked you."

I stopped walking. "You know about that?"

"Had a pretty good idea, but you confirmed it."

Not wanting to be late I starting walking again. Apparently Timothy didn't know Wade has actually gotten my ass. But he knew Wade had spotted us eating. That was the opening he needed. Wade had been going to that gym for years. There was a core group of guys who were there several times a week and usually at the same time. They had a game to see who got to fuck the most guys, who was the first to fuck a guy and several other levels of achievement. When Timothy spotted Wade talking to me, and Ben standing there, the two of them watching my ass, he figured out that Wade had at least made his first move.

Being the pawn or prize in a game was annoying to me but the curiosity of what would happen with Scott was more pressing. Putting the game out of my mind I mentally prepared for what was about to happen.

Timothy told me to wait outside the door. Master liked things done in his preferred order. I gave him a few minutes to get inside and then walked up to the slightly opened door. Opening it, I walked in and got naked and stood in the spot, his preferred spot. I waited.

It was taking a much longer time than normal. I looked around. There it was. A blindfold was on the armrest of the chair he had me place my clothing. Putting it on I stood and waited. The sound of his footsteps brought my cock to life. I could feel him standing very close to me and my cock rose to full raging hard. His hand firmly grasped my cock and he led me to the bed. The sexual charisma this man had was unbelievable. He could just slide his hand along my leg and my entire body would beg for more. Blindfolded or not I was captivated by his power over me. He didn't do anything particularly different in terms of sucking and fucking but somehow it felt like I was being lifted, like gravity stopped working.

After the expected ninety minutes he was done with me. Having him walk away as I laid on the bed or floor naked and spent was not a negative. His cum on my body was a mark of having used me. I felt like I had just been given a gift. Getting dressed I noticed the door had been open the entire time. Maybe some lucky bastard had a very hot show.

Closing the door behind me I waited for the elevator. I felt something in my breast pocket. Reaching for it I pull out a CD. Of course my curiosity was flying so I raced home to see what it was, music? Not likely. My laptop took forever to warm up, seems to happen when I am in a hurry and the CD turned out to be a DVD. For ten minutes I watched rough cuts from the filming! My cock was hard after the first minute; I had to show to Terry. Not telling him why I told him to come over as fast as he could.

His reaction to the DVD was what I had hoped. We were in my bed and fucking as soon as it ended. After we both came we spent a few minutes in bed relaxing. He asked how I came to have a copy. Then I went into how I had left a part of the video story out when I told him I had made it. He wasn't angry but curious why I had never told him Scott, Timothy's Master, was fucking me weekly. There wasn't a reason really. I just felt a little sneaky having been meeting this guy weekly and never mentioning it. The first time I didn't because I thought it was a one time deal, then after the second time I felt stupid for not saying anything the first time and by the third time I couldn't bring myself to mention it at all.

"So how many other guys are you hooking up with on a regular basis?" He looks at me accusingly.


"One? Just one?"

"Well, outside of Jude and Craig there is only one other guy I hook up with weekly."



"The guy whose place you clean?"

"Yes him. After I clean..."

"Naked." Terry interrupts.

"Naked, I suck his cock."

"Just suck his cock?"

"Yes. Except..."

"There's more, I figured."

"One time I let him fuck me."

"You are so funny. Like it was one time. One guy. Just once. Sam. I love ya but you don't do anything once."

He had a point. "It isn't going to be a regular thing. Sucking him is and I enjoy it, nice cock to suck on but the fucking was a one time thing."

"Right. And the porno?"

"One time thing, I did it to spare a friend."

"At least I got to see some of the video."

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out. We were dressed by the time Jude arrived.

"Good to see you Terry. Have you two got plans tonight? Aside from sex?"

We both look down like guilty boys. "Nothing."

"Good. Go shower, you smell like sex then lets get dinner, my treat."

Feeling even more like schoolboys we got up and went to shower. I was so tempted to suck Terry for a while but he refused to let me. I told him that he was going to have me horned up all night by making me wait. It was possibly his plan.

Back in my room wearing towels we make a little game out of picking clothes for the other to wear. He is a little bigger than I am, more muscle so my pants on him were snug but sexy on his body. Jude was waiting for us and just smiled. "Fuck you two look good. Heads are gonna turn when we walk in."

We smiled and I squeezed Terry's ass. He was hot.

Jude has a talent for knowing fun places to eat. The food was amazing, the crowd was worth checking out and the atmosphere was festive. We spent over three hours talking and eating. We even managed to get served a beer. That was a bit of a thrill for me being too young to drink. The idea I can legally be in a porno but can't have a beer is pretty obnoxious.

Jude offered Terry to spend the night, with me, not him, but Terry politely refused. He even said he would decline my offer to crash at his place. I asked why and he kissed me, "No reason, just want to sleep."

It was hard to accept your boyfriend not wanting to spend the night with you but I knew he had just gone through hell maybe time alone was good. Terry's absence did give Jude a chance to chat. He liked Terry. In fact Jude couldn't say enough about how he thought Terry was a great fit for me. His compliments and the things he noticed impressed me. I asked him if he was upset that I had brought Terry home. He said he wasn't. He didn't want his place turned into a "rent by the hour motel" but by boyfriend was welcome. And Terry as my boyfriend was very welcomed.

I wanted to show Jude the DVD but he was tired and it was late. Off to sleep I went, my sheets smelling like Terry. And sex. It is a wonderful way to end the day.

Wednesday morning I woke up and could still smell Terry, and sex, on my sheets. Fuck I loved that smell. Stretching out my body felt great. My head was clear, my thinking was positive and I was motivated to work out. Once I was at the gym I started on the treadmill. Within ten minutes I felt like I was a bit on display. Wade was there or course and kept looking at me. Trying not to notice him and more importantly let him know I noticed him I focused on my form.

Of course I became a little self-conscience and soon I caught Ben watching me too. He knew, I knew and I am sure Wade knew that in two hours time I would be sucking Ben's cock. The thought made my dick twitch. It didn't matter that I was being coerced into having sex with Ben; I was still turned on by it. It could be so much worse. He could be unattractive.

After I finished the dull treadmill portion of my routine I started my lifting sets. Once I got into an exercise I was able to concentrate on the workout. In-between I would see Wade or Ben and my thoughts immediately went to their cocks. Half way through the lifting I noticed Timothy and smiled at him, like a person smiles when seeing a friend. We were friends too, at least sort of friends. We had never had sex, shit I hadn't even seen Timothy naked in person.

Smiling at Timothy was a mistake. Somehow Wade took it as a sign that he should approach me.

"Hey Sam. Why are you flashing that sexy smile my way?"

"Hi Wade. I guess I didn't see you until now."

"Bullshit. You noticed me when you were on the treadmill. I swear I saw your cock grow."

I didn't respond.

"Looking forward to your little date with Ben?" He grinned at me.

"Don't know what you're talking about."

"Ok Sam, pretend nothing is going to happen. You look good by the way." And he left.

Moving to work on my legs I tried not to think about sex. It was sort of working until Ben sat down next to me. My chest felt heavy when I saw him.

"Hey Stud."

I didn't look at him. "Hey Ben."

"Looking good. Can't wait to feel you under me."

I ignored him and he left. When I finished my lifting I was ready to change into my suit to swim some laps. Walking past the water fountain I stopped for a drink. When I stood up both Ben and Wade were standing behind me. I knew they would talk to me. I knew I was trapped and I knew I couldn't be rude.

"Damn nice view we had, thanks Sam." They were both smiling those smiles guys have when they are checking out a hot bod.

"Come on guys. Stop the comments." I spoke quietly.

"What's the matter Sam? Why are you being rude?" Wade asked in what seemed to be honest concern, as hard as it was to grasp.

"Nothing. Well, that's not true." I stepped close to them in an effort to keep the conversation between us. "It's just the leering and comments. Shit, we are at the gym, I don't want to be busted."

Wade laughed. "Sam, we are just talking, no one suspects a think. There are plenty of guys working out here who know each other outside of the gym. Besides, no one can hear us. Stop the paranoia."

"I am not being paranoid." I was but didn't want to admit it.

"Yes you are. Do you really dislike us? You seemed to enjoy my cock the other day."

"Wade! Shhhh. Shit. No I don't dislike you its just having you talk like that in here is...I don't know, annoying."

"Is that really what it is?" Ben finally joined the conversation.

"I think you are embarrassed because Wade got you to bend over for him and you liked it. That's not all, you want to bend over for me but don't want to let on how much it turns you on."

Fuck Ben. He was right but I wasn't going to give up. "Listen. Yes I let Wade...and yes Ben, I am going back to your place after I finish up here. It just isn't appropriate to be talking about it at the gym."

"Why? Are you really worried someone will over hear?" Ben countered.


"Or are you worried other guys already know Wade tapped you and I am next?"

"Ben! Shhhh. Come on, you promised to keep this secret."

"Secret? Oh Sam. You are so young. Hot but young."

"This may seem like a game to you two but I don't think it is." I was feeling a little flushed. Damn, this conversation was beginning to get me hot.

"Well Sam, I have to break the news to you. You are playing the game whether you like it or not."

"And what game am I playing?" My curiosity was showing.

They both laughed. "Oh Sam. You are cute. Go finish up so I can get my hands on that ass of yours. I am tempted to fuck you in the showers. Now go."

Quickly turning away from them I went into the locker room. I was turned on and I am pretty sure I was blushing too. Changing into my suit I had to squeeze in. Normally it fits tight, as swimsuits ought to, but today my dick was a little bigger than normal. Walking to the pool I passed several mirrors and sure enough, I looked hung. I smiled at the thought. I was a young guy, nice body, wearing a tight swimsuit and filling it well. I guess I was showing off.

The laps felt great. There isn't much time for thinking about anything while swimming. Showering up afterward I was a little self aware of being completely naked while other guys were in site. There was no way of telling if any of them were in on this 'game' or if they knew Wade had fucked me. Regardless my cock looked great it it's slightly aroused state. Any gay guys in the locker room were sure to appreciate it.

Ben was waiting for me by my locker. "Just can't wait to see me naked can you?"

"Oh Sam, I have seen you naked several times in this locker room, plenty of the guys have, that's what makes this moment so sweet."

Leaning into Ben I whispered, "Ben, how many guys know what you are going to do?"

In normal voice, to embarrass me no doubt, "Sam? What do you mean what I am going to do? You are the one who offered to come home with me. What were you expecting? Me to turn down the chance to sample your ass?"

"Come on Ben!"

Behind Ben a guy stopped walking. I smiled foolishly. Ben noticed and turned. "Kevin! How are ya? Have you met Sam?"

"No I haven't. Hi Sam. Kevin." Nice looking guy, fuck why do they have to be so attractive? He held out his hand. After shaking it he smiled at me and winked.

"Nice to finally meet you Sam. How do you know Ben?"

"I don't really." Please let this kill the conversation so we can leave!

"Not yet anyway, but by lunch he will know me intimately." Ben smiled at me and looked toward Kevin.

"Lucky bastard. Have fun you two and Ben, let me know..." Kevin winked at me again and left us.

"Ben!" I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

"Relax Sam, he plays too. Now drop that towel of yours so you can get dressed."

Dressing quickly to get out before someone else came by I tried not to think about sex. As soon as we got out of the gym I slugged Ben in the shoulder.



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