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An Explanation: R.I.P. DJFMonkey

Story by djfmonkey

28 Dec 2023 10276 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Sadly DJFMonkey has unexpectedly passed away. DEDICATED READERS PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING EXPLANATION. Many of you have noted the absence of DJFM from the website in recent weeks, now that the initial shock (and Christmas Holiday) is over, I feel I must explain, especially after all of the concerning emails that continue to show up in DJFM's email. I’ve had some time to think and reflect.


Raising Abel

Story by Pothos Scout

22 May 2024 3840 Readers comments 22 Min Read

Leather Daddy Frank meets Abel, a shy 19 year-old virgin; takes him under his wing and takes his virginity.

Topics: Big Dick, Leather, Spanking, First Time, Daddy, Alpha Male, Bear, Bareback, Twink, Age Difference, Domination, Blue Collar, Coming of Age

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Tyler's Desires

Story by Alan J

5 Apr 2024 4292 Readers comments 6 Min Read

A small town college student encounters a guy at a party and it seems maybe their interests align. There will be BDSM and some aspects that some don’t like. I’ll warn you when those are coming.

Topics: Fiction, College


A Finely Honed Weapon

Story by James Rozo

24 May 2024 4915 Readers comments 11 Min Read

The US Marine Corps transforms a boy into a finely honed weapon.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Military, Transformation, True Story, Marine, Uniforms

316 Votes

A Feeding Frenzy

Story by James Rozo

28 Oct 2022 9329 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Midshipmen-mania infects the crew. Happens every summer when collegiate boys report aboard for training. And a fevered feeding frenzy ensues.

Topics: Fisting, Voyeurism, Military, Medical, Oral & Blowjobs, Ass Play, Sailor

101 Votes

Get In the Shower

Story by J.P. Elle

23 Jun 2023 5351 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Brandon recently moved to New York City, and is excited for his best friend from college to visit him. While they used to sleep together in college it has been a few years since they have graduated and they haven't done anything since. Things start to get steamy as the two reconnect and reflect.

Topics: Friends, Shower, Oral & Blowjobs, Sex, Fucking

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A Shipboard Sacrifice

Story by James Rozo

12 Jan 2024 8239 Readers comments 13 Min Read

Midshipmen are subjugated and sacrificed by superstitious sailors.

Topics: Forced, Military, Domination, Ass Play, Shaved, Sailor, Fucking

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Birthday in Parker

Story by Hangry Holz

10 Mar 2024 7235 Readers comments 12 Min Read

I get a nice surprise on my birthday from an older trucker needing a ride to a court date.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Big Dick, Daddy, Bear, Bareback, Co-worker, Twink, Age Difference, Trucker, True Story, Blue Collar, Road Trip

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Story by Chris

9 Oct 2022 10581 Readers comments 22 Min Read

Christian and his friends find themselves in the wrong part of town, and receive an offer which they soon find that they cannot refusion.

Topics: Black Men, Anal Sex, Muscle, Big Dick, Abduction, Interracial, Coercion, BBC

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Rael in the Bull Pen

Story by Phaggotry

10 Mar 2023 19117 Readers comments 43 Min Read

A eighteen-year-old virgin named Rael takes to cock during his weekend stint in jail.

Topics: Anal Sex, DP, Big Dick, First Time, Prison, Slut, Interracial, Boypussy, Virgin, Big Balls, Spit, Deep Throat

120 Votes


Story by J.P. Elle

27 Jan 2024 6186 Readers comments 14 Min Read

When your straight best friend asks you to help them put tanning lotion on their deliciously chiseled body, you say yes ;)

Topics: Straight Men, Romance, Friends, College, Kissing, Fucking, Crush

118 Votes

Uncle Tony

Story by Prikz

11 Dec 2023 9008 Readers comments 10 Min Read

My uncle Tony was visiting and when my parents were out we had a hell of a fun time

Topics: Masturbation, Uncle, Incest, Oral & Blowjobs, Cum Eating, Fucking



Story by Josh Prim

30 May 2024 4101 Readers comments 24 Min Read

A college student is fucked for the first time.

Topics: Anal Sex, First Time, College, Twink, Virgin

135 Votes

Breaking and Entering

Story by Lee Obrien

1 Oct 2023 3813 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Story 3 of my "First Time" series. Jack gets home after a long week at work. His girlfriend is supposed to come over for a little fun. AS he is getting ready for his date, things take an unexpected turn.

Topics: Fiction, Rimming, First Time, Sex

108 Votes


Story by Clark Wayne

4 Apr 2024 9188 Readers comments 21 Min Read

Two straight friends and roommates get high and decide to do a little experimentation.

Topics: Muscle, Straight Men, Friends, Kissing, Straight to Gay, Fucking

118 Votes

Forbidden Fortunes

Story by JChristian

27 Apr 2024 4902 Readers comments 12 Min Read

Can money be enough to persuade a couple of handsome, straight, young college students to do something that they've never dared to imagine before?

Topics: Straight Men, College

90 Votes


Story by Boy Mercury X

11 Apr 2024 6052 Readers comments 27 Min Read

When he's paired to share a bed at a family get together, Trevor discovers the romance of his life is closer than he ever expected. (This is a remastered version of a story published in 2017.)

Topics: Romance, Incest, Dad & Son, Coming of Age

101 Votes

My life in submission to an Asian man

Story by GayJamie

1 May 2022 16990 Readers comments 25 Min Read

I was 18 when I first met Alex. It was the week after I graduated high school.

Topics: Asian Men, Anal Sex, Chastity, Interracial, Master & Slave, Submission, Fucking, Cock Cage


Studs to Sluts: Rooming on a Trip

Story by Toope

25 May 2024 4698 Readers comments 10 Min Read

A university ski retreat gets interesting when I'm paired with an open-minded, yet ignorant and somewhat bigoted hunk as my roommate. He takes his curiosity one step over the line, and I teach him his place for the remainder of the trip.

Topics: Asian Men, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Interracial, Size Difference, Domination, Straight to Gay

124 Votes

Team sleepover

Story by B0tt0m4t0p

18 Mar 2024 8021 Readers comments 12 Min Read

Team sleep over becomes team gangbang.

Topics: Group Sex, High School, Gangbang


A Collegiate Decathlete Took my Virginity

Story by Chase Huxley

5 Jun 2024 5734 Readers comments 19 Min Read

Coach Duncan was a rising junior in college. He was a sprinter in high school like me, but switched to decathlon in college. He had dark blonde hair that bordered between being short and slightly shaggy.  He didn’t have an ounce of fat showing on his muscular frame and every part of his cut body looked perfectly proportioned. I was a toned and lithe high school athlete who was horny all the ...

Topics: Muscle, Rough Sex, Wrestling, Forced, Jock, High School, Virgin, Domination, Dubcon, Fucking

106 Votes

Boy Bonding Cave Dungeon

Story by Mr.X

5 Feb 2024 10402 Readers comments 13 Min Read

18 yo Dylan finally realizes he likes boys better than girls. His Piano teacher is only 2 years older and crazy gorgeous and hot. One summer day, it heats up and Dylan is treated to his first man fuck and taste of boy cum as he gets bred with the promise of fucking and fisting for the first time later that night.

Topics: Piss, Chastity, Dildo, Fisting, Twink, BDSM, Femboy, Fuck Machine, Cum Eating, Dungeon

77 Votes

Dan Needs A Public Education

Story by Alex Pendragon

6 Jul 2023 10017 Readers comments 15 Min Read

To say Dan is surprised at hearing his "straight" best friend Luka is hooking up with a guy is an understatement. Then again, Dan has some sexual surprises of his own, as this spin-off from "Xander Shows Me My Prostate" explores...

Topics: Voyeurism, Masturbation, Friends, Exhibitionism

99 Votes

Humbled Neighbors

Story by Hangry Holz

20 Feb 2024 7134 Readers comments 16 Min Read

For years, fifty-five year old Randy and twenty-six year old Scotty have been neighbors who only nod to one another as they pass each other in their apartment complex, but a mis-delivered package will soon have them exploring CBT and each other's asses.

Topics: CBT, Big Dick, Neighbour, Daddy, Breeding, Bear, Verbal, Bareback, Twink, Age Difference, Blue Collar

132 Votes

Luke's Big Butt Changes

Story by Charlie Walker

16 Feb 2022 20914 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Baseball jock Luke Micucci always had a big ass... but after waking up with an oversized, itchy, self-lubricating bubble butt, his whole life is about to get flipped around!

Topics: Transformation, Twink, Big Ass, Ass to Mouth

111 Votes

My Dad & Coach Ortiz

Story by MuskyDad

12 Apr 2024 9126 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Horny Derek is hot for his high school track coach and his father

Topics: Straight Men, Rimming, Masturbation, Daddy, Coach, Breeding, Smells, Fucking

197 Votes

Office Men's Club

Story by Jason Smith

26 Mar 2023 8920 Readers comments 29 Min Read

After Mitch is caught screwing his wife's friend, and her husband, he is forced to move to a new city for a fresh start. His father in law helped him get a new job, and on the first day, the CEO catches him checking out the office boy's ass, and things keep getting interesting...

Topics: Muscle, Group Sex, Jock, Cum, Bareback, Co-worker, Exhibitionism, Married

62 Votes

Our Straight Friendship Goes Gay

Story by Prikz

26 Apr 2024 5938 Readers comments 13 Min Read

With our wives away my best mate and I decided to experiment with gay sex.

Topics: Anal Sex, Straight Men, Threesome, Friends, Felching, Oral & Blowjobs, Married

243 Votes

Pass Around Party Bottom

Story by WL_Oral

4 Apr 2021 29886 Readers comments 90 Min Read

My brother catches me fingering my ass and takes over and we eventually fuck, then he invites his friend, then several friends at a campout birthday party.

Topics: Anal Sex, DP, Brothers, Group Sex, Incest