• Cum-Dump

    Becoming an older stepbrother's cum-dump...

  • Fucked by a Dick Dancer

    Needing some cock really bad so off to the XXX arcade, I got more than I expected

  • Getting Fucked by my French Exchange Student

    My curiosity about dicks led me to get viciously fucked my host student in France.

  • An Open Door

    An Open Door explores the sexual tension that develops when a shy young professional, finally admitting that the mortgage on his new condo might be might be a little more than he can handle, rents his spare room to Jared, a dark eyed, curly haired construction worker with no respect for boundaries.

  • Was it a dream ?

    Just you’re average gay high school student with fantasies of having his cherry popped by his hunky dad

  • Are You Afraid of Me, Boss?

    My new manager at work is one of those "nice gays", pleasantly good-looking and kind and earnest. And it's cute the way he gets uncomfortable around me. I'm a cocky young bastard and 100% homo myself - dominant, masculine, top. So it's fun to tease Russell and make him sweat a little. Because my job is boring as fuck... and boundaries are a lot more interesting when they're at risk of being obliterated.

  • Fucking best friend's brother

    When going to visit his older brother, Cash has to go with Jensen, his brother's friend. On the road trip, Jensen reveals that he catched Cash checking him out in the shower years before; quickly they realise that they can have loads of fun on the trip, that does not involve Cash's brother. Note. mi ypologies fur yll zhe spøllin müstakes!

  • The Wall

    A bricklayer teaches a feisty queen a lesson...

  • TGIF in Lexington

    A specialty real estate representative gives special personal services to a sports star client with kinky demands who is shopping for a horse farm in Virginia.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous discovers a gangbang heaven...

  • Pretty Perfect

    Sean doesn't know much, being a virgin and all, but he knows one thing: that first time should be at least pretty perfect, with butterflies in his stomach and love at first sight. This is the reason why he doesn't want to just hook up and have sex, by frequenting gay bars, as his close friend suggests. When a sexy dangerous good-for-nothing punk lands in his bed, is not for sex, though, and he has no hopes that he could score with Max, who seems to be light years apart from everything Sean envisions for himself. But when their lips connect, and Sean feels the butterflies in his belly trying to get free, he starts to understand how his first time should really look like.

  • The Football Player

    A true story about me having the best sex of my life with a football player who was too drunk to leave my house during a party.

  • Just Two Good ole Boys

    They knew each other since they were kids, but one evening everything changed.

  • The Enticement

    Logan wanted to entice his roommate into sex, find a way to lure him down from the upper bunk.

  • The Football Player's Cocksucker Ch. 8

    It's Thanksgiving break, and Matt's away from Brandon.

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 3

    Connor is almost late to an appointment with his student advisor that he really doesn't want to miss.

  • Holy Relic

    Idolizing Vincent's 'holy relic'...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 2

    Connor's still getting into trouble at school, this time at his first crazy college party.

  • The Homeless Guys

    Homeless men can be great lovers...

  • The Tenant

    New tenant is too good to pass up

  • Train Journey

    Bill and Chuck decide to take the train...

  • The Military Academy - Welcome to the Launther Young Men's Military Academy

    The military academy was supposed to 'straighten' young men out. Primarily it was 18-year-olds who were send there by their parents, when they could not be bothered to deal with their sons' shit any longer. Others were send there by a court rather than ending up in some prison, where they would be the bitch for some other inmate.

  • Getting Fucked by a Baseball Player in School

    My baseball player lab partner and I stay after school to finish a science lab and he fucks me in a storage closet!

  • Oversexed

    A satyriasis male model seeks constant gay sexual attention.

  • Educating Ricky

    Ricky gets an education before going away to college.

  • Tiernan

    Tiernan prefers rough love...

  • Touchdown: Chapter 2

    It's game night. What will happen between our star player and the boy obsessed with him?

  • The Workshop

    The urinal at Evan's first job becomes the highlight of his existence...

  • Touchdown

    A football player finally gets a shot at a romance that he's always wanted.

  • The Hottest Restaurant in Albania

    Dritan Faja just turned 18. With his sandy hair, smoky green eyes, lean sexy body, he may be the sexiest boy in Shkodra, Albania. His perfect ass is his best feature; it makes you want to feel it, kiss it, munch it and fuck it. He gets his first job as a bus boy at Venezia, where the bartenders, waiters, bus boys and cooks are as hot as baked ziti. Now that Dritan is on the payroll the heat gets turned up even higher as he makes his way through the staff and turns Venezia into "The Hottest Restaurant in Albania."