• Trucker and Matt

    19 years old Matt is kicked out of home by his Father for being gay so he walk down the road and meets hot hunky straight Trucker.

  • Texas Rain: Chapter 2

    Darwin leaves town to begin life in a new place

  • An Appalachian Boy

    The war raged around the mountain, causing Isaac and his family to isolate themselves, avoid the conflict not of their making. But the war came on the mountain, not as a battle, but as a man.

  • My stepdad and I

    My stepdads apartment is freezing in the winter. I can't sleep because of the cold. He invites me into his bed to get warm and things get sexual.

  • A job that took a wind turn

    A friend of my dad's was looking for help with a catering for a wedding. I needed extra money so I agreed to help. I never would've imagined that I would end up sleeping with my boss

  • Brothers measure up

    For as long as I can remember, I have always had a thing for my father. My name is Said and I'm 17 years old. My father and his family are from Syria whilst my mother and her family are from Michigan.

  • The Older Man

    Eighteen-year-old Joseph crushes on older guys. At home for the summer after his freshman year of college, he meets Dave, who steals his heart rather quickly. Dave is drawn just as rapidly to Joseph.

  • 3 Generations of Cock: Chapter 4

    I meet an old and a new friend and I get my first blowjob.

  • The Touch

    An electrifying touch reignites Wallace's gay lust after decades of abstinence...

  • Horn Of Plenty

    A revolution occurs in Tommy's sex life...

  • Kyle

    Boy meets boy. A platonic weekend follows. Will it stay platonic?

  • Texas Rain

    Their senior year is about to end, and Darwin and Chad decide to skip school on that wet Texas day. It's a decision that puts their lives on a new path.

  • Dad's Sleeping Monster

    I can't stop fantasizing about my dad while he sleeps. That bulge looks huge. I must have it.

  • My Neighbor's Spa

    Chapter One: Thoughts of Neal

  • seducing daddy

    Dad seemed kind of awkward around me now. Ever since we'd jacked each other off he was seemed uncomfortable and was obviously feeling guilty.

  • A random visit

    Chris decided to stop my mikes place just to say hi and visit for a while

  • 3 Generations of Cock: Chapter 3

    The new deputy in town is carrying a concealed weapon.

  • Latrine Duty with Sergeant Holt

    A handsome cadet finds a welcome distraction during his night of cleaning the army's latrine, not knowing the mountainous and imposing Sergeant Holt is lying in wait... expecting him.

  • The Truck Stop

    I get a job at the local truck stop but neverexpect what happens.

  • 3 Generations of Cock: Chapter 2

    Dad and granddad further my education.

  • Can I watch?

    It was a question Jake couldn't get out of his head. One he could not forget. It hung before him, this request. A request to watch Ryan and he have sex.

  • Graduating

    Levi finally finished high school and went through graduation. But it was another graduation of sorts that was the most important.

  • 3 Generations of Cock

    Granddad, dad and I celebrate Spring Break.

  • Bus Trip

    A bus trip initiates a new chapter in my life...

  • Cousins

    A tale of two cousins...

  • Big Love

    By a curious twist of fate, Chester develops a taste for big men...

  • It's all relative

    What I discover with my family plus more..

  • My father leads me on

    A father and son develop an interest in each other that is finally fulfilled at a mystical pond.

  • Archer

    Dixon was the epitome of masculinity and dexterity...

  • Stepdad Becomes Real Dad: Chapter 2

    Closeted teen Chase plots to get closer to his sexy straight stepdad, Sal. His latest mission: get Sal to show his boner.