• Cleaning The Ashtray

    Two seniors at boarding school decide to punish a junior caught smoking...

  • The Jocks | Chapter 01: The Circle Jerk

    Some of the popular football boys who just graduated high school with me come over to my house for my sister's party and end up coming up to my room for a hot circle jerk.

  • New School, Am I Gay?

    After a bit of trouble at his high school Ash needs a fresh start but will it be the change he expected?

  • The naked boy on the sidewalk

    I passed the gay bar, just in time to see a moppy haired blond twink being chased outside.... butt ass naked.

  • Sharing a bed and bath

    A true story from uni days in the UK. A visit with my uni buddy developed in to something else.

  • And Just Like That...

    A reunion between college friends James and Craig ends in a night of passion.

  • Compliance

    Barris, the electrician, introduces me to his 'other services'...

  • A Player's Cocksucker 6

    I shrugged. Hell, I was thinking of taking a break anyways, and a bit of bowling never hurt anyone. I wasn't great at bowling by any stretch of the word, but Brandon was pretty nice company. Well, good in bed, at least.

  • It took 10 Years to Bag this Stud

    Over the years since we first me, I had been more of a shoulder to cry on for my perpetually single friend but we would meet up in various cities as he was working for the airlines and on this occasion, I finally got my young friend balls deep in my ass.

  • A Player's Cocksucker 5

    The football players gathered together in the middle of the field and bumped chests and yelled at each other in fits of hypermasculinity, and I loved every ridiculous second of it.


    Jax and I were frequently in the showers together. It took all the willpower I could muster to keep from looking at his sleek, wet body when we were showering together. I worked hard training myself to keep my eyes on the wall below the shower heads, and not on Jax or my teammates when our practice or games were finished.

  • Taking Charge

    The wrestling coach becomes my bitch...

  • A Player's Cocksucker 4

    Having cum inside of you is the strangest fucking thing..

  • A Player's Cocksucker 3

    He was a hot, sexy football player, and I was hot for him.

  • The Trapper

    Tobias finds love in the silence of a beautiful boy...

  • A Player's Cocksucker 2

    I could still remember the taste. I would roll it back and forth in my head, how salty and tangy it was. It was... delicious..

  • A Player's Cocksucker 1

    Matt is crushing on hot jock Brandon, who takes advantage.

  • Housesitting is Fun

    I housesit for a friend and get his little brother as a bonus

  • Cumming in Cumbria - part 1

    I was horny on holiday in England's Lake District with a group of mates, then met Tony at the urinals in the toilets in the village...

  • Fucked by black guys in a bar

    wrong turning led to me being gang banged by black guys.

  • The Lock Twins

    The twins sex life blossom, when group sex, bisexuality, and partner sharing, becomes part of their daily existence...

  • Delivering the Goods

    Meet Greg, a successful research scientist who hides the fact that he loves cock behind his dedication to his job and Daniel, logistics manager who decides to do a favour and gets just what he wants in return.

  • My Daughter's Friend

    I have known I was bisexual since I was in my late teens, but before the events in this story all I'd ever experienced with other men were fantasies.

  • The Red Eye

    He was coming back from LA and had just boarded. It had been a great weekend and he was tired from running the LA marathon. Chris was also very horny.

  • Laundry Room Fuck

    A late night load of laundry got my ass reamed out but good

  • My First Home

    Relieving my neighbour's sexual frustration...

  • Father's Day 3

    A week after Father's Day, coach comes by for dinner

  • A Party Fuck in the Bathroom

    Didn't want to go to this party but a chance meeting and a plate of spilled food and it turned out to be a wonderful evening...

  • I Give You My Love

    A young man awakes in a world where he is prepared for the fucking of a lifetime.

  • The First Blow Job

    A lonely Sam finds himself attracted to a man in a grocery store check out line. A connection he never expected to make leads to an adventure he never expected to have.