As we approached Andrew's apartment I was excited, nervous and horny. What a great combination!

'Come in sexy, and I mean that in the most sexual way possible.' Andrew's hand took advantage of my right ass cheek and gave it a strong but playful squeeze.

I turned to him and said nothing. Silently I reached up to remove my shirt. I wanted him inside me, it didn't matter if it was his tongue, fingers or cock, I just wanted him inside.

He pushed my hands down, 'Wait.' His right hand made contact with my crotch and he started to fondle and squeeze. My eyes closed and head tilted back to the wall, my hips pushed out and I spread my legs. I wanted him to have all the access he possibly could.

His hand kept groping me and the pressure increased until he was not only making me hard as hell, but giving my nuts and confined cock a heavy hand. It almost was causing pain.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was looking directly into my eyes and half smiling, nearly grinning. 'Ow, not so hard stud.' I said with as sexy a voice as possible.

'Shhhh. This is my time; you messed up last time. This time I am running the show.' He squeezed harder, my body lifted up on the balls of my feet. He smiled, released his grip and turn away, walking towards his bed. I followed. Damn he looked great, his ass looked great, who wouldn't follow?

He stopped at the foot of the bed. I stopped near him. He turned and suddenly reached up and half pushed, half tossed me onto the bed. I wasn't expecting it and let out a sort of yelp. What a wimp I was!

'You will be making a lot more of that sound soon, but for now, not a word.'

He crawled on top of me, his legs straddling my torso. His hands reached for my arms and forced them above my head. I felt the weight of his body on my stomach as he sat on me, leaned over and began aggressively kissing me. I couldn't resist his oral attack on me and tried to keep up. As soon as I made this effort he leaned away and grinned. 'You are gonna make me very, very happy.'

He sat up, the weight of his body increased; it was a little tough to breathe. He pulled my shirt up and started to knead my stomach. The pressure would slowly increase and decrease with pauses to run his fingers along my abs. As he worked his way up towards my chest he smiled. His fingers found their way to my nipples and he grinned as he started to tweak and twist them. I tried to wiggle and it was pretty useless, he was holding me down.

Stopping his work-over on my nips he pulled my shirt off over my head, he wasn't careful at all. My arms were still in the sleeves and my skin was twisted in the fabric. I started to speak; his hand covered my mouth, 'Shhh. No talking stud. Just lay there and let me do the work.'

He got off me. Gently grabbing my wrist he pulled my right arm up the corner of his bed. In seconds he had a strap around my wrist. He quickly leapt over me, impressive move, and did the same to the left wrist. 'There, now you won't be tempted to wiggle away.'

He leaned over and gently, almost lovingly, kissed me. It was brief, too brief really. He stood up, 'Now about those pants. Don't speak, just nod, do you like them?' I nodded. 'We can do this two ways. I can cut them off, or take them off. Nod if you want me to cut them off.' I didn't move. 'Shake your head if you want me to take them off.' I shook my head. 'Take them off it is, but you owe me something for being so generous. I think, hmmm, how about I give you two choices. One is you let me put a gag in your mouth, the other is you let me turn on my computer and cam with this gay chat site I like.'

I was not expecting this from him. Cam! I was tied to his bed. My eyes were wide as I tried to convey fear. 'What is it Sexy? Don't want me to cam while I enjoy your body? Seeing how you are unable to leave I don't think you have much choice.'

'Come on Andrew, this isn't' he cut me off. 'I guess the gag it is.' He reached into a drawer and pulled something out. I hadn't seen a ball-gag before but quickly figured out what it was. Apparently he knew what he was doing; it took him no time to put it on me. I tried to talk but realized it was a waste of effort.

'There, now you can't talk. Oh Sexy, don't be frightened, I am not gonna hurt you. Now, about those pants.' He slowly took them off, the release on my aching cock, which was still hard as ever, felt great. He folded the pants and set them on a chair. Then he secured my ankles to the corners of the bed. I was stuck. How the hell did this happen? What happened to the sweet Andrew I had been flirting with and so attracted too?

He was still fully dressed. I had my briefs on. In an odd way I felt very sexy tied to his bed in my white briefs. And I felt a little dirty wearing a ball-gag. Starting at my left leg he massaged his way up to my hip. He did the same to the right. My cock was straining in my briefs, it was laying to the left and the thin fabric was stretched to the max. It didn't cover the head of my cock but stretched over the head, my helmet could be seen plump and purple, spilling out of the sides of the narrow waistband.

Apparently Andrew didn't miss it either. 'Sexy, I can't resist.' He walked towards the kitchenette and came back with a camera. 'Just a couple. Don't worry I won't post them on line. If you are good.' He laughed. For a couple minutes he took pictures of me tied to his bed. Close ups of my cock trapped in my briefs and the ball gag in my mouth. It felt slutty and hot as hell.

After putting the camera down he returned to my body and began teasing my nipples. He would apply pressure, I would moan and try to beg him to stop. He gnawed on them. He licked them. He sucked them. He twisted them. He worked on them until they were red and swollen. When he stopped he took some pictures of them.

Next he moved over to my pits. 'This needs to be fixed.' He said as he tugged on my pit hair. He went into the bathroom and returned with a towel and shaver. Placing the towel under my right pit he removed the hair. He then used a razor and some shaving cream to shave my pit smooth.

As an eighteen year old, I was still pleased with having hair in my pits. I had waited long enough for it to grow in. Now it was gone in one pit and I knew it would be gone in the other shortly. After he finished both pits he took more pictures of his work. When he finished he started licking my pit. It tickled at first but soon I was moaning. I had no idea it would feel so good to have my pits licked.

He worked them both and I could feel the pre cum seeping out. My briefs were soaked at the head of my cock and the sticky juice was making its mess all along my hip.

Andrew returned to my nips and chewed on them some more. It hurt. 'What's wrong Sexy? Don't like having your nipples gnawed on? I love chewing on nipples. Yours are a little small so I have to work harder, use the teeth more, but I think with a little bit of work they will get bigger.'

I wasn't sure what he meant by that comment but was a little curious if it was true. Andrew grabbed this camera again, 'Now to get some really hot pics.' He started to nudge my balls using a knuckle. My cock sprang up but the fabric held it down. It was a little uncomfortable to be trapped like I was; my cock was so ready for air!

He grasped my balls and squeezed a little, taking pictures of it. The he reached for the base of my cock and squeezed. I tried to cry out from the pain but it just made him laugh. Camera clicking away he finally released my aching cock. It bounced up, a string of precum following. 'Nice Sexy. Damn that looks hot. Camera clicking. He leaned over and licked the precum off my cock. It was a half second of heaven.

Standing up at the foot of the bed he smiled, it looked like he was admiring me, my body. 'God I wish I could cam this! But I will respect your wish. It will cost you but we will get to that later.

My cock was hard and sticking up out of the briefs, I wished he would take them off, free my aching cock from the confines of the fabric. I pulled on the restraints; he chuckled at my effort. I was stuck.

Looking at him I fell in love with him, or lust, not sure which one it was, I was sure that I wanted to see him naked. That thought hit me and I realized I had not seen this stud naked yet! Here I lie, hard, nearly naked, pits shaved, restrained to his bed, no one knew where I was and he was fully clothed and totally in charge. Damn. What I had gotten myself into?

'What do I do next?' he broke the silence and my thoughts. 'I think I need to take care of the bush of yours. What do you think Sexy? Want to be bald, shaved clean?' My eyes expanded as big as possible. Not my pubes! I liked having public hair. I hadn't had a full bush for very long and wasn't ready to have it gone. He saw my fear and laughed. 'Not thrilled with that idea huh? Well, I guess that makes it all the more fun for me to remove it for you. Stay there Sexy, I will be right back.' He turned and walked to the bathroom.


As he returned with a fresh towel I tried to convey my protest to having my pubes shaved off. 'What is it Sexy? Don't want to be smooth as those abs of yours?' I nodded. 'No? Well, what do we do? I want to have you shaved and you don't. I can walk out the door and you, can't leave the bed, or make a sound. Seems like you have little choice in the matter Sexy.'

I looked at my cock, my pubes, maybe for the last time. Fuck, I didn't want it all gone. 'You see Sexy, sucking balls is much more fun without all that pesky hair getting in the way. Really, trust me on this one. But you have sucked balls before so you know how it is. The question is, have all the balls you sucked been shaved or hairy? I don't know how many guys you have worshipped while on your knees so I can't even guess. I am pretty sure you have sucked the cocks and balls of the two studs who were with you at dinner that night we first laid eyes on one another. And I know Craig is shaved, he gets around.'

'Listen carefully Sexy. I am going to remove that gag. You are not to say a word. I have a couple questions. You nod for yes, shake your head for no and answer any other questions with as few words as possible. For each word you use, you will receive a penalty, or gift, depending on your tastes!' He laughed at his joke that I didn't understand. Removing the gag felt great, my mouth was sore from it, my jaw ached and not in a good way.

'Ok Sexy. I know you are not a virgin. How many men have fucked that ass of yours?'

Not knowing what the penalty would be I used one word, 'Two.'

'How many cocks have you wrapped those lips around?'


'You really are new aren't you Sexy. We will change that soon. Do you want to keep that public hair of yours?'

I nodded.

'If you want to keep it, it will cost you. Keep that in mind when you answer my next question. Why should I let you keep them when I have totally control of you right now? What prevents me from taking it all off?'

'Please please please don't shave it off. I like having hair, I am proud of it.' I stopped realizing I had used a lot of words.

'Fair enough, but that doesn't answer what is preventing me from taking it off.'

'Because I trust you and don't think you are that mean.' I was exasperated.

'Let's see, how many words was that, two. Plus the three pleases, that's five. Plus, let's say twelve with the first part of your answer making seventeen. And let's go with ten for the second answer for a total of Twenty-seven. Do you agree Sexy?'

I nodded. What the hell was the penalty for my words, twenty-seven what?

'The answer is minutes. Twenty-seven minutes Sexy. That is how long I am going to have the cam on.'

'NO!' Fear. What the fuck.


'Please Andrew.'


I stopped talking.

'This is how it will work. I am going to turn on the cam for a half hour. You are going to be tied to the bed and I will do, whatever I want.' He smiled at me.

I was pissed, but strangely, still rock hard and leaking, in fact the pool of precum was getting bigger.

'Yeah, I see that too Sexy. It turns you on doesn't it? I will give you another choice. Remember the talking thing now. We can do this for the full half hour while you have a blindfold on, or fifteen minutes without it. You can pick Sexy.'

The look on his face, so innocent and sweet, was deceiving. He was using me, teasing me. And frankly, turning me on like crazy!

As I thought about it I felt the pangs of being turned on and wanting to see what he was doing, but also was concerned about my face being seen online, forever, being tied up and used by him. Once it was out there it was out there. I couldn't stop it. I had no idea who would see it. But he was fucking hot as hell too. And I was tied up; I could say I had no choice. Fuck, what do I do?


Damn. It was not an easy choice to make. At least not at the moment.

'Blindfolded it is Sexy.'

He walked toward me, grabbed a blindfold from the drawer and put it on. 'Now it will take a few minutes to set up, I will tell you when the clock is running. Until then just relax. Oh, every word you utter adds another minute to the thirty-one.'

Thirty-one? What the...oh, I said blindfolded. Shit.

I didn't move, tried to relax and be quiet as I tried to listen to what he was doing.



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