• Thr first cock I ever sucked

    I am an old man now and have lived a full life . It has many sexual encounters and for 40 years I was married to what now is known as a hotwife.

  • A Brother's Revelation: Chapter 3

    Clint, on leave from the Marines, visits his brother and partner in the family construction company and finds out that his brother is gay.

  • A College Man Comes To Terms: Chapter 3

    Our college boys have a reunion after Gregg returns from coming out to his parents. Gregg has a surprise for Alec . . .

  • A Crusty Sock, Filled With The Cum of Two Friends: Chapter 2

    Alex liked having someone who would treat him like a little puppy and give him treats of cum when he did a good job. Eric loved his new glory hole in his bathroom wall which he drilled for Alex. (A Crusty Sock, Filled with the Cum of Two Friends - Part II)

  • A Night with Jim: Chapter 2

    Continuation of the same night

  • A Virgin no more

    He was lying on his stomach with his head towards me. I don't think he was seeing me though. I think he was asleep. A pair of tiny briefs barely covered a tight little butt that many girls would have killed for.

  • Adventure: Chapter 10

    Chapter 10, the story about a young gay male coming out in New Orleans.

  • Alex's First Time

    Alex is a str8 (straight) mate of mine who discovered my identity as Aussie Speedo Guy. Alex loves speedos and was interested in exploring his 'gay' side. This is my account of Alex's first gay experience.... since then he has had many more which you can read about on my blog ...

  • Am I...?: Chapter 22

    Sorry guys. No description for this one. It will give something away. Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you enjoy the final chapter of 'Am I...?'

  • Becoming Key West

    Baltimore businessman melds to 1970s Key West

  • Bullied

    This is the story of how Asher and Nick fell in love. It's more that Just an erotic story- it's a story about rekindling old friendships, coming out, trust, and love.

  • Business Travel Has Never Been So Good

    Due to a cardiologist convention, our hotel was overbooked and my business associated and I ended up sleeping in the same bed rather than in separate rooms. Between the alcohol, a hot cocktail waitress, and an errant remote control, the night ended in a manner neither of us expected.

  • Christmas Confessional

    Coming out at Christmas.

  • Claude

    One weekend Claude invited me over. I was surprised when I got there to find I was the only one there. We talked and I actually had a few drinks. Claude started to wrestle with me a little. I was a little nervous because I'd never been touched by a grown man before.

  • Coming Out

    A story of how I found my true sexuality and came out to my family.

  • Coming Out

    The way the main character 'came out' is true, however I have taken 'poetic liberties' to create this story. I hope you enjoy.

  • Coming Out

    Witnessing his best friend molest his own nephew while he is drunk makes a divorced straight guy discover his own sexuality

  • Coming Out At Sea: Chapter 4

    Matt and Josh consider having a three way with the stranger on board.

  • Coming Out in Insane Mode

    After hurting myself at the gym, I went to see a massage therapist who ended up being more of a therapist than a masseur. The appointment was both a literal and figurative shock to my system, but turned out to be just what I needed to break out of my pent-up past.

  • Coming Out To Dad

    I was gay curious and the way I came out to my dad was unusual.

  • Could I Be?: Chapter 21

    Just like the final chapter of 'Am I...?', there's no description for this chapter. Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all enjoy the final chapter of 'Could I Be...?'

  • Covered

    Art Dealer puts lover declaring he's going straight to marry an heiress on GM book covers for revenge

  • Curiosity

    curious young man

  • Curiosity Skins The Cat

    My best friendĀ“s nephew puts himself and his sexuality in question.

  • Dance of the beast master

    An encounter with a huge highschool bully changed my senior year.

  • Delivery time

    It was a quiet Friday afternoon, I was at the base getting ready to open. Little did I know how much the day was going to hear up with the afternoon delivery!

  • Dude Shows College Coach What His Drunk Buddies Did to His Pubic Hair

    A cute 19-year-old friend visits my apartment and insists on showing me what three drunken college buddies did to his patch of pubic hair at a wild party the night before. Wow, was this a move to have sex with me, a 35-year-old baseball coach?

  • Filling my hole

    I finally decide to fuck and get fucked and it was red hot

  • Finally

    A couple of weeks later Roy invited me to lunch at TGIF Friday's. We started out with Buffalo wings and Guinness stout. Over their Smoke Stacked Burger (Beer-braised sausage & onions, Asiago & cheddar between two fresh hickory-smoked burgers with sweet Memphis seasoning, melted sharp cheddar, ...

  • Five-Year Reunion

    Uncloseted movie heartthrob returns to 5-year high school reunion, revenge in mind.