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Spit-Take: Barrett Barrell Vs. Timmy Sun

Story by E. Roan

9 Apr 2024 652 Readers comments 19 Min Read

A nasty, fat heel abuses and humiliates a twink jobber that thought he could get an easy pay day out of him.

Topics: Spanking, Wrestling, Humiliation, Verbal, Chub, Twink, Size Difference, Domination, Spit


The Words She Left to the Waves

Story by van der Kooi

8 Apr 2024 185 Readers comments 13 Min Read

Scott has been selected as a possible new member of an athletic fraternity at the school he will be attending in the fall. He and Riley deepen their friendship, but Scott struggles to find his footing, which may cause him problems in the future.

Topics: Wrestling, Romance, College, No Sex


A Babyfaced Stud Named Kyle (ch. 4)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

7 Apr 2024 2934 Readers comments 6 Min Read

My Babyfaced Stud had become my Bitch on the wrestling mats.  Now, he was sprawled out before me, sweaty and naked.  Kyle’s 7.5” cut cock betrayed his supposed straightness.  It was hard as a rock, rising across his lower belly.  Pre-cum leaked into his navel.  I moved next to his muscled body and he slowly, obediently, rose onto his knees before me. I nodded my head and he placed his ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Wrestling, Interracial, Oral & Blowjobs

6 Votes

Alpha Battle: Brutus v. The Freak v. AsianMuscleGod (ch. 7)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

20 Mar 2024 943 Readers comments 18 Min Read

I’m Chinese-Australian by birth, hence “Asian.”  I’m aggressive as fuck in the ring, hence “Bull.”  And I have, it must be said, a huge cock.  It’s 12” of uncut meat and 7” thick, hence “Titan.”  The veins running through my shaft pulse when I’m hard and horny.  Bigger muscle studs always fail to take me seriously and, invariably, they end up with my titanic dick in ...

Topics: Asian Men, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Wrestling, Alpha Male, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination

21 Votes

A Second Battle for Top (ch. 4)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

27 Feb 2024 2044 Readers comments 7 Min Read

Using both hands, Big Bill began to face fuck Cortez roughly.  The Latino teen was gagging within seconds and saliva began to drip from the sides of his mouth.  He had never sucked such a big, thick cock.  But Davenport didn’t relent.  Over and over again, Luis’s mouth and throat were impaled on the huge member.  Big Bill exclaimed “Fuck yeah, take that big cock, punk, all of it!”

Topics: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Wrestling, Alpha Male, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination

95 Votes

3 A.M Wrestling Match

Story by Z

31 Jan 2024 4868 Readers comments 5 Min Read

A story about a drunk night that got very interesting after the bars closed.

Topics: Straight Men, Wrestling, College, Drunk

9 Votes

Alpha Dandy Dawson's Hot Wrestling Backstory (ch. 9)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

28 Jan 2024 834 Readers comments 15 Min Read

Brutus held The Tank aloft in his bearhug.  He walked the Blonde Bodybuilder over to where Earl lay on his chest and DUMPED Bennett on Gleason’s body.  WHUMP!  Dawson had gotten to his feet.  Looking down at Gary--who was gasping for air and lying on top of Earl--he complained “About time, Brutus!”  “But boss,” the Hairy Giant started to say.  “We’ll talk later,” Dandy ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Big Dick, Wrestling, Oral & Blowjobs, Bodybuilder

24 Votes

One Year Later

Story by Martin Dodge

5 Jan 2024 1171 Readers comments 14 Min Read

After last summer's ground breaking sexual encounter, and a memorable first wrestling season, Marty looks forward to this year's timeshare vacation with anticipation.

Topics: Threesome, Twink, Travel

17 Votes

My Almost Grown-up Christmas Wish (ch. 3)

Story by West Coast Fan

2 Jan 2024 1158 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Round 1 (of 3) between Billy and Danny vs. Mr. Perez and Mr. Alvarez! Billy and Danny knew they had to take advantage early against the teachers to be able to dominate them in the ring!

Topics: Wrestling, Teacher, High School

45 Votes

Hot Construction Crew (ch. 3)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

25 Dec 2023 3199 Readers comments 9 Min Read

In my Dragon Sleeper, Bobby groaned into my pit then began to utter a muffled “I….I…”  Suddenly, I felt a thick, tattooed forearm surround my throat and yank me up and backwards violently.  I let go of the blonde muscle stud as my attacker applied a REAR NAKED CHOKE HOLD.  Now it was me gasping as I tried to pry the assaulter’s arm free of my throat.  Bobby got to his feet and shook ...

Topics: Anal Sex, CBT, Big Dick, Wrestling, Construction Worker, Oral & Blowjobs, Impact Play

27 Votes

Long Road to Submission (ch. 5)

Story by Evan

27 Nov 2023 1705 Readers comments 20 Min Read

Trey comes closer to learning the truth about Hunter during the day of their first meet.

Topics: Anal Sex, Wrestling, College, Creampie, Jock, Sportsmen, Oral & Blowjobs, Kissing, Lycra

14 Votes

Gay Catfight for an Alpha

Story by Derick Gold

23 Nov 2023 1898 Readers comments 8 Min Read

Husband vs Boyfriend for their MAN excerpt from the hot new book NASTY NEIGHBOR

Topics: Wrestling, Alpha Male, Sissy, Twink

37 Votes

Thanksgiving Wrestling Reunion

Story by Alex Miller

22 Nov 2023 2727 Readers comments 29 Min Read

Buck stayed. Brody left. Now in their 30's, these two former best friends are bigger and beefier. They meet up again for the first time in five years, re-connecting on the mats in their tighty-whities, just like they did in high school.

Topics: Anal Sex, Muscle, Wrestling, Sportsmen

11 Votes

Fiance of my Ex-Boss (ch. 21)

Story by I. Dusk

17 Nov 2023 939 Readers comments 12 Min Read

The beginning of February, winter, around forty degrees outside, when the door opens, and in walks a dude with short pants and a tee shirt. I grinned and turned to welcome him when I saw a picture of a man raising his hands above the huge sign “I POOPED TODAY!” on his shirt. Last Thursday, he walked in a shirt saying something like, “I’d flex, but I like this shirt.” And kept taunting ...

Topics: Wrestling, Romance, Friends, Gym, Family, Boyfriends, Love

75 Votes

The Captain's Massage (ch. 2)

Story by Danny / Dane

12 Nov 2023 4079 Readers comments 11 Min Read

After an intimate massage by the captain of the wrestling team, I'm walked in on by the team's coach, who decides to show me how he gives a massage.

Topics: Wrestling, Coach, Massage

21 Votes

A Battle for Top: The Cortez Team vs The Davenport Team (ch. 8)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

31 Oct 2023 1968 Readers comments 12 Min Read

“I want both Putas on all fours in front of my big cock!” Luis exclaimed.  Jorge peeled Bill’s dark blue Speedo down his legs.  His semi-hard 9.5” cut cock sprang free.  His chrome metal cock ring encircled his thick cock root and balls. It glistened in the ring lights.  Jorge yanked Bill onto all fours.  He positioned both black police officers—father and son—in front of Luis ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Wrestling, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination

64 Votes

Trying A New Sport

Story by Martin Dodge

17 Oct 2023 2516 Readers comments 10 Min Read

Now a little less reclusive, a twink advances his sexual discovery through an encounter with a teammate. More independent than last summer, he makes great strides in going after what he wants.

Topics: Wrestling, Locker Room, Twink

16 Votes

Alpha Tino Gavras v. the Amateur Bodybuilder Danny Masters (ch. 7)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

13 Oct 2023 883 Readers comments 9 Min Read

The scene in the Hell’s Kitchen Arena ring was one of bedlam.  Naked and unconscious, Tino Gavras still hung downward on his face, suspended from the top ropes in his corner.  His twin brother Costa, also naked, remained in a Tree of Woe.  Beginning to awaken, he was shaking his head.  The fans were chanting, alternately, “STAKES!” and “FUCK THE TWINS!”  Costa felt a pit in his ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Wrestling, Humiliation, Oral & Blowjobs

29 Votes

Hot Train Ride (ch. 3)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

4 Aug 2023 2654 Readers comments 11 Min Read

As I stared again upwards at his sculpted pecs and big Speedo-covered bulge, the indy wrestler straddled my body and sat down on my chest.  His knees pinned my shoulders.  He smirked as he reached inside his Speedo and pulled out his beer can cock and smooth balls.  He hadn’t showered before the match.  His musky scent overwhelmed my senses.  He rubbed his big smooth balls against my ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Wrestling, Humiliation, Alpha Male, Oral & Blowjobs

79 Votes

Alexander "Alex" Ulrich: Going for the Gold (ch. 9)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

24 Jul 2023 2455 Readers comments 6 Min Read

Alexander “Alex” Ulrich awoke to find himself on his knees on a raised platform in the middle of the ring.  The platform was similar to one seen at the Olympics for the medals ceremonies.  His creamy white ass cheeks and the tip of the golden butt plug were on proud display.  His smooth balls had been tugged down and two wooden bars held the balls in a vice.  At the ends of the wooden ...

Topics: Anal Sex, Wrestling, Humiliation, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination

104 Votes

Wrestling Teammates

Story by Shadow123

12 Jul 2023 6160 Readers comments 7 Min Read

While wrestling after practice, my gay teammate was determined to show me the pleasures of gay sex, even if it had to be by force.

Topics: Straight Men, Wrestling, First Time, Forced, Oral & Blowjobs

21 Votes

Winner Takes All

Story by Simon Ott

28 Jun 2023 2359 Readers comments 151 Min Read

A story of step-brothers, petty jealousy, and who will come out on top. Literate and graphic.

Topics: Muscle, Wrestling, Hairy men, Sportsmen, Domination, Stepbrother

18 Votes

Tino Gavras aka OrangeMuscle v. Champ JoelAlphaHunk (ch. 7)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

27 Jun 2023 944 Readers comments 13 Min Read

The new Champ Tino Gavras is on cloud nine. He has big plans for the TSWF and they include forcing out promoter Dandy Dawson. He daydreams of his future conquests in the shower room. As he shampoos his wavy black hair, Gavras hears footsteps enter the shower room.

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Big Dick, Wrestling, Alpha Male, Oral & Blowjobs

11 Votes

OrangeMuscle v. The Blonde Tarzan (ch. 3)

Story by sexyalphawrestler

11 Jun 2023 748 Readers comments 7 Min Read

TSWF promoter Dandy Dawson arrives backstage to join in The Dark Enforcer's humiliation of the Greek Heel OrangeMuscle. But everything goes awry and Dawson experiences payback for his past humiliations of Alpha Male wrestlers in the Fed. What goes around comes around Mr. Dawson.

Topics: Anal Sex, Bondage, Big Dick, Wrestling, Alpha Male, Verbal, Oral & Blowjobs

47 Votes

A Road Less Travelled

Story by Denis1

2 Jun 2023 5405 Readers comments 9 Min Read

English guy Wrestling with Middle Eastern boy gets more than he bargained for!

Topics: Arab, Wrestling, Forced, Interracial

157 Votes

Accidental Touch, Wrestling Coach and Jock

Story by Naughty Eric

21 May 2023 9337 Readers comments 6 Min Read

High school coach Tyler is on a tour with his wrestling team and having a low budget the 11 jocks having two guys per bed leaving Coach Tyler and one jock sharing a bed with his 150 pound senior resulting in M2M sexual ecstasy.

Topics: Anal Sex, College, Coach, Jock, Cum, Kissing, Cum Eating

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