• Marine Surfer and Me

    While at the beach I met a marine surfer and brought him home with me.

  • Richard Takes Some Leave

    Lieutenant Richard Finch takes some leave in the UK. His R&R is unexpectedly strenuous.

  • 2 Marines Hook-Up: Chapter 2

    2 gay marines have hooked up and continue to play, with a little pushing of limits.

  • A Fine Navy Day: Chapter 2

    It's another fine navy day as HTFA Cramer deserts his ship, confronts the illusion of choice, and embraces his destiny.

  • A glorious day at the army swimming pool

    Pete was skinny and didn't like being kidded about it. I know. I tried joking with him about it once and he got pissed off. But the incident also opened some new doors...

  • A Horny Marine Gets Lucky Poolside

    A horny, hot, young marine gets tempted by a hot fellow military man at a pool . . . and breaks him in, marine-style!

  • A Long Overdue Tryst - The Marine Plays With Royalty

    Another story from my past . . . of six years between wanting a hot German Count and having him.

  • A Marine's Confesson

    The story of a young man's Marine friend,finally coming to grips with his being gay and then acting upon it.

  • A Mentor's Sins: Chapter 2

    Enjoy hot military men? This story is for you as LTC Marc Wald, MAJ Brian Maddision and CPT Robert Kern decide a threesome may be the only way to solve their dilemma.

  • A Question Gets Answered

    Joining the Marines was my way out. I wasn't really running from anything, Mostly myself it guess, But that night in that motel I got some of my questions answered.

  • A Real American Hero

    They could care less that I was gay. I always had everything they needed to make life easier... like it was back at home, with our real moms. "Taylor, do you have any laundry detergent?" The guys who lived downstairs asked on a routine basis.

  • A Sailor's Bromance

    This is a true story of the beginning bromance between to sailors out on the town. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

  • A Secondary Treatment

    A fellow soldier is naked on his cot when I walk into his cubicle and his treatment has a happy ending!

  • A Soldier to love: Chapter 5

    The fifth and final installment of my story.Michael and Dean have had a great year,Meeting,fucking and falling in love and moving into a new apartment together.As Michael prepares a special anniversary surprise.He finds that he is the one surprised and not in good way.

  • A Technician Calls

    Slightly amplified, an extract from Max Markham's next novel, "Thirteen Clicks to Danger," which is as yet unfinished and unpublished. As usual, it features Major Richard Finch; formerly of the Parachute Regiment and the SAS, now the proud owner of a Private Military Company (PMC: i.e. a ...

  • A Work of Art: The Marine

    Once again I started to scan the patrons but was brought up short by the first guy I saw. Stranger, at least to me. Big muscular blonde. His clothes looked tight on him, kinda like he'd outgrown them. The sun streamed in from the upper part of the window, haloing him in a golden glow.

  • Air Force weenie

    A young Air Force officer asks his neighbor for help with a household chore. He receives more than just a helping hand; try a helping mouth!

  • PCS Kaneohe Marine: Chapter 13

    My last days of Kaneohe - fortunately with a faithful - and highly oversexed - fellow Marine fuckbud to help me come to terms with parting from a place I loved.

  • An officer and a gentleman

    The young captain who lives next door needs help. His wife is out of town and he's got to fix a porch light. Can the next-door neighbor hold the ladder ... even if that means the captain's ass is in his face?

  • Anniversary Ass

    An Marine's Unexpected Gift From His Attorney Husband.

  • Another Marine Hookup

    The horny marine finds a willing outlet for his anger toward his petty commanding officer.

  • Another Wild Christmas in Reno: Chapter 7

    Nick grabbed my hand pulling me on top him in the bed where he began playing with my erect nipples. I recognized his hard cock between our bodies.

  • Army Adulation

    Bryce learns to worship Vincent’s ‘holy relic,’ in the army…

  • Army Bad Lads

    This fictional story charts the ups and downs of 100 recruits training at Yulton-On-Moor Barracks, the first UK training camp to be purpose built in living memory seen through the eyes of Private Ross Hinkly, Corporal Craig Depple, Sergeant Ballum and Staff Sergeant William Chorsford. Over a period ...

  • Army Buddy

    After meeting one of my dad's Army buds, things get interesting.

  • Army Games

    I was experimenting with a possible long several episode story. If anyone feels that this might be worth taking further please let me know.

  • Army Private had a HUGE Cock!

    Picked up this nerdy looking Army GI-Joe boy and fucked myself on his cock

  • Army Slut

    A cadet learns the true meaning of military discipline.

  • Around and Around

    Military intelligence deception within deception.

  • Art of the Marine - Finishing Strokes

    I cracked an eye open to blearily focus on a thick tan neck with short cropped blonde hair. A somewhat familiar neck....(.Straight Boy, my mind supplied. Ummm Earl. Okay, known person.) I relaxed back against his back.