• A Good Servant: Chapter 14

    Cory arrives the Aeria, Xav and Ayn are work in progress, and Dion makes John's deepest fantasy come true.

  • A Good Servant: Chapter 15

    A few misunderstandings get cleared, Dion has a talk with his man, and Xavier learns more about the ways of Ayn's people. Also, without his knowing, for now, Lucas gets deeper in a dangerous situation.

  • A Good Servant: Chapter 16

    Escape from Aeria. There's evil in the works.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 32

    The hot blond cop Mark and the Aussie hunk Adam are alpha male buddies - until Mark catches Adam fucking Mark's boy, the sexy surfer jock Jamie. The cop handcuffs the macho Aussie naked to the bed.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 33

    After attacking the handsome Aussie Adam, the macho cop Mark suffers a degrading punishment. The rugged top-man endures a stunning act of humiliation. He submits to the young rookie of the tribe.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 34

    The macho cop Mark and Aussie hunk Adam get intimate, staring at the mirror and flexing their muscles in mutual lust and body worship. Then they give young rookie Will a sexual thrill he'll never forget.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 35

    Seth's homophobia is swamped by his sexual obsession for gypsy construction boss Randy. The macho muscle-jock crawls submissively through the dirt begging the rugged gypsy, "Please man, I need it so bad."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 36

    Seth, the macho, sexually confused musclehunk, watches gym-jocks Lloyd & Tommy flaunt their bodies in the gym. Sexually aroused Seth joins in and the jocks teach him the meaning of the word 'spit-roast'.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 37

    Boss Randy tells sexually confused Seth, "You've been banged, beaten and roasted. It's time you fucked a guy - a big badass gypsy like me." Dominant at last Seth pounds the gypsy into groaning submission.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 38

    After a wild fuck-fest with a new guy Randy is punished by his neglected lover Bob. Bound naked the macho gypsy is forced to watch his handsome lover in a homoerotic display of self-love & muscle worship.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 39

    Rugged construction worker Seth is new to man-on-man sex but lusts for the perfect ass of the gymnast Tommy who says, "You don't jackhammer an ass like mine - you make love to it. Would you like to try, sir?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 40

    The macho construction worker Seth has gone goes from homophobia to homo-lust. Now he tangles with the guys who play rough. Bound naked the defiant hunk suffers mightily to prove he's as tough as any man.

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch: Chapter 21

    Blond Muscle god top Morgan submits to Rob body and manhood. Branded, pierced heavy cbt. The hotter they are the hotter the fall...

  • Bare Ass Jock Ranch: Chapter 22

    This is a rewrite of the first part of the previous post.

  • Beefcake is my Speedo Bitch

    My casual hookup with a body builder who loves speedos and being dominated. I destroyed his man vagina and left his speedos drenched in cum.

  • Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: All Hallows' Day

    In this sequel to Trick or Treat, Hunter discovers just how much his Halloween experience changed his life, and settles into a new dynamic with his stepfather.

  • Hunter's Prey

    Once again a fantasy hunt, in which a young man seeks to escape his circumstances by offering himself as the prey for a very specialised hunt ...

  • My Cashfag: Chapter 2

    He tried to go back, he tried to make it look like all this was casual friends meeting. But the moment he looked at my eyes, he had to look down again, he couldn't grasp a word. I could see the sweat drops fall

  • My first Dominant Daddy slave experience

    I was a slave to a Dominant Daddy for 8 months, and now want to try it again

  • My Work Day

    A work day in the life of a faggot slave

  • Paternal Instinct: Working Boy

    Trevor reminisces about how he and his dad got to this point, and gets into his on the job training.

  • Penetrating Flesh: Chapter 7

    His frat brothers give Derek some bad news, and some good news that makes everything better, before they let him play a special game.

  • Duped: Chapter 6

    Malik instructs the two guards who hold me between them in a vicelike grip to take me to the preparation room. I am seized by blind panic as I struggle to free myself.

  • Rural Slaves

    Unsuspecting travelers disappear into thin air around a certain stretch of road of Route-5 in rural Pennsylvania! The area is mostly desolate, however, there is a small group of ppl living off those who pass by

  • Secret Desires

    I just wrote down one of the fantasies that I have and will probably never experience.

  • Shipwrecked

    A young university student is shipwrecked on the coast of Africa and taken by a primitive ape man as his mate.

  • Summer Camp Slave

    Justin becomes a jock's slave at summer camp.

  • Duped: Chapter 3

    Sven hurries from the room to do his Master's bidding and returns almost immediately with an ornamental, oblong box. Once more he kneels in front of Anwar and holds the box out at arms' length before him

  • Duped: Chapter 4

    I had no idea that chattel slavery existed outside of my erotic fantasies.. now I was a slave myself.

  • Duped: Chapter 5

    my slave is well-versed in using his sexual wiles to take advantage of a situation. But I must compliment you on your new slave. He is a fine specimen and should generate much interest among my buyers