• A Trial Of Strength - Part 384

    Dr. Steve gives the new boy Tyler insights into the games the tribe plays. First he watches his pal Eddie service his man Hassan, the homoerotic Marine Captain returning from the base in full battle gear and horny as hell. Then Tyler is riveted as the proud young athlete Tommy displays his flawless body in his gymnastic routine, and then the same macho jock, muscles straining, begs to get his perfect ass ploughed.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 385

    The young stud mechanic Pablo works on his new boy Tyler to get rid of his shyness and toughen him up. "Come on kid, you're my boy. You can do anything I tell you to - even fuck your master." But later Tyler pays a price for topping Pablo. On the construction site he gets double-teamed by the mechanic and his dad, the construction boss Randy, who grins, "Let's keep it all in the family, eh guys?"

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 386

    Young Tyler meets the Aussies, Adam and Nate. "Adam looked stunning with his muscular, gym-honed physique and smoldering smile, but Tyler focused on the long, uncut cock swinging between his thighs." Then Tyler meets his screen idol Grady, from the Tarzan movie he has so often jerked of to. The muscled Tarzan sprawls naked on the grass but Tyler is shocked when Grady says, "You know what I want, boy."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 387

    Brandon and Brian have been young buddies for a long time but, they insist, "Not lovers, no way." Brian tells Mario and Grady, "We love each other but we're not in love. We've been buddies for so long that it's too late to be lovers - that would ruin everything. Grady, the hunky movie star, steps in. "Kiddo, when love comes grab it and hold on tight. Don't waste time, 'cos love is real - all the rest is bullshit."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 388

    The hunky mechanic Pablo is serviced by Tyler and Eddie. "That double blow-job, guys - un-fucking-believable." Then the gypsy construction boss Randy challenges Miguel, the rugged Hispanic leatherman. They both share the same craving for rough sex, the same homoerotic fantasy of one macho top man bound naked at the mercy of the other, begging, "Give it to me, man, I can take it. I need it so bad."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 389

    The three alpha males - Randy the gypsy construction boss; Bob his businessman lover; and the cop Mark - test each other's manhood. Power shifts as top-men submit to the authority of another. The cop growls at the naked businessman, "That looks so fucking hot. You want it bad, don't you, stud?" Then the gypsy taunts the cop. "Not so tough now are you - the macho cop chained in his own handcuffs."

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 390

    The narcissistic fireman Jason has been spending too much time with a mirror instead of his boy Ben. Ben's brother Randy takes charge and subjects Jason to a more rugged kind of vanity. "Jason gazed at himself in the mirror, a near-naked gym-jock, arms hammer-locked behind him, a rope round his the neck." Then the swarthy young gypsy Ben crawls to the macho fireman in an erotic act of hero-worship.

  • A Trial Of Strength - Part 391

    At the big gathering of the clan the tribe's leaders - the rugged gypsy Randy and his handsome businessman lover Bob - are consumed with lust for each other. Bob restrains the arrogant construction boss and asks, "You ever heard of edging - where a man is repeatedly brought to the edge of his orgasm but denied it? Stud, you are about to learn that sexual frustration can be the biggest turn-on of all."

  • Captive in Enemy Land

    A young innocent boy gets caught on the border between two enemy nations and is thought to be a spy! He expects to be interrogated and tortured as is the fate for spies. However, things turn out to be quite unexpected for the boy that he could have only imagined in his wildest dreams!

  • Cock Tasked Chapter 1

    I find myself a little tied up, forced to take a cock much too big for anyone, and find that I enjoy the pain.

  • Cock Tasked: Chapter 2 - Extended Release

    Master AJ plans a special surprise for his Slave who is struggling to cum while being fucked...

  • Dom Bottom

    A Dominate Bottom shows his trick how he likes it.

  • Dom Bottom 2

    The bottom's hole is twitching and he allows his new subservient top back over to scratch it, but only after proving he can please his dom bottom.

  • Gustavo Finds Himself A Fag-Slave

    6'5" Brazilian Jock, Gustavo, enjoys having his faggot worship him while he spends quality time with his girl. He flashbacks to the moment and story when he first met his faggot.

  • Tiernan

    Tiernan prefers rough love...

  • "Key," part 3

    Who was the large black man, and what did he want with Dominic? Was Kye behind this?

  • 437353: All in a Day's Work

    How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Three: The Warehouse

    My Master takes me to be used by a group of Men, and explains what my life will be like from then on.

  • 437353: My First Master - Chapter Two: Rent boy

    My new Master teaches me that I have value to him by being used at parties

  • 437353: My First Master: Sold

    My Master sells me to another Man

  • 437353: The branding of a slave

    The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not designed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience.

  • 437353: The Worst Day

    in which i learn that my MASTER is, indeed, a true Master, and that i am truly HIS property

  • 5 Days Of Submission

    A twenty year old boy is kidnapped by an old guy from work and becomes his naked captive for 5 days

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • A Boy's Fantasy 1

    A regimented man, economic in thought, common sense reared, a rebel with little patience for whiners, and now a leather daddy with a cause, Sergeant Major Robert Gilmore, Retired, a crusty 26-year veteran, my daddy of eight months.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 2

    Big Daddy pulled his Harley (he thought newer cars and SUVs were for, in his words, "Milquetoast panty waste") onto a gravel road and wound around to one of the faded houses with an adjacent red and rusting barn.

  • A Boy's Fantasy 3

    "I told you not to speak," Big Daddy said but not in his usual daddy's-warning-you sort of way. The words squeaked between his clenched teeth, "Do you understand?"

  • A Day of Humiliation

    A day of humiliation created by one of Master's fans

  • A Meditative Technique

    In a place near San Diego's harbor, among a graveyard of rusted and paint-blotched warehouses, a hold-up appears in progress. Buckles flicker under opaque sun; leather murmurs in cool, marine air; and heavy boots positions and reposition their grips on the asphalt. A leather arm grips a neck. Another holds two smaller, flannelled arms. Keys jangle, chains protest: it is the taking of a valuable commodity.

  • A Piercing Aquaintance

    Insincere and troubled submissive learns that a promise matters