• A Trial Of Strength - Book 9: Chapter 31

    When Randy fights the tough homophobe Seth he suspects the man has buried sexual desires. Seth howls, "What the fuck are you doin', pervert? I don't go for this shit." But Randy proves that he does.

  • Any Port In A Storm

    This story was partly inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and partly by a rather interesting (and unplanned) weekend from my misspent youth in a very small country hotel in a remote corner of the world.

  • Coming Out On Camera

    Again, pure fantasy, a young man finds himself in a very public announcement to the family that abused him. Please note, my subjects are all intended to be beyond the "age of consent".

  • Educated

    Kyle is jumped in the locker room and given the education he never knew he needed by a group of anonymous men.

  • Hercules Tamed: Chapter 2

    Len, a competitive bodybuilder prepares for and wins the Mr. Pro Cincinnati Contest. However, he got more than he had bargained for at the contest when he is confronted by 'Strong', the super aggressive top ma

  • Lawyer and Mechanic

    The next chapter of the relationship between a mechanic and lawyer who has an expensive taste in suits and loafers.

  • Lawyer and Mechanic

    A continuation of 'THE TIRE CHANGE I REALLY PAID FOR, EXECUTIVE GETS IT' Lawyer returns to the visit the mechanic and brings him home for a sweaty, muddy encounter.

  • My Cashfag

    The story of how I took in my first slave.

  • New Toy

    A pure fantasy about a young man who gets his dream wish fulfilled and becomes his lover's slave ...

  • Penetrating Flesh: Chapter 6

    Derek returns to his dorm to face his roommate, and finally realizes the truth about who he is.

  • Shame Shame Puppy Shame: Chapter 2

    The prisoner endures more shame and humiliation as he has just begin to realize how much he yearns for it!

  • The Dare

    A pure fantasy for those who like total subjugation. Losing a bet has consequences; being unable to resist a dare can lead to ...

  • The Student Becomes the Master

    Mr Burke tries to discipline the wrong student, and finds himself trapped in a truly fowl situation

  • 437353: All in a Day's Work

    How the Men at my office figured out that i am a slave, and started to use me for Their enjoyment.

  • My First Master: Chapter 4

    My Master sells me to another Man

  • 437353: The branding of a slave

    The true description of the day when my Master brandied HIS mark on my body. Detailed and not designed as an erotic story, but a factual retelling of an incredible, life changing experience.

  • 437353: The Worst Day

    in which i learn that my MASTER is, indeed, a true Master, and that i am truly HIS property

  • 5 Days Of Submission

    A twenty year old boy is kidnapped by an old guy from work and becomes his naked captive for 5 days

  • A Backfiring Bet

    He loses a bet and now he has to pay the price!

  • A Day of Humiliation

    A day of humiliation created by one of Master's fans

  • A Meditative Technique

    In a place near San Diego's harbor, among a graveyard of rusted and paint-blotched warehouses, a hold-up appears in progress. Buckles flicker under opaque sun; leather murmurs in cool, marine air; and heavy boots positions and reposition their grips on the asphalt. A leather arm grips a neck. ...

  • A New Calling

    Avery doesn't believe that Blaze can hypnotize him. To show him how wrong he is, Blaze decides it's time for Avery to have a change of career.

  • A Piercing Aquaintance

    Insincere and troubled submissive learns that a promise matters

  • A Redneck's Bum Boy

    Life can sometimes seem unfair. This is the story of how I became a redneck's bum boy...

  • A Slave For You: Chapter 2

    Every weekend when Mark came back from "business" was a weekend of pure hell.He would tie me up to the bed posts and do things to me...bad things.

  • A slave to Sir

    A brief glimpse into a heavy BDSM, D/s, relationship between slave paul and Sir. Oral, Anal, Spank, Corporal Punishment, CBT, Toys, Bondage

  • A Stormy Hotel Room

    A blackout, a motel, a stranger - This was my fantasy... or was it?

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 2: Chapter 50

    Randy's brutal revenge. "Not gonna be pretty," he tells the thugs, "but you see it never is when shit-for-brains mother-fuckers like you tangle with me ...... and hurt my buddy." Afterwards, Randy and Bob make spectacular love. "All the pent-up emotion ...... the pain, the fear, the sexual hunger ...

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 3: Chapter 50

    Mark and Bob join the boy-orgy: "The two muscular alpha males surrendered to the onslaught of youthful sexual appetites." Zack helps Randy purge his demons: "Two muscle-gods in the sun, one submitting his body to the jackhammer of the other." Randy reunites with Bob: "The handsome ...

  • A Trial Of Strength - Book 4: Chapter 50

    Randy and Zack - the construction boss and the leather-master - re-establish their supremacy. Mark, the cop, takes steps to make Jamie more assertive. "Do it, boy - it feels so fucking hot." Pablo and Ben are rebellious and are sent to Doctor Steve for therapy. His methods are unorthodox - ...