• 19yo Hotel Lifeguard Likes My Speedos

    When the very cute young lifeguard complimented me on my speedo as I entered the hotel pool area I should have known that things would get x-rated once my swim was done.

  • Beach Voyeur's Dream

    Living close to a surfer's beach, I got more than an eye full

  • First and ten: Chapter 2

    Football sex continues

  • Football Hazing

    A college football team's hazing of one of their junior varsity players goes a little too far.

  • Fucking A Kinky Quarterback on The 50

    Alex's kink was to get fucked by a quarterback in the locker shower room and fuck a quarterback on the 50-yard line. Lucky for him, his boyfriend Troye made his wildest kinks come true.

  • Get It Into the Hole

    A straight stud must pay up with his body after he loses a game of pool.

  • The Jobber

    I just turn 22 with a twink frame body and baby face and arrive at the TV Studio were the wrestling matches were filmed to take place for the mid-Atlantic wrestling territory back in the early 80's.

  • 18-Year-Olds' First Time While Skinny Dipping

    Two 18-year-old high school seniors who are hot jocks and best friends since the 6th grade go to the lake after class on a Friday afternoon in September. On a dare from Sean, his best friend Jon accepts his dare to get naked and go skinny dipping that leads to lust taking charge as they loose their ...

  • 2 Jocks and a Locker Room

    Two boys find their true calling after a football practice.

  • 22 Hours 14 Minutes

    Still, he couldn't help but dream, of wonder too. His brothers would be stunned to find out how he had even rated them, on his scale of attractiveness, or how he rated his friends.

  • 3 for 1 Trade

    He began to moan a little, and then he sucked in his breath, as Kyle suddenly shoved the whole cock into his mouth. He felt the lips wrap around the head, then he felt the wet warm mouth cover his whole cock.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 6

    Brian gets milked...by machine!

  • A Day At The Gym

    This story is a narrative. It is from a third person. Te main character is Daniel. He is an emo boy going to the gym for te first time to lift weights. He then meets two men who are expierenced body builders. Daniel truss the men but then they close down the gym leaving the men and Daniel alone.

  • A Good Day for Business

    A private business meetig in my hotel suite goes far better than ever expected!

  • A hard lesson in showering

    A fictional story set in a traditional English grammar school in the 1980s when compulsory nude showers were the norm and cleanliness after physical education was paramount.

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 24

    I sigh at the view of the stars in the purple dark sky. I wish I was a star. High up in the sky...no problems... no stress... just being radiant. Tonight, I saw a real change in Angelo.

  • A Locker Room Meeting

    A man enjoying voyeurism in a locker room meets the hairy hunk of his dreams.

  • A Much Needed Weekend

    After a long week of work I am stressed out and looking forward to my weekend. My boss has been such an asshole this week, bugging me about reports needing to be turned in on time.

  • A Roman Adventure

    Roman (from the "In Love With a Celebrity" series) recounts his first gay experience which made him the proud gay man he is today.

  • A Stiff Neck Leads To Other Stiffness

    A stiff neck. A perpetually horny Marine. A HOT physical therapist. You get the picture!

  • A Triathlete's Troubles: Chapter 3

    Scott's words and Rico's mouth quickly moved me to climax and release my cum. It did not take long as I still was so horny from the events that took place a few minutes earlier in Scott's office. This was indeed a beautiful day for me. I was beginning to believe that the club's employees felt the ...

  • A Wild Night of Hot Sex with Male Go-Go Dancers

    As my three college buddies and I watched four hot male Go-Go dancers at a gay nightclub, we were horny as hell. We would make our moves to suck cock and fuck these hot dancers. I wanted the hot blond dancer and my three buddies could select how they would team up with the other three hot dancers. ...

  • Aaron my New Roommate

    Aaron, my new roommate, was a real jock, but very introverted and shy, I was gonna bring him out of it or else, and that brought on unexpected pleasures, Oh yea!

  • After A Long Hot Day At Work

    I was rewarded with a drop of salty pre cum that was accompanied with a little moan. I sucked and licked my sweaty lollipop toying it in my mouth teasing drop after drop of sticky sweetness out of it. Sufficiently lubed with spit and cum I now used my hand to start jacking off this massive ...

  • After the Fight

    An assistant boxing trainer finds himself alone with his best fighter.

  • After the Water Polo Training

    What happens after the water polo training with a group of cheeky, horny boys and an unsuspected victim.

  • All In The Family

    The set-up worked out great for these two sex starved guys, Greg and Dre - a perfect match.

  • Among The Jocks

    The first time I ever had cum in my mouth it wasn't my cum; I wasn't even jacking off. I was being held down on a bench in the locker room by a bunch of burly jocks-eight of them--all standing around jacking off and shooting their loads on me.

  • An encounter with Coach Taylor

    After a tough workout, I have an encounter with my hunk coach...

  • An Unexpected Surprise: Chapter 5

    Will Dustin and Jason have sex?