• Becoming the Quarterbacks slave Continued: Chapter 2

    The aftermath of decisions made. The outcome of 'best laid plans' often turn out to reside in realm of 'unexpected'. What happens if you wake up? - do they make you eat cabbage?

  • Becoming the Quarterbacks slave Continued

    With Gaz's permission, the rest Jake's journey has been 'put to paper' . Possibly too little sex to satisfy? But, How do you change 'what happened', when it unfolded the way it did. He almost made it... Luke

  • Chance and the Knights of West Tyler

    Skinny kid joins football team at his neighbor's suggestion. He happily winds up in a humiliating hazing ritual at the hands of his new teammate, meeting his future bondage master. Smell torture themes too.

  • Tan Lines

    18 year old high school grad gets a lifeguarding job, where he's forced to work with a intimidating older guard who shows him more than what's required of a boss.

  • Tan Lines: Chapter 2

    Brett's attraction towards Dean grows, and the two begin to loosen up around each other. But everything changes for Brett when he takes a chance at a wild lifeguard party.

  • Tan Lines: Chapter 3

    Brett gets to know some of his coworkers, he and Dean spend the night together under some unusual circumstances, and Brett makes a shocking discovery on his day off.

  • 18-Year-Olds' First Time While Skinny Dipping

    Two 18-year-old high school seniors who are hot jocks and best friends since the 6th grade go to the lake after class on a Friday afternoon in September. On a dare from Sean, his best friend Jon accepts his dare to get naked and go skinny dipping that leads to lust taking charge as they loose their ...

  • 19yo Hotel Lifeguard Likes My Speedos

    When the very cute young lifeguard complimented me on my speedo as I entered the hotel pool area I should have known that things would get x-rated once my swim was done.

  • 2 Jocks and a Locker Room

    Two boys find their true calling after a football practice.

  • 22 Hours 14 Minutes

    Still, he couldn't help but dream, of wonder too. His brothers would be stunned to find out how he had even rated them, on his scale of attractiveness, or how he rated his friends.

  • 3 for 1 Trade

    He began to moan a little, and then he sucked in his breath, as Kyle suddenly shoved the whole cock into his mouth. He felt the lips wrap around the head, then he felt the wet warm mouth cover his whole cock.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation

    The coach begins to reveal his unique methods to motivate the players.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 2

    Things start to heat up in the locker room.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 3

    The sweaty captain of the team gets a tongue bath.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 4

    Brian gets more control than he thought he'd have, and loses control at the same time.

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 5

    Brian gets put in a HOT forced workout predicament!

  • A Coach's Persuasive Motivation: Chapter 6

    Brian gets milked...by machine!

  • A Day At The Gym

    This story is a narrative. It is from a third person. Te main character is Daniel. He is an emo boy going to the gym for te first time to lift weights. He then meets two men who are expierenced body builders. Daniel truss the men but then they close down the gym leaving the men and Daniel alone.

  • A Football Player's Cocksucker

    Matt is crushing on hot jock Brandon, who takes advantage.

  • A Good Day for Business

    A private business meetig in my hotel suite goes far better than ever expected!

  • A hard lesson in showering

    A fictional story set in a traditional English grammar school in the 1980s when compulsory nude showers were the norm and cleanliness after physical education was paramount.

  • A Kick To The Heart

    I have black hair, as black as a never ending hole, I have marble green eyes, a six pack, but aside from that my thighs aren't very muscular like Randy or Angelo...

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 10

    I continued on the road to school. By now, I knew how my day would be: Meggan and Randy together, Randy asking what I will do today.... It was all very predictable...

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 11

    I woke up... the first thing that popped into my head this morning was... Was this all a dream? The break up between Randy and Meggan? The letter?

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 12

    I rinsed my face, the refreshing water wakes me up fully. I have survived half way through the hallway.

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 13

    It was awkward walking with Angelo. He didn't talk much. I didn't talk much. Nothing like Randy, who if he sees me quiet, he does his best to make me talk.

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 14

    *Beep! Beep! Beep!*, the sound of my alarm woke me up...

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 15

    School was over, I walked through crowds of kids in the hallways to leave as soon as possible. Pushing people that were blocking my way. I look back for a second to see a kid getting into a heated argument with another one, but when I face forward I bump in to some guy.

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 16

    The next morning, was a school morning, unfortunately. I wake up and right away feel the dizziness...

  • A Kick To The Heart: Chapter 17

    Wow... the girls are completely drooling over you Gray...