• The Grunt brothers

    Guys share an outhouse.

  • 2 Farm Boys

    They lived next to each other, one older than the other, with the younger pining for the older one, watching him, fantasizing about him.

  • 2001: A Gay Oddessy

    Mark's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. But when Toby takes him in, Mark suddenly is glad it happened.

  • A Country Boy Grows Up

    Living on a big farm in the country presents many opportunities to see life thru a different perspective. Seeing the animals breeding, at an early age I knew why I was getting boners, and what they were for, and finding out first hand what all this sex thing was, Oh fuck Yeah Man!

  • A Country Boy Grows Up: Chapter 2

    Finally getting into a routine Work pattern on the farm was awesome but the time I was getting to be with Uncle Cal made it all worth it. Uncle Cal Introduces me into the greater world of Pleasure and sex. Damn He's Good.

  • A Cowboy's Saga

    When I first saw Pete I thought he so very sexy and hot, Little did I know what was coming down the road for us both.

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 2

    Life was just wonderful with Pete, and I had fallen totally in love with him. There was something that was bothering Pete tho and I couldn't get him to open up and let me in on it.

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 3

    Pete's Birthday was just a day away and boy was he in for a Big suprise, Something he never expected.

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 4

    I looked at Petes ass, that beautiful shape, that just perfect hairyness, and that kissable little pink eyelet winking at me, God I was Hot for him.

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 5

    The Ranch was doing great and Life with Pete was wonderful, But I was about to get some news that would blow me away, I think I can handle it?

  • A Cowboy's Saga: Chapter 6

    Pete was not only my Lover but I was soon to learn more things about him, He was not just a good cowboy, but an awesome cowboy as well.

  • A dangerous game

    Tyler took Jacob's taunts, took his abuse and he still wanted him, and when the time came, he played a dangerous game.

  • A dangerous game: Chapter 2

    A dark turn in events and the fight to overcome them.

  • A Farmer's Lust

    Justin struggles with his fears and his desires as his hired hand tempts him in ways he doesn't understand.

  • A Farmer's Lust: Chapter 2

    Neal struggling with his own identity sees Justin, the neighboring farmer apparently living with his hired hand.

  • a festive afternoon

    The small towns were going to put on a music festival in a field and got Jacob to organize a crew to get it ready.

  • a kept boy

    David came from an impoverished situation that he didn't think there was any escape. He felt trapped until Stephen came back into his life.

  • A long time fantasy come true

    Living in the remote desert, the thought of a handsome 25 yr old married man who would be interested in me was very remote, until...

  • a nostalgic moment

    James was driving home, cruising through the countryside and the places along the way brought back memories, especially when he passes the Russell Farm.

  • A Rural Life

    Fen lived on the fringe of the community but a new arrival challenged him, pulled him out of his isolation.

  • A Rural Life

    Luke found himself living in the rural countryside of Monroe County, struggling to feel a connection with the place. He still had boxes sitting in his living room after two weeks wondering if he made a mistake.

  • A Sense of Isolation

    David lived in the rural country side with the closest town too small to offer much, and for David it was isolating.

  • A Son Of A Farmer

    I Read This Story All The Time I Love It And I To You Love It Too.

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 3

    I started to remember all the fun Tyler and I had the previous night. I felt my morning wood...

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 18

    Tyler and I were in a hotel room. We were naked making out. It was the night before our wedding. Anne had a lavish ceremony set up at a nice club in Boston. Then she had us going to Venice for our honeymoon. Ben was my best man, and to my surprise Trevor was Tyler's best man.

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 10

    no description available for this story.

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 11

    Tyler and I woke up together the next morning. We woke up in exactly the same positions we fell asleep the previous night...

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 12

    Friday came. At breakfast Anne asked Tyler and me. "What's your plans for the weekend?"

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 13

    After Chip told me he loved me I got up and out of bed. I grabbed my pants and underwear and started putting them back on.

  • A Son Of A Farmer: Chapter 14

    I woke up with Tyler kissing the back of my neck the next morning. I felt something moving slowly inside me.