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River rafting

Story by Chnuschti

10 May 2024 970 Readers comments 16 Min Read

humiliated by classmates during camp but enjoyed it.

Topics: Outdoor, High School, Twink, Tickling, No Sex

50 Votes

Unexpected Cruising

Story by 243907

23 Mar 2024 3265 Readers comments 3 Min Read

Accidentally stumbled upon a cruising area........

Topics: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Cruising, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs

44 Votes

Cattle Trail

Story by Joey

13 Mar 2024 1883 Readers comments 1 Min Read

Happy Trails, encounter with two horny cowboys.

Topics: Threesome, Cowboy, Oral & Blowjobs, Fucking

12 Votes

Public Beach Blowjob 3some

Story by Dave "Speedo" Evans

11 Mar 2024 1690 Readers comments 5 Min Read

I'm horny, hungover and wearing a pair of white speedos at the beach. The older gay couple just down the beach wave me over and our oral threesome gets a hurry along as we nearly get caught.

Topics: Public Sex, Threesome, Outdoor, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

18 Votes

Malibu fun

Story by Lust after men

18 Jan 2024 1146 Readers comments 1 Min Read

Fun play session while I was renting a house in Malibu. Sex on the deck overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Topics: Outdoor, Beach, Sex

11 Votes

My New Master

Story by jayjay

5 Jan 2024 986 Readers comments 4 Min Read

It wasn’t the first time I did it. To be honest, I did it for two reasons. One – I liked the feeling of being outside. Second – knowing that someone might have been there made me even hornier. Every like three days, I would go to the grove next to my house, id find a dark and quiet place. Check again for anyone around. And then I'd sit on the damped ground, take my dick out, and slowly, ...

Topics: Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination, Deep Throat

17 Votes

Bear Camping (ch. 4)

Story by fatman6

4 Jan 2024 1333 Readers comments 26 Min Read

Two big men continue their camping fun

Topics: Bear, Chub, Underwear, Camping

28 Votes

The farmer's ass crop

Story by Paul François

4 Jan 2024 1802 Readers comments 3 Min Read

Two guys meet at a farmer’s market. One sells cucumbers, carrots, zucchinis and eggplants. The other loves to get fucked. He is for a hot introduction to ass gastronomy.

Topics: Anal Sex, Farmer, Food Sex

26 Votes

First park cruising meet

Story by Filthyslagbag

25 Dec 2023 3157 Readers comments 1 Min Read

Posted my location to a cruising site offering my body for use and abuse and couldn’t believe the response i got hehe

Topics: Piss, Cruising, Bareback, Spit

42 Votes

Kauai fun

Story by Jollyrancher

24 Dec 2023 1765 Readers comments 7 Min Read

House sitting in Kauai turns into fun times with a local in the back of his pickup at a beach park.

Topics: Anal Sex, Public Sex, Cruising, Car

81 Votes

The Hottie from Troop 22

Story by Danny / Dane

23 Nov 2023 2793 Readers comments 8 Min Read

He caught my eye the moment I saw him. Little did I know, he'd noticed me too.

Topics: Outdoor, Underwear, Twink, Anonymous, Camping

74 Votes

Big Cock Fucks Me Good

Story by Prikz

8 Nov 2023 6229 Readers comments 16 Min Read

Cruising in the park developed into a hot threeway

Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Cruising, Felching, Oral & Blowjobs, Park, Cum Eating, Fucking

11 Votes

Cruising in aisle one (ch. 2)

Story by GayBlade90

28 Oct 2023 2360 Readers comments 8 Min Read

Danny and Brian run into each other at a park for some outdoor fun

Topics: Public Sex, Bathroom, Feet, Cruising, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs, Park, Illustrated

73 Votes

Caught behind the bikeshed

Story by StrykerJ

22 Oct 2023 4647 Readers comments 26 Min Read

The curious Ricky Walker (20) heard strange noises behind the bikeshed at the sports park. He went to investigate and found a scene he had never imagined. A biker (32) was dominating a local politician (61). The excited young college man snuck into the bushes for a closer look.

Topics: Public Sex, Leather, Voyeurism, Creampie, Outdoor, Breeding, Biker, Blackmail, Cottaging, Politician

38 Votes

A Day At The Beach

Story by snoop6969

9 Oct 2023 3144 Readers comments 14 Min Read

After being introduced to each other by a mutual friend Paul accepts the invitation from Val to spend a day with him at a secluded beach. Enjoy

Topics: Beach, Sex, Throat Fucking

90 Votes

Turning Chase (ch. 7)

Story by Chase Huxley

25 Sep 2023 7029 Readers comments 17 Min Read

Soren is a stunningly handsome former elite gymnast who has a fateful run-in with an OF pornstar manager. Meanwhile, rugby jock Chase Huxley goes on a base camping trip with his rugged stepdad and stepbrother; things get a little spicy in the mountain woods...

Topics: Anal Sex, Public Sex, College, Jock, Outdoor, Coercion, Stepdad, Domination, Delivery Guy, Stepbrother, Dubcon, Rugby Player, Gymnast

45 Votes

Ramble Tales: The Jogger and the Stranger

Story by AJ Stevens

13 Sep 2023 3000 Readers comments 11 Min Read

A sexually frustrated jogger takes a detour and discovers a hidden fantasy that he didn't realize he would fulfill it with a sexy stranger.

Topics: Anal Sex, Group Sex, Interracial, Cruising, Sex, Blue Collar, Fucking

76 Votes

Cruising by mistake

Story by Getoutofmymind

12 Sep 2023 4967 Readers comments 4 Min Read

Horny, scared, shaking, nearly pissing myself nervous is everything I felt as I walked to the bathroom. The door was broken so it wasn’t closed. I peeked in and I saw him with shorts all the way to his ankles and he was facing the toilet and jacking off. He looked back and I could see that he had a huge dick and a very sexy bubble ass.

Topics: Big Dick, Cruising, Anonymous

28 Votes

Open Desert Fun

Story by deansaz

2 Sep 2023 1533 Readers comments 3 Min Read

a new friend to meet and play with in the great outdoors

Topics: Piss, Anal Sex, Outdoor, True Story

147 Votes

The Farmer's Boy (ch. 2)

Story by Grant

29 Aug 2023 3777 Readers comments 15 Min Read

An alternative version of the original story.

Topics: Anal Sex, Farmer, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs, Sex

56 Votes

Cruising in the Park

Story by Chris

20 Aug 2023 5299 Readers comments 5 Min Read

Piggy Bottom Whore gets loaded up in a cruisy park.

Topics: Anal Sex, Cruising, Bareback, Raunchy, Park, Pig, Fucking

23 Votes

Summer School Heat (ch. 7)

Story by GayBlade90

23 Jul 2023 1973 Readers comments 11 Min Read

The boys have some fun in the park and then deal with home problems

Topics: Romance, Humiliation, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs

170 Votes

Fox Creek

Story by Grant

9 Jul 2023 4912 Readers comments 22 Min Read

Wade was home for the summer out riding his bicycle. He rode to Fox Creek out of sense of nostalgia, reliving his time there with his friends from grade school. While there, he sees someone, someone he wants to get to know.

Topics: Anal Sex, Fiction, Outdoor, Oral & Blowjobs

41 Votes

walk in the neighborhood

Story by jockjoyride

8 May 2023 3578 Readers comments 7 Min Read

It was a Friday night and I was stuck at home with my parents, bored and restless. I decided to take a chance and try something different. I had seen this middle-aged, suburban white dad out walking around the neighborhood with a slight dad bod that piqued my interest.

Topics: Masturbation, Daddy, Outdoor, Bareback, Oral & Blowjobs, Park

94 Votes

Turns Out I Know the Random Guy Around My Cock

Story by BiGuy756

21 Apr 2023 6835 Readers comments 8 Min Read

I don’t really know how it actually happened, everything went by so fast. One second I was minding my own business and the next I was balls deep in some random guys ass just pumping away into blissful pleasure. Stretching his hole with my cock, skin slapping against skin making him moan loudly.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Brothers, Big Dick, Humiliation, Creampie, Slut, Cum, Outdoor, Breeding, Verbal, Bareback, Exhibitionism, Degradation, Stranger, Park

29 Votes

Theo in the park

Story by Daniel Milan

17 Apr 2023 1771 Readers comments 4 Min Read

Theo almost gets caught as he roams the park nude.

Topics: Piss, Outdoor, Exhibitionism, Park, Nudity

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